How To Fix A Bathing Suit Top Too Big With Steps

How To Fix A Bathing Suit Top Too Big: What could be worse than getting yourself a lovely swimsuit that you so much admire, only to discover it is way too big at the top after trying it out. You’re either to drop it or take it home so you can work on it.

And then the decision to drop it becomes something you’re unsure of. Majority of the time, the swimsuit may be so beautiful and trendy that you just can’t let it go.

Now one may want to know. Can bathing suit be altered?

Yes. Whatever problem you may be facing in regards to your suit, trust me, something can be done about it. It may not be entirely but to a large degree, you can alter the majority of your bathing suit.

So what category of the suit can be altered?

Category of Swimsuit That Can Be Altered

1. Bathing Suits That Are Too Large

If you should get a suit that is too big for you, or you’ve owned it for a while and you recently dropped some pounds as you try wearing your suit only to discover it has become so big, don’t fidget. You can work magic on it with our help.

All that is required is readjusting it to fit on your body. But then, know this. When you reduce a suit by more than a size, it doesn’t look good at all except you reduce it by both sides of the suit.

And if the suit has stretched such that it is becoming saggy as a result of the fabric, it means nothing can be done to it as there won’t be any fitting.

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2. A Bathing Suit That Is Too Small

If you should get a bathing suit that is too small or put on some weight or even from an online marketing store that gave you a size that isn’t your perfect body size, you’ve got no cause for alarm. Now you’re wondering if something can be done to alter it to fit.

Well, just so you know, bathing suits won’t have enough fabric that does come out from the seam, and there’s a method you can use in altering it to your body size.

3. The Size Of Your Bathing Suit Top Does Not Go With The Size Of Your Bathing Suit Bottoms

If peradventure you find out that your swimsuit top doesn’t go with the size of your suit bottoms, Don’t panic. This is most common in ladies. One of the challenges we face. When you sometimes buy a two-piece suit that is a set, you will discover that the top and bottom do not complement one another.

4. There Are Times You Would Want To Look Different

A little change here and there. That is a new look with your same old suit. Well, everything is possible. You can give your suit another look. For instance, you can turn a high waist bathing suit to a one-piece to spice things up.

However, you may be oblivious to the next course of action to take in fixing your suit. That’s it, giving your suit that unique touch that will transform it into a body fitted suit top for you. What are the measures to be taken?

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How To Fix A Bathing Suit Top Too Big: Items Needed


Get a mirror, put on your bathing suit and examine how you look through the mirror. Please let it be a full-length mirror and not a medium size mirror.


Get a hold of the bathing suit behind and try gathering the left and right shoulder of the suit by holding them in one hand at one-sided area. This will ensure that it is pulled around your bust region, making it easier to figure out where to start amending from.


Take your hands up and down the straps of your bathing suit. This will lead to different areas of the top of the bathing suit. You’re to stop when you’ve discovered the area that leads to a perfect fitting of your suit.


Get hold of your safety pin and use it to pin the two shoulder straps together.


When you’re done pinning it at that point, now it’s time to move freely with the suit on as though you’re trying a suit out. First, stretch your arms. Not across your body but over your head. Second, lower yourself down like you’re trying to get to your knees or toes.

While doing this, please take note of your movements in the mirror. If you notice that the suit is gaping or bunching, or looking as if there’s a restriction in some regions, then readjust the safety pin position. You can then take off the suit when you feel the fitting is good on your body.

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Now it is time to sew. Get a needle and a thread. Thread the needle with a colour that goes with your bathing suit. Perhaps it’s a suit with different colours, choose the most dominant colour and get a thread that matched with the colour.


Now take off the safety pin and use a straight pin for it instead.


Put the straps of the bathing suit underneath the sewing machine presser foot as you stretch. Takedown the presser foot onto the straps and take away the straight pin.

Then sew together the edges of the two straps in the zigzag stitch such that they can overlap for about 2 inches. Please keep stretching the straps slightly as you sew.

After sewing those edges together, trim the part that has been amended. You can start enjoying your suit again.

How To Fix A Bathing Suit Top That Is Too Small

Wear the bathing suit top and try securing it in a place where you often would secure it. Get a broomstick and place the stick under the strap of the suit which is at the chest region (underneath) that is stretchy. Please note that it shouldn’t be below the rips but above it, so you can make it smaller.

Now, take away the broomstick from you and you’re to hold for a minimum of 4 to 5 minutes. To you, it may sound so crazy but it is one great step to stretch one’s bathing suit and it works perfectly well. When you’re done with one side, do the same for the other side of the suit.

After you’ve done all that, you can now put the broomstick under the right strap against the top of your shoulder. Push the broomstick towards up for this method causes the straps to be less tight. Please do the same for the other side of the strap.

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How Do You Fix The Top Strap On A Bathing Suit?

First, get a hold of the strap and make them either to be tighter or to become lose such that you’re secured without the straps digging right into your skin.

After that, try arranging your bust by placing them in a soft manner and not in a rough manner around the region of your torso for they ought to be found firmly inside the bathing suit top.

Round up by looking at your figure at the mirror after putting it on to see if the suit top is going too high at the back or at the sides. If this is the case, make slight adjustments to the straps again. If you ain’t a fan of swimsuit alteration, then you might want to know how you can make a bathing suit top smaller without sewing.

To shorten bathing suit straps without sewing, what you need is a Strap Saver ( such as this QUALITY Flexible Clips Conceal Strap Saver) from Amazon. The work of a strap saver is to help you shorten your bathing suit straps without sewing. Using a strap saver is pretty easy and the good thing is that you can easily adjust it to fit you better.

How To Work On A Bathing Suit After Weight Loss

Items Needed


You don’t have to run around looking for quite a number of things to get. Just a few things from a shop that sells fabric will do. All you need to get is 1/4 yard of stretchy bathing suit fabric. If you’re lucky, you could be left with some of the leftovers from the fabric.

Please let the stretchy fabric be the same colour as the suit and pick a matching thread to go with it. Do not forget to pick a pair of push-up bra enhancer not in a medium or small size but in a full-size B/C cup.

Look out for a polyester tricot cover that is made from moulded polyester fiberfill. If you want to use a needle for your sewing machine, then use the universal needle for it as it is the best for this. Though we ain’t saying it can’t be hand sewn.

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Of course, it can. But however, the essence of using the sewing machine with a zig-zag is to quicken the sewing process. Also, some may not get it right if they are to use their hands. Hence the former is better.

So you are to cut it down to take back the enhancer pads. If you’re to do this, know that you won’t have to spend much rather than getting a new one.


For this second step, the number one thing you’re to do is to stitch a plain line around the edge of each of the enhancer pad, and you’re to round off the edges. Make sure the rounding is small for them to be placed rightly into your bathing suit bra cup without any issues. Don’t cut if it isn’t the same shape.

In as much as it does not go over the seams around the bra cup, you’re secured. Now, take scissors and trim off the excess edges of your enhancer pad. Please let it fit inside the cup as you stitch it further to the back and cutting off more if necessary. This process is more like a learning process at the beginning.


Spread out the enhancer pad on a smooth surface, with the bump from inside facing down the outside of the pad, that is smooth and rounded acing up which is facing towards you. Now lay the bathing suit fabric you’ve got over it and use your hand to smooth it down. Stretch gently when needed as you pin it right into the cut edge of the pad, around the entire edges.

Now, it necessarily does matter if you are to cut the fabric out or if you are to leave it as a large piece. The only thing that is required from you is to have excesses that are found around the edges so you can have something to be held to and be pulled out while you keep sewing.

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Turn the pad over and zigzag round it at the edge of the pad. So at this point, you’re going to sew through the pad and its fabric under and make sure you gently take away the pins from the inside to avoid inflicting your self with pains. Let the edge of the suit be stretched out so well for it to keep being smooth along the round part of the pad under.

In What Way Can One Replace Bathing Suit Elastic?

  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • A machine
  • Thread
  • Seam

Firstly, take your bathing suit and switch it from the inside to the outer part of the suit. Then you’re to use a seam ripper to take out the thread that is used to hold the broken elastic in the bathing suit. When the broken elastic is out, then, take the new elastic and pull it around your bust or around your waist. Depending on how you want it.

Also, it also depends on what type of elastic you’re using to replace it as you use it to get the right shape m. Pull it in a way that you feel so comfortable yet not too tight that you feel uncomfortable. But wait, do not cut it yet. First, add an extra inch to the length before cutting off the elastic using scissors.

It is time to bring both ends of the elastic band and sew them together using a sewing machine and a thread. You’re now to overlap on each of the ends of the band after you’ve seen both ends. You can put the new elastic inside the seam to which a new one is being replaced. Close the seam with a sewing machine.

Wrapping Up On How To Fix A Bathing Suit Top Too Big

Making life simpler with our bathing suit is easier than we thought. You don’t always have to go get new suits when you can alter the ones you’ve got to fit into your bodies once more.

So why spend more when you can always spend less with just some basic things needed in altering the suit.

It may seem a bit stressful but it’ll be worth every minute of your time as it gives you the privilege to once again slay in your suits.


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