How Can I Hide My Belly Pooch in a Bathing Suit?

If you are planning a sunny vacation or a visit to the waterside, then one important consideration has to be your bathing suit. This becomes more amplified if you have a postpartum or plus-size body shape. No doubt you will be conscious of your belly pooch and chances are you will go in search of swim wear to help you conceal it.

That said, it’s critical to also remind you that there is nothing wrong in loving your body. And although your belly pooch might have been caused by pregnancy, it’s still a normal life process that you should be proud of. But if you are bent on improving your appearance regardless of your pooch, then this piece is an answer to your question; how can I hide my belly pooch in a bathing suit?

Thankfully, there are plenty of bathing suits you can choose from to help you hide your stomach fat and appear stylish. They come in different designs, colors as well as styles to ensure you find one that fits perfectly on your body.

Considerations Before Buying a Bathing Suit to Hide Your Belly Pooch

Just before running off to buy swim wear to help tone the appearance of your stomach fat, it’s important to have a few things at the back of your mind. These facts will help you make the most of your shopping experience while also ensuring you get a bathing suit that sits properly on your body type. Without further ado, below are some key point to take along with you:

1. Consider Getting a Size Bigger

While the normal convention with bathing suits might suggest that you go less, if you have a belly pooch, taking a size bigger can be of advantage to you. This allows for room to accommodate your stomach without making it obvious to onlookers. You don’t have to go two or three steps bigger as your bathing suit might become too loose, thereby presenting another challenge.

Pro-tip: Never shop for a bathing suit on a bloated or full stomach. To this end, it’s advisable to shop in the morning or hours after eating.

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2. Highlight Your Positives

Whatever bathing suit you wish to get must be able to take attention away from your belly and focus them on other positive aspects of your body. To get this result, then you need adequate knowledge of your own body and your attractive features. In most cases, different colors and patterns can help you out here. Mixing light and dark colors appropriately can help you accentuate the right areas making onlookers to be oblivious to the presence of your stomach fat.  Simply ensure that the dark color is over your belly pooch with bright attractive colors elsewhere.

3. Know Your Body

As diverse as humans are, so is our body! Knowing the limits as well as comfort zones of your body will help you make the right choice. Take for instance, if you are busty and have a belly pooch, getting a bikini top with fixed cups can help support your boobs, hence keeping attention on them. In like manner, a one-piece bathing suit with cutaway back design will conceal your stomach while appearing elegant and stylish from behind.

4. Try On As Many As Possible Designs and Styles before Buying

Shopping for the right bathing suit to conceal your belly pooch is not an exercise to be done in a hurry. True, many designs and styles exist that can get the job done but finding the perfect one is time-consuming and tedious. Don’t expect to get it right just by trying on two or three bathing suits; even though it’s possible.

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For optimum results, take adequate time to try out as many as possible different designs as possible. While trying each out, ensure to take different poses you are most likely to perform on the beach or waterside to see how each holds. Also, having a three-way mirror in the changing room gives you an all round view of what you are testing.

How to Hide Your Belly Pooch with a Bathing Suit

Belly pooches can occur to just about anyone and not many will be comfortable displaying it. In such instances, regardless of the cause, you can look to getting bathing suits that can help you conceal it. If you are searching for one, look no further than this list to give you an idea on which to pick:

1. Light Top and Darker Bottom

One style of bathing suit that can easily help mask your belly pooch is the color combination style.  These bathing suits highlight a lighter tone on the top and more obscure shading on the base half. What it does is that it creates the ideal appearance of a slimmer belly as it draws attention from onlookers to the lighter top half piece of the bathing suit.

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Shaded bathing suits are common, and you will find that many ladies are using them to improve their appearance. The ZAFUL store on Amazon provide large variants of this design of bathing suits.

2. Tiered Ruffles

Layered ruffle bathing suits are an extraordinary method for camouflaging belly pooch regardless of your body type. One reason I recommend this style of bathing suit is that it can also be used to provide covering for any undesirable back fat. Talk about a two in one-stop solution bathing suit, Septangle Women’s Ruffle Two-Pieces bathing suit is awesome and you can check it out on Amazon.

3. Pattern or Prints

Another design of bathing suit you can use to cover up your stomach fat is the pattern or print design. These bathing suits often rely on abstract patterns painted on them to help distract attention. Go for patterns that help define your waistline while also sitting properly on your stomach skin. Pattern or print designs are popular and the CUPSHE Women’s One-Piece Pattern bathing suit is available on Amazon. 

4. High Waist Bathing suits

When it comes to popularity of bathing suit styles and designs, the high waist style has remained relevant. From the beaches of Florida to the serene waters of the Caribbean, ladies have continued to use this bathing suit style to improve their appearance. Why? It uses its extra length at the waist to hold up the belly and effortlessly conceal any belly pooch. The RUUHEE Crisscross high waist bikini is an excelent option to try out. 

5. Solid Dark Colors

Just as with dark bottoms and light tops, dark-colored bathing suits also work as an excellent concealer of belly pooch. Thankfully, there is a wide range of dark colors to try out and your best bet is one that matches your skin tone.

6. Ruching

While this might not be popular, it remains an exceptional way to hide your belly pooch using a bathing suit. Its design means that it uses folded fabrics to create a ripple-like effect which is awesome since they appear to follow the trend of belly fat (postpartum belly pooch). There’s absolutely no need to overthink or worry when you have this bathing suit style. Perfect disguise with less effort! If you are in search of a bathing suit of this design, the COCOSHIP Women’s Ruched One-Piece bathing suit might be the best fit for you.

7. Deep V-Neck Style

Hiding your belly pooch can be as easy as accentuating other desirable features of your body such as neckline, bust, chin, arms, thighs or even your booty. Which is why wearing a deep V-neck style bathing suit can help you achieve this. A catch to using this technique means you have to be careful as not to go too deep with the plunge. The right plunge can help your boobs appear fuller and firmer; thereby taking attention to it rather than your bulging stomach. CUPSHE Women’s One-Piece V Neck bathing suit is highly recommended for use.

How to Get Rid of Your Belly Pooch

Belly pooches might be as a result of childbirth or fat accumulation. Regardless, there are ways you can help tighten the skin of your stomach by reducing fat in the area. These remedies are practically unlimited but below are proven ones to get you off your mark:

1. Leverage Probiotic Foods or Supplement

Probiotics are microorganisms found in certain food sources as well as supplements we consume. They have numerous medical advantages, including further developing stomach wellbeing and upgrading your immune capacity. Over time, Specialists have observed that various sorts of microbes assume a role in how we gain or lose weight.

This essentially means having the right mix of bacteria can assist with weight reduction, including getting rid of belly pooch. Alternatively, you can rely on probiotic supplements from drug stores to help with your fight against stomach fat. Simply ensure to ask for one with the right mix of bacteria strains to get the job done.

2. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is another wonderful option you can use to rid your stomach of belly pooch. It contains caffeine as well as essential antioxidants chief of which is the EGCG. These two support the process of digestion which can help reduce the fat making process. Routinely drinking green tea can help you reduce your belly pooch. For optimum results, drinking green tea alone is insufficient and is best to combine it with some form of exercise session.

3. Get Exercise

Chances are if you ask anyone today how best to lose belly fat, they will respond with “start exercising your body.” It’s now more of a cliché than a solution and the truth is without the right form of exercise, you might not be able to rid yourself of the belly pooch. Whatever exercise you will do will have to target your stomach muscles as a whole and below are a few you should try out:

4. Do Aerobic

High-impact work out such as cardio is a proven method for working on burning belly fat. It is a powerful weight reduction technique and can help you thin out your stomach bulges. Where your headache might arise from is to choose between moderate or high energy exercise sessions. It comes down to personal preference and how quickly you wish to lose belly fat.  Regardless, what matters most is consistency and the amount of time spent when performing your exercise.

5. Weight Lifting

Combining weight lifting with aerobics is a perfect mixture for helping you get rid of belly pooch. Weight lifting can help you build up core strength while assisting in gaining and maintaining abdominal muscle mass. You don’t have to start with heavy lifting but gradually work your way up the size cadre. Also, before you start, it’s important to always seek the advice of a certified personal trainer to help you construct a regimen plant that targets your abdomen.

6. Plank

Regarding exercises that can help you burn belly fat, top on your list should be “Planking.” It remains one of the most outstanding calorie-consuming activities you can engage in. Also, it relies on virtually all your body muscles depending on the variation you are practicing. That said, different variations of planking can help you burn fat faster, thereby toning your belly pooch effectively.

7. Add Apple Cider Vinegar to Your Diet

Alongside the numerous health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar is its ability to lower blood sugar levels. The popular extract is rich in acetic acid, which helps to reduce abdominal fat storage. If you are looking for ways to lose your belly pooch, then taking apple cider vinegar each day is one of such ways. To know the appropriate dosage for you, consult a qualified medical practitioner. Also, remember to always dilute your dosage in water before consumption to protect your teeth.

Conclusion – How Can I Hide My Belly Pooch in a Bathing Suit

Having a belly pooch isn’t the end of the world, and it shouldn’t spell the end for your beach going vacation. Yes they might not be pleasant on the eyes but using the right bathing suit can help you conceal your pooch effortlessly. Thankfully, I’ve just given you a quick rundown of some of the best bathing suit designs and styles you can consider.


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