How To Keep Swim Skirt From Floating Up

Being in an unpleasant situation is something one should never pray to find themselves in. Each step taken in life exposes one to either favorable or unfavorable circumstances that you will have replays of, with a bit of unhappiness. And do you know what’s more baffling about this, is that swimwear isn’t excluded?

For instance, swimming in a skirt sometimes comes with more than we bargained for. While rocking the swim skirt generates an enthralling moment, there is a side to it that isn’t too appealing. When a skirt floats in the water, it will prevent one from enjoying a great time swimming. And this is why we are going to provide an answer to this, How to keep a swim skirt from floating up.

How To Keep Swim Skirt From Floating Up

To prevent the swim skirt from floating up, several methods must be applied for this to be dealt it. Skirt floating in water happens occasionally and it isn’t something to fuss about. With the following ways below on how to keep swim skirt from floating up, the affliction wouldn’t repeat itself a second time.

1. Get A Swim Skirt With Adjustable Drawstrings

You can opt for a swim skirt with adjustable drawstrings. This type of swim skirt is designed with drawstrings on both sides of the skirt for better fitment.

The more fitted your swim skirt, the less likely it will float up when in the water. If you’re wearing the skirt because you don’t like exposing your skin, you don’t have to worry about compromising modesty by settling for this type of swim skirt.

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Even after a tighter adjustment, the skirt still would cover you up perfectly well. Some swim skirts allow you to adjust the whole skirt from top to bottom, while others let you adjust just the bottom part. If you don’t want your body shape to be out in the open, then settle for the latter.

Endeavor to adjust the drawstring in ways that it doesn’t get to loosen when swimming. Failure to do so will have the skirt floating.

2. Clip Swim Skirt To Underneath Swim Shorts

If you cannot find a swim skirt with adjustable drawstrings, or if it is beyond your budget because they tend to cost a bit more than regular swim skirts, you don’t have to worry, there is a DIY hack that can solve this issue for you. All you’ll need is a safety pin.

You can get it at bookstores or your local office wares store. You will need just two, but they are usually sold in a pack so you can purchase the pack. Moreover, you will need more than one. They tend to get weak very quickly because they are light weighted. You can carry some along with you when next you’re going to the beach so that you can substitute them for those that are starting to get weak.

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You’ll need to wear swim shorts for this hack to work. The swim shorts can be shorter than the skirt or longer, it depends on what you’re comfortable with. Put on the swim shorts, then wear the swim skirt on it.

Use the office pin to clip the left side of the swim skirt to the swim shorts, and do the same to the right side. Also, you should as well clip the area of the bottom seam of your swim skirt to the shorts.

3. Sew The Swim Skirt To The Swim Shorts

After trying out the office pin hack that was mentioned above, the next step would be to sew the swim skirt to the swim shorts. I will recommend that you give this to a tailor and explain what you’re trying to achieve so that they will be able to sew it in a way that will suit your lower body.

However, if you can sew well and would like to try this out, then here is how to go about it. First, use an office pin to clip the skirt and shorts together. You can start from the seam area of the swim skirt. Wear it to determine how comfortable it is. If it isn’t so comfortable, keep moving the office pin upwards until it reaches the region that is comfortable for you.

Mark this area with chalk, pen, or any material that will make you easily spot it. Then you’ll start sewing around that area.

If you don’t have a sewing machine but will like to sew it yourself, you can use a hand needle and thread to sew the swim skirt and shorts together.

Are There Alternatives To The Swim Skirt?

Yes, there is. And that is, substituting the swim skirt for swim shorts.

Some people wear swim skirts to cover their thighs for reasons best known to them only. If you do happen to fall into this sphere, you have the option of substituting your swim skirt for swim shorts. You can get long shorts that will be covering a good amount of your body.

Most swim shorts are tight-fitted. However, you can get those that aren’t so tight. There are loose swim shorts you can opt for if you would like to conceal your body shape.

If you have big thighs, you are sure going to get some loose-fitted swim shorts also.

Things To Consider When Getting Swim Skirts

When most people wear swim skirts, they kind of seem off. As though, they aren’t attuned with style. If you’re settling for swim skirts at the beach, there are certain things to put into consideration so you can feel comfortable and confident in the skirt, and you can look flattering as well.

1. Material

The best type of swim skirt is the type that is made from nylon and spandex or lycra. Because these materials are stretchy, so the swim skirt will still hold its shape when you leave the water, and it also gives the skirt better longevity no matter how frequently you wear it.

Some women tend to rock cotton swim skirts, and this isn’t a bad choice if you plan to spend more time under your tent or you plan to tan your skin. But if you will spend considerable time in the water, then nylon and spandex will be much better.

2. Length

We wear swim skirts for bottom coverage, and no matter how long the skirt is, we still want it to be free enough for us to move around comfortably in the water. The crux of it is that we wear it to cover up cellulite, our body shape, or we feel too old for revealing swimsuits, so this plays a huge part when choosing swim skirts.

If you want to cover your whole thigh, don’t opt for maxi length swim skirt because it will be too long and heavy. So when you want to wade in the water or lay down on a mat, you won’t be comfortable due to a large amount of fabric.

You can settle for a short swim skirt then long swim shorts that cover your thigh. Nevertheless, make sure you pick the colors of each swim piece carefully so there is harmony. If you’re not so good with colors, you can settle for black swim shorts, a black skirt, and a blacktop.

3. Fit

Swim skirts are worn for two different reasons. One, in swimming in water or to be used to cover up before or after swimming.

Swim skirts that are made to be worn inside the water are tight-fitting and usually shorter. They are also designed with built-in briefs underneath. These briefs are attached to the swim skirt so that it’s more comfortable when inside the water.

If you want a swim skirt that is for a coverup, then underneath it there won’t be built-in briefs but it will belong. This type of skirt is meant to be worn for tanning or relaxing underneath your umbrella. Most of this type of swim skirt may not be made from nylon and spandex, but if you keep searching you’ll find those made from it.

The coverup swim skirt is what you should opt for if you want to cover up your body. However, you’ll have to settle for the one made from swimsuit material. You can use the hacks above to prevent it from floating when you’re inside the water and swimming.

How To Rock A Swim Skirt Stylishly

Rocking a ruffle, lace crochet or high waist swim skirt adds to the style of the swim skirt. Most people wear plain swim skirts, so it doesn’t make them stand out from others on the beach. Just because you’re rocking a swim skirt doesn’t mean you have to forgo being stylish.

Another swim piece that adds to your style is the swimsuit top you rock. If you’re wearing a plain swim skirt, the top you rock can be the overall style of your swimsuit. If you will like to reveal a bit of your upper body part, you can go for swim crops tops or swim bandeau tops. Well, if you want a top that conceals your body, you can go for one-piece suits or crew neck swims tops.

If you would want to show some skin, there are more styles available for you to rock. With the limited designs available for modest swim tops, you can still have one that looks fabulous, especially if it is fitting.

Conclusion – How to Keep Swim Skirt From Floating Up

Keeping the swim skirt from floating up doesn’t necessarily require you to exert much energy on it. With the methods ready to be explored by you, the swim skirt will certainly cease from floating up.

In addition, our methods, to help you in choosing the swim skirts, and how best to rock a swim skirt. If this is your cue, then kindly follow through.


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