How To Pack Wet Swimsuits (The Right Way)

In solving an issue, the help of an expert is often called upon, or the next swing of action would be checking online to search for ways out. Now and then, the community of questions keeps growing and growing because every movement we take, going further sometimes, will be determined by how much we are willing to overcome hurdles.

Yes, not knowing what to do in a certain situation, can be a hurdle. A hurdle that must be scaled to move on to other phases. Moreover, a hurdle represents a lot to a person. What might stand to mean the former for you, might mean something different for another. Here is a question that is a hurdle for one. It says, how to pack wet swimsuits.

How to Pack Wet Swimsuits

To pack the wet swimsuits, you need nothing more than plastic bags, a moisture grabber, a wet bag, or a towel. Any of these can be used to carry wet swimsuits. Since these are the answers to, how to pack wet swimsuits, let’s carefully go through them one after the other.

1. Plastic bags

You can get Ziploc bags or any other plastic gallon sizes bags for your wet swimsuits. If you’ll be having a swell time swimming, and you are confused about where to place the wet swimsuits, the plastic bags are your options. Not everyone finds it cool to wear wet swimsuits back to their destination.

Moreover, the only way to avoid putting yourself at risk of infection, is by letting your wet bathing suit stay on your body for so long. Go with the plastic bag to use in packing the suits.

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Did you also know that you can apply this method when traveling? If you’ll be traveling in your wet swimsuits, a plastic bag will save you a lot of stress especially when you’re stopped and searched. Besides, the material that plastic bags are made of will prevent chlorine and saltwater from spreading to the remaining clothes in your luggage. Here are some plastic bags below.

Wowfit 100 Count 9×12 inches Clear Cellophane Plastic Bags

Wowfit 100 Count 9x12 inches Clear Cellophane Plastic Bags, Resealable Self-Sealing Cello Bags Great for Clothes, Shirts, Pants, Foods, Flyers, More (9 x 12 with reinforced sides)CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

I always say this. Plastic bags are lifesavers. Imagine what would become of this world if there aren’t plastic bags? Odd right? For your wet swimsuits, get the wowfit plastic bags for them.

Mil Clear Plastic Reclosable Zip Poly Bags with Resealable Lock Seal Zipper

100 Count - 12" x 18", 2 Mil Clear Plastic Reclosable Zip Poly Bags with Resealable Lock Seal Zipper for Clothing, T-Shirts, Pants


Plastic bags are a suitable use for wet swimsuits. It is highly secured with a strong seal that holds the bag in place, for as long as you desire.

2. Make Use of a Moisture Grabber

A moisture grabber sucks up the moisture and the bad odor that would likely cause the swimsuits to start having an awful smell. Going by its name, we are already aware of what it does. First, it gets the wetness or water from the bathing suit. By so doing, the wet suit isn’t packed with water dripping all over.

Second, it can as well be used to have the wet swimsuits properly packed or packaged like that of the plastic bags. That is after it has sucked out the moisture. This is why most persons tend to go for the moisture grabber a whole lot. All the same, go for whichever you feel would work best for you.

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There are different brands of moisture grabbers, and the majority of them are placed inside little sacks or balls. If you can visit a store sports section, you should find it there. Or better still, you can check the one posted below from amazon.

Concrobium Moisture Grabber XL

Concrobium Moisture Grabber XL


For moisture grabber, I’ll always pick the Concrobium being something I have and I am still using. It works great and dries faster than expected. Get this and thank me later.

3. Get a Wet Bag

The other alternative you have is the wet bag. Over the years, it was said that the wet bag was mostly used by kids, due to their nature. However, the new wet bags designs and patterns, are no longer tailored to suit the kids only, but all individuals instead.

As it stands now, the wet bag is being used by all and sundry. The wet bag is wide enough to hold your wet swimming suits and even more if need be. They are durable too. The wet bags aren’t feeble bags that are often on the verge of breaking down within minutes. Such bags can withstand whatever type of suit you are putting in them, no matter how heavy it has become.

This type of bag is waterproof so you can place your swimsuit inside it and not worry about it leaking or making the bag unfit to carry around. There are different brands of wet bags available, and the majority of them work perfectly fine in retaining the wetness of your cloth. Here is one.

Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag, Washable, Reusable for Travel, Beach, Pool.

Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag, Washable, Reusable for Travel, Beach, Pool, Stroller, Diapers, Dirty Gym Clothes, Wet Swimsuits, Toiletries, 12x14 – Disney Mickey Mouse IconCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Like I made mention, the majority of the wet bags are designed for kids, but there are a few that stand out and can be used by adults as well. The Bumkins is an exception, and it is known for being the best-wet bag in storing wet wear.

4. Wrap it Inside a Towel

If you can’t get a plastic bag or a wet bag, then, it seems you’ll have to put your creative skills to use. For this method, all you need is a towel. Going to the beach or pool with a towel isn’t something so uncommon. Nearly every person goes to the beach or pool with it.

Foremost, get a dry towel that hasn’t been used such that it gets wet. No, you do not require a wet towel for this. If all you have is a wet towel, then, you possibly can’t proceed with this. Also, get a thick towel too.

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Now, kindly lay the towel on the floor, then place your wet clothes on it, but ensure you have squeezed enough water out of the wet clothes as much as you can. Just one to three wet clothes will work fine at a stretch. Wrap the towel over the wet clothes as small as you can then tuck them inside a bag. With these methods, your wet swimsuits are thereby secured. You can check the towels below

White Classic Luxury Bath Sheet Towels Extra Large

White Classic Luxury Bath Sheet Towels Extra Large | Highly Absorbent Hotel spa Collection Bathroom Towel | 35x70 Inch | 2 Pack (Grey)


Towels are like a fresh breathe. Their coziness and quality are top-notch. What makes it more interesting, is that they can be used for majority of things like in wringing water from wet swimsuits.

Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

Permium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels-27x54inch - Natural, Ultra Absorbent Towels for Bathroom (6 Piece Set)


The premium bamboo cotton towel is gotten from natural materials inherent in our world. These materials contribute to the quality, value, and longevity of the towel, making it suitable to be used for all purposes.

What To Do When Packing Wet Swimsuits

1. Rinse The Chlorine Out Of The Swimsuit

Regardless of where you’ve gone swimming, you shouldn’t pack your wet swimsuits in any bags or towel, without having to rinse the bathing suit. Please, endeavor to do this before moving to the next stage which is, bagging.

If your swimsuit isn’t a chlorine-resistant suit, then this is for you. If chlorine stays on the wet bathing suit for a very long time or more than it should, the chlorine will get into the swimsuit much quicker than you envisaged. That is why you should rinse the wet swimsuits before packing or bagging.

Go and start checking out the available places where there is clean water. Even if it is the shower that is being provided by those in charge. You aren’t going over to wash the suit, but to rinse it, and to place it in the bags.

2. Towel Dry The Swimsuit

We have talked about something like this from the former, that talked on ways to pack a wet swimsuit. If you would want to use the plastic bags, the moisture grabber, or a wet bag, a towel, dry the swimsuit before doing such.

How Long Before Wet Clothes Mildew?

If you’re packing wet swimsuits for about 8 to 12 hours, you shouldn’t encounter any issue of mildew. If you don’t unpack it after 12 hours, then it might start growing mild. It doesn’t end there, it produces bacteria too, which will result in the swimsuit having some nasty smell.

It could get that bad such that for a day or more, you will not only be dealing with terrible, awful smells and mildew, you will also be dealing with patches of rotten fabric and unsightly stains.

Please Note; If you happen to be an asthmatic patient, it’s best to have someone do the unpacking for you. This is because this might affect you. Even if you aren’t asthmatic, make sure you aren’t sensitive to mild.

If you breathe it in, you aren’t expected to cough and sneeze. This shows you aren’t allergic to the smell and no reaction would sprout forth. Sadly, the same can’t be said for asthmatic and allergic patients. If this is the scenario for you, then seek for help.

Is It Bad To Stay In A Wet Swimsuit?

Yes, it is bad to stay in a wet swimsuit. Some persons have the habit of staying in their wet bathing suits much longer than they should. And just so you know, this is wrong. If you can simply adhere to this, you are doing a huge favor to your body.

The wetness and moist is a breeding ground for infections. When one stays in a wet swimsuit for a long period, the genitals region is getting heated because of the wetness or moisture surrounding it. And areas like these are where infections thrive. In other words, the person is exposing themselves more to the infection.

Do not sit on your bathing suit for long hours, so you don’t start having complications that arise from this. Which is something that can easily be avoided. It would be more appropriate to take off the wet swimsuits, then go on to change your wear into clean, dry clothes. Remember the keywords, dry and clean. Nothing wet should find its way to the genitals or sensitive parts of your body. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

How To Dry Wet Swimsuits Faster

To dry swimsuits faster, do the following;

1. Place Your Swimsuit In Water

Run the water on your swimsuit in the sink, or in a bowl.

2. Use A Mild Detergent

Pour a detailed amount of detergent into the swimsuit such that it is enough to have the swimsuit washed.

3. Remove Excess Water

To remove excess water from the swimsuit, get your towel and have it spread on the floor.

Take the wet swimsuits, place them in between the towel. Fold it and use the towel to wring out enough water from the swimsuit. Go over it gently, so you don’t over ruin the suit.

4. Lay The Swimsuit

Get a flat surface, and lay the swimsuit on it. Please, ensure where it’ll be placed is clean and free from dirt.

5. Get A Fan

If you have a standing fan or a ceiling fan, turn it on and face it towards the swimming suit. With this, the swimsuit dries faster.

Things To Take Note Of When Drying A Swimsuit

1. Do Not Air Dry The Swimsuit In The Sun

Desist from placing the swimsuit directly in the sun. Flee from such. Swimsuits shouldn’t be air-dried in the sun. This is because, the heat from the sun can affect the bathing suit because of its lightweight, which can cause the suit to easily penetrate the swimsuit.

Air dry in a cool place devoid of the sun.

2. Don’t Hang Your Swimsuit

Hanging your swimsuit with a hanger is not acceptable. Since swimsuits are usually light and thick when wet, hanging them with a hanger will cause the swimsuit to drop. And the moment it starts dropping, it starts losing its shape.

It is better to spread on a board than hang on a hanger.

Conclusion – How To Pack Wet Swimsuits

To pack your wet swimsuits, do well to follow the steps that are involved, and get the necessary materials that you can use to have the swimsuits well packed.


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