Can You Swim Laps in a 2 Piece?

As a pastime activity or as an exercise, swimming is an activity that appeals to a wide range of individuals. Backed by that appeal is an immersed medical advantage with little chance of getting injured. But make no mistake, swimming is a highly technical sport that involves getting a handle. The more proficient you are with your skillset, the more straightforward it becomes. While splashing around in the pool might appear like swimming to many, learning the basics of lap swimming can be tedious.

Regardless of which technique you choose, there are a few significant bits of gear that can have a substantial effect on your swimming exercise. One such gear is the swimsuit. By design, swimsuits can help streamline our body shape in water to reduce drag or increase drag. For this reason, choosing the right swimwear is essential, making it common to hear the question: can you swim laps in a 2-piece? 

Yes, specialized two-piece swimsuits make an excellent wear for lap swimming and becomes necessary if you train outdoors. A two-piece suit allows your skin to soak up the sunshine while also providing adequate coverage and comfort of a one-piece swimsuit. Take care not to go for regular swimsuits when planning to swim laps. Thankfully prominent designers are creating more two-piece swimsuits that allow lap swimming.

Can I Wear a Regular Bikini for Lap Swimming?

No, this is because regular bikinis are designed as a fashion statement or sunbathing gear. This doesn’t mean you still can’t swim in one, but it’s advisable to go for a workout bikini in terms of lap swimming. Thankfully, there are loads of different styles of workout bikinis that are generally meant for lap swimming and aqua jogging.

Reasons Why You Can’t and Shouldn’t Wear Regular Bikinis for Lap Swimming

Below are a few reasons why you can and shouldn’t wear regular bikinis for lap swimming:

1. Absence of Drawstrings on the Bottoms

Unlike workout bikinis, regular two-piece swimsuits do not have drawstrings that can ensure that your bottoms stay put when in water. And since you will spend an extended amount of time lap swimming, you sure don’t want to worry about a wardrobe malfunction. Diving, pushing off, or sprints are techniques that can also know your bottoms off if they lack drawstrings. 

2. Poor Hydrodynamic Tops

Again, regular bikinis are not suitable for lap swimming since they provide little to no hydrodynamic value. Regular bikini tops are designed to help you show off those stunning curves and eye-popping necklines. Also, when in water, they tend to “catch” water making them susceptible to falling off, especially during lap swimming. On the other hand, the Workout bikini provides sturdy support with excellent hydrodynamics to help improve your swimming.

3. Less Coverage

Since regular bikinis are designed to help you show off, they tend to use fewer materials which means little coverage. They often come in designs with no butt cheek cover or deep V-necks. Asides from this increasing drag when in water, it also leaves virtually all to bear. Workout bikini provides adequate protection and modesty while performing lap swimming.

Best Two Piece Swimsuits For Lap Swimming

Unlike regular two-piece swimsuits, which are expected, getting a unique two-piece swimsuit that works for lap swimming can be a bit tricky. This doesn’t mean they aren’t popular, but it is essential to know what to look for. Below are five of our best picks to use in your quest for lap swimming: 

1. SYROKAN Women’s Athletic Two-Piece Bikini

SYROKAN Women's Athletic Training Bikini Set Workout Sport Two Piece Bathing Suits Black X-Small


The SYROKAN Women’s Athletic two-piece swimsuit is a force to reckon with when it comes to two-piece swimsuits that stay put when in water. The top is made front-to-back with a liner for protection. It is made from Speedo’s highly durable and enduring anti-pilling material. It also features extra protection from the liner from the front to the back. Thus guaranteeing that the suit can withstand the effect of both the sun and chlorine present in the pool. The bottom has the necessary drawstrings to ensure that it stays firmly to the body, regardless of how fast you dive into the water.

2. TYR Sport Women’s Solid Durafast Diamondback Two-Piece

TYR Women's Durafast Diamondfit Workout Bikini for Swim Racing and Training, Black, SmallCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

The TYR Durafast Diamondback is another example of an excellent two-piece swimsuit you can rely on for performing lap swim. Its superior design ensures you get the needed much-needed protection and staying power without worrying about a slip.

This product is composed of 53% polyester and 47% polyester PBT. With such study composition, the suit protects well against dangerous chemicals in the water and the sun. I love this suit for its long-lasting properties! Keep in mind that TYR is one of the most notable swim brands in the world. More so, you have the likes of Katie Ledecky and Ryan Lochte having its product as part of their gears.

3. JOLYN Women’s Fixed-Back Leon2 Swimwear

JOLYN Women's Swimwear Fixed-Back Leon 2 Athletic Swimsuit Top (X-Large, Pine)CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Third on our list is the Jolyn women’s leon2 two-piece swimsuit. It’s created with exceptionally sturdy polyester to offer the necessary strength to withstand the rigors of swimming laps at the pool and specially designed with spaghetti straps for superb speed and motion while also packing an extra complete lining to provide adequate privacy. 

This swimsuit gets approval from both recreation lap swimmers and competitive swimmers. With this, I see no reason why you shouldn’t consider it as one of your trusted swim gears. Also, you can be sure that your suit maintains its color even with consistent use in chlorine or saltwater.

4. Arena Women’s Official USA National Team MaxLife

Arena Official USA National Team MaxLife Two Piece Bikini Swimsuit, Navy - Multicolor, SmallCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

The demand for Arena women’s official USA national team maxlife two-piece swimsuits is massive. This is a testament to the fact that Arena creates a sturdy two-piece suit. To simply put, you are sure to get the value of your money’s worth if you end up buying one of these incredible wonders. It features adjustable straps, which you can use to determine fitness to the body and make it usable for different sizes and shapes. This makes it popular and is often sold out in stores.

This swimsuit from Arena offers little to no coverage of the lower back as well as the butt cheeks. But it remains stylish and flattering; if you plan to sunbathe more than lap swim.

Other Essential Lap Swimming Gears

Lap swimming requires more than just swimsuits to perform. Other gears to make your experience seamless are equally as important as your garment, and below are some of the other essentials you might need:

1. Swimming Goggles

A decent pair of goggles should fit your eye sockets easily, and newer models now have reflective lenses to protect against UV as well as anti-fog lenses. Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Goggles makes for an excellent buy!

2. Swim Cap

These caps do not just assist with keeping your hair dry, and they additionally safeguard your hair from potential harm from exposure to the pool water. They are made from different materials such as latex, neoprene, and silicone.

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3. Kickboard

When it comes to swimming, you need your legs, and the stronger your legs are, the better your stroke. A kickboard can help you build this leg efficiency in lap swimming. When buying any, it’s best to consider the length of the board. You need to ensure the board doesn’t feel awkwardly lengthy as you hold the edges. The TYR Junior Kickboard is an excellent product.

How Many Laps Is A Good Swim Workout?

A good swimming workout isn’t truly about the number of laps you do or how lengthy the swim exercise is altogether. Instead, the intensity as well as the end goal of those laps. Professional swimmers who have attained athletic perfection have done so by swimming a great many laps. They’ve also supplemented it by going through hours of exercise in the gym to develop other attributes like strength and power further.

Regarding how many laps, you can put in around 60 to 80 laps or about 1500m for starters. 80 to 100 laps if you are a moderate swimmer, and approximately 120 laps or more if you are an experienced swimmer. While these are excellent guidelines for getting a good swim workout, it’s essential to consider other factors. Fatigue and boredom can quickly set in most, especially for new swimmers.

How Many Laps Should I Swim To Lose Weight?

Swimming is an excellent sport that can help you lose weight without sacrificing essential meals. Lap swimming will even get you down faster, but in truth, it isn’t always about the number of laps or distance you swim. Instead, it’s about the amount of energy you expend when swimming!

Keep in mind that if you burn more energy than you take in, you are bound to lose weight; which is where swimming comes in. From this statement, you know that eating right is the balancing factor to you losing weight with swimming. Take protein-rich foods to help repair muscle fibers and food lows in sugar, such as salads, eggs, vegetables, or chicken breast.

Conclusion – Can You Swim Laps In A 2-piece

With the right two-piece swimsuit, you can perform and enjoy lap swimming. Thankfully, workout bikinis are designed for this purpose. They provide stability and staying power needed to withstand the rigors of lap swimming. Ensuring you comfortably enjoy your activity without needing to worry. Also, never use a regular bikini to lap swim, except you are planning for an embarrassing moment.


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