Best Wrap Around Bathing Suit Cover Ups (2022 Review)

When you’re going to the beach or the pool, one of your most significant worries is how you’re going to cover up with your swimwear. Sure, you’d love to show off a little skin, and it’s okay if that’s your thing. Also, if you are a conservative, who likes to keep your bathing suits modest, you might need a solution even more. This becomes essential, especially when you know there are people in the area who might not be comfortable seeing sensitive parts on display.

To help solve this problem without spending too much money, there are a couple of ways you can take advantage. However, your best bet is a handy product called a swimsuit cover-up. Swimsuit cover-up means precisely the name, and it provides coverage for your skin over your swimsuit. They come in several styles and designs, allowing picking from a diverse range. To help you out, here is a piece on the best wrap around bathing suit cover ups.

Wrap around cover-ups has strips of material that drape around the torso area, covering up any exposed skin while still maintaining modesty and revealing enough cleavage, hips or buttocks. Finding a wrap around bathing suit cover-up can be quite tasking, so we made this piece.

Our Top Pick Wrap Around Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Wrap Around Bathing Suit Cover UpsPrice
1. Ayliss Women's Swimwear Chiffon Printed Wrap Swimsuit Cover-upCheck Price
2. Miss Shorthair Women's Beach Wrap Cover-UpsCheck Price
3. Swimsuit Wrap Cover-ups for Women Beach BikiniCheck Price
4. Shermie Women's Swimwear Wrap Beach Cover Up with TasselCheck Price
5. INGEAR Beach Long Batik Sarong Womens Swimsuit Wrap Cover UpCheck Price

Understanding Wrap Around Bathing Suit Cover Ups

A wrap-around cover-up has more stretch than other clothing items you normally wear over your regular bikini bottom. At the same time, it will fit more loosely on any size torso. A wrap-around cover-up tends to be less expensive than other types of swimwear except for luxury brands. All its materials are from one piece instead of sewn together like typical bikinis and swimsuits.

If you love to sunbathe and get a tan, you often want to camouflage your swimsuit while enjoying your favorite pastime activity. Even if you are into swimming itself, you would want to get a wrap-around bathing suit cover-up so that your swimsuit gets coverage when you step out of the water.

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How Do You Wrap Cover Up Around A Swimsuit?

Getting on your wrap-around bathing suit cover-up isn’t as difficult as you think. You can rely on several techniques, and it all comes down to personal preference. However, the simplest way is by wrapping the piece of cover up on your shoulders right below your neck. Alternatively, wrap around bathing suits can be tied around the waist or hips. 

Then, wrap the cover-up around your torso and tie it in front. If you’d like your wrap-around cover up to have a proper appeal, try gathering some of the excess fabric in the show before tying. A wrap-around bathing suit design allows for a loose or tight fit depending on how much extra material you choose to gather before tying. After tying, you can adjust how fast or lose your wrap swimsuit cover-up fits by simply pulling at either side of the tie knot until it fits perfectly.

Regardless of your tying technique, cover-ups must be knitted or woven fabrics. This way, they can last long without making your skin look dry and cracked since it will help with the sunscreen absorption process.

Can I Wear a Cover Up To The Pool?

Can I wear a cover up to the pool? Yes, you can wear a cover-up to the pool and for similar reasons you wear them at the beach. Your wrap around bathing suit cover-up lets you change in and out of a bathing suit without visiting the bathroom stall. A cover-up will help keep you modest while allowing you to apply sunscreen or lotion before going to the pool. And it can be used as a towel after getting out of the water.

You can also use accessories such as hats, sunglasses and jewelry to make your cover-up more stylish. Doing this makes it even more appropriate for wearing at public pools.

Buyers’ Guide for Ideal Wrap Around Bathing Suit Cover Up

When shopping around for the perfect wrap-around bathing suit cover-up, you’ll want to consider a few factors. These will eventually determine the product you buy and ensure you don’t get a subpar cover-up. To guide your buying, understand the following factors and how they affect a wrap-around bathing suit cover-up:

1. Fabric

Choosing a wrap-around bathing suit cover-up made of lightweight fabric will allow you to move about in various environments comfortably. Soft cotton is one such ideal material because it’s breathable, allowing air to flow through and preventing chafing. Also, fabrics that don’t absorb excessive moisture should top your consideration as you can rule out accidental spills or splash if you are close to the pool or beachfront. 

2. Length

The length of your wrap around bathing suit cover-up should be sufficient to provide coverage from the sun without being restrictive of your movements. It also should not cause bunching when tied together at the waist. You’ll be able to find styles that stop mid-thigh or fall lower over your knees and be sure that whichever length you choose feels right for you.

3. Design

When you’re looking for a wrap-around bathing suit cover-up, the design will be the most important thing. The design will enhance your body, make you look good, and make you look different from others. The design is what will make you look more beautiful. You can decide on picking a simple, plain design or select a much brighter and more vivid multi-print design.

Whichever way, your beach cover-up can add an extra flair to your swimwear, thereby helping you create an in vogue look by complementing your bathing suit. Also, designs can have decorations such as laces, tassels, ruching, frills and tie-dye. You can decide to drift along the ocean side in a plain chiffon wrap skirt or create a striking combination that is wearable regardless of the time of the day. The design is what will make you feel confident.

4. Sun Protection

It’s essential to keep in mind that not all fabrics are created equal for sun protection. Some materials, such as silk and cashmere, offer excellent UV protection, while others don’t. Depending on the fiber of the fabric manufactured, you’ll get a different SPF rating. For example, if you’re looking for more coverage and have sensitive skin, you can opt for a heavier-weave fabric such as a 200-denier polyester or cotton is ideal. Such will give you excellent protection against the sun’s rays.

Alternatively, if you want a wrap cover-up that’s less bulky yet still provides UV protection, you can look towards getting a wet suit cover-up. While its color may be darker than your regular cover-ups, this fabric still offers excellent coverage against UVA and UVB rays.

5. Size

Swimsuit cover-ups often come in a one-size-fits-all style, but in most cases, other manufacturers create the option of several sizes to appeal to a broader audience. To this end, it’s best to make sure that you have the current measurement of your body before heading out to buy a cover-up. This will guarantee that you get a piece with sufficient material to tie around your body. And that the length is neither too short nor too lengthy.

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Best Wrap Around Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Without further ado, here is a list of top wrap around bathing suits featuring different styles and designs to suit your preference:

1. Ayliss Women’s Swimwear Chiffon Printed Wrap Swimsuit Cover-up

Ayliss Womens Swimwear Chiffon Printed Cover up Beach Sarong Pareo Bikini Swimsuit Wrap (#19 (57"*55"))


This women’s swimsuit cover-up uses 100% chiffon in its making. It comes with a printed style, matching stripes on both sides, and a colorful floral design creating a beautiful and elegant beach cover-up. Contain high-quality fabric that is soft and smooth, adding a new experience to your life.

Don’t underestimate the role of a simple design; it could make you look elegant and sexy. Easy to fold and carry around, making it the ideal travel accessory. Enjoy the warmth of an extra layer while protecting your clothing underneath or simply stay comfortable in this wrap during all seasons. It can be a good gift for your friends, family or even yourself. 

2. Miss Shorthair Women’s Beach Wrap Cover-Ups

MissShorthair Womens Chiffon Beach Pareos Sarong Sheer Swimsuit Cover Ups Swimwear Bikini Wrap


Made from chiffon, this bathing suit has a tie closure design making it more attractive. Create a stunning look and feel confident in this versatile bathing suit cover-up. This gorgeous cover-up is perfect as a beach or pool throw on, over your favorite swimsuit as a stylish robe, or even as an elegant wrap. Perfect for any beach or pool parties, it can be used as a swimsuit cover-up to help protect your suit from damage and body oil.

3. Swimsuit Wrap Cover-ups for Women Beach Bikini

CHICGAL Women's Sarongs Summer Beach Wrap Shorts Bikini Bathing Suit Cover-ups Sheer Swimwear (CheetahLeopard,M)


These cover-ups come from 100% polyester lightweight chiffon to give you that flowy look. The Cover Ups collection features a variety of yummy tummy-flaunting styles and has a flattering silky sheen, vibrant colors and unique prints. These combine effortlessly to create an inspiring look that brightens your next getaway.

The sheer skirt is a perfect accessory for your long-lasting suit, adding color and matching with any pair of swimwear. The lightweight material helps keep you cool, not weighed down as you sip umbrella drinks on a tropical day. If you are looking for something to protect your swimsuit from the sun and wind, this bathing suit wrap around cover-up is the perfect fit.

4. Shermie Women’s Swimwear Wrap Beach Cover Up with Tassel

shermie Women's Swimwear Sarong Wrap Lace Swimsuit Skirt Summer Bikini Beach Cover Up Black


The swimsuit cover-up is a simple sarong cover-up that drapes beautifully on the body to compliment your curves. The wide, stretchy Tassel at the hips add sexiness and flair to its use of 100% Polyester fabric that is lightweight, cool and breathable semi-sheer chiffon with lining.

Skirt bikinis are comfortable enough to wear all day long and perfect for sunbathing, giving you a beautiful new way to stay covered on your next vacation. Wrap yourself in this wrap around bathing suit cover-up and bare as much as you dare.

It features a tassel decoration and ties at the front, making it easy to pull this swimwear wrap over a suit on or off any bathing suit. Its lightweight and soft fabric will feel great against your body and keep you feeling comfortable all day long.

5. INGEAR Beach Long Batik Sarong Womens Swimsuit Wrap Cover Up

INGEAR Swimwear Long Batik Sarong Multi Wear Pareo Canga Swimsuit Wrap Cover Up (One Size, Blue Fade)


Wrap yourself in this bathing suit cover from Bali, and you’ll have the perfect outfit for your next tropical getaway. This versatile wrap-style sarong is ideal for the beach, the pool or your favorite lounge chair. It uses high-quality rayon to make these scarves, and the buckle closure design makes wearing it easy regardless of your body shape and size.

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The wide variety of colors and patterns adds some international flair to your wardrobe. And can be worn as beach bathing suit cover-ups, tunic dresses, skirts, or a pareo to the beach. Most importantly, it works great for use as a quick-drying beach blanket.

6. Ekouaer Women’s Short Beach Wrap Cover Up

Ekouaer Womens Beach Short Sarong Sheer Chiffon Cover up Soild Color Swimwear Wrap,Black,Medium


This women’s beach wrap cover-up is perfect to wear over your swimsuit while out to the beach or in public. Made with high-quality 100% polyester and a stylish triangle design, this cover-up will give you that perfect tan and keep you feeling confident and looking stylish no matter where you go. The tie of the wrap is long enough, and it is easy to tie and still provides extra room. You can connect the beach towel to your hips or chest or put it on your shoulders. The soft, lightweight fabric makes them easy to carry around when traveling.

7. SHU-SHI Women’s Beach bathing suit Cover-Up

Shu-Shi Womens Beach Cover Up Sarong Swimsuit Cover-Up, Coral, One Size,Coral,One Size


This is the perfect beach cover-up; it’s light and easy to wear over your swimsuit. Made from 100% Rayon, this wrap style bathing suit cover-up will dress up your swimwear or look great on its own. The shu-shi women’s beach cover-up bathing suit wrap features a tie closure with a slight flare at the bottom for a flirty touch. Its length allows you to wrap around yourself in many different ways to create different sizes and looks. The beautiful color will go with just about any swimwear, and the high-quality fabric makes this a must-have item.

8. 2 Pieces Women Beach Long Swimsuit Wrap Cover up with Tassel

2 Pieces Women Beach Batik Long Sarong Swimsuit Cover up Wrap Pareo with Tassel for Women Girls (Black, White, Medium)


It features a tassel and tie closure, making it easy. This stylish bathing suit wrap cover will bring you lots of compliments when you wear it on the beach or on your next tropical vacation. This piece will add an elegant exotic touch to your look while helping you stay calm and cover up your swimsuit or fits as a sarong around your waist. Made from high-quality fabric with tassels on both ends, this bathing suit wrap is perfect for beachwear, pool parties, summer, spring, and home decorations.

How to Pick Wrap Around Beach Cover-Ups

Choosing the suitable wrap around cover-up is essential to looking and feeling confident on the beach. The right one will flatter your figure and allow you to feel comfortable in any situation. Here are a few tips for selecting a wrap that’s right for you:

  • If you’re tall, choose a shorter style so that it doesn’t overwhelm your frame. You can even opt for a short length, but this doesn’t mean you should shy away from longs.
  • If you’re petite, look for styles that aren’t too bulky so that you don’t get lost in all of the fabric.
  • If you have an hourglass figure, it’s best to go with flowy and loose styles such as a caftan or sarong.
  • A solid color beach wrap cover-up is always a safe choice and will work with any color bathing suit. If you have several swimsuit colors or are unsure what color to choose for your swimsuit, the solid color wrap is a good choice.

Cons of Bathing Suit Cover-Ups

Sure, cover-ups may be a great way to keep you cool and comfortable in the heat. But there are a few reasons you might want to consider other options for your next beach outing:

  • They can be heavy. If you’re looking for something light and breathable, cotton might not be the best material for your wrap around cover-up. This fabric can absorb tons of water and weigh you down when wet.
  • They can be expensive. Designer wrap around cover-ups can reach hundreds of dollars quickly and go up to thousands. The average person spends anywhere between $30 and $60 on a bathing suit wrap, which may seem like a lot compared to buying multiple swimsuits or beach towels at that price point instead.
  • They can be hard to fit into your suitcase or carry bag if they don’t fold up nicely. This means you could end up leaving it behind on your trip altogether.

Conclusion – Wrap Around Bathing Suit Cover Ups

While a bathing suit cover-up is an excellent addition to your wardrobe, wrap around bathing suit cover-ups are especially incredible. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They come in different patterns and colors to match all your swimsuits. Wrap around bathing suit cover-ups are perfect for hiding any imperfection, such as hip dips, muffin tops and other features you’re self-conscious about.


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