How Do You Get Sunscreen Out of a Bathing Suit?

Sunscreen is used to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation produced by the sun. It also protects the skin and hair from chlorine, iron and other minerals in the pool. Sunscreen also prevents sunburn, wrinkles and aging quickly. Sunscreen can only stay on the body for a particular period of time before you need a retouch. One thing that is certain is that to a very large degree, sunscreens protect the skin.

As awesome as this sounds, getting sunscreen stains on your swimsuit is one of the side effects of wearing sunscreen. If this is neglected, then the stains can build up over time and ruin your swimsuit. This is why you need to know how to remove sunscreen from your bathing suit to avoid stories in the future.

How to Remove Sunscreen Out of a Bathing Suit

When you get sunscreen on your swimsuit, resist the urge to wipe it off. The more you wipe, the more you rub it in. Because most swimsuits are made out of synthetic fabrics, it is more difficult to remove the stains and using just any remedy or stain remover can spoil your swimsuit.

Here is what you can do;

  • Pre Soak your Bathing Suit
  • Wash your Bathing Suit using mild detergent such as Woolite
  • Dry on Flat Surface

1. Pre Soak your Bathing Suit

The moment you realize that you have sunscreen stains on your bathing suit, wet the stained area with warm water then mix baking soda and detergent together to form a paste. Rub the paste on the stain and use a toothbrush to lift the stain. Leave for about 20-30 minutes.

2. Wash your Bathing Suit

After pre soaking, wash your bathing suit with mild soap and rinse with cold water. Be careful of the soap or detergent you will be using in order to protect the elasticity of the bathing suit.

3. Dry on Flat Surface

Dry on a flat surface and leave to dry. Do not dry directly under the sun else it might ruin it.

Other methods you can try include

1. Using White Vinegar

Mix 3:1 of white vinegar to water and soak your bathing suit for at least an hour, when this is done you can wash properly. The white vinegar can also be applied directly to the stain before washing.

2. White Vinegar and Water

Mix one teaspoon each of liquid soap and your white vinegar, pour into a quarter bucket of water and soak your bathing suit for about an hour, remove and wash the rinse with cold water.

3. Apply Stain Remover

You can get an effective stain remover and soak your bathing suit in it. Make sure that the products you are getting are made specifically for bathing suits.

It is advisable you work on the stains on your bathing suit and wash them immediately when you are done swimming. This will help you to prevent build up of sunscreen stains on your bathing suit.

Does Sunscreen Ruin Bathing Suits?

Yes, if the sunscreen stains on your bathing suit are neglected and builds up over time then your bathing suit will be ruined by the stains.

However, it may not ruin your bathing suit if build up is prevented and the bathing suit is washed regularly then your bathing suit will not be ruined by sunscreen.

How Do You Get Yellow Sunscreen Stains out of White Bathing Suit

White swimsuits are one of the most difficult swimsuits to get yellow stains out of, especially because they are white in color and more visible than any other color.

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Here’s how you can get yellow sunscreen stains out of your white bathing suit;

1. Soak in Baking Soda and Cold Water

Once your white bathing suit turns yellow, soak it in a baking soda and cold water solution. The solution should break down the stain and make it white once more. You can use a bit of hydrogen peroxide to mix another bucket of water and soak again, this should totally remove the yellow stains. Once you are done, rinse your bathing suit with cold water and spread it on a flat surface to air dry.

2. You can also use this method to remove yellow sunscreen stains from your white bathing suit

  • The first thing is to rinse your swimsuit immediately after you are done. This helps to take away the stains that might have stuck to your swimsuit. However, do not just rinse since it’s a white color, it’s better to treat and wash after.
  • Apply presoak stain remover to every stained area to break down the yellow stains that might be on your swimsuit. Let the stain remover soak for an hour or more in order to thoroughly clean the stain.
  • Mix your mild detergent with water then allow your white bathing suit to soak in the solution for about 10-15 minutes before washing. This will break down the residual stains completely. 
  • When you are done, rinse your bathing suit in a bucket of cold water and rinse thoroughly to remove the soap.
  • Place your white bathing suit on a towel or clean flat surface and put it under the sun to allow the sun to take away any yellow stains that might be remaining. Turn it over and over until it’s dry.

How to Remove Sunscreen Stains from Upholstery

Imagine you are putting sunscreen on yourself and some got on your upholstery, they can get stained and difficult to remove, however, there are things you can do to get these stains off. So, if this has happened to you, no need to panic, follow the following steps I will be writing below. Each step is according to what your upholstery is made out of;

1. Microfiber Upholstery

Get rubbing alcohol and use it to spray a white colored sponge. Add a bit of the rubbing alcohol on your sponge and scrub part by part until you are done. Wait until your furniture is dry before using a dry scrub brush to brush your furniture in circles until you are satisfied.

2. Fabric Upholstery

Get a small spray bottle and add 1 teaspoon of liquid detergent, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar combined with 1 cup of warm water. Add the water to the bottle and mix gently. Once you are done, add your baking soda and close the lid tightly. Be careful, white vinegar and baking soda create bubbles when mixed together. 

Get a white sponge or cloth and spray with your solution. Gently dab and scrub your fabric to remove the stains on fabric. Do not hesitate to wipe the whole furniture with the solution you’ve made in order to get every stain you might have missed otherwise. Leave your fabric to get dried.

3. Leather Upholstery

Get a small bucket and add an equal proportion of water and white vinegar to it. Look for a soft white cloth or sponge preferably a microfiber cloth and dip into the solution to make it slightly wet, wring out the water until it is damp then wipe your couch. Do this repeatedly even as you dip the cloth or sponge in water until it is clean. Then get another dry cloth and wipe your leather with it. 

Whatever you do, do not use bleach, especially bleach that contains chlorine. Due to the ingredient in sunscreen called avobenzone, if mixed with chlorine will only make the sunscreen stains on your furniture worse. Worse, it will set the stain and that’s it. Always remember to remove the stain immediately if possible. This is because the build up can permanently stain and ruin your furniture.

How to Protect My Fabrics from Sunscreen Stains

Sunscreen stains can be stubborn to remove if not done properly, it is better to protect your fabrics from sunscreen stains than try to keep washing them off. Even though you can still remove them, they might damage your fabrics over time.

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These are some of the things you can do to remove sunscreen stains:

1. Apply Quality Sunscreen Product

 Apply quality and superior sunscreen products that not only protect your skin but also protect your clothes too.

2. Allow your Sunscreen to Dry First

When you are about to go out or you are heading to the beach, use your sunscreen for about 10 minutes before you wear your clothes or bathing suit. This will help to protect your fabrics from sunscreen stains.

3. Be Mindful of Your Bathing Suit When Reapplying Sunscreen

Be careful when it is time to reapply your sunscreen. Avoid your neckline and sleeves as you apply so that you won’t get it on those parts of your fabrics.

Do Sunscreen Stains Come Out?

Do sunscreen come out of bathing suits, fabrics etc? Yes, it does. Once you tackle the stains before you allow it to build up then they can be removed. What you need to do is to get presoak stain remover, acid based products or home remedies and soak your fabrics in them. You can also make a paste of baking soda and water and use it to get the stain out.

When you are done, you can wash with mild soap or liquid detergent and rinse with cold water. This should get the stains out.

Conclusion – How Do You Get Sunscreen Out of a Bathing Suit?

Getting sunscreen out of your bathing suit is quite easy once you know which home remedies or presoak stain remover to use. You should also learn to avoid getting sunscreen on your fabrics and bathing suit as much as you can so that they won’t be ruined sooner than they should stay. Don’t forget to work stains as early as possible to avoid build up and also rinse your bathing suit as soon as you are done. This should do the trick.


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