How to Hide Belly Fat in a Bathing Suit

Swimwear is a garment that many often dread during the summer months, especially if you have features you wish to conceal. And since swimsuits will fit differently on different bodies, this can throw up headaches in your shopping experience. With a sea of bathing suits to choose from, it can be not easy to find one that fits you well while also being comfortable simultaneously.

Regardless, you also want to ensure that whatever style you choose for your swimwear allows movement without feeling too loose or tight. This becomes more prominent if you have big belly and might have you wondering how to hide belly fat in a bathing suit.

Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can do and look for in a swimsuit to help you conceal your belly fat. And when it comes to learning the tricks involved, the best way is by choosing the right style for your body type. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, a bikini should fit your body well. However, some swimsuit styles and tips will help slim your waist and hide any belly fat.

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How to Hide Belly Fat in a Bathing Suit

Most of the time, a big belly is the result of excess weight, so it can be hard to figure out what bathing suit will fit. But belly fat is a real problem that has many causes and cures. That said, losing belly fat takes time and in that instance, hiding your belly fat is the next best option for beach and pool days.

The level of coverage you get from a swimsuit most likely determines how slimming it will be on your figure to conceal your belly fat. In addition to this, it will decide whether or not it hides any rolls around the stomach area.

Below are some proven designs of swimsuits that can help you out:

1. Wearing the Right Style

The right style of swimsuit can help you hide your belly fat effortlessly. here are some styles to consider

High-Waist Bottoms

High-waist bottoms are a great option for hiding belly fat. Since these bottoms sit high up on the waist, they’ll hide any love handles or squishy parts around your middle. You can also fake a slimmer waistline by choosing a color or pattern that draws attention upward, such as stripes.

High-waist bathing suits are also flattering on most body types, so you don’t need to worry about being too long or short. This makes them ideal for people of all heights and shapes. If you’re not looking to spend hours at the gym to get washboard abs, this is an easy way to make your stomach look flatter.

They’re a great way to add some retro flair to any outfit. In terms of color, try an eye-catching pattern. You can also try out bright hues like yellow, turquoise and pink so that your swimsuit doesn’t get lost in the sand. Also, keep in mind that high-waist suits are super flattering and practical for swimming because they won’t fall when you dive into the water.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a simple way to draw the eye away from your midsection and make it look like you have an hourglass figure, no matter what. To begin with, find a bathing suit with dark colors on the bottom part and light colors on the top. This will draw onlookers’ eyes to admire your chest instead of downwards towards your belly.

As far as patterns go, avoid bold horizontal stripes, especially in dark colors, as they’ll make you appear wider than you are. Vertical lines are okay for a more formal setting but stick with plain solids or small prints if you can.

Ruching and Pleating

The most effective swimsuit to hide your belly is one with a ruching or pleating design. Here is how each works:

Ruching is a sewing term that refers to the gathering of fabric to create a somewhat ruffled design. Ruching can be horizontal as you have on tankini tops or vertical as seen on one-piece swimsuits. Either way, both types help conceal belly fat. The folds break up your body shape, so it doesn’t look like you have a definite curve at your belly. If you’re choosing a bathing suit to wear over your full-coverage tummy control swim bottoms, go for a tankini top with ruching. You’ll still get waist control of the bottoms but benefit from extra camouflaging on top.

On the other hand, Pleats are folds in fabric that create volume without adding bulk. Pleats can look fancy and feminine, making them an excellent choice for hiding stomach fat. Additionally, they are good at creating a flattering appeal for other areas of your figure. If you choose this concealment style, you should go for pretty pleats with lots of texture. They’ll help distract attention away from any problem spots while also drawing eyes towards areas you want people to notice.

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2. Wearing the Correct Type of Swimsuit

as with style, the type of bathing suit you chose will also determine how comfortable it will be for you to hide your belly fat. below are so type that are great for this purpose:

Underwire Tops

These tops are an excellent option for those who want to maximize their cleavage. Underwire is an extra structure placed in the lining at the breast cups and connected to a wire at the base of each cup. This helps keep the top securely in place while providing extra support and lift.

These tops also have additional padding and gathered seams, further enhancing your bust. While you might worry that underwire tops are overkill if you don’t have much in the chest volume, don’t rule them out completely. They can also help create some curves where there aren’t any.

One-Pieces Swimsuits

Some of the best swimsuits for hiding belly fat are one-pieces. One-piece swimsuits tend to make wearers appear slimmer and more balanced because they function as a whole. Depending on the design you choose, they can also be just as sexy and flattering as bikinis or even more revealing.

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Tankinis are a great option for anyone who wants to hide their belly fat and look cute. They have a high waist that will cover the belly while also providing ample support to the breasts. You can find tankinis in different colors, patterns, and styles, so there is something for everyone.

3. Using Accessories with your Swimsuit

Your options with this approach is very limited. Notwithstanding, you can rely on some accessories to help you conceal your belly fat especially when not in water.


It’s understandable if you are not keen on showing off all your midsection when wearing a bathing suit. Luckily, there are plenty of cute styles to help you hide the belly fat while still keeping your beach body covered. Stylish cover-ups exist in various designs and forms and can help you add an extra flair to your swimwear.

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You can even take it further by pulling attention to your legs and other parts of your body.

Selecting a Swimsuit to Hide Belly Fat

So, how can you hide your belly fat when wearing a swimsuit? Below are some tips you should follow when selecting a swimsuit to hide your belly fat.

1. High waist swimsuits

High-waisted swimsuits are always in trend and never run out of style. This type of swimsuit was worn in the past and it is still very much rocked to the beach. They are the perfect option for shaping the tummy bulge and supporting your belly fat.

With a high waist swimsuit, your bulging tummy will be tucked in perfectly. The swimsuit sits perfectly on the tummy, giving your waist a curvy yet toned-in look. When you wear the bottom, it fits firmly on your waist. When deciding on a swimsuit to wear to your next beach occasion, we recommend you go for a high waist swimsuit as it is the best option for concealing belly fat.

2. Prints or patterns

Another great option for concealing belly fat is swimsuits with prints and patterns. The prints or patterns swimsuit helps in hiding your belly fat by taking away the focus from your tummy bulge.

Hence, wearing prints or patterns swimsuits is a great way to take your eyes off your tummy. They help in tucking in your belly fat, making you sexier and more feminine.

3. Tiered ruffles

Numerous swimsuits nowadays come with tiered ruffles. This is because belly fat is very common. Swimsuits brands came up with special swimsuits meant to conceal and disguise any extra fat around the abdomen and the waist region. One of such stylish and mostly worn designs is tiered ruffles that stick around your torso.

4. Solid, dark swimsuit colors

These colors of swimsuits are the most perfect for disguising belly fat. A lot of plus-size women prefer wearing dark/ solid colors swimsuits.

5. Folded Fabric swimsuits

Mostly referred to as ruching swimsuits, these are swimsuits with folded or gathered fabric. The folded fabric helps in concealing belly fat and gives you a more toned waist figure.

How to Pose in Swimsuit to Hide Belly Fat

Glamour photography has created a skewed social appreciation and sexual appeal of specific body types. However, there’s no shame in trying to hide features like belly and back fat, especially when wearing a swimsuit. Looking good often comes from feeling good, which means accepting your body and belly fat. If you lack confidence or feel insecure, such uneasiness will be visible in your photos.

Thankfully, you can still take beautiful pictures if you understand camera angles and practice a few poses:

  • Your first task is getting the right bathing suit for your body shape.
  • To conceal your belly fat, you can cross your arms in front to get attention away from your tummy.
  • You can also pose with your legs together to create an illusion of an hourglass shape.
  • Alternatively, stand at an angle to make you appear narrower in the picture. 
  • Accessories such as purses or bags held slightly away from your belly are excellent at hiding your belly fat in a swimsuit.
  • You can also create extra cleavage to disguise your tummy fat. The Marilyn Monroe pose is famous for hiding the stomach and accentuating the cleavage and shape of your body.
  • If you have ample butt, you can do a three-quarter turn to the back. This displays more of your back and less of your belly.
  • Also, you can pose with a partner in several ways that can hide your belly fat. You can stand slightly behind your partner to create that slim appearance.

Whatever pose you choose to hide your belly fat in a swimsuit, keep in mind never to flatten your arm against your body. Also, don’t stand flat-footed; instead, distribute your weight evenly on the balls of your feet.

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Ways You Can Get a Flat Tummy for the Beach

Aside learning how to hide belly fat in swimsuit, below are five ways you can get a flat tummy for the beach:

1. Coconut water

Coconut water is used for treating a lot of ailments and health care professionals advise that it should be drunk all the time. When you go to the beach, you will notice people selling and sipping coconut water. Coconut water contains potassium which possesses different nutrients that will help shred belly fat and keep your tummy in shape.

2. Taking green tea

Green tea is enriched with antioxidants making it perfect for burning fat and keeping away tummy bulges. Green tea works very well and should be drunk frequently for best and visible results.

3. Compose your posture

By changing your posture you can hide your bulging tummy. You can adopt a more suitable posture a few days before visiting the beach. All you have to do is push out your chest, pull your shoulders back, and tuck in your tummy.

4. Taking Matcha

Matcha is another great tea that is known for working against belly fat and bulging tummies. A lot of people use Matcha in flattening the tummy and constipation. Matcha is recorded to be very effective.

5. Drink raw Apple Vinegar

Apple Vinegar has been used over the years for shedding away excess fat from the body. When preparing for the beach, you can drink raw Apple Vinegar to reduce excess toxins from your body and help flatten your tummy bulge.

Conclusion – How to Hide Belly Fat in a Bathing Suit

Your tummy fat might be as bulging as others, but hiding the belly fat when wearing a swimsuit is very important. They are different swimsuits you could wear and healthy substances you could take to help hide your belly fat and begin your journey to flatten your tummy bulge as stated above.

To sum up, many factors play into which swimsuit is right for you: the location, who you’re with, and most importantly, your body type. Nobody likes their flaws to be on display, but if you want to get away from it in a bathing suit this summer, these tips will help you feel as confident as possible when hitting the beach or pool.

Focusing on what makes you happy and following a few simple rules when picking out a bathing suit this summer is all you need.


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