Can You Use Laundry Detergent On Swimsuits?

If there is one thing we can’t get enough of, is swimming. Aside from it being a form of pleasure and tranquility, it gives full-fledged healing to any part of the body that needs repair. Truthfully, there are so many perks attached to swimming which has resulted in the large turnout evident at the beach and pool houses.

How best can one be prepared to attack the state of affairs thrown at us by life, if we do not go into the fitness zone? And with swimming, comes the ease and swiftness to be armed for what is ahead. Nevertheless, a larger part of the swimming requirements is the costume which must be put in place for this. Knowing what and what to do to ensure that your swimsuit is in perfect condition, mustn’t be bypassed. And this is why we’ll be talking about this, Can You Use Laundry Detergent On Swimsuits?

Yes, you can use laundry detergent on swimsuits, however, the detergent can’t be used for several brands of suits.

Before listing out the detergents that are right for the bathing suits, let’s find out which of the suit doesn’t require the laundry detergent having provided an answer for this, can you use laundry detergent on swimsuits?

Swimsuits That Can’t Be Washed With A Laundry Detergent

While the laundry detergent is often used for other brands of swimming suits, the spandex suit differs in all ramifications. The reason isn’t implausible. Using a detergent to wash the spandex swimsuit will cause the suit to start fading, due to the harshness of the laundry detergent.

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This is why you need a separate cleaner for the spandex swimsuit, in place of the laundry detergent. The one cleaner that is best used for the spandex swimsuit is;

1. Fashion Care Splash Swimsuit wash Chlorine Removal

Fashion Care Splash Swimsuit wash Chlorine Removal 280 ml


The fashion care splash wash has some formulated active ingredients that makes it suitable to be used on the spandex suit, such that the suit wouldn’t fade when washing. It neutralizes the chemicals and dirt on the suit while retaining its color.


1. Easy to use: The fashion care wash is a lot easier to use than most laundry detergent we’ve got.

2. Smooth: Unlike the laundry detergent that is a bit rough on the hand, the fashion care wash is watery which makes it smooth with no rough patches.

3. Breaks down chlorine: The cleaner includes ingredients that quickly fight against chlorine and break down not just the chlorine, but other oils attached to the suit.

4. No awful smell: It has a nice fragrance which is felt on the spandex swimsuit when washed and worn.


1. It lasts longer when it is used in moderation.
2. The fashion care wash doesn’t ruin the spandex suit.
3. It gives you value for your money.
4. It is the best neutralizer for chlorine, oil, and saltwater.


1. It comes in a small bottle

Best Laundry Detergent For Swimsuits

Not every laundry detergent out there is good enough to be used on the swimsuit. Not every laundry detergent out there can work magic on the swimsuit and act as the right cleaner for your bathing suit. I have come across detergent that did not only wrecked my swimsuit but rendered the suit completely useless.

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To prevent such from becoming a reality to you, we will be picking the very best out of the numerous laundry detergent ever known. So, sit tight and look out for these detergents that will be mentioned below. And they are;

1. Pro-Enzyme Laundry Detergent Powder – Proprietary Active Enzymes for Home Washing

Pro-Enzyme Laundry Detergent Powder - Proprietary Active Enzymes for Home Washing Used by Professionals - Body Odor, Sweat, Stain Destroyer on Activewear, Clothing, Bedding, Non-irritating, 90 Loads


For your swimsuits, you can rely on the Pro enzyme detergent to rid all stains, chlorine, and oil from the suit. Such a detergent comes with a nice fragrance that stays on the swimsuits for a longer time.


1. Potent: Potency in detergent will get your swimsuit to look sparkling and clean, in ways that you’ll never imagine.

2. Quality: The Pro enzyme detergent speaks quality as that is their number one trademark. The quality of this detergent makes it one of the most sought-after detergents for swimsuits.

3. Long Lasting: Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you get to exhaust your detergent on your wear? With just a drop of the Pro enzyme detergent, your swimsuits will have a new outlook as though it has just been purchased from a shop


1. It gives value for money
2. Added to the detergent, is a nice fragrance that stays on suits for a long time.
3. It is affordable without having to spend hundreds of dollars on it.
4. It is durable
5. It doubles as a softener


1. It comes in small bottles

2. Cosy House Collection Oxi Boost Laundry Pacs Powerful Stain Remover

Cosy House Collection Oxi Boost Laundry Pacs Powerful Stain Remover - Unscented - Natural Hypoallergenic Chlorine-Free & Color Safe Formula - For All Machine Types


This is one detergent that you’ll find yourself going back to over again. When listing the laundry detergent that can be used on swimsuits, the Cosy House laundry detergent or remover, is among the detergent that tops the list.


1. Active Ingredients

Included in the detergent are ingredients that are active and empower them to function properly in removing tough stains from the bathing suits. These ingredients are what contribute to getting your suit so clean and fresh.

2. Brighten

This detergent doesn’t take off stains only but brightens the swimming suit to appear new. This is done in a bid to wade away the dull looks that constitute the bathing suits. In other words, while taking off the stains, they brighten the suit in the process.

3. Not Toxic

Are you the type that is sensitive to laundry detergent? Are you the type that easily gets irritated or gets a reaction from using any detergent? Well, it could be as a result of some of the active ingredients used that are toxic. But the Cosy House laundry detergent differs. It isn’t toxic and doesn’t result in skin reactions or irritations.


1. It gives a new look to swimsuits when used.
2. It seals in the color of the suit.
3. It is chemical-free.
4. It is valuable.
5. Perfect for removing chlorine and stains.


1. No scent

3. Tide PODS Free and Gentle, Laundry Detergent Soap

Tide PODS Free and Gentle, Laundry Detergent Soap PODS, HE, 96 Count - Unscented and Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin, Free and Clear of Dyes and Perfumes


Still, checking out for more suitable laundry detergent to get for your swimming suits? I present to you, the Tide pods laundry soap. It is one soap or detergent that is ideal for suits, because of its active ingredients.


1. Tested

Having a detergent that dyes your suit by causing it to adopt a look different from the former, isn’t what the Tide pods laundry soap has come to offer. Their soap is arise-free which leaves the swimsuit in its rightful appearance always. It has been tested.

2. Brightens

Here is how to detect a detergent that isn’t right for your swimsuit. If it has dyed and doesn’t brighten but rather, makes the wear appear duller, then such a laundry detergent isn’t right for your swimsuit. Well, the Tide pods aren’t one such suit. It brightens and doesn’t dye suits either.

3. Unscented

Unscented laundry detergent is best for people who are sensitive and are easily triggered by scents that do not conform with their bodies. To avoid such occurrences, this brand took it upon itself to produce unscented soaps or detergent for sensitive persons.


1. The Tide pod detergent doesn’t include dyes.
2. It is cheap.
3. It washes, protects, and removes stains.
4. Perfect for those with sensitive skins.
5. It gives a sparkling look to swimsuits.


1. No scent or perfume

Things To Look Out For When Using A Laundry Detergent On Swimsuits

1. Don’t Mix Swimsuits With Other Wears

Washing of swimsuits with other wears isn’t something you should be caught doing. Swimsuits are easily stained due to their light-weighted nature which is why faded wear can quickly make a penetration on the suit.

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If you happen to sit at this table, I’d suggest you step down and save your swimsuit from calamities that could be disastrous, thereby causing your suit to be ruined. Wash suits alone with no other wear added to them.

2. Rinse Well

Having particles of a laundry detergent on your swimsuit should be avoided at all costs. Some detergents tend to leave residue or particles on the wear they’ve been used for. And one of the ways to avoid encountering this would be to rinse the bathing suit a minimum of 2 or 3 times.

3. Don’t Mix Detergent

Now, this may seem absurd, but it is a trend that people engage in. Here is what they do. Such people, mix laundry detergent, to wash their suits. Doing this means putting the swimming suit at risk of being dyed or faded. Never mix laundry detergents to wash your bathing suits. One detergent is enough to wash your suit and keep them clean.

Conclusion – Can You Use Laundry Detergent On Swimsuits?

Yes, laundry detergents wreak no havoc on swimsuits as they are best needed to keep swimsuits clean and fresh. However, not all laundry detergents can help you achieve these. Elaborated upon, are some laundry detergents for swimsuits.

Do well to check them out by going through the links to read more about the products, and how best they can be used.


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