Is It Bad if I Have a Swimsuit Fetish?

When at the beach or pool, you might notice almost everyone has a form of garment. These garments can often be in the form of one-piece or two-piece garments. In general, they often allow wearers to display their stunning body shapes and curves. Many find this very appealing, and they often enjoy the attention these garments draw to them. Wearing a swimsuit for many is just a means of getting involved in water sports without worrying much about ruining the garment.

And since swimsuits designs allow for this with ease, many consider them the top option for almost everyone. But for others, there is more to wearing a swimsuit. Many consider it a bold fashion statement that allows them to carry their personality with the utmost confidence. Others have a much deeper attraction to swimsuits bordering on sexual fantasy. If you belong to the latter group, you might ask yourself, is it bad if I have a swimsuit fetish?

In today’s liberal world, having fetish attractions is considered a healthy way of letting out sexual fantasies and tensions. Interestingly, having a fetish can be on just about any object or item, swimsuit inclusive. Understanding your obsession can help you manage how and when the feeling comes on.

What is a Swimsuit?

As earlier stated, swimsuits are clothing made explicitly for water-related activities. Swimsuits can be worn when participating in sun-orientated activities, like sunbathing or water sports, like swimming, diving, and surfing. While swimsuits have similar usage, they often differ in design and styles both for men and women. There are unisex swimsuits that both genders can consider for use.

Depending on the design and style, a swimsuit can be used as an undergarment to wetsuits for sports, such as water skiing, scuba diving, surfing, and wake-boarding. Over the years, swimsuits have found use in other areas asides from swimming or sunbathing. Nowadays, you find swimsuits in use in events such as beauty pageants, bodybuilding contests, and glamour photography. Additionally, you will find magazines like the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue where models and sports personalities pose in swimsuits.

Alternatively, you can refer to swimsuits as bathing suits, swimmers, swimwear, swimming suits, or bathers. Swimsuits are diverse today, and these designs allow you to pick from a vast pool, effectively removing the limitation of choice. The significant difference in swimsuit design is in the fabric constituting it and the coverage level it provides. While there are no general rules on what swimsuit you can buy, many areas have some form of modesty rules which essentially guide your usage of swimsuits.

Besides this, personal preference, trending fashion styles, and comfort are considerations to take note of. Also, the occasion determines what swimsuit you will wear. For instance, sunbathing requires a particular style that might be loose and fashionable while swimming or diving also needs tightly fitting suits to stay on.  

What is a Swimsuit Fetish?

Sexual fetishism or erotic fetishism resulting from a swimsuit is a sexual fantasy that builds up desires within a person. Erotic swimsuits generally involve a nonliving item or non-genital body part, with the object of interest referred to as the fetish; in this instance, a swimsuit. Similarly, an individual with an obsession with an object is a fetishist.

In general, sexual fetishes are a non-pathological means to sexual excitement. When it leads to significant psychosocial distress for the individual involved, it becomes a mental disorder. At this point, the fetish has developed into adverse effects on essential aspects of the individual’s life. Similarly, sexual fetishism can go beyond sexual attraction to objects or body parts as stipulated by medical definitions. It can refer to any and every form of sexual interest in specific activities.

Swimsuit fetish belongs to a subclass of underwear fetishism and is a subclass of cloth fetishism. While you might not be aware, the swimsuit fetish is popular among users of the clothing type.  Regardless of the design, the swimsuit must provide coverage for at least your crotch area. Males swimsuits often expose the chest, while female swimsuits cover at least the nipples. Exceptions to this are the topless swimsuit.

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Why Do I Have A Swimsuit Fetish?

To be clear, no fetish desire comes on instantly; it is often a result of constant attraction to an object as well as the mental painting of sexual desire of such entity. You can develop a swimsuit fetish as a result of any number of reasons, and no singular cause for fetishism has been conclusively proven.

In general, fetishism starts at an early age and is usually visible during puberty. In rare cases, this can occur even way before the onset of puberty. Over the years, there have been several attempts to explain fetishism’s cause. Some theories include classical conditioning, a state where an individual forms an arousal stimulus to specific objects. Similarly, sexual imprinting says that an individual learns to recognize sexually desirable features during childhood. This learning process can imprint an incorrect concept of a sex object on such an individual.

Regardless of which theory you believe in, the consensus is that any abnormality in the sexual learning process can develop a fetish desire. If your object of sexual fixation is a swimsuit, it makes sense for you to develop a swimsuit fetish later on.

When Does My Swimsuit Fetish Become A Disorder?

As harmless as having a swimsuit fetish can be, it also holds the potential to cause or lead to other disorders. If you notice the following symptoms, excessive indulgence in your swimsuit fetish becomes a problem. Suppose your swimsuit fetish feelings cause significant distress or impair your social, occupational, or other aspects of life.

The absence of fetish objects (swimsuits) leads to low or down self-esteem. You become highly dependent on relieving the sexual tension. Sexually active adults can also have a swimsuit fetish. If the feeling of arousal from spotting or wearing a swimsuit happens occasionally, and there is no fixation and clinical distress, this can’t be considered a disorder.

Why Are Swimsuits So Attractive?

Swimsuits are attractive and appear sexy to many since it allows for the display of ample skin than is usually acceptable in public places. Depending on the design of the swimsuit, it can be a fashion statement for swimming. Also, sparse and extra tiny designs are no doubt an attention grabber.

Moderate one-piece swimsuits are also attractive since they feature a couple of designs that can help to accentuate the body. High cut, deep V-neck, halter neck, cutout, wrap are some of the designs you find in a one-piece swimsuit that makes them attractive. This means a swimsuit can act as a swimming garment and an attention-grabbing outfit for showcasing your stunning body and curves.

The same level of attraction comes with low-cut tops, high-cut skirts, and skin-tight clothes. In simple terms, swimsuits are attractive for their form-fitting and revealing design. It leaves nothing to the imagination. It is very sexy and flattering on the body.

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How Can I Get Over My Swimsuit Fetish?

Whether your swimsuit fetish occurs occasionally or you tend towards it becoming a disorder, knowing how to handle your sexual feelings is essential. If you suffer from a swimsuit fetish, shying away from seeking treatment due to embarrassment or fear of judgment only worsens your condition. And if fetishistic interest is causing significant distress or impairment, the more need to seek psychological help.

Thankfully, you can consult with a knowledgeable and professional doctor to walk you through the different steps to getting over your urges. Below is some available treatments:

1. Sex Therapy

This is probably the most prominent treatment method for getting over a swimsuit fetish. Consulting a certified sex therapist for a sex therapy session will ensure a complete approach to psychotherapy. Your therapist will conduct a thorough sexual and psychosocial history to help determine the factors contributing to your fetishistic interest. In addition, your therapist will use the information obtained to understand the expression of your fantasy via urges and behaviors. After all of the consultation, the details help to formulate possibly coaching techniques. Coaching will include mindfulness and behavioral techniques.

2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

If your sex therapist has CBT training, he can employ cognitive restructuring techniques to identify and change thoughts and behaviors. Alternatively, aversion therapy can be relied upon to reduce your interest in a swimsuit fetish. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is more effective as a treatment for Fetish disorder when in combination with drug therapy.

3. Medication

You can also rely on particular medications to help reduce your arousal when around a swimsuit. Medications containing Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like Prozac/fluoxetine can help out. It’s important to state that the potential for sexual side effects is possible with these types of medicine. Known side effects include reduced interest in sex.

Keep in mind that this can help with the impulse associated with swimsuit fetish thoughts and behaviors but will not affect the fetish urge without therapy. Drugs such as cyproterone acetate can temporarily lower testosterone levels to help you reduce sex drive. This allows for an effective treatment effortlessly. 

Conclusion – Is it bad if I have a swimsuit fetish?

Sexual fetish and hence swimsuit fetish are harmless when done in moderation. Adverse health effects only occur when done excessively and can spiral into a disorder with associating conditions. There are ways to get over your swimsuit fetish, and a combination of the process can prove effective and efficient. The process involves hard work and dedication, so getting all the support you need is a plus for your battle against a swimsuit fetish.


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