How Many Swimsuits Should I Own?

When it comes to Swimsuits, I always love to keep it simple and that is because I’m a minimalist but that can’t be said for shoes. In fact, If there’s anyone you can think right now that worship shoes, then that person is probably me.

So back to the question, How Many Swimsuits Should I Own?

Well, in my opinion, I think there isn’t a specific amount you can own but generally, you should have at least 3 swimsuits. Over the years, I’ve come to realise that the number of anything you own is directly related to how much you enjoy shopping for that thing.

In other words, the amount of love you have for something is what determined how many you would want to buy. So there isn’t a direct answer to how many swimsuits you can own because its more of an individual thing but if you really want to keep things really simple, then having at least a pair of bikini, one-piece, tankini etc (depending on the activities you intend to use them for) isn’t a bad idea.

For example, I’m a lady in my early twenties and I usually don’t visit the beach often excepts for some few occasions when I needed to take a break from work. I will also like to state here that I’m not a frequent wearer of Swimsuits but that doesn’t mean that the thought of going to swim doesn’t excite me.

In fact, for record sake, I’ve had like 3 pairs of swimsuits and some few extras in the past few years which I don’t hesitate to wear when the needs arise and just recently, I’m thinking of replacing a few because the band in some of them has seen better days.

Also, I’ve heard about people who do go swimming weekend and some at the close of work so the need to buy as many swimwears as possible is justifiable.

I’ve also met several people with swimsuits addiction and to think that some had close to 30 looks weird but then again, as lucidly stated earlier, it all boils down to individual preference.

Although there may be one or few reasons behind owning as much swimsuits as possible which we will probably look out somewhere in this article but before then lemme quickly say this.

A lot of persons tend to have so much of them but the real questions should be, how many do you actually wear? Well, let’s leave that for another day. Having said that, let’s now look at some few reasons while people own multiple swimsuits.

Reason Why Many Persons Own Plenty Swimsuits

1. Love For Swimsuits

The love we have for anything can make us wants to go extra miles just to get that thing. Same goes for swimsuits enthusiast. I once met a lady who is so obsessed with bikinis despite having tons of them.

I asked her while she loves buying more and she told me it’s because they look cute and that she feels comfortable putting them on.

She went further to add that they make her feel extremely confident about herself too. Weird right? That’s what love for anything can do.

2. Vacation

Vacation isn’t complete for some persons if they haven’t been to the beach to catch some fun and while they’re at it (depending on how many days they plan to stay) they’ll probably don’t want to be repeating one swimwears so they’re likely going to buy more.

For example, If their intention is to spend like a week, then it’s likely that they’ll be needing 2-5 piece of Swimsuits.

For Some, the numbers of days they spend is what determines how many swimwears they’ll wear. I once had a friend who bought 10 swimwear for a 2 weeks vacation cruise. That alone should give you an idea of how much people spend buying swimsuits during vacations.

3. Distinctive Nature

Just like undies, there are some persons who are sensitive to using one piece of swimsuits twice due to chlorine and salt build-up and as such, they tend to buy more swimwears at every given opportunity.

4. Style

Each season, brands produce a different style of swimsuits ranging from high neck top to one shoulder top to high cut bottoms etc. So to keep up with the trends, many people may decide to buy more of these wears even if they’re all bikinis as far as they are of a different style.

5. Colours

This is another reason a lot of people have swimsuits of different colours in their drawers. It’s cool to wear black but they’re days you’ll certainly not feel like wearing black and so you would want to buy several colours probably to match with your skin tone. I’ve heard people say that their mood is what determines what they wear. Same applies to Swimsuits.

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How Many Bikinis Can I Own?

Bikinis are great piece but oftentimes I usually hear people complaining about being too conscious whenever they’re spotting one. A few actually like the feeling that accompanies them as they see it as a means of showing off more skin. I often get asked by my friends how many bikinis can i own?.

So the amount of bikinis you can own is largely dependent on how much you love shopping for them but on the average, 3 piece of bikinis is enough and this is because it’s matchable. Continue reading to see how you can mix-match your bikinis to create something amazing but before I do so, let’s look at why you need to mix-match.

Why You Need To Mix And Match Bikinis

1. Mix And Match Help Create New Looks

If you’re obsessed with bikinis then you’ll probably like the idea of matching them up. Mix-matching your bikinis create endless possibility and give you the room to stay within budgets while still appearing stylish. For mix-matching to be successful, there are some vital rules you must follow. Below are a few of the rules for a successful match-mixing.

How Many Swimsuits Should I Own

Rules For Bikini Mix-Matching Bikinis

1. Mix-Match According To Body Shape

For your mix-matching to be on point, you really have to pay attention to details as any slight mistakes can create something you’ll probably not be proud to wear. For example, ladies with an hourglass shape can opt-in for anything they like.

Those with rectangular shape can opt-in for a simple top with matching bottoms with strings. The essence of the strings is to give their hips a bit of enhancement with more pronounced curves.

Pearl shaped ladies can also wear any solid colour bottoms with matching printed tops to complement their looks.

2. Mix And Match Based On Colours

The best colours you can easily match- mix with, without complicating things are solid colours. These colours have a unique way of de-emphasizing certain parts of the body which makes them great for match-mixing.

Solid colours bottoms (like black, blue, etc) can be worn over printed or ruffed tops and they’ll still look good on you, unlike printed colours which are good at enhancing parts of the body.

Is There a Magic Number as to the Number of Swimsuits I Can Own?

When it comes to bathing suits, there isn’t a specific amount one can own. I’ve seen people own swimsuits, twice of their age but if you’re a minimalist then 3-4 should be enough for you.

How Many Swimsuits Should I Take On A Vacation?

If you ask me, I would say there isn’t a magic answer to how many swimsuits you’ll be needing for a week-long vacation but 2-3 swimwears will be just fine. But if you are the type with huge options, then 4-5 should be enough to cover you up for a week.

How Do I Travel Light For A Vacation?

If your intention is to travel light for a 7 days vacation then you should only take that which you need the most. Since the idea is to go light, you won’t be needing too much and that implies taking a few of your swimwear, cover-ups plus a pair of a flip flop.

Usually, it’s ideal that you travel light with at least 3 swimsuits, 2 cover-ups and just a pair of a flip flop.

Should I Take A Rash Guard Swimsuits On A Vacation?

Only take swimsuits according to the activities you are likely to participate in. For example, if you intend to snorkel, then a rash guard will help you get the best out of it. It will also help protect your delicate skin from the sun’s UV rays.

Wrapping Up On How Many Swimsuits Should I Own

In life, the love you have for something is what determines how many you’re likely going to buy. So if the idea of going to the beach for a vacation always interest you, you’ll probably find yourself buying more swimsuits than usual but that’s totally fine.

And that’s because there isn’t a universal agreed number as to how many bathing suits/bikinis a girl can own but if you really want to keep things simple and not go overboard with the whole swimming thingy then owning at least 3-4 swimwears isn’t a bad idea.

So that’s all you need to know about how many swimsuits you can own. Now over to you, how often do you buy a swimsuit and how many do you actually own?


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  1. Quite informative, I think it depends on your lifestyle and the availability of a swimming pool or beach nearby, it’s best to keep at least 3 different swimsuits on hand. You can always mix and match! I usually find cute women’s swimwear at The Diva’s Diamonds in affordable prices..

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