Best Long Swim Skirts for Small and Plus Size

There are various styles of swimsuits and a skirt is not an exception in the collection. Swim skirts provide more covering than typical swimsuit bottoms and are a terrific alternative to wear to the pool or beach.

They are a fun, flirtatious piece of swimwear that covers your lower half a little more than standard swim bottoms. Swim skirts are generally feminine and comfy, but depending on how they are worn, they can range from long and airy to short and tight.

History of Long Swim Skirt

Long swim skirts are no longer a popular swim outfit of recent times but they were the standard beach outfits in the 20th century. These skirts were made from daily outfits and were sold as swim outfits to women. During those times, long swim skirts were the dress code on the beach and it was heavily enforced.

It didn’t matter then that this swim skirt was not safe to swim. This is because it is made of the wrong material and there is too much fabric that tangles the feet of the swimmer, making it impractical to swim in. The swim skirt is still worn to date although there are varying lengths and styles now.

Best Swim Skirts for Small and Plus Size

1. Micosuza Long Swim Skirt with Attached Leggings

Micosuza Long Swim Skirt with Attached Leggings Modest Sun Protection Sports Skirt for Women Black CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

This is a soft and comfortable swim skirt that is lightweight both in and out of water. It has sun protection of UPF 50+ against UVB/UVA. It is made from nylon and spandex with quick-drying properties.

The skirt is breathable, allowing air to pass through its fibers. It has a slim-fitting design that offers maximum comfort, and coverage for the imperfections of your body and also flatters your curves. It goes well with any of your fashionable tankini swim tops or sports crop tops.

This skirt has leggings attached to it underneath which provides excellent covering both in and out of the water. We keep you stylishly covered in a variety of hues. It’s suitable for all seasons and events.

2. Cakulo Women’s Knee Length Swim Skirt

Cakulo Women's 20" Knee Length Modest Skort Skirts Plus Size High Waist Comfy Athletic Active Long Swim Golf Tennis Casual Skirt with Pockets Grey XL CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

The Cakulo’s skirts are made of a soft, quick-drying, and stretchy fabric that is very comfortable. It is an athletic skirt for women that is suitable for different sports activities. It has built-in mesh shorts that are supportive and breathable which prevents exposure during sports. It has a side drawstring for adjusting the skirt to your desired length. This gives you the opportunity to wear a ruched style or a straight skirt.

This skirt has two slash pockets large enough to hold onto your belongings. These knee-length skirts are designed with creative tailoring to flatter your curves.

3. MAXE Women’s Athletic Swim Skirts with Briefs High Waisted

MAXE Women's Swim Skirt Shorts Bottoms High Waisted Athletic Skirt Sun Protection Skirted Skorts UPF 50+ Black CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

This is a high waist swim skirt that has slim fitting tummy control design. It is made from a high-quality quality material of 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex.  The material dries quickly and has moisture-wicking properties for comfortable wear.  It has sun protection of UPF 50+ against sun rays. There is a Capri length legging attached to the skirt for maximum coverage and range of movement.

It enhances the body’s natural shapes. The fabric is light and stretchy with a smooth texture, making it ideal for swimming, running, and other forms of exercise.

4. Tempt Me Women High Waisted Swim Skirt

Tempt Me Women Black High Waisted Swim Skirt Long Skirted Swimsuit Bottom Athletic Bathing Suit Skirt with Panty XS CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

This is an A-line women’s swim skirt that has a flowy hem with tiny ruffles. The elastic high  waist band design gives the stomach a slim effect and a flattering look. The tummy control is provided by the high waist design, which is long enough to cover the belly button.

It has an in-built triangle brief with a front lining that is breathable and comfortable. The skirt is long enough to hit just a little above the knee which is ideal for modest covering.

It is made from high-quality fabrics that dry quickly and do not absorb moisture easily.

5. Firpearl Women’s Swim Skirt Athletic High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

Firpearl Women's Long Swim Skirt High Waisted Athletic Swimwear Bikini Bottom US 12 Boyshorts Black CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This is an A-line tankini bottom skirt that has a flowy hem with lots of coverage on the hips and thighs (no-sew hem). It has a high waist swim skirt with a cover on the belly button with an elastic waistband for elongated style and comfortable wear.

The outer skirt has enough layers to cover the mid-thigh just above the knee.  This long swim skirt is ideal for those who like modest coverage and is flattering on most body shapes. There are built-in safety boyshorts which makes them ideal for water activities.

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It has UPF 50+ that is ideal for sun protection. This sporty skirt can be worn with bikinis, tankinis, and sports crop tops.

6. Akaeys Women’s Modest Extra Long Swim Skirt with Capris Leggings Active Skirted Swimwear

Akaeys Women's Modest Extra Long Swim Skirt with Capris Leggings Active Skirted Swimwear Black CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

This is an extra-long swim skirt that stops below the knee. It provides maximum coverage and good flexibility when swimming. It offers protection from harmful sun rays.

It is made from high-quality material of 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex. This fabric dries quickly which does weigh you down, making it lightweight and allowing for a full range of motion. The fabric is lightweight and stretchy with a soft texture, suitable for swimming, running, exercise, or just as a cover-up

This extra long swim skirt has built-in leggings providing more coverage, flexibility, and protection from the harmful sun rays. It comes in different classic solid colors which are easy to be paired with any of your rash guard, tankini top or crop sports top.

7. Coastal rose Women’s Long Swim Skirt

coastal rose Women's Skirted Bikini Bottom Swimsuit Swim Skort High Waisted Swim Skirt US14 Black CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

This swimsuit is made from a soft fabric with an elastic wide waistband to give a comfortable fit.  It has a flowing line hem that is gorgeous, with a solid navy color that makes you look fair and elegant. It offers UV protection of 50+.

This High Waisted Swim Skirt has a modest length and may cover the upper thigh, with a brief and full lining.  It is designed in a simple style that can match any bikini top or tankini top long swim skirt. It is ideal for both pool and beach activities. It should be hand washed cold and dried flat.

8. Hilor Women’s High Waisted Swim Skirt Bottoms

Hilor Women's High Waisted Swim Bottom Athletic Swimsuits Tankini Skirts with Panty Black 22 CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

This swim skirt has an A-line design with modest ruffle trim that offers belly control. It has a flowy fit with an outer long layer and built-in bikini brief that makes it look sporty.  The broad elastic waistband provides a more comfortable fit. The outer skirt layer is long enough to fall mid-thigh.

It is made from a soft fabric that is friendly to the skin. It has moisture-wicking properties and dries quickly. The skirt is lightweight when wet and dry. It has a UPF rating of 50+, making it great for sun protection. This sporty skirt will look great with a bikini, tankini, or sports crop top.

9. ANIVIVO Women Long Knee Length Skirt with Capris Leggings

ANIVIVO Women Long Knee Length Skirt with Capris Leggings,Skirted Leegings with High Waisted Zipper Pockets(Black,S) CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

This long swimming skirt has Capri leggings underneath offering maximum coverage. It is made of high-quality fabrics that have moisture-wicking properties, dries quickly, and is lightweight. It is made from 85% polyester and 15% spandex that is skin-friendly and offers protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

It has an A-line variant that is slimmer and highlights the figure. Its high waist and wide waistband styles provide stomach support and full coverage. The Capri leggings underneath offer extra flexibility and more coverage. These skirt leggings have two zipper pockets that are deep enough to fit your phone and other valuables.

10. Mycoco Women’s Long Swim Skirt UV 50+ High Waist Swim Bottom

Mycoco Women's Swim Bottom UV 50+ High Waist Swim Skirt Multi-Purpose Athletic Sports Tankini Bottom Black 14 CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

This high waist swim skirt helps to conceal your tummy giving you a flattering look. It has a built-in lined triangle brief that is long enough to cover the thigh, making it a modest swimwear.

It is lightweight making it perfect for any fitness activity. It is multi-purposed as it is the ideal swim skirt or a usual sport skirt. The skirt has UPF 50+ that protects your skin during outdoor activity by blocking harmful Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays (UVA and UVB)

11. Yogiplace Women’s 4 Pockets UV protection Swim Skirt

Yogipace Women's 4 Pockets UV Protection 20" Modest Knee Length Skirt Athletic Running Golf Tennis Skort Zippered Pockets, Navy Blue, Size XS CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This is a paneled, modest swim skirt that has snaps in the legs that can be shaped to create a baggy pant look. It is skirted swim pants that are perfect for the beach or for activewear.

The Xtra Life skirt is made of a Lycra and Nylon blend that allows for a full range of motion. Due to the swimsuit skirt fabric, it stretches in the water, returns to its original shape, and dries quickly. Choose a size that fits your waist perfectly.  It has two front pockets and two zipped pockets at the backs for keeping your valuables

Its extra length makes it a modest swim skirt that offers added coverage and flexibility, with built-in swim leggings. It is ideal for the beach, pool, hikes, biking, and other outdoor activities. It offers sun protection with UPF 50+. You can stay outside for about an hour without any worries about sun damage.

12. Fespee Women’s 20″ Knee Length Skirts

Fespee Women's 20" Knee Length Skorts Skirts Tennis Golf Skirt for Women Casual Athletic Sports Long Skirts with 5 Pockets Navy CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

This is a women’s swim skirt that has two layers, an outer skirt, and shorts inner. The built-in inner shorts is 7″  that provide you with extra coverage and enhance the range of motion.  The skirt is a 20″ knee-length swimsuit that is perfect for women who don’t want to show all their legs. It is not seen even after swimming in water.

It has five pockets in these skirts for women to keep different things. There are two deep side pockets in skirts convenient for storing your essentials, with two hidden pockets in the inner shorts for your ball and your phone during sports. There’s a back zipper security pocket for your keys, coins, cards, and other necessities.

The Women’s Swim Skirts with shorts are elastic and comfortable to wear, which can hide stomach bulge and stay in place, not roll down when you engage in activities. It provides a comfortable natural fit with plenty of coverage while bending and stretching.

This skirt is made of high-quality materials of polyester and spandex. The fabric is lightweight, breathable, four-way stretch, sweat-wicking that pulls moisture away from the body so water can dry quickly. It has a UPF 50+ which helps to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

How to Choose the Right Swimwear With a Longer Skirt

1. Material

The skirt of the swimsuit should be made from a material that is suitable for swimming. It should be lightweight on the body. And also stretchy enough to provide you with comfort and freedom of movement. Materials like nylon and spandex should be fabrics you should search for when looking for a swim skirt. Materials like cotton and wool will become heavy when it becomes wet.

2. Length

A swim skirt’s purpose is to provide bottom coverage. A longer skirt will cover the thighs and if you plan to swim, the extra fabric will make it harder to wade through the water. Make sure that the length is not too much to prevent wearing a large amount of fabric.

3. Stretchy

Your swimming skirt should be stretchy. It should be made of fabric that can stretch easily to accommodate your body but still keep its form, and recover on its cross and longitudinal grain for optimal range of motion.

4. Briefs

Swim skirts have two functions which are to provide coverage and also for water activities. But a longer swimsuit might not provide you with that coverage once you get inside water. The skirt floats up revealing your bottoms and thighs underwater which is the opposite of its job. To avoid that, choose a swim skirt that has briefs or leggings attached to it. You get maximum coverage this way and don’t have to be bothered about being suddenly exposed.

5. Quick-drying

Your swim skirts should have quick-drying properties. There are more fabrics on your body and if it does not dry quickly, it will be quite comfortable. The longer it takes for a swim skirt to dry, the more chafing and discomfort you may experience. The skirt should have been air-dried for around 10 minutes after coming out of the pool. It’s a pain to go around in damp, soaking pants. Wet skirts are harmful to your lady parts because moisture and germs can become trapped within, causing health problems.

6. Fit

Choose swim skirts that suit your body type. Choose your ideal size. Swim skirts that are excessively tight cause discomfort and may cause allergic responses. It needs to be breathable. It should not be too loose on your body, since this will make you seem unsightly. It should be comfortable and conform to your body’s shape. Get high waist skirts if you need skirts that will offer you tummy control.

7. UVA/UVB protection

UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) protection should be included in swim leggings. Choose a swim skirt that offers 50+ UPF sun protection. When you’re outside, it should protect your skin from sun damage.

8. Durable and high-quality swim skirts

Make sure the swimsuit skirts you choose are made from high-quality materials that will last a long time. It should not break apart easily after a few swims. Examine the seams to see whether they are well-made and won’t readily wear off. It needs to be stretchy, water-resistant, quick-drying and has UV protection.

9. Price

Make sure you keep inside your financial constraints. Get the best deal for the money you have. You are not receiving the best of the best just because the swim skirts are on the high side. Knowing what attributes a swimsuit should have can assist you in selecting the greatest swim skirts.

10. Resistant to Chlorine

When shopping for swimsuit skirts, ensure that they won’t be destroyed by the pool’s chlorine. Do not pick skirts that are made with synthetic materials that do not react well with chlorine. It makes the skirts get discolored, fade over time, and finally destroy the fibers of the skirt. Choose swim skirts that are made of microfibre polyester (PBT), which is chlorine, strong sunlight, and pressure resistant. This helps to retain the skirt’s fantastic features.

11. Resistant to water

Choose a water-resistant and water-friendly swimsuit skirt. Even when wet, the skirt should not absorb water and remain lightweight. When it gets wet, it should not be transparent. If coverage is your reason for wearing a long swim skirt then its purpose has been defeated.

Conclusion – Long Swim Skirts for Small and Pluz Size

Long swimsuit skirts offer maximum coverage which helps to conceal imperfections on your body. It has a variety of intriguing features, which is divisive for swimming and the sporting world.

Look through for a guide to finding the perfect full-body swimsuit, as well as reviews of some of the greatest swimsuit goods so you can make an informed decision.


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