Is It Okay To Wear Someone Else’s Swimsuit?

Since the emergence of swimming as a popular means of recreation which has also become a sporting activity, it has been from one intense and untamed expectation to another. Different swimming patterns and logic are being invented all to the interests of mankind. Besides, how else can the body be repaired if we don’t engulf ourselves in the serenity of the water?

To add, the term ‘swimming’, has generated unceasing inquiry which is asked to ensure that we follow the right path in exploring the waters while knowing how best to keep our bodies fit, relaxed, and free from the tensions and stresses created by our toil and sweat. This is why we are going to be tackling a question that says, Is It Okay To Wear Someone Else’s swimsuit?

From an honest standpoint, the answer to the question asked is No. It isn’t okay or ideal to wear someone’s else swimsuit. However, some occasions may vary and could require an urgent response where a bathing suit might be needed to provide solutions.

Anything else, shouldn’t be welcomed due to the dangers attached to this. Since an answer has been provided for this, Is it okay to wear someone else’s swimsuit, I’ll be listing a reason why it isn’t okay to wear someone else swimsuit.

Why It Is Not Okay to Wear Someone Else’s Swimsuit?

One major reason is the fear of sexually transmitted diseases. Since the outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases, all souls are now expected to trend carefully and apply caution in whatever we find ourselves doing, so we don’t fall victim to STDs. And this includes our clothes, most especially our undies. Since bathing suits are mostly wears that cover just our genitals and part of the human body, it would be great to be mindful of what we do, no matter how little it may seem to be.

Sharing of undies is a big No, not to mention the bathing suit which doesn’t have much difference from that of the undies. A swimming suit worn by a person, shouldn’t be worn by anyone else because of the health repercussions attached to this.

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The part of the body where the swimsuit covers are the parts that is most likely going to have infections if precaution isn’t applied. And since most ladies tend to get infected from overgrown bacteria, or other infections which include herpes, urinary tract infection, and the likes, the sharing of wears like the ones that cover the genitals most, no longer seems to be a great option.

Why would you want to share someone else’s swimsuit when there is a slight possibility that you could contact sexually transmitted diseases? It is best to go with what you have or never having to borrow a suit to be on the safe side, rather than being on the verge of subjecting yourself to pain. By so doing, you are shielding your body from having complications arising from wearing someone else’s swimsuit.

Mind you, it doesn’t matter how neat or clean the person may be. Infections can thrive anywhere. All the same, wearing someone else’s swimsuit, isn’t a good idea.

Is It Safe To Buy A Used Swimsuit?

Yes, is it safe to purchase a used swimsuit? In a thrift store, there are tons of used swimming suits that are up for sale alongside other clothing wears. And during such a period, one may get attracted to any of the used swimsuits available at the store. If this is the case, one is at liberty to get the swimsuit. All that is required, are ways to have the swimsuit properly cleaned for easy usage.

Well, we ain’t going to dispute the fact that not everyone loves the idea of buying or purchasing a used swimsuit. Not much of a big deal though. But, for persons who might want to forge ahead and get one for themselves for reasons best known to them, know that there are certain things you are to do with regards to the bathing suit you have just purchased. And this will lead us to the next section which revolves around cleaning and maintaining a used swimsuit.

How To Clean A Used Swimsuit

To clean a used swimsuit, kindly follow through with the following steps. They are;

Step 1: Get a bowl and pour a little amount of water into the bowl. The water should be enough to cover the entire swimsuit. You can also place the swimsuit in a sink and fill it with water.

Step 2: The next step would be to soak in vinegar. Get your vinegar and add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to the suit.

Step 3: Leave for 15 -20 minutes, and then rinse out the vinegar.

Step 4: Get your detergent and pour a little portion on the swimsuit. Run water on it and hand wash for some minutes before taking it out to air dry.

Reasons Why People Buy Used Swimsuits

There are a few reasons why the need to get a used swimsuit is commonly sought after. They are;

1. To Avoid Chlorine

To beat chlorine, the used swimsuit seems to be a better option. To avoid exposing their new bathing suits to chlorine, they instead, go for a used swimsuit such that if the suit gets ruined by chlorine, they wouldn’t feel it that much.

People who fall into this category, have one thing in common. Ditching the swimming suit after swimming in a chlorinated pool for long. At such, when it is time to have the swimsuit ditched, they wouldn’t be so hurt knowing that it was gotten from a thrift store and not a new suit.

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2. Cheap

Used swimsuits are usually cheaper compared to new suits. For those who can’t afford to get a new bathing suit, the used one may seem to be the best alternative for them.

There could be other reasons why people may choose to get a used swimming suit, however, the aforementioned ones are the commonest reasons why used swimsuits are mainly purchased.

How Do I Try Out A New Swimsuit?

Did you know that 70% of ladies do try out new swimsuits with nothing underneath as a way of covering the genitals and keeping them safe? While there seems to be nothing wrong with having to check out the bathing suits you intend to purchase, it is also necessary to have your genitals protected. Here is the reason.

It is done to keep the genitals safe, being that several ladies must have tried out that same bathing suit, perhaps, without undies. Especially for bathing suit bottoms like thongs, shorts, and the likes. The truth is, you don’t know anything about the persons who have tried it on. You can’t necessarily tell if they have any health-related issues which could be a yeast infection,herpes and the likes.

Health challenges like these, are reasons why we are admonishing that you get to be fully equipped when on the verge of trying out a new swimsuit. So, why go through the torment of having to risk your health or treat an infection that could have been avoided? The best way to maintain health is to keep safe especially with wears that cover the genitals.

If you wish to try out a new swimsuit, then do these.

1. Wear Undies

To those set of people who feel the need to try out a new suit without wearing anything underneath, this is to admonish you to put an end to this if you possibly can.

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Wear your undies and ensure not to take them off when you are in the process of putting on the swimming suit, to see how great the fittings are. Wearing your undies will help to keep your genitals safe and protected from the possibility of an infection.

2. Panty Liner

If you aren’t putting on undies, you can as well subscribe to the use of a panty liner. By pant liners, we are referring to a thin layer of pad used by ladies, and it is very absorbent. The panty liner is attached to the pant before it is being worn, as a means of absorbing discharge. It is used also during menstrual flow.

That is, if you wish to wear your undies, you can use the panty liner also alongside the undies.

Here is another. One can use the panty liners on the bathing suit bottoms they may want to try out. Rather than wearing it directly, one can use the pant liner on the bottom before trying it on. The instant the trying out phase is completed, endeavor to take out the pant liner as quickly as you can.

Please Note: Not all shop allows for the latter. If you happen to go into a shop that gives room for such, only then can such a method be recommended. If it’s forbidden, kindly wear your undies only or with a pant liner attached to your undies.

Looking for which panty liner to check out for occasions as such, then you can go through these.

1. Claene Organic Cotton Panty Liners

Claene Organic Cotton Panty Liners, Unscented,Thin, Cruelty-Free, Daily, Breathable, Light Incontinence, Natural Pantyliners, Vegan, Menstrual Pads for Women (Regular, 50P)


Going by the brand’s name, it cleans you up from every discharge that threatens to wreck your day. With this panty liner, you have nothing to worry about. It is organic, breathable, and light-weighted.

2. Rael Certified Organic Panty Liners – Chlorine Free, Unscented Pantiliners

Rael Certified Organic Panty Liners - Chlorine Free, Unscented Pantiliners (Regular, 44 Count)


Rael panty liners are highly absorbent, breathable, and free from any sort of chemicals and fragrances, that could pose a risk to one. It is flexible and protects you from possible discharges or spotting.

Conclusion – Is It Okay To Wear Someone Else’s swimsuit?

In a world where infections and diseases are easily transmitted and contacted, wearing someone else’s swimsuit should never be thought of or considered.

Do not put your health at risk by wearing what doesn’t belong to you. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.


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