Best Women’s Swim Leggings

Leggings are not just a piece of clothing that is used for making a fashion statement. It is very comfortable that it can be worn for different vigorous activities like swimming. The swim leggings are a bathing suit bottom that looks like regular leggings but is made specifically for swimming. Normal leggings should not be worn for any water activities.

They are made from the same kind of materials as swimming suits.

The main difference between regular leggings and swimming leggings is that the latter is suitable for swimming unlike the former. Swim leggings can still be worn for other non-water activities like yoga, gym exercises, and many more. This article will discuss the best women’s swim leggings.

Our Top Picks for Best Women’s Swim Leggings

Best Women's Swim Leggings (Top Picks)Price
1. ATTRACO Women High waisted  Swimming LeggingsCheck Price
2. Scodi Women's Surfing LeggingsCheck Price
3. Ubestyle UPF 50+ High Waist Women's Swimming Leggings with Sun ProtectiveCheck Price
4. Platinum Sun Women's Workout Pattern Swim LeggingsCheck Price
5. Swim Pants for Women UPF 50+ Women High Waisted leggings with Sun ProtectiveCheck Price

Buying Guide for Best Women’s Swim Leggings

1. Fabric

When choosing leggings for swimming, pick the one made from the right fabric that can withstand the rigors of swimming. Leggings that are not made for swimming will absorb water, and become heavy and uncomfortable.

With such discomfort and weight, they increase drag and effectively slow you down. If you wear these leggings for long when wet, they can become itchy and irritating. Leggings made from cotton and wool should never be worn to the pool or beach. Use leggings that are made from either polyester, nylon, or spandex. Always check the label of the leggings to confirm its fabric.

2. Chlorine Resistant

When choosing swim leggings make sure they will not be damaged by the chlorine in the pool. Synthetic materials in your leggings do not react well with chlorine, it will be discolored, faded, and eventually damage the should fibers of the leggings over time. Choose swim leggings that are made with microfiber polyester (PBT) as they are very resistant to chlorine, strong sunlight, and pressure and do not lose their amazing properties.

3. Water resistant

Pick a swim legging that is water-resistant and water friendly. The leggings should not absorb water and should be lightweight even when wet. Also, take care to go for swim leggings that don’t become see through when wet which defeats the purpose of wearing leggings if you are trying to cover up the legs.

4. Length

Swim leggings have different lengths that you can choose from. There are the extra short leggings like booty shorts and the long ones that reach down to ankle length. You have the choice of choosing a length based on your preference.

5. Sun protection

Swim leggings should have UPF protection which is short form of saying Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Pick a swim legging that has sun protection of about 50+ UPF. It should protect your skin against sun damage whenever you are outdoors.

6. Quick Drying

The swim leggings of your choice should have quick-drying features. The longer it takes for swim leggings to dry, the higher the chances of it causing chaffing and getting uncomfortable. After getting out of the pool, the leggings should have been air-dried for about 10 minutes.

Wearing soggy and dripping leggings all over is messy. Wet leggings are bad for the lady bits as moisture and bacteria can get trapped there leading to some health issues down there.

7. Stretchy

Your swim leggings should have a four-way stretch capability. The fabric of the leggings should be able to stretch to fit your body, hold on to the shape and also recover back on its cross and lengthwise grain for maximum range of movement.

8. Warmth

Swim leggings are mostly worn for other activities apart from regular swimming like surfing, snorkeling, sports, and various other activities. The leggings should be able to provide some amount of warmth to the legs when in you are in cooler pools.

10. Fit

Choose swim leggings that fit your body perfectly. It should not be too tight or loose. Pick your perfect size.  Swim leggings that are too tight become uncomfortable after long wear and could some reactions. It should be breathable.

The leggings should also not be loose on your body because they will look unattractive. It should fit well and contour the shape of your body. Make sure it does not fold over on any part, it should look seamless on you.

11. Durability and Quality

Durability is one of the most important things to consider when picking swim leggings. You have to choose leggings made from high-quality materials that would stand the test of time and not come apart easily after a few wears in the pool. It should offer its money’s worth.

Whatever swim leggings you are picking, make sure it is made from good quality materials. Check the seams if it is well made and won’t easily wear off. It must be stretchy, water-resistant, quick-drying, and has sun protection.

12. Provide coverage

Some people wear swim leggings to cover up their bodies. Not everyone is comfortable with putting their body on display with very revealing swimwear. It could be due to insecurities, sports, personal preference, or religious reasons. New mothers worry about showing their belly bump but high-waist swim leggings will provide coverage on the tummy while snatching it with an elastic band. It will also stretch to fit the body without being too tight.

13. Price

Make sure to stay within your budget. Get the most value for the price you can afford. Just because the leggings are on the high side does not mean you are getting the best of the best. Understanding the qualities a swimsuit should have will help you to know how to choose the best swim leggings.

14. Hypoallergenic swim leggings

If you are a sensitive and allergic individual, you have to be cautious about the type of swim leggings you wear. For some polyester fabric is a trigger for eczema. Most allergies occur when the fabric rub against the skin. Check the label of the leggings to confirm if it does not contain chemicals and fabric you are allergic to. Ensure that it fits in the right place without folding over the skin. Some swim leggings offer a double fabric layer that protects the skin from elastic seams.

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Recommended Best Women’s Swim Leggings

Finally, let us discuss some of the best swim leggings that are created for swimming. Be rest assured that we have done a lot of research on each product knowing fully well that are of high quality and a trial will convince you:

1. ATTRACO Women High waisted  Swimming Leggings

ATTRACO Rash Guard Pants Women High Waisted Swim Leggings Long Swim Pants Geometry X-Large CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This is a high waist swim legging that is made from 82% nylon and 18 % spandex which makes it very soft to the skin and quite comfortable to wear. It has an attractive and eye-catching design that features contrasting colors of black and aqua. Incorporating a 4-way stretch technology and flatlock stitch which enables it to fit the body, reduce chafing and provide maximum comfort.

It has a long length that can protect you against sunburn and does not become sheer when wet and has a nice shiny surface. Perfect for swimming and other activities like jogging, surfing, fitness, floating, snorkeling, kayaking, paddling, diving, and many more. It has a fantastic and unbeatable price.

2. Scodi Women’s Surfing Leggings

Scodi Women's Surfing Leggings Swimming High-Waisted Tights UPF 50+(Geometric,M) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This is another high-waisted swim legging that has a fantastic and attractive design that tightens the abdomen, outlines, and contours your curves making you look charming. It is made from a super elastic fabric of 82% nylon and 12% spandex which is stretchy, has fast color, and is anti-pilling. Due to its super elastic, it can fit all body types and let you move freely and comfortably.

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It is a swim legging that is for those who are allergic and have sensitive skin chemicals because it is chemical-free. Neat, straight, and perfect stitching which makes it suitable for vigorous exercises and protects the skin from friction and chaffing. It has ultraviolet protection of 50+ which will protect you from sunburn without using sunscreen. Perfect for other activities apart from swimming like your daily workout, yoga, hiking, and climbing.

3. Ubestyle UPF 50+ High Waist Women’s Swimming Leggings with Sun Protective

Ubestyle UPF 50+ High Waist Women's Surf Water Leggings Swim Tights Sun Protective (Black/Pink, XL) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This is a figure-flattering swim legging that has a medium compression and fitted leg and high waist that offers a perfect shape and support for all your water activities. It is made from 82% nylon and 18% spandex. It has UPF 50+ which gives excellent protection against UV rays from the sun. There is a hidden waistband pocket on the leggings that can be used to stash your key and other valuables.

It is lightweight, dries quickly, uses a 4-way stretch technique, has flatlock stitching at the seams to reduce chaffing, and is chlorine and saltwater resistant. It can be worn for swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, water skiing, and other leisure sports.

4. Platinum Sun Women’s Workout Pattern Swim Leggings UPF 50+

Platinum Sun Women's Swim Workout Pattern Leggings Wetsuit Pants Tights UPF 50+ (Mystica - S) Purple CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This is a swim legging with a 73% polyester and 27% spandex fabric. It has an amazing heart-shaped design with stable colors that will stay bright all through without being affected by chlorine and saltwater. It is breathable and dries quickly which prevents moisture build-up, odor, and spots. No matter how hard you work out, the sweat-wicking compression fabric will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

It offers maximum safety blocking 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays that hit your skin. This swim legging is also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation against sunburns and rashes. It has a wide waistband that offers maximum comfort and can also be folded down. There is a flat cord with drawstring closure in the waistband to give extra support to the waist. It does not have a muffin top giving it a perfect fit.

Tested by athletes all over the world to know what features it will need and make it more comfortable which lets women love it. It has the best price rate and it is a high-quality product. It can be worn for swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, diving, kayaking, water skiing, fishing & boating, leisure water sports in swimming pools, fresh & saltwater. Perfect partner for the gym & Zumba.

5. Swim Pants for Women UPF 50+ Women High Waisted leggings with Sun Protective

Swim Pants for Women UPF 50+ Women High Waisted Swim Tights Long Leggings for Women High Waisted Leggings CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

These women’s swim leggings have a contrast color patchwork for a trendy style and increased visibility in low light for your safety. The fashionable color matching of the side surfing pants is not only icing on the cake, but it also gives you a fashionable appearance. It has an anti-UV of UPF 50+ which helps women to protect their skin from getting suntanned and sunburnt so that they can feel at ease and enjoy their time under the sun.

A very durable legging that is made from high-quality materials and has a flatlock stitching that reduces chaffing and irritations which improves flexibility and gives maximum support and free movement. It gives maximum coverage when bending, stretching, and streamlines your body shape. Also, it has a high waist with a 5cm wide waistband which offers tummy control against a muffin top.

It will keep you warm while surfing underwater, swimming, or doing other activities. It can either be hand washed or machine washed.

6. Ekouaer Women Swim Leggings UV Sun Protective


Ekouaer Womens Surfing Leggings Swimming Tights Sports Trousers Compression for Yoga Wear, Running, Blue, X-Large CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This is a quick-dry swim legging that is made of 82% polyamide and 18% elastane. It is designed with a contrast color patchwork that makes you look stylish and gives you high visibility in low light. This swim leggings is water-resistant and that won’t holds or show sweat. It will also keep warm in cold water. There is an anti-UV effect on the leggings that helps to block UV rays and protect your skin from getting suntanned or sunburnt. Featuring an elastic waist for a custom fit while also being safe for machine washing without bothering about shrinking or losing color. Its size tends to run small so pick one size larger than your initial size.

7. Hilor Women’s High Waist UV Crop Swim Leggings Capri Tights

Hilor Women's High Waist UV Rash Guard Pants Crop Swim Leggings Sports Capri Tights Grey 12 CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This is a capris short fitted high rise swim leggings that are 18 inches long. It is made with 82 % chinlon and 18% spandex and has a flattering wide elastic waistband with an internal drawcord with an elastic closure for adjustment. There is an inner mesh crotch gusset for added comfort and breathability. It also has UPF 50+ that protects the skin during outdoor activity from UV rays. It is a high-quality fabric that is durable for everyday comfort and is chlorine and salt water-resistant. You can also enjoy its fitting for multi-purpose activities like swimming, surfing, riding a bike, running, yoga, and so on.

8. ALLEZ Women’s Swim Capris Pant-Quick-Dry UPF Swim Leggings-Long Swim 

Women's 3/4 Swim Capri Leggings-Quick-Dry Sun Protection Stretchy Mid Waist Long Swim Short Tights-Knee Bathing Suit Tankini Swimsuit Swimwear Long Bottom for Women-Water Sports Leggings(Black) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This is a short pair of women’s swim leggings that features bold and patterned colors for a fashionable look. It is made from 82% Polyester and 18% elastane which is a high quality, durable, quick-dry, and breathable fabric that is non-see through. This swim leggings is comfortable and skin-friendly which reduces chafing and irritations while improving flexibility, support, and freedom of movement. It provides full comfort due to its high elastic fabric which has a 4-way stretch.

Featuring a UPF 50+ anti-UV rating, which helps ladies keep their skin from becoming sunburned and tanned so that they may relax and enjoy their time in the sun. These UPF swim pant was great for the beach, diving, surfing, running Fishing use. These leggings protect the belly and feature a good elastic waistband with a drawcord so that the bathing suit bottom doesn’t go loose or slide down when swimming.

The bottom of the pantyhose has a built-in panty liner for privacy protection, and Hygiene makes them pleasant to wear. It should be hand-washed only.

9. Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Deep Water Swim Tights – Sun Protective

Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Deep Water Swim Tights - Sun Protective (Large- Black) CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

These are 100% polyester swim leggings that are chlorine and saltwater resistant. It is silky and smooth to the skin with a figure-flattering matte surface. This legging is lightweight, durable, and very comfortable. It protects the skin from 98% UVA/UVB rays with its UPF 50+. Also, the swim leggings features a wide elastic waistband with an internal drawcord for adjustability. It is only recommended for swimming activities. It should not be worn for active fitness.

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Should You Wear Normal Leggings to Swim?

Regular leggings are made from absorbent materials such as cotton that break down easily in water. They are not lightweight which makes them heavy and an uncomfortable outfit to wear. It can easily transport air and water contaminants to the pool.

It does not dry quickly which makes it uncomfortable and traps moisture and bacteria which is harmful to the body, especially the lady parts. The fibers of the leggings can clog the pool resulting in an expensive repair for the pool. It is best to a least wear yoga pants that are water and sweat repellant when undergoing intense exercises.

Conclusion – Best Women’s Swim Leggings

There is a wide range of bathing suits out there and choosing one might be a difficult undertaking, especially when you don’t what you look good in.  The swim leggings look great for all body types while offering good coverage. Go through our tips for choosing good swim leggings and scan through the reviews for those that align with your choice. The idea is to pick the best swim leggings that suit you, offer top-notch quality, and be at ease with your decision.


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