How To Keep Swimsuit From Falling Off

We all want to have an amazing summertime, looking fabulous in our swimsuits but there is a fashion disaster when the swimsuit falls off. The nip slip happens, or the bikini bottom is swept to the ocean shore and summer fun is ruined.

This can be embarrassing but does not mean it cannot be avoided. You have to be conscious that these often happen and prevent them from happening to you. Of course, you are wondering how. Well, this article is here to give you tips on how to keep a swimsuit from falling off?

How To Keep Swimsuit From Falling Off?

1. Use butt glue

Butt glue is a product that is used to stick clothes to your body and prevent it from shifting around. You might be wondering if it is real. Absolutely! It is common among beauty pageants. This product will keep your swimsuit in place and prevent it from falling off. To use it, apply it to the edges of your swimsuit and it will stick to your leg. Use only a pinch to prevent a load of white stuff stuck on your butt while walking about in a swimsuit.  Try this amazing butt glue

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It is great for holding all types of clothing to the body, makeup, surgical, orthopedic belts and devices, wigs, and toupees. It stays on for long hours without needing re-application.

2. Double-sided tape

These tapes have been a pretty job of saving the day. If you are wearing a bandeau bikini top,  or a low-cut one-piece that could easily shift to show your nips, double-sided tapes are to the rescue. These tapes are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about taking a dip in the pool. Check out this double-sided tape on amazon.

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This product holds your clothes firmly to your body and lets you move on about your day with confidence. It is safe and gentle on all skin types and fabrics, especially sensitive skin.

3. One size swimsuit

There is that swimsuit labeled as one size that is very nice but definitely will not fit all. We have different body types and shapes and wearing these types of swimsuits will not work for everyone. You could have a large bust and smaller waist or vice versa, making a part of the swimsuit not fit properly. If you wear this type of swimsuit there is a high chance it easily falls off your body.

4. Cheap quality

Making a bargain on a swimsuit but getting a low quality one is not a good bargain. Low quality swimsuits are made out of frail materials that can easily slip off your body. They can’t stand any form of conditions like ocean waves but simply just fall off. Always buy swimsuits that are made out of high quality fabric and will stay in place.

5. Washing method

Do not put your swimsuit in the washing machine. The fabric it is made of does not suit the machine and its fit would be ruined. Always hand wash and do not use a dryer. This will make it lose its elasticity which can create a disastrous fall off.  Instead, just dry it flat.

6. Worn out swimsuit

There is that swimsuit that fits you just right, flatters the body so well, and you receive a lot of amazing compliments whenever you wear it. Hard to part with right? Of course. Sadly the swimsuit is worn out and has lost elasticity. Or you lost some weight and it is not fitting right. Well, it can be annoying. Make sure to give a swimsuit once over to ensure it still fits right and clings to the right places to avoid falling off.

7. Think about function over fashion

Not all types of swimsuits are suitable for all sorts of pool and beach activities. Some swimsuits like the bandeau bikini top or bottoms with light strings are best suited for sunbathing, relaxing, or a short swim in the pool. These swimsuits can easily fall off your body if you engage in other vigorous activities like snorkeling, surfing, playing volleyball, or entering the ocean with high waves.  Consider the style, fabric, and how the suit fits your body depending on the activities you want to engage in. Except you do not mind a nip slip.

8. Maintenance

You have to maintain your swimsuit the right way so that it does not lose its elasticity and fitness then start falling off. If you are going on a trip, take more than one swimwear so that you can rotate to keep it in the best condition. Always rinse the swimsuit immediately after use with water. Sunscreen, sweat, makeup, and chlorine can damage it. This can cause a sudden wardrobe malfunction.

9. Buy a swimsuit that fits

Always buy a swimsuit that fits you properly and clings to the right places. Make sure you bend over, stretch your body and sit to test the elasticity of the suit and how well it can stay in place before buying. The swimwear should not slip off your body.

10. Detachable straps

Make sure to use detachable straps for swimsuits that do not have straps. These will give the suit extra support. There are transparent straps that you can make use of to give that almost invisible look.

11. Safety pins

Pack a bunch of safety pins with you to hold down your swimsuit for extra support. It should always be in a bag in case a swimsuit falls off in emergencies. If you feel your swimsuit is a little bit loose, you can hold it in place before any sob story erupts.

12. Pick the right size

The basic thing is to wear a swimsuit that fits. Check if it clings well to your body, the straps are thick and well tied. You pick the right size for your body. It is not a must to pick matching bikini sets, if a part is too big or small, you switch it up and style it in a nice way. It is better than letting it fall off and causing a scene. Make sure it is not too big or small.

13. Hot water tubs

Not all swimsuit fabric is good with hot water as they are made out of delicate fabric. Do not wear your expensive swimsuit in a hot tub as this can slack it over time, making it fall off at some point. If you do not want to enter the tub naked, choose a specific swimsuit for your warm swim rather than ruining them all at once.

14. Understand your body type

Strapless swimsuits are best suited for people with small breasts because there are less scenarios of swimsuits falling off. It does not easily work out for people with large bust because it cannot give them enough support since it has no underwires. Know your body really well and pick a swimsuit that suits your body type and would not slip off.

How To Pick The Swimsuit Size That Actually Fits

Choosing a swimsuit that fits and hugs your body without riding up or stretching out is really important.

1.  Good quality

Pick a swimwear that has good fabric quality that is flexible and durable. You should be comfortable in it for a long period of time and should support your needs at the beach and beyond.

2. Give your body what it needs

Go for what your body needs best. We all cannot wear the same trendy swimwear and look good in it because of our different bodies. Pick swimwear based on body qualities and you end with the right style for you. If you have a large bust, look for suits that have under bust support, pads or straps. Look for suits with high waisted bikini bottoms that can hide tummy flab. Need an illusion of a smaller waist or body, wear a dark toned swimsuit.  Pick out what works best for your body.

Should I Size My Swimsuit Up Or Down?

Sizing up your swimsuit is the ideal thing but it usually does not work out. It is best you size down or pick your actual size if you intend to spend a lot of time in water. A swimsuit stretches naturally when it is in water. But if you are staying dry most of the time, best you size up because it won’t stretch and it can become uncomfortable if it’s too tight. You do not have to size up if you are picking based on bra size.

Conclusion How to keep swimsuit from falling off?

Swimsuit accidents happen when it falls off your body causing an embarrassing moment. It can be such a letdown after hoping to have a swell time. But this fallout is totally inevitable. You can avoid letting such a thing happen to you by following the tips listed above. So dive in and learn how to keep your swimsuit from falling off.


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