7 Best Swimsuit for Hourglass Shape (2022 Trending)

Swimming, diving, lounging by the pool, sunbathing, and even visiting the gym all have one thing in common; the swimsuit. This eventually puts swimsuits as an essential garment if you wish to cool off during the heat of the summer period. However, buying swimsuits isn’t always as straightforward as you might expect. You have more than the price tag to consider at the barest minimum before getting one for yourself.

Asides from considering the price, you also have to look critically at your height, size, and, most importantly, your body shape. Your body shape will eventually determine your overall appearance in a swimsuit which could be flattering or catastrophically awful. If you have an hourglass body shape, it could be helpful to know beforehand the best swimsuit for hourglass shape.

If you have an hourglass shape, you most likely have a well-endowed figure with a fuller chest, exceptionally tiny waist, and a complimenting total hip. Regardless, you still might have other aspects you wish to hide, such as a mom pooch. If you don’t, you are most likely searching for swimwear that can help you further accentuate this captivating shape. Then this piece is for you, so read on.

Overview of Best Swimsuit for Hourglass Figure

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Buyers’ Guide – What You Should Look Out For When Picking a Swimsuit for Hourglass Figure

The buyers’ guide is meant to serve as a rich short informational metric that tells you all the criteria used in making this list of best swimsuit for hourglass shape. It’s essential to understand the characteristics of a product just before you buy it. These metrics guide your purchasing decision, so you can get the best swimsuit for your hourglass figure.

1. Price

Swimsuits’ price falls on both ends of the spectrum; thankfully, we’ve gone for a lower range of prices to appeal to a wide range of users. As affordable as they are, they are of superb quality, and you are sure to get the value of your money from this list of best swimsuit for hourglass shape.

2. Quality of Product

Since the hourglass is packed on both sides, it requires a swimsuit with excellent stretch abilities. The composition of the swimsuit you get will eventually determine its durability as well as its lifespan. Swimsuits made with composite materials of nylon and spandex are your best choice.

3. User feedback

Swimsuits on this list have been tested and reviewed by thousands of users who vouch for their practicality. To this end, swimsuits here have an impressive user review and rating on the Amazon platform. This list features swimsuits with an average rating of over four stars.

4. Design                                         

The hourglass body shape is curvy with an almost identical width of the shoulder and the hips with a tiny waist. To further accentuate this natural curvy figure, your swimsuit must do well to increase the prominence of this natural shape.

What Swimsuit Looks Best On An Hourglass Figure?

The hourglass body shape has the most pleasant and eye-pleasing physical proportion of all body types. This makes it easy for you to absolutely wear just about any swimsuits and still maintain a stunning appeal in them. This gives you one less thing to worry about, especially when it comes to your appearance in many swimwear. That said, the best swimsuit for an hourglass figure should have enough fabric to provide ample coverage and support for your voluminous breasts and butt.

Again, if you are older and have an hourglass figure with a full chest, you also have to ensure your swimsuit provides enough support for your saggy breasts. Keep in mind that it can be pretty challenging getting a modest one-piece suit with your hourglass shape since they might not be stretchy enough to create room for your busty, curvy figure. To make a comprehensive list on best swimsuit for hourglass shape, all of these has been taken into consideration.

Best Swimsuit for Hourglass Figure

Here is a list of the best swimsuit for hourglass shape for you to try out:

Mild Ruffle, Ruching, Straps Swimsuits

Swimsuits with extra fabrics such as strings, ruffles, or ruching will accentuate your hips effortlessly while also creating a well-defined outline for your Waist. But take care as this same design can make you appear wider with their bulky nature. In a similar trend, a belted one-piece is an excellent option for you to consider for your hourglass shape.

1. FEIYOUNG Scoop Neck One-piece Belt Swimwear Semi

FEIYOUNG Sexy Womens Monokini Scoop Neck One Piece Backless Cheeky Swimwear Semi Thong Bikini with Belt White


This is one swimwear that uses thick but flexible and stretchy fabric to bring out your natural curves. On an hourglass body, you can also rely on its belt to further help you define your Waist and give you that sexy feel without diminishing your bust and hips.

2. LAGSHIAN One-piece Lace Up Straps Swimsuit

LAGSHIAN Womens Sexy One Piece Lace Up Straps Swimsuit Bathing Suit Swimwear Black


The straps on this suit wrap around your Waist and upper butt, creating an elongated curvy display without much effort on your part. Asides from this, its laced up deep plunge also gives room for your ample bottom for a complete curvy look.

Deep V-Neck Swimsuit

Earlier, I mentioned how you should abstain from high necklines to avoid cutting your upper attributes off. An open neckline or deep plunge is preferable for the hourglass figure. The deep V-neck will flatter your neckline effortlessly by showcasing ample chest skin and bust.

3. CUPSHE Ruffle Deep V Neck One-piece Swimsuit

CUPSHE Women's One Piece Swimsuit Ruffle Deep V Neck Strappy Swimwear Bathing Suits Army Green M


Combining the above ruffle design as trims around its deep V-neck to pull attention to your chest while still allowing your bust the essential support needed. If you want minimal exposure around the butt area, then it provides excellent coverage while still prominently displaying your incredible figure.

High Cut Swimsuit

The high cut design is one reliable swimsuit design that can help you get the much-needed attention from your hourglass shape. This becomes even more important if you aren’t gifted with heights. The design will create an appearance of longer, slender legs than usual.

4. Viottiset High Cut One-piece Swimsuit

Viottiset Women's Ruched High Cut One Piece Swimsuit Cheeky Tummy Control Bikini Army Green Large


This one-piece swimsuit features a collection of designs aimed at accentuating all the excellent physical attributes of your hourglass body. Its ruched high cut cheeky design will accentuate your hips perfectly while also giving your butt around appeal, sending attention your way instantly. The bust end uses a beautiful u-neck to create ample space for your voluminous bust to fit comfortably. You can rely on its pad to support your boobs if they are saggy, and you can do away with them if you have a firm bust.

5. Sovoyontee One-piece Swimsuits

Sovoyontee Women's Thong Sexy One Piece Bikini Swimsuits Swimwear, White Top Match Black Bottom and String, L


If you want to really put up a show for onlookers, then this piece of swimsuit is for you. With minimal coverage of the butt, it uses a thong design and cutouts to accentuate your lower back as well as your waistline effortlessly.

Low Halter Styles Swim Top

By now, you are aware that most hourglass-shaped individuals have a full bosom. And since this is a positive physical attribute you will most likely be proud of, showing them off is an excellent idea. To do this, the low-halter-style swimsuit should be on your buy list before the summer season. It gives you ample room to display enough cleavage while effortlessly accentuating your bust. With this design, you are bound to turn some heads your way. It’s also best for a flat mid-sections void of pooches.

6. Tempt Me Two-piece Halter Top Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women Navy Blue Two Piece High Waisted Bikini Set Swimsuits Push Up Halter Tummy Control Bottoms Bathing Suits L


Tempt Me keeps coming up with quality products for different body types, and this is suitable for you if you have an hourglass outline. With its halter top design, you are sure of maximizing the potential attention your bust can attract. It also has a removable soft padded bra to provide support for hourglass figures with sagging breasts. Even without the pads, the self-tie at the neck means you can decide how high you want your boobs to sit. It comes with ruched high waist bottoms that sit on your Waist to create that extra tiny waistline and great hips.

7. COCOS Women’s Tassel Trim Top Halter Straps Swimsuit

COCOSHIP Slategray & White Striped High Waist Bikini Set Red Tassel Trim Top Halter Straps Swimsuit Bathing Suit 8(FBA)


With an impressive halter top design, this swimsuit uses a breathable mesh design to give you comfort while also ensuring that your curves and shape are well appreciated by onlookers. It also has a removable pad to cater for saggy boobs alongside adjustable straps for adjustments. The tassel added creates an additional guideline for your bust and shoulder. Its bottom half also uses the same tassel design as well as high Waist to define your Waist and hips correctly.

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Is The Hourglass The Best Figure?

Without mincing words, the hourglass figure is generally believed to be the most feminine and balanced body shape and hence the best. At the same time, a man can have this shape; it’s more prominent in women. To qualify as an individual with an hourglass figure, your Chest, Waist, and hip measurement should have a ratio of 4:2:4.

The typical hourglass figure features a lightly round shoulder, bust, and hips of nearly equal width and a small and well-defined curvy waist. Added to this are rounded butt cheeks, big thighs with an even body weight distribution—all of these balance the body effortlessly and in the proper proportions. The hourglass figure is arguably the best using the ”low waist-to-hip ratio (WHRs)”. It easily attracts attention and is often seen as a sign of physical and sexual maturity in a woman.

Several researches also support the suggestion that the hourglass figure is excellent for reproductive purposes. Their study found that younger females with lower WHRs exhibited higher levels of omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is crucial during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Away from science is the fact that the movie, entertainment, advertorial, and fashion industries have all glamourized the hourglass figure as the set body type standard. We are flooded with this narrative on the pages of prints, on television screens, and on social media.

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What Should You Not Wear For An Hourglass Figure?

‍The hourglass body shape is excellent in most garment designs and styles. Even at this, if you have an hourglass figure, you still have to be conscious of what you wear. This is because some designs are capable of downplaying your attractive qualities, which is the opposite of what you want.

To this end, below are a few garment designs and styles to avoid if you wish to accentuate your stunning curves:

1. Skimpy Triangle Tops Swimsuits

In swimsuits, skimpy triangle tops, either as bikinis or tankinis, will only cause you more headaches. This is because they don’t offer adequate support and coverage for your heavy chest size. Again, swimsuits such as string bikinis will most likely be uncomfortable for you as they might reveal more than you are willing to. The hourglass shape often comes with a heavy, round, and ample butt.

As a rule, it’s best to avoid skimpy swimsuits and go for ones with enough fabric on them to keep your mind from worrying about potential slips, slides, and excess exposure. Again, stay away from suits designed with excess ruffles at the hips and bust. Swimsuits with thick paddings are also a no-go zone for you and are best for ladies with a flat chest.

2. Straight Skirt

In a nutshell, you should avoid straight skirt designs. In like manner, you will do well to stay away from it. Keep away from skirts with voluminous pockets, extensive ruffles, and any other embellishments around the hips. If your garment has any of the above, you can nullify its bulky effect by balancing them with similar details around the chest. Low-waist skirts are not your friend if you have an hourglass figure because they create additional bulk to your lower body. Garments featuring boxy cuts will also cover your curves which you wouldn’t want.

Again, with an hourglass body type, picking necklines requires extra care on your part. And by all means, you want to avoid high neckline designs such as turtlenecks and a high crew neck. Wearing high necklines will cut your upper body off in an unflattering manner.

3. Bulky Shoes

While you might not consider shoes as affecting your overall appearance regarding your body shape, it indeed does contribute. If you have an hourglass figure, you should avoid wearing bulky shoes. If you do, you create a competition of attention between your shape and your footwear as it tends to pull the eyes towards it. Similarly, you will appear shorter and broader than usual.

Conclusion – Best Swimsuit for Hourglass Figure

Undoubtedly, the hourglass is one desirable body shape that nearly all ladies wish. To this extent, some go for all sorts of surgeries to help accentuate their hips, waist, and boobs. If you are naturally an hourglass, you probably know how lucky you are and you knowing about the best swimsuit for hourglass shape is a plus. With the right swimsuit, you will flawlessly display your curves and grab attention quickly. Just keep in mind to avoid the not-so-good wears that might hide or conceal your figure.



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