How to Make a One Piece Swimsuit Bigger

A one-piece swimsuit is a skin-tight outfit that encompasses the whole body, with the exception of the back and upper chest. It is one of the most common swimsuits that is widely accepted and used by both males and females. The use of swimsuits has made it easier to swim actively and effectively.

One advantage of swimsuits is that it is available in various sizes. There are sizes for all shapes of the body.  Despite all these available features, there are times unforeseen incidents occur. Like, swimsuit getting smaller even though in the first instance you get a right size for your body shape. A swimsuit that is too tiny may be excruciating. You are not completely out of luck if you have increased weight. It may also be a result of purchasing a bathing suit that does not fit your curves. Here is How to make a one piece swimsuit bigger.

How to make a one-piece swimsuit bigger may seem like a task especially when there is no seam allowance. If you really want to make your one-piece swimsuit bigger, you will have to be creative, which involves getting to know the notion of panels. Panels may alter the style or appearance of your swimsuit. But this is not always a negative thing if you use the right procedure. Sheer or lace panels may bring a lot of elegance and uniqueness to a suit. You can make a one-piece swimsuit bigger following these guides.

How to Make a One Piece Swimsuit Bigger

1. Get a panel material

You need a panel material that goes with your one-piece swimsuit. When getting the panel material, ensure it goes in line with the elasticity strength of your one-piece swimsuit. Also, while getting the panel for your swimsuit be color-minded (a color that blends with your swimsuit).

2. Add and cut the panel material

Simply cut the panel material to suit into the exact size needed. You can get your body measurement or ask someone to measure you. This measurement will be a guide in getting the exact size needed. After cutting it out, for easy stitching pin the panel with your one-piece swimsuit. You can use hand stitching or machine stitching for joining the panel material to the swimsuit. While stitching, pay attention to prevent unsightly puckers.

Note: Although, your swimsuit should be tight but not constricting, with a smooth, pleasing shape. The swimsuit ought to be tight enough to keep you in place, but not so tight that it stings or prevents you from breathing freely. It must not be too baggy and tight. Let it be at the medium range.

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How Do I Make My Swimsuit Bigger?

Alternating a swimsuit to a bigger size happens when the initial size cannot fit into the body structure again. Imagine, getting a swimsuit not quite long and after a few weeks it cannot fit in again. In that kind of situation, you will definitely want to retain the swimsuit especially if it is one of your best swimsuits. Because of this many often ask “how do I make my swimsuit bigger?” There are different ways to do this. You have to identify where the tightness is coming from. It may be from the bottom of the size. If it is from the bottom, you can make it bigger by doing the following.

1. Place a swimsuit that fits you over the too-tight swimsuit

Placing a swimsuit that fits you perfectly over the tight swimsuit will give you an idea of how much you will be adding to each side of the tight swimsuit. Use a measuring tape to measure the inches that will be needed. You can do that by placing the tape on the remaining side space between the fitted swimsuit and tight swimsuit.

2. Cut the side steam of your swimsuit

Open each side of the tight swimsuit. Then you use an elastic bias binding on all the exposed edges of the swimsuit by half an inch. You can get this elastic bias binding on amazon: after attaching, you are going to fold it later. The folding will hide the stitches as you sew.

3. Cut three bunch strips

Cut the elastic bias binding into three pieces using a length of three and a half inches. After cutting, pin each piece on the back edges of the swimsuit. Trim out the excess elastic bind and pin it with the front edge. Then you can tack it with a needle or sew with a machine.

For more explanation and clarification you can check this video that I found on youtube

Can You Stretch Out a One Piece Bathing Suit?

Yes, you can stretch out a one-piece swimsuit. Most swimsuits are already constructed of fairly elastic knits. Generally, it is the holes for the legs, arms, and head that need to stretch a bit more than the basic fabric. The best way to stretch a one-piece bathing suit is by soaking in a lukewarm and straining it. Hold the side of the swimsuit and keep stretching. (This should be done only if you want to expand the bathing suit to fit you perfectly).

TRENDING: Swimsuit vs. Bathing Suit

The stretching in a one-piece bathing suit stretch because of the elastic present in it. The elastic has a crucial function it performs. It assists by keeping the bathing suit in its form. The cloth itself will expand with use, but the elastic will hold and keep it in its initial form. The issue with them getting stretched out is that once a one-piece bathing suit stretches out you are only left with an option of disposing of it.

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How to Maintain a One Piece Swimsuit?

While the equipment required to participate in swimming is modest, you must be a cautious strain on your swimsuits. It’s no surprise that chlorine and sunlight can be a bad mix, particularly when it comes to the effects it has on your swimsuit. You can maintain your one-piece swimsuit by doing the following.

1. Resist using aggressive detergents

Search through the detergent details to ensure if it is suitable for the kind of fabric your swimsuit is made with. If a harsh chemical can be hazardous to the skin definitely it is not okay for the swimsuit. You can get a swimsuit cleaner like the laundress sports detergent.

The Laundress - Sport Detergent, Sport Scent, Activewear & Swimwear, Sweat Stain & Odor Remover, 16 fl oz, 32 washes (2-Pack)


This particular soap is made for washing swimsuits. All the ingredients that are beneficial to your swimsuit are included.

2. Rinse with cold water

After washing, ensure that you rinse your swimsuit with cold water. Rinsing your swimsuit with cold water will help eradicate chlorine. Asides from that, it will help in maintaining the texture and color of your swimsuit fabric.

3. Don’t wash with a washing machine

The only procedure suitable for washing a swimsuit is only by handwashing. You cannot wash your one-piece swimsuit in a washing machine because the intensity in it is high. To avoid stretching and discoloration it is better to wash with hands and air dry them.

How Do You Adjust a One Piece Swimsuit?

The reality of life is that there are no certain things that cannot be adjusted. Adjustment cannot be an excuse once the needs arise. In regards to a one piece swimsuit, several adjustments can be made for perfect usage. In case, you are wondering how do you adjust a one-piece swimsuit, here are a few things that can be done.

How to adjust a big one piece swimsuit

You can adjust a big swimsuit by tightening the ties or stitching up any slack places around the waistline. You can also try this other method.

1. Put on the one-piece swimsuit

Put your one-piece swimsuit on. Ensure you are not putting on any other cloth because it might create the impression of a larger or more fitting body.

2. Stand in front of a mirror and adjust the strap

If the one-piece swimsuit has straps, you can tweak them till you get the desired result. Standing in front of the mirror will make you see how fit it is as you are tweaking the straps.

3. Mark out the excess part

If you are not pleased with the result after adjusting the strap you can mark out the excess part. You can run a stitch with elastic on those parts.

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How Do You Lengthen a One-Piece Swimsuit?

This is one of the common buts that people always find in a one-piece swimsuit. It is either they are short or long. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, there is a solution. You don’t have to wonder how do you lengthen a one-piece rather sit and enjoy the way out.

1. Get the necessary materials

The first step in lengthening a one-piece swimsuit is to get the materials needed. Without these materials, achieving accuracy and perfection will be a fallacy. Some of the materials are:

  • Swimsuit pattern (you will have to draw out a pattern for the swimsuit you are adjusting)
  • Extra paper for lengthening the swimsuit
  • Pencil (Tailor’s chalk)
  • French curve

After you have accessed all these materials you can now embark on the journey of lengthening your one-piece swimsuit.

2. Sketch out your waistline

Draw a line segment across the waistline of your one-piece swimsuit pattern. The waist is just the smallest portion of the body.

3. Final stage

Sketch another two inches line underneath the waist and a third 2-inch line above the waist. It will be better to divide the quantity you intend to adjust and equitably divide it across each waist.

Conclusion – How to make a one piece swimsuit bigger

There are different that can be employed to make your swimsuit bigger. You don’t have to dispose them because they no longer fit you. To solve the fraction, get panel materials and measure your body shape. After that, rule out the additional measurement and use it to cut out the panel material. You can now join the panel material you cut to the side steam allowance either by hand stitching or machine stitching.


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