How to Get Dye Out of White Bathing Suit (Easy Steps)

Bathing suits are essential when planning to visit the beach, pool, or water Park. The freedom they bestow on us is impeccable up to the point of flaunting our skin, body, and sexuality. That said, keeping bathing suits stain-free is almost next to impossible as you are bound to get stains on them quickly. It becomes even more pronounced if you have a white-colored bathing suit.

White bathing suits are exquisite when it comes to showing off positive body attributes and tanned skin. But, with white bathing suits, you became highly cautious of your use of tanning oils, sunscreens, hair dyes as well as other products capable of causing a stain. Regardless of the level of care you employ, accidental spills, splashes, and drips are bound to happen. To this effect, it’s essential to know how to get dye out of white bathing suits.

Dyes are stubborn stains that won’t come quickly from white bathing suits. This is because often, the suits are from synthetic materials that absorb chemicals easily and rapidly. And even with your best effort at ridding your suit of the dye stain instantly, chances are there would still be residual stains to tackle. Thankfully, there are several tricks you can employ to help rid your white suits of dye stains.

How to Get Dye Out of White Bathing Suit

No doubt, getting dye on your white swimwear can be disheartening, and your initial thoughts might be to discard the wear and get another. In other instances, you might even adopt a no white bathing suit policy and instead opt for darker colors. I can tell you; you don’t have to consider these two options.

When it comes to getting rid of dye stains, your first consideration should be the texture and fabric of the white swimwear. Always read the care instructions on the labels before attempting to use any methods. If you don’t, you may end up damaging your suit even further.

  • Soaking With Detergent such as Woolite
  • Using Ammonia and Dish Detergent
  • Using Salt Solution
  • Using Baking Soda
  • Using Color Run Remover such as Carbona

1. Soaking With Detergent

When wanting to remove dye stains from a white bathing suit, your first option is as simple as soaking with a mild detergent. The steps involved are straightforward:

  • Mix ample enzyme enriched detergent with warm water.
  • Soak your stained bathing suit in the solution for 30 minutes.
  • Wash gently with your hands or use a soft toothbrush to remove tough or dry dye stains.
  • Rinse with cold water and allow it to air dry.

2. Using Ammonia and Dish Detergent

Another easy yet reliable way to remove dye stain on your white suit is to use ammonia. Follow the steps below if you choose to use this method:

  • Mix water, ammonia, and dish detergent into a spray bottle to create a solution.
  • Next, spray your stained white bathing suit with the mixture until well saturated.
  • If the spill is on a large portion of the whole suit, then it’s best to soak for 20 minutes in the mixture.
  • Brush the bathing suit with a soft toothbrush if the stain is small.
  • Wash with hands if the dye is over a large area.
  • Regardless, be vigorous yet gentle over the stained areas.
  • Rinse the suit with water and air dry.

3. Using Salt Solution

Salt is another readily available DIY tough dye stain remover you can use to clean your white bathing suit. To use this DIY method, follow the below steps:

  • Once you notice the dye stain, it’s essential to rinse the spot with cold water immediately. If the stain is fresh, an appreciable quantity of the dye should flush out with this action.
  • Next up, mix an ample amount of salt in a small amount of water to create a thick salt and cold water paste.
  • Apply this paste to the stained area generously and leave to soak for about 10-20 minutes.
  • During this period, the dehydrating properties of salt will lift up the dye from the garment.
  • After the soaking period, use cold water to rinse the stain.
  • Then proceed to wash your white bathing suit with a mild detergent and allow it to air dry.

4. Using Baking Soda

This might not come as a surprise to you since baking soda is known for its cleaning prowess. And when it comes to removing dye stain on your white bathing suit, you can trust the go-to home cleaning agent to get the job done:

  • Dissolve a half cup of baking soda in two gallons of cold water.
  • Soak your stained bathing suit in the solution for up to 30 minutes.
  • While soaking, the baking soda will break down and dissipate the stain.
  • Remove and wash with mild detergent.
  • Rinse your bathing suit with cold water and let it air dry.

5. Color Run Remover

Carbona Color Run Remover, 2.6 Ounce (Pack of 2)


The Carbona Color Run Remover is another excellent product that can help you get dye out of the white bathing suit. It works well on both colorfast and white washable fabrics. To use, follow the steps below:

  • Start by mixing four gallons of warm water with one packet of the color run remover.
  • Ensure to dissolve the product to form a well-mixed solution completely. 
  • Soak your dye-stained white bathing suit into the mixture and stir occasionally.
  • Repeat the process until the complete removal of the dye stain.
  • Rinse your white bathing suit with warm water and allow it to air dry.

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How Can I Remove Yellow Chlorine Stain from White Bathing Suit

With white bathing suits, it becomes easy to get stained due to chemicals in pools. One of such stains is a result of chlorine and is easily noticeable by its distinguished yellow color.

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Thankfully, you can clean your suit with the proper care and get rid of the stains. To do this, you will need a bowl, foam or soft cloth, White Vinegar, and mild detergent. Follow the steps below:

1. Using Vinegar

  • Dab the foam or clean, soft cloth with white Vinegar.
  • Now apply the vinegar-soaked material or form onto the yellow stain on your white bathing suit.
  • Ensure to adequately douse the stain entirely with Vinegar, while taking care to ensure the Vinegar doesn’t spill over to unstained parts.
  • Leave the Vinegar in to allow for its acetic acid to dissolve the stain.
  • After this, fill a bowl with cold water to rinse the bathing suit.
  • Repeat the entire process until all stains are eliminated.
  • Proceed to wash the bathing suit in cold water using a mild detergent.
  • Rinse your white bathing suit with cold water and allow it to air dry.

2. Using Oxygen Bleach

Nellie's Oxygen Brightener Powder Tin, 2 Pound - Removes Tough Stains, Dirt and Grime


While it’s unadvisable to use bleach as a means of removing dye stains from white bathing suits, then, oxygen bleach can be used. For one, Oxygen bleach is a major component of most laundry detergents as a means of boosting the cleaning power of your regular detergent. To use this technique, follow the highlighted steps below:

  • Fill a bowl with cool water and add oxygen-based bleach such as OxiClean, Nellie’s All-Natural Oxygen Brightener, or OXO Brite.
  • Take care to read the instructions coming with the product you use, as each tends to have different directions for use.
  • Also, depending on the temperature of the water, it might take time for the bleach to dissolve. If the water is freezing, some bleach powder will not dissolve easily. To bypass this, mix the powder with a small quantity of hot water first.
  • Once you’ve achieved total dissolution, it’s time to soak your white bathing suit.
  • Leave in solution to soak for at least eight hours or more, preferably overnight.
  • Repeat the process with fresh oxygen bleach and water solution until every trace of the dye stain is removed.
  • Rinse with clean water and allow your suit to air dry.

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Can I Mix Baking Soda with Vinegar?

With numerous options on how to get dye out of a white bathing suit, you might be tempted to combine a number of processes. While this might be acceptable in some cases, in other instances, it can be dangerous, not just to your swimwear but to you as well.

While mixing baking soda and Vinegar might not present any immediate danger, the storage process can. Baking soda is basic, while Vinegar is acidic, so a mixture will produce mostly water and sodium acetate. But, Vinegar causes baking soda to foam up if stored in a closed container and can lead to a violent explosion.

Which Is Best for Removing Dye: Powdered or Liquid Oxygen Bleach

Both formulas work effectively, but your concern may come from shelf life. Exposure of powdered oxygen bleach to air due to use will only produce natural soda ass or borax after the release of oxygen. This gives it remarkable shelf life, unlike the liquid formula.

Liquid oxygen bleach formulas are a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide, H2O2. This allows for easy breakdown when exposed to light, leaving only water molecules behind. This puts its shelf life at around six months, even when unopened.


To reduce the possibility of yellow chlorine stain build-up on your white bathing suit, it is advisable to always rinse your white suit thoroughly with cold water immediately after taking it off from swimming in a chlorinated pool.

Conclusion – How to Get Dye Out of White Bathing Suit

Owing and wearing a white bathing suit can considerably boost your confidence in your body as well as your appearance. But with it comes the fear of it getting stained quickly. Dyes from other clothes or hair are often a significant source of concern, but with the above techniques, you are sure to be able to combat them effectively.

A caveat, however, is always to try to wash your stained bathing suit as soon as possible if you want to remove all the stains easily and in one wash.


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