Magicsuits Swimwear Reviews – Are They Good Quality?

Magicsuits, quite like Miraclesuits, perform what can aptly be referred to simply as magic because of the instant impacts they have on us upon wearing them. They are capable of making us look younger, taller, lighter and smarter or even help to accentuate certain body parts while at the same time concealing others.

For short, they make onlookers see only what they are wanted to see or even how they see it. Magicsuits, however, are very different from Miraclesuits functionally speaking. In other words, Magicsuits have hidden pockets or pouches within their fabric for concealment which Miraclesuits do not have.

These secret pockets are so crafted and hidden that you actually do not see them even when they are filled up; they are secret hiding places. Aside from this and maybe their fabric contents, magic and miracle suits have more in common than differences. (To learn more about Miraclesuits, Here’s a complete Miraclesuit Review for you)

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of Magicsuit Swimwears With Detailed Reviews

Product NamePrice
Magicsuit Women's V-Neckline Laser Cut One Piece Swimsuit with Adjustable StrapsCheck Price
Magicsuit Women's Magic Solids Alex Tankini TopCheck Price
Magicsuit Women's Swimwear Solid Julia High Neck Tankini TopCheck Price

Magicsuit Swimwears – Buyers’ Guide

1. Durable

Reputable swimsuits for women are produced from fabrics that stand the test of time by being extraordinarily durable. Their durability is due to the combination of equally very tough substances like Nylon and Spandex. They are able to last for long periods without much depreciation in their strength and beauty.

2. Guarantees

Good fabrics are covered by friendly terms in their guarantees. In most cases where an item is found to be defective (due to production errors) or where the buyers no longer want the item bought, they are at liberty to return same and demand for a full refund of the money paid, provided the cloth is unwashed, unused and the packaging with supply tags are intact.

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3. Materials

The materials used in their production should not be easily deformed and disfigured or become frayed and weakened easily. The ratios taken in creating the mixtures have been scientifically proven to be most reliable to guard against premature ageing and tears.

4. Colours

They come in various exotic and top quality colours that last with their original brilliance and splendour. Regardless, however, care must be taken to ensure that chlorine bleach is not used and neither are they ironed or tumble dried. All these precautions tend to increase their life spans.

5. Support

Embedded in their fabrics are structures like the underwire bra and the adjustable straps that give support to sagging busts and also allow for necessary adjustments to make the suit fit you well.

6. Linings/Pads

Good Magicsuits are equipped with soft linings and pads that may be invaluable in dispelling bulging tummies or smoothening abnormal and repulsive fatty deposits to make you have the best shape possible.

7. Light/Portable

They come light (for easy handling or washing), portable (for ease of storage in boxes and wardrobes) and beautiful, to make them perfect gift items in the expression of love.

8. Designs

Leg cuts that are meant to provide more attraction (or appeal) and make movements easy are designed to perfection. These suits are more renowned for their peculiar leg cuts than most other features. They also have shirred designs that provide more support in composure and equally pull up slipping busts.

These eventually give what is referred to as the delectable ‘hourglass figure’ or ‘the Coca Cola look’. All Magicsuits that are worthy of the name come with the qualities explained in this post and to make matters simple enough, they are all available at Amazon.

Magicsuits Swimwear Reviews

1. Magicsuit Women’s Swimwear Scuba Sutton V-Neckline Laser Cut One Piece Swimsuit with Adjustable Straps

Check Price On Amazon

These Magicsuits have a Sweetheart V-Neckline that makes the busts more beautiful and appealing without actually revealing much to wandering eyes. Their fabric is made up of an admixture of 72 per cent Nylon and 28 per cent Spandex. This proven combination confers on the garment durability much more than most competing brands on the market. Interestingly, their Magitex fabric provides all-over slimming control that instantly flatters every curve of your figure.

The V-neckline in this garment accentuates the conformation of flabby busts thereby giving them more appeal. To further complete the picture, there are adjustable straps to give that perfect fit for your figure by just tugging at them when setting. This particular swimsuit is equipped with flattering princess seams that elongate the body thereby making you appear taller, thinner and smarter than you really are.

Additionally, it is provided with a full coverage bottom that helps to improve and sculpt your rearview with a shaping that slims and smoothen your derriere. The various pieces joined in tailoring during its production fit excellently because they are laser cut and designed. This innovative procedure makes for total perfection in sewing and elegance.

For maximum benefits in slimming and comfort from the product, it is recommended that you order for your usual size. However, the choices of size should be based on your fit preference or if you prefer a less snug fit. After each use, or whenever you wish to wash the garment, you may either hand or machine wash with any popular detergent or washing soap. Be sure, however, not to apply chlorine bleach, iron or tumble dry, lest you reduce its life span.

The suit perfectly fits into any space for storage because it is portable while its beauty makes it an ideal gift item. It is good to know that in extreme heat, the suit allows for cooling aeration to lessen the burden. It is available at Amazon at affordable prices.

2. Magicsuit Women’s Magic Solids Alex Tankini Top

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This suit is also produced from some of the most refined materials available without the fear of the loss of desirable qualities; Nylon and Lycra Spandex in different ratios. By this, their durability and satisfaction are not in any doubt whatsoever. It will do well to please note that the bottoms of this suit are sold separately.

Support, which is the paramount function of Magicsuits is assured since this suit is equipped with an underwire bra and adjustable shoulder straps. They give assistance to composure and pendulous busts. Provided the item is unwashed, unused and the tags with the packaging are available, you can always return any defective or unwanted purchases for a full refund.

Their colours are so carefully chosen that you need not bother about fading except where you are complicit in disregarding the supplier’s advice by using chlorine bleach. Similarly, do not tumble dry or iron, if you wish to have it around for long. It can be stored conveniently because of its attractive size and can be worn for long without any complaint because of its lightness.

To wash after use, you may machine or hand wash, but adhere strictly to the supplier’s advice on bleaching, ironing and tumble drying.

3. Magicsuit Women’s Swimwear Solid Julia High Neck Tankini Top with Underwire Bra and Adjustable Strap

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Durability is ensured in the use of extremely tough fabrics like Microfibre, Polyester and Spandex. This unrivalled mixture guarantees durability without any possible loss of quality. The underwire bra gives necessary support where such is need to improve busts appeal. A high neckline ensures more attractive busts which does not reveal your intimate parts while doing so.

Adjustable straps that allow you to customise the dress in seconds, add to its fitness and support for a perfect entrance in any occasion. The garment comes with a full straight back that gives additional support and makes you stand much more erect than you would ordinarily. Be sure to either machine or hand wash, but do not use chlorine bleach, iron or tumble dry, if you wish for a long life span.

Where the item is no longer desired, a full refund can be claimed from the supplier on the presentation of the article with the supply tags and packaging intact, provided the article has neither been washed nor used. That’s what I call a guarantee.

The product is available in all colours, to cater for everyone’s needs, and what’s more, these colours do not fade in brilliance because of their quality except with the use of chlorine bleach while washing. Cleverly concealed or supports bulging tummies and other not too desirable deposits, thereby making you appear leaner, taller, smarter and more athletic. They also make you look much younger in just seconds! How much more magical can anything be, I am tempted to ask, at this point?

4. Magicsuit Women’s Yasmin

Check Price On Amazon

The mixture of resilient fabrics in Nylon and Spandex used in its production guarantees absolute durability without any loss of glamour. This is more like ageing with grace. Their colours are of such quality that one needs not to fear the possibility of bleaching with time except where instructions are not obeyed. Defective or rejected products can be returned for a full refund, provided certain expedient rules are not flouted.

The combination of Nylon and Lycra Spandex (in this suit) is not only tough but also stain-resistant. Washing is thus simplified whether manually or with a machine, but please avoid chlorine bleach. Linings and soft panels, buried in the fabric, dispel with bulging or flabby tummies as well as make you a shade lighter, younger and more athletic.

It is easy to wash with either a washing machine or manually using ordinary soap or detergent, but please do not use chlorine bleach to protect its life span. Accompanying the suit is a soft cup bra that helps busts with plasticity loss and the penchant to sag.

Fitness issues may arise where the customer is either tall or moderate in height, however, with the provision of adjustable shoulder straps, one can in a matter of seconds, customise the suit for a perfect fit and elegant entrance.

5. Magicsuit Women’s Swimwear Plus Solid Alex Underwire Bra Removable Cup Tankini Top with Adjustable Straps

Check Price On Amazon

The mixture of fabrics in the materials of this suit are tough, resilient and able to withstand stress without deformation of any kind. Therefore, that the suit is very durable, is all thanks to this strong mixture of Nylon and Lycra Spandex. This swimsuit is reputed to give you the magic of a comfortable and contemporary look that instantly flatters every curve of your figure. Its design is intended to do just that.

The v-neckline with the underwire bra and removable soft cups accentuate your bustline in a way that by highlighting your best features and downplaying the rest. The wrap design is, simply put, so flattering in your waistline. There’s also an adjustable side tie that lets you customize the fit to your unique shape in a way that others can’t fail to notice you anytime. The bottom of this swimsuit is however sold separately.

To derive maximum benefit and memorable experience, you’re advised to buy a swimsuit that best fits your size. That way you are assured of a comfortable slimming fit. After use, you are recommended to wash the garment in ordinary clean water without bleach for a long life span. In addition, do not tumble dry or iron. Simply lay flat to dry and you are good to go again.

In cases of any complaints or loss of interest in the item, you can claim a complete refund of the money spent by simply returning the item in exactly the conditions it was given to you with all the accompanying accessories intact. This is certainly a guarantee like no other. The swimsuit comes in top of the line quality colours that do not fade with washing or handling except where there is a refusal to adhere to the manufacturer’s advice.

The leg cuts are professionally done to accord ease of manoeuvres around obstacles, as well as elicit profound admiration from those you mingle with. From start to finish, your comfort and satisfaction are held sacrosanct in the design, comfort and colouring of this swimsuit. It is assuredly a must-have for all ladies that care to out-dress others on any occasion.

The garment is quite portable that it can be taken along on any journey without fear of any burden by simply tucking it nicely in travel bags due to its unique size. For their beauty and aesthetics, they come in quite handy as gift items to loved ones and family members as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Colour Swimsuit Is Most Flattering?

This is a question whose answer can only be given based on individual preferences and variant choices. However, it is worthy of note that the suit comes in all manner of colours including colour combinations. The colours are equally reputed to be among the best one can wish for, therefore, since virtually all options are on the table, you can always pick that which best suits you. Colour choice is yours to make and all colours are before you.

What Colour Of Swimsuit Makes You Look Skinny?

Making one look skinny is not a function of colour but the designs and accessories that come with the swimsuit. In a nutshell, choose any swimsuit with all the attachments required to address size issues and you are okay. The availability of the colour(s) of your choice is an added bonus.

Should You Buy A Swimsuit A Size Bigger?

Why should you? This is especially un-necessary since all sizes are available for you to choose that which fits you best. Moreover, even after purchase, you are at liberty to still use the provisions in its design like the adjustable straps, the underwire bra or side belt to attend to every possible fitness issues for your convenience; simply buy your actual size and you’re good for it.

Magicsuits Swimwear Reviews – Conclusion

The Magicsuit is provided, in all candour, with all the paraphernalia to solve various sundry issues pertaining to size, height, confidence and beauty that you will never regret having one handy. Chances are, you may be tempted to own as many as you can afford because of the rare satisfaction you are sure to get from them. As the popular adage claims, the taste of the pudding is really in the eating. Why don’t you take us up on this claim? It is a decision you are never likely to regret making. Amazon has them all in armful stock.


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