How Long Does It Take A Bathing Suit To Dry?

Clothes generally ain’t made with the same materials and why some may take a few minutes to dry after being washed, others may take a longer time to. Although I’ve heard a lot about ways to hasten the drying process of most wears and I’m thinking if same can be applied to swimsuits.

So if you’re wondering how long does it take a bathing suit to dry?

Swimsuits usually take anywhere between 30 minutes – 2 hours to get dried completely but then again, it depends on a lot of factors such as wind, temperature etc which we will probably look out somewhere in this article.

To hasten the whole drying process, you need to go the extra mile to ensure that all things are put in place and that includes spreading or laying them flat in an area free from direct sunlight. Read on as I bring to you the whole gimmicks behind drying.

How Do Drying Work?

For clothes to dry, water must evaporate irrespective of the temperature also, the temperature does not necessarily need to be hotter than 100°C (which is the boiling point of water) for clothes to dry. So how do water molecules evaporate?

Well, clothes don’t only need temperature for them to dry, they also do need some considerable amount of air too. Even if there is no sun but there’s a constant wind blowing, clothes will get dried eventually.

For clothes to dry, the moisture trapped by your clothes must be set lose (evaporates) into the air. For this to happen, the relative humidity (which basically is the amount of moisture in the air compared to what the air can actually hold at that said temperature) must be lesser than 100%.

What this means in plain English is that the lower the relative humidity (RH), the faster it is for your clothes to dry. Having said that, let’s now look at the factors.

Factors That Determines How Fast A Swimsuit Can Dry

1. Wind

A still day usually causes the air around clothes to be saturated making it difficult for the water molecules to evaporate but during a windy day, those humid airs are usually blown away causing your swimsuit to dry very fast.

Simply put, bathing suits dry faster when they receive a sufficient amount of wind. The more air they receive, the quicker they’re most likely to dry. The wind can either be natural or induced.

2. Temperature

Temperature is another factor that dictates how quick your swimsuit or clothes is likely to get dried but it is not as important as humidity. While a dry, cold day will dry your bathing suit faster, a day that is warm and humid will most likely not give you the same result as the latter.

3. Season

Summer is typically the hottest time of the year and as you may have already guessed, washed clothes tend to dry pretty fast due to the hot air that blows through causing the water in them to evaporate into thin air.

In fact, any washed clothes irrespective of the fabrics used usually dries faster during this period compared to when its winter when the sun is lowest.

So summer is another factor that may likely dedicate how quickly your clothes will dry. In another word, The hotter the season, the quicker your wears will dry.

3. Materials

Unlike your regular wear, swimsuits are made from fabrics that are designed to dry faster. For example, a swimwear with 100% polyester will tend to dry faster than those with 80 % cotton blends with 20 % stretch bits (Lycra).

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How To Dry Bathing Suit Fast

I know this might look weird to some persons because literally, you’re supposed to have at least two swimwears to allow ample time for one to dry while wearing the other but what if you find yourself in a situation where you desperately need to re-wear that wet swimsuit?

What would you do then? Well, this is were drying your swimsuit faster in minutes comes in. Continue reading to see some of the ways you can adopt to dry your bathing suits.

1. Wrap Yourself Up With A Towel

This is by far the easiest and quickest way to dry a wet swimsuit. Here’s how to do it. Throw a dried towel around the top (that’s if you’re wearing bikinis) then cross your hands making sure to give yourself a little massage while the towel is still on your body.

Extend the massage to your underarms and gently wring to remove some of the water trapped underneath. Also, do the same for the straps. In case you’re wearing a swimsuit with a padded top, take away the pads (if possible) before you wring.

For the bottoms, tie the towel around your waist (Same way you usually tie it when coming out of the bathroom) then squat. Maintain that position for few seconds and keep repeating at intervals after which you can now air dry for a few minutes.

Note: If you don’t find this drying method convenient enough, you can wrap your swimsuit up with a dry towel then wring a little to remove excess moisture before you air dry.

Still not ok with this? Here’s another quick one for you. Wrap the suit inside a big towel then sit on it as you would normally do when doing your make up then lay out flat to dry.

2. Use Hand Dryer

Even if you must use an electric hand dryer, you still need to put your bathing suits in-between folds of a towel to absorb moisture before making use of the hand dryer. Another alternative is to lay down flat under the fan.

How Long Does It Take A Bathing Suit To Dry

3. Air Dry Using Your Car Window

For those with personal car, this one is going to save you from a lot of stress. After rolling your suits over the towel, take them out and then rolled them up in your car window and watch them dry as you drive.

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How Long Does Polyester Take To Dry?

Polyester is one of those quick-dry fabrics used mostly for competitive swimwear. They usually don’t absorb much water (and even if they do, it varies depending on the weaves) so they dry very fast.

When hung indoors, they usually take between 2-4 hours for them to dry but when they’re spread outside (outdoors), they take around an hour or even less to dry completely. Aside from the drying thingy, polyester is quite durable and at the same time very affordable.

Although it might not be 100% perfect as there are some few things it’s bound to lack but if you’re someone who usually spends a considerable amount of time in the water, then going after swimsuits of 100% polyester is a good choice for you.

How Long Does Nylon Take To Dry?

Unlike polyester, Nylon fabrics will take a little time longer to dry. It may take anywhere between 4-6 hours to dry when hung indoors and more than an hour when spread outside (outdoors)

What Happens If I Tumble Dry Polyester?

Well, nothing much would happen if you don’t leave them inside to dry completely. Usually, it’s safe to tumble dry polyester and the good news is, it won’t shrink but then, it should be taking out when damp and should not be allowed to dry. Allowing them to dry will make them wrinkle.

How Long Does It Take To Air Dry Clothes?

Well, there isn’t a direct answer to this because there are so many factors that come to play when air drying such as the thickness of the fabrics and methods used.

For air drying by line (hanging using ropes outdoors) cotton may take between 3-5 hours to dry. Wool may take longer time. Let’s say anywhere between 6-8 hours. What about thick fabrics such as denim? This usually takes 5-7 hours while synthetic may take a shorter time. Let’s say between 2-4 hours.

To air-dry delicate material such as swimsuits, you are most likely to wait for a few minutes (30-50 minutes) as the case may be.

Note: Clothes usually dries faster on windy days than on days with little to no wind.

How Do I Dry Swimsuit In Hotel Room?

If you’re an avid traveller, then you must have washed your clothes in the hotel room. But that isn’t a problem as it doesn’t take much time to do, the real issue is drying them in your hotel room.

So how do you go about that? Here’s what you need to do. Take those suits of yours and stuck them in-between dry towels, pressing them gently until there are little to no moisture left then after wish you can lay them on any flat surface to dry.

Is It Ok To Dry Clothes Indoors?

Except that’s the only option left for you, do not hang your wet clothes indoors to dry as research has shown that wet clothes can trigger asthma in people with weak immune system, children, elderly people and even those with existing skin challenges etc.

Wrapping Up – How Long Does It Take A Bathing Suit To Dry

The time a piece of clothing will dry depends on so many factors but usually, what we’ve found out is that swimsuits, when laid down flat to dry usually take between 30 minutes – 2 hours.

To hasten the drying process, be sure to wring out the moisture out of them gently using a dry towel before taking them out to dry.

Also, for a swimsuit or any piece of clothing to dry out real quick, wind must be present. In other words, wind is indeed a helpful factor for drying clothes.

So that’s all you need to know about drying your suits pretty fast. Now over to you, what do you use to dry your bathing suit fast? Is there anything special about your drying process that we forget to mention? Let’s us know using the comment box.


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