What Can I Do if I Lost My Swimsuit at the Beach?

Swimming is one of my best moments and I enjoy every bit of it. The fun, meeting new people, spending time on the beach just soaking up the sun and observing people. This part is the funniest, most embarrassing story happening right before your eyes.  These situations can be quite humiliating too sometimes and I have quite wondered how eventually these people were able to resolve their problems. 

One of these problems is the case of lost swimsuits. Over the years, the case of losing swimsuits has not quite gotten old. You see the victims looking so embarrassed and lost, some of them so clueless on how to take control of the situation. And quite recently, someone asked me the question, what can I do if I lost my swimsuit at the beach?

Since this has been happening quite often, some even right in my presence, I have decided to give guidelines on what to do when you lose your swimsuit at the beach. Some of them are;

What to Do if You Lost Your Swimsuit at the Beach

1. Don’t panic

Panicking will not help anybody, especially you. Panicking means that you can take some steps that won’t eventually go in your favor and you will end up getting more embarrassed. The first thing you need to do is to try not to panic, take deep breaths and think about what else you can do.

2. Stay in the water or where there are fewer people

If you lose your bikini top or bottoms in the water then try to stay and use that to hide your naked body part. If the situation is on land, this is even riskier but you can just find a part to stay. It’s better to stay put than run around to try to hide your body. There is less probability of meeting people while you stay put than when you are trying to look for places to hide.

3. Get someone’s attention

Now you need to know that being in this situation is not the end of the world, getting embarrassed will not solve your problem. What you can do is to get someone’s attention. Try to signal your friend or the person you came with. If you went alone, you can try to get the attention of someone else to help you.

4. Always have your towel or cover up handy

Make sure that you have your towel or cover up handy. In fact, I will advise that you have both at hand because of situations like this. You certainly cannot sit in a wet cover up or towel till you are done at the beach. You can go along with both to the beach, this will save you a lot.

5. Get spare clothes with you to the beach

Make sure that you always have spare clothes with you when you go to the beach, this will save you from a lot of stress when you lose your swimsuit. You might not be able to get back your swimsuit and you cannot be in your towel till the end of the day. Your spare clothes can come to save the day when you lose your swimsuit.

6. Walk with confidence

As much as what happened is embarrassing, do not feel so dejected that you won’t enjoy the rest of your day at the beach. Raise your head up high and walk confidently to your spot. Do not allow the fact that you lost your swimsuit to spoil the fun you are having at the beach, it’s just another experience you are adding to your memories.

Some Lost Swimsuit Stories

I remember some lost swimsuit incidents that made me laugh so hard but at the same time, it wasn’t funny. But once you remember them like I am doing now then you will see why it’s funny.

So, there was this particular day my friend was dying to try a new bikini piece that she ordered online. I wasn’t up for the beach but she eventually convinced me to go. Thankfully I’m more of a one piece swimsuit girl but my friend loves her bikinis. We headed out to the beach and she was screaming up and down, I was just shaking my head. We set up at the beach and she immediately ran into the water.

I was already dozing off when I got tapped on the shoulder, it was a strange guy confirming my name. He told me that my friend needed my help in the water, when I got there, she was looking so sheepish and embarrassed, her bikini bottom was gone. I didn’t laugh at the moment because it would have been bad but a few days later, I was rolling on the floor and laughing at her.

Now, she double checks her straps and ties before heading into the ocean, she also makes sure I’m close by in case she encounters another disaster. What I’m trying to say is that this can happen to anyone, just make sure you do not laugh at that point, yeah, there is karma (lol).

And swimsuit can get lost in the water it is loose. It is important to make sure they are fight tightly.

Reasons Why Your Swimsuit Get Loose on the Beach

If you’ve had the lost swimsuit incident more than once then it’s either your luck isn’t having it or there are some certain things that are going wrong, for example wearing a loose swimsuit. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why your swimsuit is getting loose on the beach.

1. Your Swimsuit is not your Size

This is why it is important to get your swimsuit in your size. Getting swimsuits that are smaller than your body size can cause it to loose or pop open and go with the ocean. Likewise getting a swimsuit bigger than you can easily get loose while you swim, so it is important that you get your swimsuit in your body size.

2. Strong water waves

Before getting into the water, you should try and make sure that the water isn’t too strong to the point of carrying off your swimsuit. If the waves are looking strong, you should sit back and enjoy watching from afar instead. Water Waves have been known to forcefully pull swimsuits loose.

3. Loose ties and straps

If your swimsuit ties and straps are not well tied then there is a high probability that they might come loose on the beach. Ensure that all the ties or straps on your swimsuit are well tied. Make sure that you also test the knot to make sure that they cannot come loose on the beach.

Swimsuit Wardrobe Malfunctions You Should Prepare for

Apart from losing your swimsuit, there are a lot of swimsuit wardrobe malfunctions that could happen while you are at the beach. Let’s look at how you can prepare for them and prevent a disaster while you enjoy yourself.

1. Nip slip

Nip slip usually happens due to wearing a swimsuit that is not your size. If your swimsuit top does not fit then it is easy for you to have a nip slip. The bad thing about nip slip is that you might not know until much later. To prevent this, kindly help yourself by getting a top that fits you. Make sure that it fits you.

2. Wedgies

Wedgies happen when your swimsuit bottoms are caught in between your butt crack. This usually happens when the swimsuit bottom is too small or too loose on your butt. You can check a few times before leaving home for the beach to ensure that your bikini bottoms will not give you a wedgie. You can also look for a place to rest your back and adjust it while looking nonchalant and natural about it. Looking around will only make people suspicious.

3. Butt Slip

This usually happens when your swimsuit is old or the elastic is bad. You might come out to realize that your swimsuit bottoms have shifted and you are clearly giving people the view (oh no). Once you realize that the elastic of your swimsuit is no longer holding as it should or you have lost weight a bit then you should get yourself a new swimsuit to avoid stories that touch the heart.

In order to prevent most of these malfunctions you should;

  • Get yourself a very good swimsuit. Make sure that your swimsuit is of great quality so that you can prevent a disaster.
  • Make sure that your swimsuit is your size. Never wear a size that does not fit your body shape at all, this is the beginning of swimsuit problems.
  • Always have safety pins for your straps, this can help you to ensure that even when your bikini straps break or tear you can hold them together till you leave the beach.
  • Never go to the beach without spare clothes or cover ups. This has been saving lives since the eighties. Having spare clothes or cover ups can help you cover major wardrobe malfunctions that you can experience.

Conclusion – What Can I do if I Lost my Swimsuit at the Beach?

Accidents happen. None of us are above accidents, what matters the most is the decisions we take after it has happened. To answer your question, what can I do if I lost my swimsuit at the beach? Don’t Panic, get someone’s attention, cover yourself up by wearing a cover up, your towel or spare clothes. And no matter what happens, let the situation not rob you of having premium enjoyment and fun at the beach.


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