Best Bikini for Belly Fat in 2022

I went to see the waves crashing some days ago, I missed seeing the vast openness of the ocean. I spotted this Cuban lady in a bikini, she looked uncomfortable in her skin, and her hands were covering her belly the entire time. I figured she wasn’t aware she could hide her belly in a swimsuit while still looking dazzling in the sun.

There’s this general assumption; bikinis and swimsuits are only for slim and hourglass ladies. That’s so wrong, it’s understandable that bikinis would shine brighter in these ladies, but people with belly fat can get a fair share of rocking bikinis with sheer boldness. 

Bikinis are primarily swimsuits of a two-piece. They are worn by women and their design features two fabric triangles covering the two breasts, two triangles covering the bottom, and one covering the pelvis in front but exposing the navel. The general idea of bikinis is to show off a great body shape while bathing in the summer sun.

They are worn to pool parties and open waterfronts and used as costumes for various Hollywood coverages and commercials. Models don’t find their portfolio complete without a few bikini shots to attract various investors and fans. 

So, if your shape is not well-cut without excesses, does it mean you can’t look great the same? No, you can go extra mile for flat a tummy, that’s great but you can also enjoy much attention with belly fat in bikinis.

The only trick is getting the right sets of bikinis that will bring out your shape like you want to. I am here to help you with that, I will be recommending the best bikinis for belly fat to you so you don’t have to bother looking out for them, but first, let’s talk about what to look out for when buying bikinis for belly fat. 

What to Look Out for When Buying Bikinis for Belly Fat

Understandably, you are trying to cover your belly fat, but you should also consider other things before buying a bikini. So, check for the following features to select the one that matches your description:

1. Entire body coverage

Some bikinis offer to conceal your entire body, including your tummy. This can be a great option to take the scent off your belly. You can simply assume a religious or cultural look in your bikini. You will notice this is the most preferred choice by Muslim ladies who wants to enjoy a nice outing looking great. The entire body coverage doesn’t actually mean you will be wearing a replica of full dresses, some degree of exposure is included not to compromise the bikini sense.

2. Belly Pooch Coverage

If the previous feature doesn’t arouse your interest, then this might. With this feature, you can choose a bikini that only covers your belly pooch and leave the rest as it should. Bikinis with belly pooch coverage come in different styles, it could be an extra matching scarf to tie around your belly as worn by Havanan ladies. Or, it may be an extension from the bikini pant, raised through the waist to cover the belly. You can pair this bikini with belly coverage with a sun hat and fabulous shades.

3. Budget 

Now, this feature most likely can not be considered alone having belly fat. The end goal is to conceal your belly fat, maybe even in style, so you might want to start with the aforementioned features, and then this. Of course, you can’t go out of your budget just to look good at the beach.

Stay calm, don’t get desperate to choose an expensive one your friend or neighbor probably got. I am happy to tell you there are nice tummy concealing bikinis you don’t have to break the bank for. To make it easier for you, check through some of the products we will be recommending to get the best one at an affordable price. 

4. The material

It’s not all materials that can boldly claim to offer belly coverage, they can try, but they would fail in no time. The material can tear off or slack with only a few usages. So, you should be keen on the material when checking the product. Make sure your selected bikini is made from the best material that can offer tummy concealing options without failing. You will most likely be dealing with materials of the highest elasticity that can stretch well enough and long enough. 

5. Colour 

That’s right, color matters too. It’s not enough that you get a bikini that can cover your belly pooch, the color has to be just right to give you a more appealing look. Do you know that choosing the right colors can make you the center of attraction?

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Proper color selection is considered an ingenious ability by people. The right blend can make even the simplest bikini a touch of class, and guess what? No one would even notice the belly fat.

6. Brand 

Many companies specialize in bikini production, you might want to tend more towards them. They have the expertise and experience in making great bikinis that keep their patronage on a steady surge. To begin with, check for the brand name and read through their reviews to see what users of their products are saying about them.

7. Durability 

Nobody likes to buy products that don’t last long. Durability comes from using the best materials to withstand long and heavy usage. Your bikini should be able to last for as long as you need it to. The best way to confirm a product’s durability is to check for the source material; if it’s one that stays in shape for a long time, and check the reviews for it. Reviews give you first-hand information from those who have used it. 

8. Reviews 

Yes, reviews as I earlier said might be the best place to confirm all you need to about a particular product. There are many things you cannot know about a product until you use it, and you can just read through the comments of those who have to know more about your selection before buying it.  

6 Best Bikini For Belly Fat

Below are the best bikinis for belly fat as recommended by our expert team. These products have come through a rigorous selection process, so you can trust them to give you a snug fit. After going through our guide, select one of the products mentioned below to get your money’s worth. 

1. CUPSHE Women’s Bikini

CUPSHE Women's This is Love High Waisted Lace Up Halter Bikini Set, X-Small Pink


This bikini with great flora prints and halter lace is the first to highly consider for belly fat. Their pant extends upward, covering the better part of the belly button. It is particularly made not to cover the entire stomach, it stays halfway through, which is enough to conceal your bulge. The hallway design looks incredible on most ladies. Check below for specific features:


  • The fabric is made of Chinlon and Spandex, with 80% and 20% rates respectively
  • It has a lace-up closure
  • Its design features a printed Halter Floral with a lace-up bikini top
  • The bikini bottom is high-waisted in a cup style with a padding bra
  • The patterns are unique, so you might get a slightly different one to the one shown on the site
  • It is available in all sizes, refer to the size charts for specific measurements


  • The high-waisted bikini bottom is to hide belly fat and bulges
  • Its garment care allows you to wash it like regular clothes in cold water, but do not tumble dry or use bleach on it
  • It can make the best holiday gift for your wife, girlfriend, or mom.
  • It is perfect for vacations in the tropical areas, honeymoons, summer, boat cruises, pool, and beach
  • It fits perfectly even on belly fat and postpartum bodies


  • Sizing is often a problem, especially for buyers who do not use the size charts

2. Mycoco Women’s High Waist Bikini

Mycoco Women's High Waist Bikini Crop Flounce Two Piece Swimsuits Flowy Bathing Suit Orange with Flowers US 12-14


Unlike the previous one, Mycoco offers a different approach. It extends the coverage from the top and down to cover the belly fat from both sides. The high-waisted pant with flowery designs is paired with an off-shoulder top that descends to cover a bit of the belly. 


  • It is made of elastic spandex nylon with double stitching
  • The fabric is quick-drying, durable, with quality workmanship
  • It has removable padded bras with elasticity
  • It has a Tassel flounce bikini top paired with adorable tassels
  • Its irregular ruffled top covers the crop bikini and the belly
  • It has a high waist swim bottom that is ruched at the front
  • The bottom has moderate cuttings with not-see-through full lines
  • It has adjustable straps that can easily be undone


  • The padded bras enhance the shape and give you closer fittings
  • The bras create a better fit for different figures
  • The high waist has tummy control effects and pushes for better curves
  • The bottom cutting well covers the buttock fat
  • It is also perfect for mothers that just put to bed


  • Sizing problems persist
  • The bottom doesn’t always match the size of the top

3. COCOSHIP Retro High Waist Bikini

COCOSHIP Retro 50s Black Pink Floral Halter High Waist Bikini Carnival Swimwear M(US6)


Cocoship classic bikini is a must-have for every lady. It is the classiest retro swim gear compatible with all body and shape types. It is loved by every user of all ages, year-round. The designs are imitated based on fashion trends to keep your look classy and in vogue. Check below for its features:


  • It is 82% nylon and 18% elastane respectively 
  • It has a tie closure between the two breasts
  • The swimsuit is breathable for your belly fat
  • It is a sports bra with a V-pattern neck and a full vintage bikini set.
  • The coverage is high-waisted
  • It has an adjust halter with built-in soft, wire-free bra cups


  • It can be hand-washed cold and dried on the line 
  • It fits perfectly even on belly fats
  • The color is straight, vibrant, and stunning
  • It works for you if you’ve had a C-section, or you have a long torso or stretch marks
  • It is affordable as promised


  • It should come with a wire for more support
  • Sizing issues still persist

4. Yonique Tankini Bikini

Yonique Tankini Swimsuits for Women Blouson Swim Tops with Bikini Bottoms Athletic Two Piece Bathing Suits Double Up Swimwear Black L


Yonique is one of those brands you can trust as mentioned in the buyer’s guide. It is an international fashion retailer that exists to provide ladies with charming and stylish swimwear. They work with professional designers and production lines.

They combine elements such as geometric patterns, stripes, printing, and laces in their products. Their products are for you whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a sophisticated office lady. This product has the following features: 


  • It is 85% nylon and 15% spandex respectively 
  • It is like a sports bra with a top with flowery designs that hangs over the bra part 
  • The blouson bikini swimsuit covers your belly due to their loose fittings 
  • The linen is hand washed only
  • It has a two-piece tankini set with a floral printed top
  • The shoulder has adjustable straps
  • The sports bra part is a separate section that can be seen under the armholes
  • It is breathable, elastic, and lightweight


  • The fashionable tankini top offers sun protection 
  • The bikini is suitable for pool parties, beaches, and summer vacations
  • It is a good gift for friends and loved ones
  • It is durable and comfortable to wear
  • It will give you the proper coverage for your belly fat


  • Sizing may be an issue
  • The bra area is reportedly tight and the extra fabric area is a baggie 
  • The bottom is sometimes loose or large in some users’
  • The fabric flares out in the middle
  • The top can ride up above the waist when in water

 5. Tempt Me Women High Waisted Bikini

Tempt Me Women Black Sexy Cutout One Piece Swimsuits Tummy Control High Waisted Halter Front Tie Knot Bathing Suit L


Tempt Me is an international online store that specializes in ladies’ swimwear such as bikinis, tankinis, plus-size bathing suits, conservative swimwear, 50s retro monokinis, etc. Their swimwear is custom-made to make you feel comfortable, confident, and ever charming. The product has the following features:


  • The bikini is 82% nylon and 18% spandex
  • It has a tie closure at the chest
  • The bikini features a cut-out detail and chest tie-up closure with a retro high-waisted design
  • The halter straps are adjustable and removable 
  • The shirring on the side gives it a flattering appeal and tummy control
  • The fabric is of smooth material, which is also stretchy and comfortable.


  • The high-waisted design gives you coverage for your belly fat while providing more support and lift
  • The halter straps secure the bikini well while swimming 
  • The vintage tie-knot patterns give it a young modern look
  • The open-back design shapes your figure well
  • The black bikini is cute, making you feel awesome during beach vacation, honeymoon, Hawaii, swimming, etc.
  • The smooth material which is also soft will ensure you enjoy wearing it
  • It is comfortable and gathers in all the right areas
  • It feels good even in the areas you are trying to conceal


  • If you have a larger breast, it may not be comfortable for you
  • If you have a larger chest, the top might not fit

 6. CUPSHE Women’s Vintage Lace Bikini 

CUPSHE Women's Ladies Vintage Lace Bikini Sets Beach Swimwear Bathing Suit (Medium Black)


CUPSHE is a beachwear exclusive brand created for the most fun, vibrant and fearless women all around the world. Since their advent in 2015, they’ve built an incredible zone for women who wants to push forward in their style, confidence, and comfort.

Aside from swimwear, they also feature dresses and cover-ups. Their products are crafted with quality fabrics and textures that you can effortlessly switch events on. The product has the following features:


  • Its fabric is 80% chinlon and 20% spandex respectively 
  • It also has a tie closure in the chest
  • The design includes a lace insert, high cut, plunge neck, and crisscross straps
  • It has a cup style including padded cups
  • It can withstand regular washing with cold water
  • Do not wash with bleach or tumble dry


  • It is great as a holiday gift for our loved ones
  • It is perfect for a honeymoon cruise, tropical vacations, summer, and beach
  • It is available in all sizes
  • It has a perfect fit, support, and comfort 
  • It will easily cover your belly fat
  • The back comes up high, enough to support saggy breasts
  • It has excellent breast support
  • It is true to the sizes


  • No cons

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Can You look Good With Belly Fat in a Bikini?

Can you look good with belly fat in a bikini? Yes, you can look good with belly fat wearing a bikini, that’s a fact. Belly fat doesn’t cut down on your natural beauty if you know how to pair your wear including your bikini. A lot of women only focus on the belly bulge and ignore the other amazing parts that they can ultimately leverage. Selecting the right bikini might be all you need to rekindle your lost confidence, that’s why we are here, to put you on the right track. Our recommended products are greatly reviewed and they will look good on your fat belly too.

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Conclusion – Best Bikini for Belly Fat

Women are the easiest to hide behind the curtain when faced with little body challenges. A lot of people favor the model-looking bodies over the rest not because they look better but because the others are drowning in body shame. Bikinis are one of the things women use to express their body beauty and we have given just the product buying tips and products that can take you out of the shadow into the light.


You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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