Do Guys Like High Waisted Swimsuits?

The evolution of life has led to incessant changes in a person’s taste and desires which are evident in the birth of new ideas and thoughts, all in a quest to ensure human satisfaction. Years ago, swimsuits were produced in limited designs, texture, and quality which were in vogue during the last centuries.

With the advancement of technology and new thinking, our wears, preferably our swimsuits can now be produced, styled, and slayed whichever way one desires. A popular style and brand of suit that has taken the world on a spiral is the high-waisted swimsuit. Sadly, not all individuals seem to find high waist swimsuits attractive. Like the question above, “Do Guys Like High Waisted Swimsuits“?

The answer is both Yes and No. While there are guys that truly love and appreciate the concept of high waisted swimsuit, others seem not to buy the concept of high waist suit. The fact that Mr. A likes high waist swimsuits, doesn’t necessarily imply that Mr. B would have the same likeness for such style of swimsuits.

In general, the aforementioned question is subjective to all. Now, let us look at some of the reasons why some guys are huge fans of high waist swimsuits.

Why Do Guys Like High Waisted Swimsuits?

1. It Accentuate The Body

Nothing drives a guy crazier than seeing his lady or women in high-waisted swimsuits that accentuate the whole body, thereby, exposing their curves in their right places. High waist swimming suits have a way of enhancing one’s body figures astoundingly.

By this, the high waist swimsuits display one’s body in its entirety and glory. While it may not be much of a big deal to some guys, for others, it is everything and more. Ladies tend to look magnificent in the high-waisted swimsuit.

In addition, the high-waisted swimsuit is a perfect revealer of one’s legs where the suit flawlessly put in displays one’s legs. Also, the hips are not left out. To some extent, the high-waisted swimsuits were specifically designed to be able to accentuate one’s figure.

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For instance, when the high-waisted swimsuit is worn, the hips become more visible, the legs take on a slender look, and the rest part of the body tends to be well sculptured as a result of the high-waisted suit.

2. Hide Flaws

A second reason why guys like high-waisted swimsuits is that it hides one’s flaw to an extent. For ladies who may be a bit insecure about one or two flaws about their skin or bodies, they tend to put on high-waisted swimsuits which tends not to reveal those little imperfections.

And guys gravitate towards ladies that rock such kind of wear because it helps to cover their flaws and to make their bodies more appealing such that the ladies wouldn’t in any way feel less confident in their skin.

3. Hides Tummy Bulge

Trust me when I say that not all ladies would want to slay in swimming suits that expose their tummy bulges. And this is why high-waisted swimsuits are a popular trend in this 21st century. Guys naturally are drawn to girls with flat tummies hence, they so much love the high waisted swimsuits since it conceals the tummy and makes them stand out at the pool, beach or cruise.

Hence, they are so much in awe of ladies in high waist swimsuits that causes the bulging tummy to be less protruding.

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Why Do Guys Hate High Waisted Swimsuits?

1. Hideous

Like someone said, “a man’s food, is another man’s poison”. There are no two persons that would often agree on the same thing. What is pleasant to one, is unpleasant to the other. Why other guys would see high-waisted swimsuits as sexy wear, some would see it as something hideous.

I used the words hideous in the sense that they do not explicitly reveal enough body parts as some would prefer. As we all know, a high waist swimsuit is positioned at the top of the waist which in a way, conceals the hips.

Another aspect where they become hideous is the upper region which is the breast. Some high waist swimsuits come with a swim top that covers almost the boob. Men who are lovers of boobs would surely not find this so attractive. And this comes across a saying that says, guys are attracted by what they see.

To such kinds of guys, high waisted swimming suit is a big No. They would love to have a full view of their woman’s body in the display. By this, they stick to other styles of swimming suit like one-piece and two-piece swimsuits instead.

2. It Sorts Of Reveal Pubic Hair

A second reason why guys may frown at the high-waisted swimsuit is that it sometimes reveals ladies’ pubic hair, which isn’t too cool to some of these guys. Since high-waisted suit bottom does not necessarily cover up the pubic region, unshaved pubic hair will easily be apparent.

This is a sight that most guys would not want to behold. Are you curious to know why? Well, it kind of turns them off. Rather than sighting such, they prefer swimming suits that would cover the pubic hair region.

3. Fitting Is Off

Did you know that fitting differs? The fact that someone rocked a high waist swimsuit perfectly, it’s not a guarantee that you get to slay in that high waist suit also. For this purpose, guys who get to see ladies wearing high-waisted swimsuits without looking so great in them, tend not to be cool about it.

If the fitting is off, these guys eventually start having some sort of dislike for the high-waisted swimsuit which builds up over time. Lastly, such sight changes how they view high-waisted swimsuits on ladies who rock them.

Here are some high-waisted swimsuits that you may want to check out if your man likes high-waisted swimsuits.

1. SUUKSESS Women Wrap Bikini Set Push Up High Waisted 2 Piece Swimsuits

SUUKSESS Women High Waisted Bikini Push Up Wrap Bandage Swimsuits 2 Pieces (S, Navy Blue)


If the word ‘gorgeous’ was wear, it certainly would be the Suukess high-waisted swimsuit. This two-piece suit oozes beauty in its purest form. It is one of the best high waist swimsuits you can find going by not just the features that it has, but by the reviews. This is to say that the Suukess high-waisted swimsuits truly live up to their name.


1. Push Up Bra

It is produced with a push-up bra that helps to balance the boobs in ways that make them firm and well proportionated. Also, the push-up bra are firm and not too overtly tight, so the bra does not make you uncomfortable.

2. Design

To be honest, what’s there not to love about this suit? Because every single thing about the SUUKSESS Women Wrap Bikini Set Push Up High Waisted 2 Piece Swimsuits seem to be on point. The design speaks class and elegancy. Attached are tie-back straps. Make the suit even sexier.

3. Adjustable Straps

Unlike some high-waisted swimsuit straps that are nonadjustable, the SUUKSESS women wrap bikini set pushes up high-waisted 2 piece swimsuits gives you the privilege to adjust straps as to fitting.

With the adjustable straps, you are not restrained in any way. Rather, it lets you free without the straps placing a mark on your shoulders as a result of not being able to adjust them.

4. Multipurpose

I purposely used the word ‘multipurpose’ because the high-waisted swimsuit can be worn to several places. Is it the beach, pool parties, vacation, or cruise? Whatever the swimming occasion may be, the Suuksess high waist swimsuit is ever ready to be slain.


1. The high waist swimsuit fits all body sizes perfectly
2. It has a ruched design located at the top of the suit bottom
3. The suit is fully lined
4. It has quality
5. The suit bottom hides bulging tummy


1. It doesn’t come with underwire

Having provided an answer to the question, “Do Guys Like High Waisted Swimsuits”, here are some frequently asked questions you may want to read through.


Do Guys Like One Piece Swimsuit?

Yes, guys like one-piece swimsuits more compared to the other types of suits. To such guys, the sexiness of a lady is more revealed in a one-piece swimsuit.

Why Do Swimmers Wear One Piece?

Swimmers are more likely to be seen with one-piece suits for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the one-piece swimsuit supports mobility. Their hands, legs, and thighs are easily movable with a one-piece swimsuit.

The second reason why swimmers wear one piece is that it stops friction. The wear enables the swimmer to be flexible while swimming.

Conclusion – Do Guys Like High Waisted Swimsuits?

In conclusion, the high-waisted swimsuit isn’t at every guy’s top of the list. The likeness for the suit is highly subjective which takes us to individual preferences. While it may appear fancy and stunning to some out there, others may view it from an entirely different perspective.

Nonetheless, having answered the aforesaid question at the start of the write-up, it is left for the reader to make judicious use of the information that has been passed down.

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