How Do I Get My White Bathing Suit White Again?

As part of our life, incidences are bound to occur. No matter how careful we may strive to be, we are bound to encounter one or two unfavorable circumstances that might plague us. The same can be said for our swimwear. Caring for our bathing suit isn’t less tedious as it may seem. Regardless of how careful we feel we are, we could be stung leading to a fall.

By fall, we are referring to our swimming wears taking a new entirety. At such, caring for the suit. requires so much effort, such that we do not end up having our bathing suit changed from what they are known to be, to an obnoxious look, bringing upon us, quite some embarrassing moments. And this has led us to the question, How Do I Get My White Bathing Suit White Again?

The best way to get your white bathing suit white again, would be to apply the necessary steps or procedures to be mentioned below, needed to help bring alive the white bathing suit. Below, I’ll be showing you four different methods, that can be used to get your bathing suit sparkling again.

How to Get Stain Out of White Swimsuit


For this method, all you need are;

1. Baking soda
2. Water

Step 1

Fill a bowl with water. You can use the sink as well. Fill the sink with water that would be enough to cover the bathing suit.

Step 2

Get your baking soda, and measure into the water, half cup(1/2) of baking soda in it. The essence of using baking soda is to neutralize the white bathing suit, such that the stains become so much easier to take off. Or better still, the baking soda will erase the stains and get your white sparkling.

Step 3

You are to leave the mixture for a couple of hours. At least, two to four hours would be perfect. You are to leave it for that long, so the baking soda does the job it is meant to do.

Step 4

Once the waiting period is completed, take out the bathing suit and rinse in clean water.

Step 5

Wash with a mild detergent before taking the bathing suit out to air dry. It is best to wash first before air drying. By washing, the baking soda’s scent is erased from the bathing suit.

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For the second method, we will be talking about a popular stain remover. By this, we are referring to one of the Clorox products, used for the quick removal of stains from bathing suits. You’ll be needing just;

1. Clorox stain remover
2. Hot water

Step 1

Get hot water, and pour it into a big bowl. If you can run the hot water in the sink, then, kindly do such.

Step 2

Get the Clorox, and pour some amount of the Clorox into the water. Stir a little bit.

Step 3

Place the white bathing suit into the bowl or sink that has the Clorox remover in it. Leave for a couple of hours or more, before taking it out.

Step 4

Take the white bathing suit out with care. If you have a mild and not harsh detergent, use it to wash the white bathing suit, before taking it out to air dry. You can as well rinse the bathing suit directly, rather than washing it first, before air drying. The decision is yours.

Please Note: Trust me, any little mistake would cost you a lot. You wouldn’t want to go through the same stress again. This means you have to apply caution so the bathing suit isn’t ruined.

Recommended Stain Remover You Can Use

Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover for Colors

Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover for Colors, Spray Bottle, 30 Ounces


The Clorox stain remover is a popular household name because it works great in taking out dirt and stains from clothes. With Clorox, you have zero worries about your white bathing suit getting destroyed.

Spray a bit of the Clorox stain remover on your white bathing suit, and wash the magic it does. No matter how tough the stains may look, the Clorox stain remover got you covered.

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For this method, all you need is a can or a bottle of bleach.

Step 1: Spray directly into the affected parts. That is, the parts with stains.

Step 2: Leave for thirty minutes (30) or an hour.

Step 3: Rinse with clean water and wash with a mild detergent. If the stains persist, then you can go over the steps again. However, if it fails to get the white bathing suit white again, please try out other methods till you get the method that works best for your suit.

To add, did you know you can have your bleach produced? Oh yes. And do you know what the best part is, you won’t spend so much to get the bleach materials. A detergent/mild soap and glycerin would do just fine. Of course, with water.

Get a measuring cup, and measure one-fourth of the detergent or soap into a bowl. The same applies to glycerin. The one-fourth cup should be used for the glycerin too. Then, add water and mix. Locate your spray bottle and pour the mixture into the bottle. Viola! Your bleach is ready.

Note: For this method, you will be using the bleaching method. While using bleach on white bathing suits to get them whiter may be great for the suit, know that not all bathing suits can be bleached. If you end up bleaching a suit that shouldn’t be bleached, then, you might likely say goodbye to your bathing suit.

The only and surest way to get to find out if your suit can be bleached or not, is by looking at the label attached to the bathing suit. Usually, there is a care label located in the body of the suit. If it is bleachable, that would be great. If it isn’t, please subscribe to other methods.


Method 4 requires white vinegar, a mild detergent, and a piece of cloth only.

Step 1

Pour a little portion of the vinegar into the piece of cloth. You will be needing a clean cloth for this purpose.

Step 2

In this step, you can start dabbing the cloth soaked with vinegar on the white bathing suit. Please look out for areas with stains only. The part without stains can be left out.

Step 3

After dabbing, it is time to have your bathing suit rinsed. Run the tap water on the suit and let the affected area be completely soaked in water. The instant you are done rinsing with cold water, take a second look at the white bathing suit.

You can only proceed to the next step if the white bathing suit has become clean and free from stains. Peradventure, the stains are still present, you are to follow the steps over again till they are out totally.

Step 4

Now, get your mild detergent with water, and wash the white bathing suit. It is best to have the suit washed in a bid to have the vinegar removed, and to ensure the suit gets cleaned.

Step 5

Rinse and air dry.

What Causes Changes In A White Bathing Suit?

1. Chlorine

The first on the list is chlorine. White bathing suits are prone to stains due to the chlorine used in the pool, which over time, affects the white bathing suit. That being said, chlorine is one of the most known archenemies of the bathing suit.

Consistent usage of a white bathing suit in a pool saturated with chlorine will have your white bathing suit crying for help after some months. Now that you’ve fully come to the understanding of the dangers of chlorine on a white bathing suit, the next step would be ways to protect the suit.

2. Dirty Pools

Did you know that a dirty pool, tends to change your white bathing suit into yellowish or greenish colors? Unclean pools or pools that have been polluted with dirt, can break down the suit in a matter of months.

Let me hastily explain how dirt in a pool can ruin a white bathing suit. When a pool keeps collecting dirt, the dirt, in turn, will affect the water and its PH level, causing it to come in contact with the suit resulting in a change of colors. That’s just it.

3. Sunscreen Or Tanning

When stressing about the things that cause changes in a white bathing suit, sunscreen or tanning of skin can’t be ignored. While sun screening or tanning the skin isn’t a bad thing, studies have shown that such little things contribute to the changes found in a bathing suit.

And this could be worst if it is a white bathing suit. We all know how easily prone the white bathing suit is to stains. It becomes messier when the white bathing suit in question, highlights areas of the suit that have changes in them.

4. Oil

For those who love rubbing oil on their bodies to have glowing skin while in the sun, you are putting your white bathing suit at risk. If oil comes in contact with a white stain frequently, it’ll result in the suit having some yellowish colors from the application of the oil on the skin.

5. Sweat

Sweating in a white bathing suit can cause the white bathing suit to adopt a different look or color entirely. Not like it’s going to change in split seconds, but profuse sweat over a long time without washing the bathing suit quickly, can result in your white suit getting ruined.

6. Storage

How you store your white bathing suit matters a lot. If you store it in a place where there is dirt, dust, or rust, your white bathing suit will certainly be in a sorry state.

Moreover, white bathing suits shouldn’t be mixed with other suits. Get different storage or bags specifically for your white suit. If possible, clean the areas where your white suit is being stored and keep it clean always.

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How To Care For A White Bathing Suit

To care for and protect a white bathing suit from changing colors and to prevent future occurrences, kindly follow these;

1. Wash Bathing Suit Instantly

Do not wait for hours before hitting the sink with your white bathing suit, to have it washed. The more time it takes, the more the white bathing suit is getting soaked up in dirt and chlorine.

The moment you are out of the water, locate the nearest washroom, and run the suit under the tap water. By doing so, you have partially taken off more than half of the dirt and chlorine from the white bathing suit.

2. Wear Your White Bathing Suit Less

Some persons are fond of rocking their white bathing suit continuously to the pool or the beach. Constant usage of an item or wear can lead to it wearing down much quicker than expected.

Mix your bathing suits and have them rotated at different time intervals. Try not to repeat the white suit so often. It is more appropriate to have other colors of suits worn repeatedly, than the former. The white bathing suit has a higher chance of getting stained, unlike the rest of the units.

3. Avoid Or Minimize The Sunscreen, Oil, Or Tanning When Wearing A White Bathing Suit

If you can, avoid or minimize the use of sunscreen, oil, or tanning cream when you are on a white bathing suit. Since using these elements leads to stains on the bathing suit, it would be nice to avoid them for the sake of your white suit, or minimize them.

Whichever you choose to go for, let it be a way to protect your bathing suit from being ruined by any of these.

4. Storage

Another way to care for your white bathing suit is to store them properly. And how do you do that? By getting a swimming suit bags. Check these below;

Recommended Swimming Suit Bag for Storage

1. Bagail Set of 5 Mesh Laundry Bags

Set of 5 Mesh Laundry Bags-1 Extra Large, 2 Large & 2 Medium Bags Laundry,Blouse, Hosiery, Stocking, Underwear, Bra Lingerie, Travel Laundry Bag


The Bagail bag comes in 5 sets where you get to store as many swimsuits as possible. It is a quality bag with the highest form of durability.

2. Gogooda 7Pcs Mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates

Gogooda 7Pcs Mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates with Premium Zipper, Travel Storage Organize Bag, Clothing Washing Bags for Laundry, Blouse, Bra, Hosiery, Stocking, Underwear, Lingerie


The Gogooda bag doesn’t disappoint either. It comes in 7 sets. Such a bag is perfect for storing your white bathing suits and other suits.

Conclusion – How Do I Get My White Bathing Suit White Again

Getting your whites to become white again doesn’t require much. Kindly follow the methods and instructions needed to get your white suit whiter all day long. Stipulated alongside these methods and precautions, are links to purchasing some of the requirements for keeping the white bathing suit white again. Please, do well to go through the article.


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