Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape Body (2022 Review)

When choosing a swimsuit, it is very important to choose swimsuits that will be perfect for your body and bring out its shape. The reason why a lot of people do not find the perfect swimsuit for their body shape is that they are looking in the wrong places. For you to get the best swimsuit for your body shape, you need to first learn what your exact body shape is.

There are people who confuse their body shape with other shapes, therefore when they get swimsuits, they do not fit properly. Getting your swimsuit in your shape and size is key and it can even add to your confidence. We have different types of body shapes associated with every human, some of them are; triangle or pear shape, spoon shape, hourglass shape, apple shape, rectangular shape, round or oval shape, diamond shape, etc.

One of the most popular among these shapes is the pear body shape. The pear body shape, also known as the triangle, has the shoulders and bust narrower than the hips. The person might have slim arms and a defined waist. To get swimsuits that are perfect for this shape, you need to find out what types of swimsuits are best for this shape.

Best Bathing Suit for Pear Shape Body Type at a Glance

1. Hilor Women's Shirred Halter One Piece Bathing SuitCheck Price Out On Amazon
2. CUPSHE Women's Vintage Lace Bikini Sets SwimwearCheck Price Out On Amazon
3. Tempt Me Women Two Piece High Waisted Bikini Set SwimsuitCheck Price Out On Amazon
4. RUUHEE Women Criss Cross High Waisted Two Piece Bathing SuitCheck Price Out On Amazon
5. COCOSHIP Retro One Piece Backless Bather SwimsuitCheck Price Out On Amazon

Factors to Consider When Getting a Swimsuit for Pear Shaped Body

When looking to get yourself a swimsuit for your pear body shape, you might need to look at some factors before getting your swimsuit eventually. This is very important because if you do not get a swimsuit that fits your shape, then it might be a problem.

1. Size

Whatever you do, make sure that the swimsuit you are getting fits you well. Getting the size right is very important as this can make you look good or look bad. If it’s too small then it might not fit or form a shape you wouldn’t be proud of. If it is too big, then it might not be perfect for your shape at all. What you need to do is to get yourself a swimsuit that will fit you well.

2. Usage

How you will use your swimsuit matters a lot. Are you using it for a long period of time every day or is it just a once-a-while thing? All these questions should be answered so that you would put in mind to get a swimsuit that will fit your usage plans. If you go to the beach once in a while then it is fine to get yourself any type of swimsuit. But if you would be using it every day then it is better you get one of very good quality to last a while.

3. Designs

Not all swimsuit designs are made for your type of body shape. Getting a very good swimsuit that fits your shape will make your curves look good, make you beautiful and give you confidence like never before.

4. Material/Fabrics

It is important you ask yourself which type of fabrics you want your swimsuit to be made out of. You can get from different fabrics as many materials as you want. Knowing the fabric you want will also help you to narrow down your search and how you need to budget for it. These fabrics could be Lycra, spandex, polyester, nylon, elastane, cotton, etc. You can also get those made specifically from hypoallergenic fabrics for people with allergies to certain fabrics.

5. Cost

Knowing the cost of what you are buying can also help you to know if you have the money for it or not. It can also help you to narrow down your choice of swimsuits according to how much you have with you. 

5 Best Swimsuits for Pear Shaped Body

These are a few swimsuits that I will recommend for whoever has a pear body shape to have in their wardrobes. These swimsuits are cute, figure-flattering, and perfect just for lunch.

1. Hilor Women’s Shirred Halter One Piece Bathing Suit

Hilor Women's Shirred Halter One Piece Swimsuits Macrame Back Swimwear Solid Bathing Suits Black 16


The Hilor women’s swimsuit is made of nylon and spandex. It is a one-piece swimsuit designed with a slimming structure that gives the body a smooth and flattering fit. It has a power stretch front panel to smoothen and flatter to add shape and support to the body. The macrame back design is handmade, and it has a v neckline.


2. CUPSHE Women’s Vintage Lace Bikini Sets Swimwear

CUPSHE Women's Ladies Vintage Lace Bikini Set Beach Swimwear Bathing Suit One Piece Swimsuit, XS Black


The Cupshe Women’s swimsuit is made out of chinlon and spandex fabrics. It has a tie closure, the neckline is a plunging neckline with lace inserts, crisscross straps, and a high cut design. It has padded cups for firm support. It is perfect for the swimming pool, holidays, vacations, honeymoon, beach, and cruise.


  • It has a tummy control panel for hiding belly bulges and love handles
  • It gives good coverage and support.

3. Tempt Me Women Two Piece High Waisted Bikini Set Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women White Two Piece High Waisted Bikini Set Swimsuit Tummy Control Bottoms Ruffle Off Shoulder Bathing Suits M


Tempt Me high-waisted bikini set is made of polyester and spandex fabrics. It comes with a removable padded push-up bra and adjustable shoulder straps and it is stylish and adorable. It features a flounce-off-shoulder bikini top with a ruffle sleeve that shows your attractive body without revealing too much. The design is meant to make you look more cute, charming, and curvy. The high-waisted bikini bottom is a ruched high-rise bikini bottom and has a tummy control panel. The side hollow-out design gives an extra attractiveness to the swimsuit.

The swimsuit is a high-quality fabric that is stretchy, breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and durable. It is appropriate for the swimming pool, beach parties, vacation, summer holidays, and other water activities.


  • The fabric is breathable and lightweight
  • The bikini set has a tummy control panel for hiding bulges and love handles
  • It has good coverage and firm support.

4. RUUHEE Women Criss Cross High Waisted Two Piece Bathing Suit

RUUHEE Women Criss Cross High Waisted String Floral Printed 2 Piece Bathing Suits (L(US Size 8-10), Rose Red)


The RUUHEE Women swimsuit is made out of polyester. It has a tie closure and is very soft and comfortable. The high-waisted bottom has a classic coverage with a tummy control panel and a high-waisted ruched feature to cover the belly. It also has a flattering floral design. The bikini top is a fine bandage top with a front cross tie knot at the back. The padding is not removable but has adjustable shoulder straps and push-up padded cups.

This swimsuit is perfect for vacations, honeymoons, summer holidays, beach parties, swimming pools, pool parties, and water activities.


  • It has good coverage and firm support
  • It has a tummy control panel for bulges and love handles
  • It is very comfortable.


  • The padding is not removable.

5. COCOSHIP Retro One Piece Backless Bather Swimsuit

COCOSHIP Classic Black Retro One Piece Backless Bather Swimsuit High Waisted Pin Up Solids Swimwear Beachwear L(US8)


The COCOSHIP backless swimsuit is made out of nylon and elastane. It has a tie closure and should be hand washed and flat dried. The design is a backless design with less support, for more support you can get the cross halter style. The swimsuit features removable cups pads and a front-back design. You can choose with the vintage backless high-waisted one-piece swimsuit or the cross-front back style.


  •  It is comfortable and lightweight
  • It comes in two different designs. You can choose your preference
  • It has removable paddings.


  • The bust is bigger for people with smaller busts.

You can choose to get any of these recommended products or you can choose to get all. Trust me they are worth it, comfortable, will flatter your body shape, and still give you all the confidence you need all at budget-friendly prices.

Is Swimming Good for a Pear Shape Body?

Swimming is a rigorous exercise, on its own, it is the workout you need to burn calories, excess fat, etc. However, there are questions brewing about swimming. One of them is, “Is swimming good for a pear-shaped body? The answer is yes. Yes, swimming is good for a pear-shaped body. You see, the beautiful thing about swimming is that it keeps you in shape and form, and if you keep on with it, it helps you to stay fit. However, there is no rule that says that a pear-shaped body shouldn’t swim.

One thing about swimming is that swimming every time defines your muscles and brings them out. If you have fears about swimming rebuilding your muscles and affecting your shape then you can swim less. Apart from this, swimming is good for pear-shaped bodies.

How to Choose a Bikini for Pear Body Shape

Choosing a bikini for the pear body shape requires paying attention to detail. This is because getting something different from your shape might not fit well when you wear it. I’ve curated a few bikini designs that you can wear if you have the pear body shape. The key to getting a great bikini for a pear-shaped body is by creating a balanced look between your upper and lower body.

To create this balance, get bikinis that will give volume and add shapes to your upper half of the body in order to balance with your curvy half. You can also select bikinis that will draw attention away from your legs to your waist. You can get slimming swimsuits for this to work. Here are a few examples of bikinis that can flatter your pear body shape;

1. Wear Bikinis that Elaborate Styles

For a pear-shaped body, you can get bikini tops that have elaborate styles, intricate designs, or unique bikini tops that take attention from the lower part of the body to the upper part of the body. 

2. Choose Bikini Tops with Prints and Patterns

Prints and Patterns work wonders for different types of reasons, from hiding belly bulges to love handles, to drawing attention away from the rest of your body, the bikinis with prints and patterns are exactly what you need for your pear-shaped body. When you want to get a bikini top, you can go for those with bold patterns or unique prints.

3. Get Yourself a Bandeau

Bandeaus are just the right bikini top to give your pear-shaped body the perfection it needs. You can get it in various designs that will give volume to the top half of your body.

4. Choose Bikini Tops with Plunging Necklines

To bring out your beautiful shape the most, you can go for bikini tops with V necklines or plunging necklines, the boldness of the top and your confidence in owning it will make it a perfect fit for your beautiful body shape.

5. Add Solid Dark Colored Bikini Bottoms to Your Wardrobe

Solid Dark colors make your body shape pop. When paired with great bikini tops, they flatter your curves, make your legs look longer, and give that slimming effect on your body shape. They are must-haves in your wardrobe.

6. Choose High Waisted Swimsuit Bottom

High-waisted bikini bottoms are very good for this body shape, they accentuate the shape of the waist and the narrow waist itself. They also make the legs look long which creates a balance between the top half and the lower half of the body. 

One Piece Swimsuit Type for Pear Shaped Body

To get one-piece swimsuits for your body shape you have to pay attention to details. Getting a one-piece swimsuit that will fit the pear-shaped body type perfectly is more challenging than getting bikini sets for this body shape. This is because the top is either too loose due to the fact that the bust is small or the bottom part is too tight because of the shapes. 

To get one with a great fit, you might have to try different designs over and over again until you are fully satisfied with the design. Here are some of the swimsuit styles that can do justice to your body type;

1. Plunging Necklines One Piece Swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits with a V neckline or a plunging neckline tend to fit the pear-shaped body perfectly due to the fact that they narrow and emphasize the waist. This will create awareness for the top half of the body thereby reducing the attention the lower part of the body gets 

2. One Piece Swimsuits with Unique Designs

Getting yourself a one-piece swimsuit that makes a bold statement or is unique from the traditional designs that people are used to is bound to turn heads in your direction. The swimsuit takes away all the attention on you and puts it on your swimsuit design.

3. Halter Top One Piece Swimsuit

You can also decide to get yourself a one-piece swimsuit in a halterneck design. This design is quite simple and perfect for any pear-shaped woman.

4. Off or One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit

Get yourself a one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder one-piece design. This design gives more volume to your upper body part and creates a balance between your top half and your lower half. They also look so great and I’m sure they will give you all the cuteness you need on the beach.

You can also go for more options like the belted one-piece swimsuit, solid colors one-piece swimsuit, lighter and darker colors swimsuits, swimsuits with ties and unique top designs, etc. When worn in the right size, these designs make the perfect swimsuit for any pear-shaped woman who might have been having problems picking the right swimsuit for herself. You can also have fun trying lots of swimsuit designs until you get those that you love the most.

Swimsuits to Avoid If You have a Pear Shaped Body

If you are not comfortable with people looking at your thick thighs over and over again or you do not want attention drawn to your curves then you should stay away from wearing certain swimsuit styles. Some of them are;

1. Boy Shorts Bottoms

The thing about wearing a boy short is that they draw attention to the lower part of the body, thereby drawing attention to your thick thighs. It emphasizes the lower part of your body which is what you do not want.

2. Avoid Swimsuits with Ruffles, Embellishments

When getting yourself a swimsuit, avoid designs that will add ruffles and embellishments to the lower part of your swimsuit. This will only draw attention to the lower part of the body, which is something you do not want.

Any swimsuit that will draw attention to the lower half of your body should be avoided. This is because they tend to show the hips and thick thighs that you are trying to draw attention away from. You should also remember that no two body types are the same, what works for someone else might not work for you, so do not pick a swimsuit because another pear-shaped woman is wearing them, it might not work for you and you will just end up getting disappointed.

Conclusion – Best Swimsuit for Pear Shape Body

There is nothing that gives more confidence than getting yourself a good swimsuit that fits your body shape perfectly. For pear-shaped women, it might be a bandeau or a swimsuit with plunging necklines or solid colors and unique tops.

Because each woman’s shape is quite different from the other, it is important that you get yourself what will fit you and this might mean doing a bit more research and trying out new clothes but eventually you will find the ones your body shape will fall in love with.


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