How To Stretch A Swimsuit Bottom (Step-By-Step Guide)

Often times, the discomfort of a suit can hinder one from vacationing or having a swing at the pool. There are moments in life our suits tend not to fit anymore due to an increase in size. And the next thing we could do is to trash them.

However, rather than trashing them or giving them away, here’s a method you could use to retain them back. That is, stretching a swimsuit to fit like a second skin. But then, how can one pull through with it without a single knowledge of how to stretch a swimsuit bottom.

Well, that’s why we’re here to provide all you need to know about swimsuits. However, we’ll begin with the method to detect the changes in our suit bottoms.

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How Do I Know if My Swimsuit Bottom is too Small

1. Tight Bottoms

As for the bottoms, you’ll have them making you not so comfortable out there. Also, note that swimsuits without a form of a cut that is angular can lead to tighter bottoms. If this is what you’ve got, then that’s one of the reasons why you are experiencing this.

Desist from wears that have super curved hemlines, ruching or materials with a different feel on the hands. If the fabric isn’t flat with beautiful seamless finishing, then you’ve settled for a swimming suit that would be way too small for you at the bottom.

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Also, swimwear that is not adjustable can pose to be a bigger problem for you. If they do not sit around your waist the way they ought to, then the bottom is a smaller one.

So what another way can we tell we have a tight bottom? Each time you experience your suits digging right into your ass, then, there’s a need to be worried. You’ll feel uneasy throughout your stay at the beach or pool party.

2. Flat Behind

When you notice your backside is flattened, then it’s not your size. Because, the cheekier the ass, the better it would be. Flat behind can cause a bit of self-esteem. You’ll know your suit is smaller if the fabric that you put on does make your behind appear smaller and saggy when it isn’t so in the actual sense.

When the fabric isn’t snug or expanded well enough, that’s when you should go for a bigger size. Recall that the fabric does expand after a couple of wears and about half an inch in the water. So there is a possibility that it could expand over time where you’ll have to size down.

3. Bulging Hips

Well, a little bulge around the hips which has been created by the tightness of an extremely tight and smaller bottom, should be looked at for. That’s another sign of a smaller suit. They form small ripples on our waist or hips causing pain and discomfort.

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How Should A Bathing Suit Bottom Fit?

Firstly, your selection and body shape would determine how well should a suit fits. If you notice that the swimming wear gets heavier at a particular point, then try buying high waisted bottoms which in the long run can stretch to the derriere.

Choose that which is shorter in terms of the heights where it can sit low around your torso just like a hipster. You’ll also take a look at the manner in which the suit is laying on the skin. If along the line you see it forming a crease on the cheeks, this means it’s time to size up or go after a hem that is detailed and seamless.

Secondly, swimming suits that have full coverage leading to the covering of the outside cheek lower, will in a way overemphasize the back heart shape. Instead, opt for a medium or minimal coverage that can be used to balance the lower crease that elongates to your legs.

So endeavour to select a good suit bottom with a more of fabric at the top by the waistline, in form of a triangle that has been reversed back. I’ll suggest those compressed at the centre of the seam with a round hem that is appropriate for lifting.

Thirdly, wear a suit with a petite backside bringing out your curves could in a way be the perfect size for you or maybe not. Nonetheless, a small suite with a very fine detailing can be the best fitting silhouette which will lift up your curves and bring fullness. Please know that the more narrow the wideness of the suit is, the better it is for your body.

So don’t go after that which you feel is more prettier, but follow the shape line of your body and get a top that won’t reveal your bust either by the sides and a bottom that has rounded hemlines. For a swimming suit that with a nice texture with a good dimension, would be the perfect suit bottom for you.

Fourthly, it is important to note that some suit products expand more often than others when they are wet. The likes of Lycra expands at least half an inch. Please note that the suit is snug enough to go through the stretching processes.

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Peradventure you try fitting your fingers into the suit that is, your hands between your skin around your waist, and you feel the tightness, then size down to a size more smaller. As for large bootie, pick a suit that has minimal coverage which shouldn’t hide your derriere.

Go after side ties that can be adjusted to your width while at the same time, avoiding too much cutting that eats deep into your skin, thereby having enough slack at the ties and at the lifting of the string over the hips.

Lastly, a soft tousle over the seam may reduce the straight line you could get when you’re having a tight bottom at spots that it ought not to be tight. To ensure that your fitting is right, hold the fabric a bit far from the skin. For instance, dipping your two fingers should perfectly fit in between your skin and the fabric.

If you’re in doubt if the suit is truly tight, then wear a gown hugging your figure over the swimming suit and take a look at the mirror for assessment. If you notice an extra line that shouldn’t be found there, or you see a dent on your cheek when looking at yourself sideways or you see indents at your hips, then you’ll have to size up.

How Do You Stretch The Bottom Of A Bathing Suit?

Having a bathing suit that wouldn’t fit perfectly can cause you pain. Most at times, it is either the bottoms are extremely tight such that you find it hard to even wear them out. The only way you can succeed in stretching out your suit is by means of adjusting the sides especially if it comes with strings.

Nevertheless, a suit can be made smaller when you can adjust the ties and stitching areas that can be loosed and resown along the waistband or leg holes of the bottoms. You can begin by using the tie method first since some sewing may become visible when sown.

The second step involves trying out the bathing suit to determine where in the suit would be needing adjustment. So put it on as you’ll normally do when going to the beach without wearing any undies. Since there will be a need for modification, you can’t take it back to the shop again.

The third step will be done after noting the areas that are ill-fitting. It is very possible to make the bottoms larger, except you notice that the suit is beginning to sag. Note also that you can make the bottom to be smaller by looking out for areas where there are sagging or having gaps.

Often, it is found around the legs, waist and along the seat region. So start off by adjusting the suit straps or strings that came along with the swimming suit. In some cases, there’s a way of making the suit to fit well through adjusting these attachments that followed them

The fourth step is to make the straps to become loosed enabling the bottoms to be larger, or tighten the ties to make the suit smaller. Find out if there’s any sign of the suit sagging once again. However, if you discover that there’s still ill-fitting, then bring together the elastic seam along the legs or waist and carefully pin on the band together with a safety pin. You can take off the pin when you’re done.

The last step is to merge areas that have been pinned together. All that is needed from you at this point is to sew the pinned areas either with a machine or hand with a thread and a needle. You could source for a thimble to use to get the needle to pass through the swimming suit.

Then sew through the pinned areas with a rope comprising of two stitches and tighten with a knot to make it stronger. Wear the suit again and find out if it fits on your body without. If there’s a little ill-fitting or any other sort, please make the necessary adjustments for fit and sew rightly on the exact place. With this, you’ll be amazed by the fitting of the suit after stretching the bottom to fit appropriately.

Saggy Swimsuit Bottoms, How To Fix Them?

Are your bathing suits saggy? Worry not. Below are expert ways to fix a saggy swimsuit bottom.

Step 1

Find a thread that goes with the colour of the swimsuit you want to fix. Insert the thread into the needle hole and tie the thread together at the other end of the needle. It is expedient that you tie the knot severely at the same spot such that the knot does not slip through the fabric making your efforts futile. Ensure the thread is long enough so you don’t have to go through the same measures again.

Step 2

Now, start off from the starting point like a little down behind the suit bottom. Do well to note if it is also in the middle of the bottoms width wise. This is done to avoid a part of our cheek butt getting bigger than the other which would be disastrous.

Step 3

Once you’ve located the centre where to begin sewing, sift your needle through the suit and intertwine from the inside to the outside of the swimsuit. Do not allow the end part of the thread to be seen.

Step 4

At this time, a measuring tape would be needed. Measure the area about a centimetre and continue sifting your needle in and out of the suit. This time, it should be from the outside and not backward. Each time you sift through, pull tight on the thread to get the first scrunch ever.

Step 5

Follow the previous 2 steps again and again till you are more than an inch and a half away from the top, ensuring you are pulling the thread tighter like you should. Please it shouldn’t be too tight that you end up inflicting injuries on yourself while going upward and downward and pulling the thread as well.

Step 6

When you’re certain you’ve gone past 5 or 6 scrunches depending on how you want the suit to turn out to be, sift the thread back into all the scrunches. The purpose being that the scrunches do not end up falling out causing you to be wrapped in shame.

Step 7

And finally, it’s time to tie the knot at the end of the thread after sewing and then you cut. With this, you’ve come to the end of how to sew saggy bottoms in the right manner.

Please Note;

  • The number of stitches you make will determine how bigger your butt would be.
  • If you stitch wrongly, remove the thread or cut it out and start over again so it doesn’t get tangled while sewing.
  • Whether it gets even or uneven, don’t worry about it. What’s important is that you’ve fixed your swimsuit to your perfect body shape. So, don’t sweat it dearly.

Types Of Swimsuit Bottom

The different types of swimming suit include:

1. High Waist

These are swimsuit bottoms that are made to sit on the waist just over the hips. It’s either they are low legs to get a bit of a higher coverage or high leg for a better feeling. Check out this amazing High Waist Swimsuit Bottom from Amazon.

2. Hipster

From the name, one can tell they are bottoms that are made to hug the hips. They’ve got a band to tighten them around the hips. Hipster does not have much coverage around the butt. Check this cute Hipster Swimsuit Bottom out.

3. Short Brief

Short brief coverage gives full coverage to one at the end, and also around the suit line.

4. Classic Brief

The Classic Brief gives better coverage than the cheeky cut and the boy shorts. They extend over the butt offering good coverage of it.

6. Cheeky

The cheeky cut offers little coverage than most swimming suit like the thongs and the rest. They expose more butt than necessary.

Best Swimsuit Bottoms To Look Out For

1. Hilor Women Skirted Swimsuit Bottom

How To Stretch A Swimsuit Bottom

These Skirted Swimsuit Bottom By Hiler is one best of a suit bottom worth purchasing. For lovers of skirted swimsuit, this would be perfect for hitting the beach or pool party.

Features Of Hilor Women Skirted Swimsuit Bottom

1. A product of both nylon and spandex. 80% for the former and 20% for the latter.

2. The skirt comprises a swim pant and an elastic waistline for a flattering fit.

3. Perfectly designed with fitting both at the front and at the back to slim one’s tummy and bring out the right set of curves.

4. It acts as a way of covering one’s big tummy

5. There’s a double ruffle hemline

6. The last feature is its comfortability and great support to all


1. It helps in compressing big tummy for a great look

2. It is soft and light

3. This suit skirt prevents UVA/UVB rays that are harmful to swimsuits.

4. It permits free movement

5. It can be stretched


1. May not be built for all sizes

2. Relleciga Cheeky Brazillian Swimsuit Bottom

How To Stretch A Swimsuit Bottom

What other way can one show off those cheeky butts than a nicely made Relleciga Cheeky Brazilian Swimsuit Bottom?

Features Of Relleciga Cheeky Brazillian Swimsuit Bottom

1. A product of both polyamide and spandex. 80% for the former and 20% for the latter.

2. It’s 0.7″ high and 14″ wide


1. Presence of solid hues


1. Lack of back coverage

2. Low rise

3. The suit bottom is seamless.

3. Cocoship High Waist Side Strap Bikini Bottom

How To Stretch A Swimsuit BottomCocoship High Waist Strap Bikini Bottom is one of the best high waist suits there ever is. With it, you’ve got nothing to worry about. It’s sleek and comfy.

Features Of Cocoship High Waist Side Strap Bikini Bottom

1. It comes in varieties of fabrics like  nylon, lycra, and spandex

2. It is a properly lined high waist suit with scrunch bottom

3. Presence of peek-a-boo side straps

4. It comes with a 1 x Bikini Brief


1. Skin-friendly

2. 100% durability


1. May not be comfy for all

4. Seafolly Women Hipster Swimsuit Bottom

How To Stretch A Swimsuit Bottom

You can check the price HERE on Amazon

1. A product of both nylon and elastane. 78% nylon and 22% elastane.

2. It’s fitting with a pull on closure


1. Provides minimal coverage

2. Great quality

3. Nice cut


1. Be specific about your size

Wrapping Up On How To Stretch A Swimsuit Bottom

Stretching of a swimsuit to fit isn’t much of a task. So why trash wears that can be adjusted and made whole with just a few touches?

Take hold of that suit bottom and do justice to it to keep enjoying every aura of summer with it. Trust me, you’ll feel grateful for following these steps in achieving the best wear to slay on.


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