14 Best Swimsuits for Rectangle Body Shape

Swimsuits are an integral part of our summer lives. They not only allow you to escape from the scorching heat of the summer months, but also allow you to flaunt your body, shape, and curves. Also, if you wish to maximize your time at the beach, pool, or water park, you can’t afford to leave out great swimwear. But there is more to buying and wearing these fantastic summer clothing. For one, you have to consider your body type, which will eventually determine your appearance in a swimsuit.

One such body type is the rectangle body. If you have this type of body shape, you have almost similar proportions from top to bottom, making your body look flat and straight. While many consider this body shape as the best, you might feel the need to tone and appear more like the models in popular television commercials. If you belong to this latter category, knowing how to define your shape and accentuate your curves in a swimsuit is undoubtedly an option to consider. Hence this piece is on the best swimsuits for rectangle body shape.

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Make no mistake; if your body type is rectangular, then you most likely have a balanced proportion. And this makes it easier to find swimwear styles that fit perfectly. All you need do is learn what works best and what to avoid entirely.

Overview of Best Swimsuits for Rectangle Body Shape

Swimsuit Type for Rectangular Body ShapeProduct NamePrice
Ruffled Tops Swimsuits1. Ruffle off Shoulder Swimsuit by Tempt Me

2. One Piece Lace Up Ruffled Swimsuits by Tempt Me
Check Price

Check Price
High Leg Cut Swimsuits3. CHRIS Women's Crisscross High Waist Cut Out One-piece

4. Sofsy One-piece High Cut Low Back Swimsuit
Check Price

Check Price
Embellishments at the Hips5. CUPSHE Women's Front Cross Lace Up Swimsuit

6. Tempt Me off Shoulder Top with Hipster Bottom
Check Price

Check Price
Cheeky Bikinis7. ZAFUL Women's V-Wired Striped Two-piece Strappy SwimsuitCheck Price
Scrunched Bikinis8. Swim Secret Combo Bikini Bottom by Smart & SexyCheck Price
Triangle and Balconette Bikinis9. SHEKINI Women's Tie Side Bottom Triangle Top BikiniCheck Price
V-Neck Swimsuits10. Holipick One-piece Plunge V Neck Strappy Cutout Swimwear

11. CUPSHE One-piece Ruffle Wrap Textured Swimwear
Check Price

Check Price
Cut Out Swimsuits with an Hourglass Appeal12. Lomitti Ruffle Laced Cutout One Piece Swimsuit

13. Tempt Me One-Piece Mesh Cutout Monokini Swimwear
Check Price

Check Price
Swimsuits with Floral or Strip Prints14. COCOS Retro One-piece SwimsuitCheck Price

About Rectangle Body Type

The rectangle body shape presents a straight outline in clear, simple terms. If you have a body with little to no difference between waist, hip, and bust measurements, your body type belongs to this class. With most rectangle body types, you can expect to see little waist definition, slim shoulders, not too prominent bust, butt, and hips similar to your shoulder width. 

The rectangle body has informal terms such as banana, slender, or ruler body shape. Thankfully, many swimsuits, by design, help enhance the appearance of your curves, which means there are many choices to pick. To ease the task on you, we’ve made a collection of the best swimsuits for this type of body to rock and feel confident.

Buyers Guide – Best Swimsuits for Rectangle Body Shape

Several factors are used in ranking and creating this list, and to make it on, swimwear must satisfy each criterion effortlessly. In like manner, these criteria should help serve as a guide to you when hunting for a swimsuit for your rectangle body:

1. Quality of Product

The composition of a swimsuit will ultimately determine its durability and, by extension, its lifespan. And since swimsuits are made with composite materials of nylon, Spandex, polyester, Lycra, or elastane. These combinations help provide for solid and long-lasting swimsuits.

2. Design

The rectangle body shape is straight with an almost identical width of the shoulder and the waist. To create the illusion of a curvy figure, a swimsuit must do well to reduce the prominence of this natural shape while effortlessly creating an illusion of proportional curves.

3. Pricing

Price is a significant determinant regarding the purchase of any swimwear. We’ve gone for a combination of inexpensive yet effective wears and a little on the high side. This mix should cater to your purchasing power, allowing you to rock some of the best swimsuits for your straight outline.

4. Availability

Every swimsuit mentioned in this piece is available for purchase on the Amazon platform. So asides from reading to educate yourself, you can easily buy by following the corresponding link provided. Also, many of these swimsuits come in different sizes, effectively removing any possible size restriction.

Best Swimsuits for Rectangle Body Shape

Remember that rectangle body type is straight with little to no curve. So, when shopping for swimwear, it is essential to go for swimsuits that enhance your bust. It should also create an illusion of wide hips, sculpts your figure, and enhances your curves:

1. Ruffled Tops

Conventional wisdom will tell you to go for swimsuits that add a bit of volume to your cleavage. This is true, but you can also consider swimwear tops with a ruffled design to help hide the flatness. This will, in turn, create a contrast that will enhance your bust and will make your waist appear slimmer. 

Ruffle off Shoulder Swimsuit by Tempt Me

Tempt Me Women White Two Piece High Waisted Bikini Set Swimsuit Tummy Control Bottoms Ruffle Off Shoulder Bathing Suits M


This two-piece swimsuit for women features a flounce off-shoulder bikini top with a ruffle sleeve to help you hide the straightness of your body while accentuating your waist with its high waist bottom. And with the Tempt Me brand, you can be sure of getting a suit made from premium quality material that is comfortable as well as durable. Better still, it comes in various sizes and colors.

One Piece Lace Up Ruffled Swimsuits by Tempt Me

Tempt Me Women Sexy One Piece Lace Army Green Ruffled Off Shoulder Swimsuit XL


Designed with an off-shoulder, ruffled, flounce approach, this one-piece swimwear is good at creating the illusion of perfectly contoured curves for your rectangle body. It comes with removable straps, cross lace-up, and a padded push-up bra to help further accentuate your bust, grabbing all the attention away from your straight outline.

2. High Leg Cut Swimsuits

Swimsuits with this design help accentuate your hip size by creating a distinction against your waist. With a high leg cut swimsuit, you expose more legs creating the illusion of long slender legs. Your hips will appear wider while your core becomes slimmer. Such camouflage makes appealing curves while hiding the straightness of your body.

CHRIS Women’s Crisscross High Waist Cut Out One-piece 

CHYRII Women Adjustable Straps Criss Cross Bathing Suit Bandage Back High Cut Cheeky One Piece Swimsuit Lavender M


The crisscross design means it quickly draws attention to your bust while keeping eyes away from your ruler’s body shape. Also, its adjustable strap means it can fit with your body regardless of your size. Couples with a high cut further enhance the appeal of your torso with a touch of wide hips.

Sofsy One-piece High Cut Low Back Swimsuit

sofsy Stone Grey Black One Piece Swimsuit for Women Bathing Suit High Cut Low Back Sexy Swimwear Retro Backless 80s 90s Size Petite 0-2 Extra X-Small


This swimsuit from Sofsy comes designed with a retro-inspired, sexy high-cut style, making it easy to accentuate your legs, creating a stunning wider hip than natural. It makes for a perfect fit for rectangle body type as it also relies on a deep V-neck style to improve bust and upper body curves.

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3. Embellishments at the Hips

Swimsuits, whether one-piece or two-piece, that include some form of embellishments at the hips can further help you add a stunning curve to your otherwise straight body. It can help accentuate your hips, thereby creating an illusion of impressive width. The embellishment can be in the form of strings, lace, gathering, trimming, or shirring.

CUPSHE Women’s Front Cross Lace Up Swimsuit

CUPSHE Women's Peach and Purple Floral Front Cross Lace Up Bikinis, Large


When searching for the perfect swimwear for your rectangle body type, look no further than this two-piece from CUPSHE. It features a cross-tank top to conceal your straight shoulders with extra support for heavy-chested ladies. The bottom also has bold feminine floral prints that are attention grabbers with its excess lace to further create a curved shape.

Tempt Me off Shoulder Top with Hipster Bottom

Tempt Me Blue Floral Print Ruffle Bikini Off The Shoulder Two Piece Swimsuits for Women M


It comes with a low-rise triangle bottom and adjustable side strap, which serves as extra embellishment for creating a maximum curvy illusion. The top half has a ruffled off-shoulder design to help conceal the fact that your shoulder and waist are of nearly equal length.

4. Cheeky Bikinis

You probably might be wondering when bikinis would make a list; wonder no more. If you have a rectangle body type, you most likely have a flat to average butt size, which adds little or no curve. To counter this, you can go for thongs or Brazilian bikinis. The trick is to expose more booty cheek to help define your booty looks. Thankfully they come in different booty coverage should you not want to reveal too much.

ZAFUL Women’s V-Wired Striped Two-piece Strappy Swimsuit

ZAFUL Women's V-Wired Striped Reversible Two Piece Bikini Set Strappy Swimsuit (Yellow, S)


This ZAFUL two-piece features a dipped V wired bralette at the front and a lace-up tie back with matching bottoms having a low-rise fit. Its strip line print also ensures that you can rely on it to create an appealing curve for your rectangle body. Also, if you aren’t keen on showing much skin, both the top and bottom provide ample coverage.

5. Scrunched Bikinis

Alternatively, you can go for Scrunched swimsuits if you have booty fats. Designs like this will hide the fat while toning and defining your entire shape.

Swim Secret Combo Bikini Bottom by Smart & Sexy

Smart & Sexy Women's Standard Swim Secret Ruffled and Ruched Back Bikini Bottom, Fuchia Sizzle, L


This piece is available in different colors and sizes for you if you have a rectangle body shape with much fat around your butt cheeks. You benefit from both its ruffled and ruched combination to create a thinner waist than usual.

6. Triangle and Balconette Bikinis

Angular and straight bandeau tops are not your best fits in terms of swimsuits since they further scream at the straightness of your body. You should consider opposite shape bikinis like triangles and balconettes for a curvier appeal.

SHEKINI Women’s Tie Side Bottom Triangle Top Bikini

SHEKINI Women's Tie Side Bottom Push up Padded Top Triangle Bikini Bathing Suit (Large, Purple)


Made from quality composite material and lining, this sliding triangle bikini top features an adjustable tie at the neck and back to help support and accentuate your bust. The bottom half uses a ruched design to provide ample cover and the illusion of fuller butt and side tie embellishment to distract the eye further.

7. V-Neck Swimsuits

The whole aim of creating curves is to pull attention away from the straightness of your rectangle body. No other swimsuit design does it better than the V-neck-shaped one and this puts it on our list of best swimsuits for rectangle body shape. This design accentuates your bust, an incredible illusion for focusing onlookers’ attention. More so, you can decide to go for a deep plunge to conceal your straight outline further.

Holipick One-piece Plunge V Neck Strappy Cutout Swimwear

Holipick Women Black Sexy One Piece Swimsuits Plunge V Neck Bathing Suits Lace up Monokini Strappy Cutout Swimwear M


This deep v neck swimsuit has a close-up lace design to assist you in flaunting your bust. It also features sexy strappy lace-up openings on each side’s helping to create guide curve lines in the eyes of onlookers. The high-cut legs make for an elongated torso which further improves your overall appearance and appeal.

CUPSHE One-piece Ruffle Wrap Textured Swimwear

CUPSHE Women's One Piece Swimsuit Ruffle Wrap Textured Beach Swimwear Bathing Suits Green, S


Alternatively, it’s possible to combine the awesomeness of the V-neck with a diagonal ruffled design for more feminine appeal. The ruffled wrap V-neck swimsuit from CUPSHE exemplifies this with its double ruffle running side to side around the deep plunge V-neck to push attention towards your bust and away from your ruler-shaped body.

8. Cut Out Swimsuits with an Hourglass Appeal

Again, you can rely on cutout swimsuits with an hourglass appeal to create the right curve proportion for your rectangle body. It can help you add a slim waist illusion that you want to be aiming for. Cutout swimsuits can be combined with other designs to further accentuate your feminine attributes.

Lomitti Ruffle Laced Cutout One Piece Swimsuit

Lomitti Women's Halter Cutout One Piece Bathing Suit Strappy Ruffle Sexy Monokini Swimsuit (S, Blue)


Made with a bold style featuring impressive cutout sides that enhance your waist’s curve by mimicking an hourglass appeal. This suit has ample coverage in case you wish to be conservative. You can trust the material as it is made from composite nylon and Spandex.

Tempt Me One-Piece Mesh Cutout Monokini Swimwear

Tempt Me Women One Piece Mesh Swimsuit Blue High Neck Cutout Monokini S


You can rely on this high neck style with halter straps, deep plunge mesh patchwork, hook closure at center back, and strap at waist. All of these combinations can help you accentuate your bust and create a curvy waist appearance powerful enough to draw attention away from your rectangle shape.

9. Swimsuits with Floral or Strip Prints 

You can balance the attention from onlookers with a swimsuit featuring floral prints or bright colors such as neon. Keep in mind that your rectangle body tends to appear boyish and athletic. To add some feminine appeal, swimsuits with prints like floral can be helpful.

COCOS Retro One-piece Swimsuit

COCOSHIP Black & White Striped Fashion One Piece V-Neck Swimsuit Bather High Waisted Criss Cross Swimwear Monokini L(US8)


This swimsuit remains one of the most popular suits available in the market. Its versatility in solving a lot of unwanted appearance flaws. They are excellent at masking big bellies, belly pooch, scars, and straight body types. Its cross halter style supports the bust and creates curves with its prints.

Conclusion – Best Swimsuits for Rectangle Body Shape

Picking the right swimwear for your rectangle body could be the difference in your exuding confidence while at the beach or simply recoiling into your shell. Indeed, you want to avoid square, boxy necklines, thick waistbands, and boy shorts, as these further speak to your straight body type. Instead, opt for swimsuits that quickly add curves without doing much. Thanalfully, you can leverage this list on best swimsuits for rectangle body shape to your advantage.



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