Can You Swim Laps in a Tankini?

Perhaps you just got a weekend break, a leave at work, or you just decided to go on a vacation, especially during the summer? If yes, I’m pretty sure that the first place you will most likely consider is the beach for some swimming adventure. Sure, swimming is an awesome hobby. In fact, it is actually one of the most fascinating recreational activities in which many people engage.

You may as well be an individual that takes interest in swimming as a sport. If so, you should be familiar with several kinds of swimsuits that are suitable for swimming laps, especially Tankinis which are one of the best choices. But wait, you may quickly cut in with the question “Tankini?”, Can you swim laps in a Tankini?

The answer of course is yes, you can swim laps in a Tankini and in fact, not just swim but swim comfortably in a Tankini. So, in case you are going for a swimming competition that involves swimming laps, or maybe you just take interest in lap swimming, wearing a suitable Tankini is a wise decision you can make.

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In this article, I will explore various important things you need to know about tankinis for swimming as well as other swimsuits in general.

Are Tankinis Good for Laps?

I can assure you that the next time you are asked this particular question, your response will be an absolute “Yes”. Tankinis are good pieces for swimming laps.

Some of the benefits of Tankinis are:

1. Reduces Drag

When you swim in the water, you create a drag force in the water which actually pushes against your body and slows down your motion. Due to the nature of the materials used for making Tankinis, they reduce the drag force of water that repels your motion. This, therefore, enables you to swim faster in water.

2. Comfortable

When it comes to having a good swimming experience, nothing else should be more emphasized than comfort. If you don’t feel comfortable with your swimwear, you may not be able to swim laps. Tankinis are designed to fit on your body and give you both comfort and smartness. They are styled to give your body the flexibility required to make your strokes in the pool without any restriction.

3. Long lasting

Tankinis are also durable Swimwear. You won’t have to keep wasting your money to buy new ones every time. This is because Tankinis are made with fabrics that are resistant to chemicals such as chlorine added to the pool. They also retain their elasticity for a long period.

Are Tankinis Flattering?

Absolutely Yes, Tankinis are really flattering. If you want to be that singular lady that turns guys’ heads on the beach, you should wear a Tankini and get those genuine compliments.

A Tankini top will reveal part of your stomach and show off your glowing skin, especially if you have a very attractive one. Tankinis also help you to uplift your boobs, giving you an overall sexy and irresistible appearance.

Is a Tankini Just The Top?

Most times when people, especially women hear the word “Tankini”, what comes to their mind is a one-piece short top that looks flirty and sexy. You had probably once had that same thought and asked “Is a Tankini just a top?”

Absolutely no, a tankini is not just the top. In fact, a tankini is a two-piece swimsuit that has not only a top which is designed more like a tank top but also a bottom piece to cover the bottom half part of your body.

Tankinis are however styled in different ways. some are designed in such a way that part of your belly will be exposed to show off your glowing skin while others are made to completely cover your stomach. Of all kinds of swimsuits, tankinis are a good option when it comes to swimming laps or just having your vacation at the beach.

 Now that you know that a tankini is made up of both the top piece and the bottom piece, let’s take a look at each component.

1. Tankini tops

A Tankini top is a single one-piece that forms the upper part of your Tankini swimwear. It makes you feel the utmost comfort on the beach regardless of your body shape and size. Apart from giving you a better swimming experience while swimming laps, a Tankini top is actually flattering and you will get a lot of compliments from people telling you how well it suits you. Some Tankini tops are padded and this can help to uplift your boobs. Some, especially underwire Tankinis act just like a bra that supports your chest especially if you have large busts.

2. Tankini bottoms

Just as you have various kinds of Tankini tops, there are also different styles, designs, and models of Tankini bottoms from which you can choose. Just as a pair of trousers complete a shirt, a Tankini bottom completes a Tankini top. Swim skirts swim shorts and some other high-waisted Tankini bottoms are examples of good pairs to complement your Tankini top.

 Worried about color? You really don’t need to worry. Both Tankini tops and bottoms come with different colors. You have a wide range of choices to make depending on what color you like, cool or dazzling.

What Kind of Swimsuits Should I wear For Swimming Laps?

If you are a fan of swimsuits, then you should know that there are different kinds of swimsuits available out there from which you have to choose the one which suits you the most, or perhaps that suits the purpose of swimming laps.

Some kinds of swimsuits that you should wear for swimming laps are:

1. Triangle Top

Just as the name suggests, a triangle top is basically a bikini top that is designed in form of triangular pieces of clothing covering each of your boobs. It looks quite simple and comfortable for swimming laps.

2. One-Shoulder Top

This swimsuit has a single strap going over one of your shoulders instead of the usual designs of most swimsuits in which each shoulder will have its own strap. The fact that it has one strap increases the mobility of your arms while swimming.

3. Underwire Top

This is a kinda flirty swimsuit which you can consider if you are going out on a date to the beach. You may as well wear this to get the attention of your crush, you know that’s cool, right?

The underwire top looks like a bra and it can be either padded or unpadded depending on the type you like.

4. Sports-Bra Top

This actually looks best for swimming sport. It gives you that sportsman look that boosts your morale as a swimmer. You will gain that extra confidence and just swim the laps/

5. Longline Top

This looks very similar to a crop-top and feels so comfortable. It covers up your body to that part a little below your rib cage.

6. One-Piece

This is called one-piece because it is absolutely a piece of clothing that covers your body from top to bottom all in just one piece.

7. Sports Suit

This is the ideal style of swimsuit you need if your main aim is neither getting attention nor flirting but to just swim your laps freely. It’s so much designed for sport and gives you the ability to swim laps easily and rapidly.

What Accessories Do You Need To Swim Laps?

Swimming laps may not be as difficult as you think if you have the right accessories it takes. If you really want to achieve this in a comfortable way, you should consider having these accessories:

1. Tankini

Among other things, you shouldn’t be ignorant of the kind of swimwear you put on when you go to the pool to swim laps. The type of suit you wear to the pool can have a great impact on your ability to swim laps. It is therefore wise enough to put on a Tankini which is quite much suitable for lap swimming.

A Tankini enables you to have free mobility in water because it is designed with fittings that have thin straps that won’t run on your shoulders or restrict your movement in the water.

 The fact that Tankinis are smart and fitting, not baggy or overweight will allow you to swim fast through long distant laps in water because the wear won’t add any unnecessary weight or frictional drag to your movement in the water.

 2. Underwater Goggles

Wearing the right swimsuit can be a wise decision to make, yet you should also try as much as possible to protect your eyes in the pool. You should remember that having blurry vision while swimming will actually impede your ability to swim laps.

It is therefore advisable for you to use a pair of underwater goggles while swimming in order to protect your eyes from the impact of chemicals that are added to the pool to purify them. Using a pair of Underwater googles gives you a clear view underwater. You will be able to see the other swimmers competing with you clearly. You will also be able to see whether you are maintaining your lane or missing it out.

 It is thus obvious that using a pair of Underwater googles will be an added advantage for you to have a better swimming experience and swim laps.

3. A swimming Cap

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be disturbed by your long hair while swimming laps in the pool. Hence, it is advisable for you to use a swimming Cap to have a better swimming experience.

Imagine how disturbed you will be if your hair keeps blocking your view in the water or even entering into your mouth. This will certainly distract you and make you lose your attention while swimming and you know that will be really bad for a swimming competition.

 Swim caps will make you feel more relaxed while swimming laps. The fact that most swim caps are made from latex or silicone materials makes them feel soft and rubbery, giving your head a texture of comfort.

4. Fins

Think about this, what makes fishes swim faster and easier?… Fins, you got that right! Having fins in your swim bag will quite be helpful when you are about to swim laps. Using fins to swim will help you strengthen your legs and improve your swimming techniques.

Swimming fins are made of rubbery materials which make them flexible, thus they won’t exert much pressure on your ankles but allow you to swim faster (just like a fish, you know) in water. This will significantly improve your chances of swimming laps in the pool.

Conclusion – Can You Swim Laps in a Tankini?

Different kinds of swimwear are available out there but swimming laps require getting a suitable Tankini. So, in case you have been wondering if you could actually swim laps in a tankini, yes, you can do so very comfortably.

Tankinis enable you to swim laps by enhancing your comfort, reducing the drag of water against your body, and giving you the smart and fitting look that boosts your confidence and expertise when swimming. In addition to giving you a better swimming experience, Tankinis also gives you a flattering appearance that will get many people admiring you on the beach. Sure, a flattering look like a spark of light will illuminate their hearts!


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