19 Best Bathing Suit for Big Belly in 2022

Big belly is one of the problems that an average human being has to deal with. Sometimes the causes of big belly are not even as a result of weight gain, it could be genetic, due to rapid weight loss or other factors. Because of belly bulge, a number of people have refrained from doing some particular activities.

One of these activities is swimming. Belly fat has taken swimming away from a number of females because they do not want to show their big belly in public. I know how devastating this can be for someone who enjoy the beach and swimming in general.

The good news is that there are now swimsuits being produced for women to be able to hide their big belly. These swimsuits are made with not only tummy control, they are also designed to flatter the body. In this post, we will be checking out the best swimsuits to hide your big belly.

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However, there are some factors that you need to put into consideration if you will be getting for yourself a belly hiding swimsuit;

What to Look For When Getting a Swimsuit for Your Big Belly

What makes the best bathing suit for big belly? Here are some things to look out for when you are about to get your swimsuit. These factors listed below should help serve as a guide when making a purchase.

1. Durability of the Material Used

One quality you should look for when getting your bathing suit is its durability. And since durability comes from the material making up the suit, this becomes a vital guide factor. Our pick for the best bathing suit for a big belly is made from a combination of Polyester, Lycra, Nylon, Spandex, or Elastane. They also often include blended synthetic fibers such as Poly PBT or XLA. These materials make for tough suits that are resistant to chlorine’s effects and long-term exposure to UV from sunlight. Essentially, they tend to have impressive life spans, ensuring you enjoy your money’s worth.

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It is good to check out the materials that you will prefer when getting a swimsuit. It will also help you to know which you are allergic to or do not like and the ones that will suit you better.

2. Availability in Sizes and Body Shape

You will be pleased to know that the products reviewed in this piece are available in different sizes. This ensures that you can still count on having the best bathing suit in the market for yourself regardless of your size. Again, stores provides a size guide chart to assist you in making adjustments best for you.

3. Body Shape

Knowing your body shape will help you choose which swimsuit will flatter your body shape and which one won’t. This is why it is important to know your body shape before getting a swimsuit.

4. Usage

How you will be using your swimsuit matters very much. If you will be using it frequently then it will be better if you get one of good quality. This might be more expensive but it will not fall apart easily when used repeatedly, especially in the pool.

5. Design

You can browse the designs you will like, this will help you to narrow down your choices when you are ready to get yourself a swimsuit.

6. Price Range

Price is a major determining factor with the market saturated with numerous products. This makes pricing very important when you are about to get your swimsuit, check to make sure that the swimsuit you are getting is budget friendly and not above your budget in any way. This will also help you to make easier choices when you see about to start buying.

To this end, this list of best bathing suits for big belly has incorporated both high-end and low-end price ranges. We’ve thrown in the price mix to help you make decisions based on your purchasing power without necessarily sacrificing quality.

Other Things to Check When Picking Swimsuit to Hide Your Big Belly

Hiding your belly in a swimsuit is as easy as picking the right bathing suit to wear. But choosing the right swimsuit is not as easy as you might think. For one, swimsuits come in a variety of designs and styles coupled with diverse manufacturers flooding the market. This further makes your buying decision tedious.

1. Understand Your Body Type

Don’t be fooled by the several designs that help hide your belly. Many might not work well with your body type, hence the need to understand your body’s limits.

2. Consider Getting a Size Bigger

If you have a big belly or any other feature, you wish to hide around your abdominal region, getting a size up is advisable. This gives room for your suit to sit gently on your body and effortlessly conceal the belly.

3. Highlight Your Positives

Besides hiding your belly, you should also consider a bathing suit that can help accentuate other qualities of your body. This will further make onlookers oblivious to your stomach fat.

4. Try-On Different Designs and Styles

Never think you will get it right one-off. For best results, dedicate quality time to try on as many as possible designs and styles before settling on one to buy.

What Swimsuit is Best for a Big Belly?

Any swimsuit that provides sufficient cover for the abdominal region is good for hiding a big belly. Thankfully, bathing suits use several ways to achieve this flattening effect on the stomach. To summarily put, swimsuits designs like high-waist, ruching, a lower neckline, and color blocking all can create optical illusions of a slimmer tummy. The best swimsuit for a big belly will incorporate any of these features to help divert attention away from your midsection.

19 Best Swimsuits for Your Big Belly

Recently, there has been a boom in the numbers of beach, pool, and water park visitors, which has led to the rise in the popularity of bathing suits. Different designs are being created by the day, and picking the right one for your belly can be tedious.

To get perfect swimsuits to hide your big belly then you should look at the following;

Ruched one or two-piece swimsuits

Ruched swimsuits are great for hiding a big belly. The folded materials of the swimsuit gather at the belly and make it very easy to hide. What’s more, the ruching design can be gotten in either one-piece or two-piece suits. This means regardless of your preference; you can still leverage this to hide your big belly. Moderate ruch designs are equally up to the task of making your tummy area less noticeable.

For this I will recommend;

1. RXRXCOCO Women V Neck One Piece Swimsuit

RXRXCOCO Women V Neck One Piece Swimsuits Tummy Control Ruched Swimwear Halter Bathing Suit Leopard Large


This swimsuit is made of nylon and elastane. The fabric is thick, soft, and stretchy. It is also lined so it doesn’t become see-through when wet. The deep plunge V Neck and halter neck adjustable straps make it very sexy. The ruching on the sides and the high waisted design are great for tummy control including a post baby body. It is appropriate for the beach, pool party, vacation, club wear, indoor and outdoor swimming.

This swimsuit is true to size, control tummy and has a removable pads and adjustable straps.

2. Firpearl Women’s Macrame Ruched Swimwear

Firpearl Women's Halter One Piece Swimsuits V Neck Slimming Bathing Suits Braid Macrame Ruched Tummy Control Swimwear Black US16


The famous Firepearl women Macrame Ruched bathing suit uses a combination of ruching design with mesh lining in the front to help provide adequate cover for your big belly. It also features a handmade braid macrame lace on the neck boosting support to the chest and overall comfort. The suit remains one of the most loved bathing suits by many.

3. Tempt Me High Neck Ruched Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit Deep Purple V Neck Mesh Ruched Swimwear S


This bathing suit utilizes a combination of high neckline with playful mesh insert and ruched sides to help you create a flirty yet flattering appeal. It also has a modest bottom cut and is comfy to wear. Produced by Tempt Me, you can be sure of adequately concealing your big stomach.

Peplum Swimsuits

Hiding your big belly in a bathing suit shouldn’t be difficult, and you can count on suits with peplum silhouettes designs to do just that. It follows the same manner in which peplums flatter bellies in regular clothing. This design can help create a clear waist definition around the slimmest part of your stomach. Peplum designs gently go around the tummy area, creating a subtle A-line shape that flawlessly conceals fat. Take care not to get excessively bulky styles; instead, ensure moderate peplums.

The loose material of the peplum swimsuit makes it easier to hide the extra fat on your belly. The design is also created to give you a flattering look.

For the peplum tankini I will recommend;

4. Yonique Plus Size Swimsuit for Women

Yonique Plus Size Swimsuits for Women Tummy Control Two Piece Bathing Suits Peplum Tankini Tops High Waisted Swimwear Black 24plus


This two piece swimsuit has a peplum tankini top and a high waisted bikini bottoms which features a criss cross design. The strap is adjustable and removable depending on your figure.

The tankini features a bandeau with an in -built padded bra with lace up. It gives moderate coverage support and it is very flattering. The vintage style includes a special waist design to enhance the body shape and makes you look slimmer. It covers the stomach and back roll perfectly without exposing a lot.

The design is unique and body flattering, comfortable and stretchy., and the pads are easily detachable. However, you should be-careful because the back rides up if the straps are pulled too tight.

5. FERBIA Women Falbala Peplum Spaghetti StrapTankini

FERBIA Women High Waisted Tankini Swimsuit Two Piece Falbala Tankini Halter Ruffle Peplum Bikini Swimwear Bathing Suit


The Falbala peplum spaghetti bathing suit excellently combines a halter neck adjustable slim strap, flounce floral leaf print as well as peplum design to create a good suit for your big belly. It is made from stretchy materials and spreads quickly over your big belly to create a slimmer curve.

Solid Dark Color Suits

Without stress, dark colors will always come to mind whenever you wish to conceal any part of the body. In that same light, you can leverage dark color bathing suits to help create the appearance of a flat tummy. Dark variations of colors like red, black, and others will help tone your stomach, thereby creating a slimmer figure.

You can also enhance this by getting solid dark color with other attributes mentioned above.

6. Sovoyontee Women’s Plus Size High Waisted Swimsuit

Sovoyontee Women's Orange 2 Piece Plus Size High Waisted Tummy Control Swimwear Swimsuit 2XL 16


The two piece comes as a triangle shaped halter bikini top with a wide elastic strap and a removable padded cup lining. The bikini bottom is full coverage with an elastic waist and tie sash for tummy control. It is also available in black, yellow, orange, dark green, and white.

It come with removable pads and are true to size. Also good for tummy control which makes it suitable to hide big belly.

7. Smismivo Tummy-Control Halter One-Piece Swimsuit

Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear Halter One Piece Slimming Vintage Retro Swimsuit Womens Ruched Plus Size Push Up Bathing Suit Black


This bathing suit features an adjustable halter neckline alongside a ruched pattern in the torso, making it easy for it to accentuate your curves. This combination of flattering features helps smooth your big belly.

8. Miraclesuit Mirage High Neckline Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Illusionist Mirage High Neckline Underwire Bra Tankini Bathing Suit Top, Black, 10


Bathing suits can also be leveraged to cover big bellies, and the Solid Mirage high neckline Swimdress from Miraclesuit is a good option. It controls your bulges by smoothening out the stomach and accentuating the shape of your figure. It also has a draped design for additional coverage, effectively guaranteeing an appealing appearance.

High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

The high waisted bikini bottoms help you to conceal your big belly because of its high waist. The high waist covers most of the belly so it makes it easy to conceal your belly. They can help you accentuate your waist region, creating an illusion of a smaller, flatter, sharper waistline.

For this I recommend;

9. Tempt Me Women Two Piece Vintage Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women's Vintage Swimsuits Green Retro Halter Ruched High Waist Bikini with Bottom XS


The swimsuit has an adjustable self tie halter with a clasp hook. It has a padded push up bra with adjustable straps that give firm support to the bust. Also, it has a pleated front side that is figure flattering. It is appropriate for going to the beach, using the indoor and outdoor pool, vacation, theme party, etc. It is made of soft, stretchy, comfortable fabric.

The only downside is the bra cups can be smaller than usual.

10. High Waist Swim Bottom from GRAPENT

GRAPENT Women's High Waisted Swim Bottom Ruched Bikini Tankini Swimsuit Briefs Size L, Solid Black


This high waist bottom checks off the right boxes in terms of creating a flattering appearance. The tummy coverage is excellent, and it also incorporates a ruching design for the perfect slimming figure. Extra lining provides comfort and modestly covers your cheeks.

11. Retro Halter Ruched High Waist Bikini by TEMPT ME

Tempt Me Women's Vintage Swimsuits Olive Green Retro Halter Ruched High Waist Bikini with Bottom XXL


The Tempt Me company remains one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to bathing suits. And what’s more, they have an extensive collection of two-piece sets with high waist designs. Its Retro Halter two-piece bathing suit comes with an adjustable and supportive top. The bottom half has a pleating design for controlling abdominal bulges.

Pattern or Prints Swimsuits

You can never go wrong with Patterns or prints. They do not only streamline your waist to make it smaller, they also take the attention off your big belly. When searching for a bathing suit that can efficiently and effortlessly cover your big belly, those with prints on remain one of your best choices. You can rely on images and patterns to mask your stomach while allowing the audience to fixate on colorful patterns.

Print and patterns can also be leveraged with two-piece bathing suits. All you have to do is pair the printed bottom with a solid color top piece. Such a combination allows for conspicuous contrast between both pieces.

For your pattern or prints swimsuit I recommend;

12. B2PRITY Women One Piece Swimsuit

B2prity Women One Piece Swimsuit Tummy Control Swimwear V Neck Bathing Suit


If you prefer to show off some skin, but still want to hide your belly, then the Backless Slimming Monokini bathing suit by B2PRITY is for you. It can help you create a slimmer tummy thanks to its backless halter design, plunging neckline, and ruching across the midsection. It comes with mixes of bright and dark colors to further take attention away from your stomach.

This one piece swimsuit has an adjustable halter neck, the strap can be tied in two ways. The material is comfortable, stretchy, and very soft. The ruched pattern has been designed to slim the body shape. The breast padding has been made to suit the bust and show off the body shape. The design is a deep V Neck which gives it a classy and sexy style. It is backless and meant to flatter the curves. The paddings at the bust can also be removed if you want.

The breast paddings are removable and comfortably covers the belly.

13. ADOME Women Two-Piece Floral Swimwear

ADOME Swimsuits for Women Bikini Swimsuit 2 PCs High Waist Floral Swimwear with Tummy Control Green, XL


This two-piece bathing suit incorporates a flowery print that is appealing to the eyes and uses a ruching design to conceal your big belly further. The Adome women floral bathing suit is made of 82% Polyester and 18% Acrylic means it’s soft, stretchy, and comfortable on your body. It also uses an adjustable shoulder strap to fit the different body sizes.

Ruffled Suits

By design, bathing suits are made with trim clothing materials since they are meant to help you achieve a streamlined shape in the water. But today, bathing suits now feature ruffles to serve as a figure-flattering detail. Ruffled suits are an excellent concealer of a big tummy and should be on your list. To hide your bulges, you can go for tiered or regular ruffles around the abdomen.

14. Hilor One-Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit

Hilor Women's One Piece Swimsuits One Shoulder Swimwear Asymmetric Ruffles Bathing Suits Black 8


The Hilor one-shoulder suit has three attributes of a bathing suit with concealer abilities. It has a prominent asymmetric neckline designed with ruffle trim and a ruched center to make the ultimate big belly hiding suit.

15. SouqFone Ruffled Flounce Top with High-Waist Bottom

SouqFone Women Swimsuit High Waisted Printed Sexy Bikini Push Up Ruffled Flounce Bathing Suit - XL, Flower-01


Tankinis are great for hiding virtually all types of tummy bulges, and the SouqFone Ruffled Flounce top does an excellent job of that. It comes with a high-waist bottom to further secure your big belly for a more favorable result.

Dark Bottom, Light or Bright on Top

If you can strategically mix and match colors, then you can be able to conveniently hide your big belly while accentuating other parts of your body. For one, dark colors minimize attention while bright colors are conspicuous. This same logic is applied to bathing suits, and you can use it to guide your buying decision. You must ensure the bathing suit provides color placement abilities with dark colors around the tummy and bright colors on other parts.

This will subtly camouflage the tummy and take attention away from your belly—the best part. You can get this design in both one or two-piece bathing suits. In a one-piece suit, color placement has been done for you. But with a two-piece suit, you have to mix and match the colors yourself since most of these types of suits are sold separately.

16. CUPSHE Women’s Wrap Color Block swimsuit

CUPSHE Women's Orange White Bowknot Bathing Suit Padded One Piece Swimsuit, M


When searching for the dark bottom with bright top colors bathing suits, look no further than the Cupshe women wrap color block suit. Coming in a wide variety of color mixes, you are sure to get one that appeals to you and is effective at masking your big belly.

17. Prime Performance Scoop Neck One Piece Swimsuit by REEBOK

Reebok Women's Swimwear Sport Fashion Northern Lightshow Scoop Neck One Piece Swimsuit, Multicolored, 14


The Prime Performance Scoop Neck bathing suit uses a special lining on the inside for tummy control. Added to this is its fading print design and the use of darker colors on the bottom to create a slim belly illusion.

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One Piece with a Deep Neckline

One-piece bathing suits will generally provide some form of coverage for your belly. When it comes to covering a big belly, choosing a plunging neckline is a trick to flatter it. This draws attention to the top half, making the midsection less prominent. You can even get better results by picking a deep neck design with prints or patterns.

18. Oceanus Swimsuit by MIRACLESUIT

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Must Have Oceanus Tummy Control V-Neckline Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit, Delphine, 18


This bathing suit comes with a built-in underwire to help support the busts. It also has a ruch design that runs from side to side across the belly, effectively concealing it. The Oceanus suit by Miraclesuit accentuates the bust and the waist, keeping onlookers’ attention away from your big stomach.

19. TEMPT ME V-Neckline Monokini Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women One Piece Swimsuit Black High Neck V-Neck Mesh Ruched Monokini M


Temp Me product complete the list of best bathing suits for hiding a big belly. This time, the V-Neckline Monokini bathing suit has attractive ruching that quickly hides a big belly. It utilizes a smoothing mesh at the back to prevent spillage familiar with tight-fitting suits. This creates an overall comfort as well as a flattering abdomen.

How Can I Hide My Belly in a Swimsuit?

For some women their belly bulge is sensitive and they will rather not show it outside to anyone for any reason. However, what happens when you need to go to the pool or the beach? So, how exactly can you hide your belly in a swimsuit? There are a few ways you can use to hide your belly in a swimsuit. This will make you comfortable and you can enjoy your time having fun instead of being so self conscious.

1. Eat Less Before Swimming

For you to be able to hide your belly in your swimsuit then you might have to eat a bit less than you are used to. This is because the stomach tends to protrude immediately after you’ve eaten and this can cause your belly bulge to show.

2. Wear a High Waisted Swimsuit

High waisted swimsuits can be very helpful when you want to hide your bulging tummy. This can be a high waisted bikini bottoms or high waisted one piece. Whatever it is, make sure that it is according to your body shape.

3. Go Bold With V Neck Swimsuits

V Neck swimsuits are very particular about taking the attention away from your tummy to the v neck design (Talk about bold). This particular swimsuit design is very good to put on if you want to hide your belly bulge without worries.

4. Get Yourself Amazing One Pieces

One piece swimsuits do not just come in the traditional design anymore. They are bold, creative, exciting and definitely what you need to hide your belly fat. From the ruched, to the ruffles, to the asymmetric designs, you will definitely get what you need and emerge looking sexy on top.

5. Let Your bikini Tops Take All the Attention

One effective way of hiding your belly bulge is to get bikini tops that will take all the attention. You can get tops with plunging necklines, bows, ties, wraps, etc. Once you get these tops, it becomes easier to hide your belly bulge.

How Do You Hide Mom Pooch In A Bathing Suit?

A mom pooch is a result of pregnancy and can take a while before losing all the accumulated fat as well as smoothening of stretched skin. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, but should you want to hide it when heading to the beach or pool, keep in mind that your best bet is to leverage on bathing suits with soft, fold-over bands that sit on top of the skin with mom pooch. I will suggest going for a ruched or ruffled one-piece. Alternatively, if you are a fan of two-piece bathing suits, then the High-Waist bottoms are perfect.

Mom pooch is the reason why a lot of women are not going to swim anymore. While this has not deterred some women, the few that are self conscious are at their wits end on how to make the swimsuit work while hiding their mom pooch at the same time. Seeing that it’s not every swimsuit design that works for mom pooch, what then would work?

1. Wear Color Blocking Swimsuits

A color blocking swimsuit will do the trick of hiding a mom pooch when you need one. The different colors take attention off your mom pooch to your swimsuit. The next time you need a swimsuit to hide your mom pooch, you can go for color blocking swimsuits.

2. Embrace Prints Swimsuits More

Swimsuits with prints on them are very good at hiding mom pooch. What the print does is take away the attention from your pooch to the prints on your swimsuits. Prints that can quickly become your favorites include; horizontal prints, big prints, leopard prints, stripes etc. These types of prints take the attention off your mom pooch.

3. Wearing Ruched Swimsuits Works

Ruched swimsuits are one of your best bets when it comes to wearing swimsuits that conceal your mom pooch. The ruches on the swimsuit take it all in and effectively hide the mom pooch you have. You can decide to wear a ruched one piece swimsuit or a ruched high waisted two piece swimsuit.

4. Get Yourself A Swimsuit With Plunging Neckline

Swimsuits with plunging necklines are not only bold, they also do a very good work of effectively hiding your mom pooch at the same time. The plunging neckline takes the attention off your mom pooch to the swimsuit design which becomes more interesting than your mom pooch.

5. Get Yourself Beautiful Cover Ups

Cover Ups have never let anyone down yet, (definitely not me). Cover Ups are very effective when you want to cover up your mom pooch. This will not only give you confidence, it will also serve its purpose of covering up your pooch and making you feel beautiful at the same time. In the end, it’s a win-win for you.

It’s not all swimsuits designs that can hide the mom pooch, it is advisable you go for the one that can work for you best as an individual.

How Do You Look Good in a Swimsuit if You are Fat?

These days looking good is good business even if you are fat or chubby. This means that not only skinny ladies can wear swimsuits these days. Even though you are fat you can still look good in a swimsuit and there are very easy ways to do this. So can you look good in a swimsuit? Yes, you can. Here’s how;

1. Understand What Your Body Type Is

The very first thing you should do is to know your body type. Your body shape is very important when you want to choose a swimsuit. Do not just pick a swimsuit and wear it because you can, errr, it might be a disaster. There are about 6 types of body shapes, (round, rectangle, triangle or pear, hourglass, and diamond).

Understand your body shape and the less flattering parts of it, this will help you to know which swimsuit will be best for you.

2. Get Swimsuits with Tummy Control

Swimsuits with tummy control give you the chance to hide your bulging belly and still look good at the same time( you can check my previous post on best bathing suits to hide fupa). These swimsuits have a tummy control panel that tucks in the fat on your belly and makes your waist look slimmer.

3. Avoid Swimsuits That Puts Attention on Your Tummy

There are some swimsuit designs that will put attention on your belly bulge, if you are not careful. When buying swimsuits, you should be very wary of swimsuits that will display your tummy bulge, this might make it difficult to look good in them.

4. Avoid Stomach Bloating Foods

Try to avoid eating foods that will bloat your tummy a few days before you will wear your swimsuit. Avoid food like processed carbs, processed food, salt, sugar, etc. These days you can concentrate your appetite on vegetables, fruits, water, and proteins. Be very careful of what you eat and a bloated stomach will definitely avoid you.

5. Cover Up Back Rolls

The rolls by your side and back can spoil your big girl plans with your swimsuit if you aren’t paying attention. Avoid swimsuits that will expose your back and side rolls. Swimsuits with tiny multiple straps should be avoided as they will dig into your skin and cause it to fold. Also, go for swimsuits with regular straps as they look better than the tiny ones.

You can also wear a one piece swimsuit or two piece with sufficient back coverage in order to hide the folds and make you look good.

6. Wear Your Swimsuits Confidently

Nothing will work if you are not confident about yourself. You need to be confident about what you are wearing, how you carry yourself also matters a lot. If you do not exhibit confidence then it is easy for people’s attention to be on you. Carrying yourself confidently in your amazing, sexy swimsuit will always make you look good in your swimsuits every time you put them on.

Conclusion – Best Bathing Suit For Big Belly

Big belly can be conspicuous, especially when in bathing suits since they aren’t designed to give you maximum coverage. This doesn’t mean you can leverage on some styles to help provide a smooth appeal to your tummy. The above-listed designs and products are sure to help you on your quest for a flatter, curvier belly in bathing suits.

As someone with mom pooch, you can also watch what you eat and the types of swimsuits that you get. These swimsuits will help you to hide your mom pooch effortlessly. Moreover, you can also look good in a swimsuit even if you are fat or chubby. All you need to do is avoid certain things and you are good to go. No matter what happens you deserve to go to the pool or the beach and enjoy yourself without worrying about if you look good or not.


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