Can You Alter Swimsuits? (Let’s Find Out)

Swimsuits are designed to be snug fit or closely fitted to your skin to take up your body shape. But often than most, people end up with the wrong size when purchasing a swimsuit. As a matter of fact, it is the highest cons of swimsuit products.

Every wear comes in different sizes and one has to know his or her size to select the right one that will best fit. To tackle this frequent problem and reduce the thumbs-down reviews is why popular online stores use size charts as a guide for buyers to select the proper size for the product they buy.

It has worked a bit but most people still end up with the wrong sizes. Read my previous post where i discussed extensively on the query “should you size up or down for swimsuit?“. So, you ordered a swimsuit and you were delivered the wrong size, what do you do?

A lot of people send the package back to the store to get it changed, some manage with it despite not fitting, and others take matters into their own hands. Swimsuits are made by experts, at least the ones of the best quality, and with powerful machines that make the stitches and additives stick for long and hard usages.

Due to their large demand size, they are made in big factories that mass-produce them in a short time. The machines work in precision to ensure quality, so when you order a wrongly sized swimsuit or you cause a little tear on it, can you alter a swimsuit?

Yes, you can alter your swimsuit. But don’t attempt it yourself if you do not have sewing experience. You have two options; you either do it yourself (if you know how to) or get it fixed at a sewing shop close to you. You can alter it down if it came too big, or stitch it up, if it came torn, the reasons may vary for altering your swimsuit. But basically, there are only three reasons for altering a swimsuit

Reasons For Altering A Swimsuit

1. It is too big

This is the first and commonest reason why people decide to get it with their swimsuit. You may have recently lost weight, or you saw a very good one at a discounted price and you couldn’t care less about the size.

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Whatever the reason is, it can’t be worn just yet, same as if it were too small. But it comes with great risk, especially if you are resizing yourself. You need to take your time to get into detail, or simply fix it at a professional’s.

Reducing the size isn’t so challenging per se, just take it as if your new swimsuit had just lost its elasticity, which actually is the major factor for a swimsuit being too big.

2. It’s too small

Being too big is ultimately bearable, but being too small is rather painful. Don’t lose hope, but the solution lies in that old swimsuit that has been lying around the house without much thought. If the materials are the same or similar, hoorah, but if not, then a little manipulation on the sides can still pull it off unnoticeably.

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3. It’s too boring 

Yes, too boring. I mentioned before that choosing to alter may not always be to right a wrong on your swimsuit. If the design or tone of your swimsuit came seems redundant or you are tired of the same look of your old swimsuit, there is something you can still do about it to re-awaken its glamour.

But then again, manipulating its original design needs a good amount of expertise, except you, want to test run your newly learned creativity. Take it to a tailor around you and ask for it to be done, and if you are confident you can do it, get your sewing kit out and dazzle. You can transform a high-waisted bottom into one with a low-waisted pair, or convert your two-piece into a one-piece, the stage is yours.

How to Alter a Swimsuit 

If you got a swimsuit you’ve been eyeing for so long, and when it finally came, it didn’t fit, don’t fret. As I mentioned earlier, if you have sewing experience, all you need is a needle and thread to re-transform your favorite swimsuit to your size.

How to Alter Swimsuit That is Too Big

Let’s start with a swimsuit that’s too big, use the following steps to fix it,

Step 1: Try it on

Yes, try it on again, it’s not to confirm if it’s too big or small, you already know that, but try it on again to know by how much it’s too big. This is where you need accurate measurements to work with, you can use a pin to hold the loose, extra part, and when you take it off, you can mark the area with chalk. And at this stage, make sure you are not wearing anything underneath, it can give you the wrong measurements.

NOTE: Trying it on without underwear doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add a little extra if you are the type that doesn’t wear swimsuits without undergarments.

Step 2: Adjust the straps

If your swimsuit has straps, try adjusting them to see what changes it brings to the overall fit. Take note of the areas that sagging or gapping, especially the bottom. Depending on where the gaps are, gather the elastic seam at the legs or waist and pin it to fit.

Step 3: Take it off

Now, you’ve got what you need to adjust in your big swimsuit, take it off and fold the areas you’ve marked with another pin. Then, double stitch the folded parts in place.

Step 4: Try it on again

After making the right adjustments, put it on again to check the new size if it now fits as it should. If it doesn’t or there are still some adjustments to be made, repeat all the steps till you arrive at the right size.

How to Alter Swimsuit That is Too Small

On the other hand, if it is too small, it requires a bit of attention. Making swimsuits bigger isn’t easy, and unlike many garments that come with their in-built seam allowance, swimsuits have no excess fabrics. You are going to need to get creative at this point, and that means getting acquainted with the concept of panels.

Panels change the design of a swimsuit, and if wisely done, they can produce beautiful results. Panels can add to the general aesthetics and give it a little breathing room. To go on, you will need a fabric of the same stretch as your swimsuit, or you can dabble around with whatever is available. Then use the following steps

Step 1: Add the panel

Do this, by simply cutting out a precise length of fabric you want to add to your swimsuit.

 Step 2: Pin the panel

After cutting the fabric along the seam for accurate fitting, pin the panel in place, and sew it on.

To prevent minor puckers, be careful of how you stitch the seam between the swimsuit and the panel, then you’re done, and you have a little more space of comfort.

How to Alter Boring Swimsuit

Also, if your swimsuit is too boring, try out any of these amazing ideas.

1. Reform the straps

If the top of your swimsuit is always sagging, or it’s too tight, making your breasts squeeze out through the armpit, altering the strap might be the solution. You can shorten the straps using a sewing machine. If sewing is not suitable for you, you can alternatively snip the straps off the back of the swimsuit, then trim it to the length you want with a halter tie at the neck. Cutting it shorter is easier, but you can add a bit of length in the same vein.

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2. Convert your one-piece into a high-waisted bikini

You may love the design of your one-piece suit, but you are ready to move on to new ones and embrace the newer glamour of a high-waisted bikini. Change the look of your favorite suit to form a retro bottom. Simply pair your suit with a bikini top and step out in class.

3. Make your bottom look cheekier

A few playful alterations will ruched up the back of your bikini bottom. This move would descend your bum more and you won’t be able to get over the eyes escorting you from behind. Also, you don’t need more than your emergency sewing kits to get it up, or perhaps the hotel kit would do it just fine as well.

How Much Would It Cost To Alter A Swimsuit?

As you can see, we encouraged DIY moves to alter your suits, but if the thoughts are too damning or you don’t want to risk ruining your suit, visiting a tailor is not too bad an idea, just be ready to pay, and you shouldn’t spend more than $50 for any alteration you intend to do on your suit.

That is for minor adjustments though, you might decide to alter your suit completely, which would involve undoing the suit by every stitch. That would cost more money and time, nevertheless, you are looking at an $80 expenditure maximum. Or better still, you don’t have to spend more than a few pennies if you can take it up yourself.

Conclusion – Can You Alter Swimsuits?

Yes, swimsuits can accommodate minor and major changes, however, you choose to redefine them. Whether too big, small, or boring, you have all you need to set it in motion. Swimsuits are meant to be smug fit, so any other way should have it adjusted. We always encourage DIY methods to boost personal development, but you can always get help should you feel you need it.



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