Best Leotard Swimsuits (2022 Review)

Most casual dresses are usually worn for many occasions, and that’s because they blend into any crowd you walk into. Whereas, some clothes are only worn for specific purposes and in specific places.

There is somewhat professional clothing made specific to the nature of their usage. Swimsuits are pieces of clothing, made and worn for a specific purpose, and that is swimming. Just like the hazard-related nature of many industrial jobs for which their protective gears were made. Swimsuits are made specific in design to be used inside water.

Swimsuits in their design, are tight-fitted, sticking to the body for uninterrupted navigation inside water. The materials they are made from are of high-water tolerance, you can bathe or swim in them all year without damaging them.

Now, this is the important part, even though all swimsuits look the same, some have a little variation in their design and are therefore used in particular settings different from the general swimming scenery. A good example is the swimsuits worn by divers, they look more the same as the ones people wear at the pool, but if you are very familiar with the sport, you can tell them apart.

Leotard is one of those swimsuits for professional settings, they look just like an average swimming trunk but they might be different, and their origin and definition can lay more emphasis on that.

In this article, we will be telling you about the best leotard swimsuits you can find, where and how to buy them, in form of a guide to tell you what to look out for when selecting a leotard, and lastly, we will be explaining what leotards are, which we will be kicking off with. 

What Are Leotards?

Not to confuse it with other swimsuits, leotards are different, and we will tell you how. They are tightly fitted, one-piece swimming garment that covers most of the body. It is a unisex garment that covers the crotch down to the torso, then to the shoulder.

They come in different styles; there are long-sleeved leotards, sleeveless, and short-sleeved ones. They are mainly worn by dancers, athletes, gymnasts, wrestlers, actors, and circus performers as performance costumes and practice garments. 

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They are paired with ballet skirts, tops and tights, and other times bike shorts. They can be worn with a belt as seen in movies depicting old, medieval times, especially “Hercules”, or they can remain a casual garment. They were originally designed to be worn by males, but they have developed into a unisex outfit over the years. They are made with different materials including the one used for making bathing suits. 

Now, what you didn’t know is; that leotards weren’t originally designed for water use as you can see by the professions, I mentioned they are used for. They were actually made for out-of-water use, but the recent trend has blended their usage into the water world. As a matter of fact, many bathing suits of today were inspired by the design of leotards. To buy a fitting leotard, you need some pointers, let’s tell you which;

Buyer’s Guide For Leotard Swimsuits 

Firstly, selecting a leotard depends on what you want to use it for. There are leotards for professional use and there are casual leotards. The preferred one will determine the design and structure to select. But there are general criteria for choosing a leotard, let’s see them one after the other.

1. Body Shape 

The shape of your body is one of the most important things to consider when sourcing a leotard. Leotards come in different designs, and these designs were created to meet different needs including different body shapes.

It’s difficult to select the proper leotard for your body shape when you are buying online, as you might have to buy a few before you get the right one. And if you are visiting a store, not to spend hours in the changing room, some details will hasten your decision. Let’s look at the different body shapes to consider:

  • Full Bust

Selecting a leotard with the right support is important for people with big breasts. You will consider leotards with molded cups, built-in bras, and underwire to give extra support than a normal swimwear would. Additional supports for full busts also include broadband under the breast, thicker straps, and a higher upper back. For full bust leotards, avoid frills and decorations that will add to your bust, rather choose ones that will complement it.

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  • Apple-shaped

An apple-shaped body means you carry your weight in the center. Different leotard designs will compliment the waistline. High neck leotards that leave the hands bare while closing on the neckline will be wonderful since they will assist to smoothen out the lower abdomen. You may also seek leotards with control panels for extra form and support. 

  • Pear-shaped 

This body type is slimmer at the top and curvy at the hips and thighs. Leotards with ornate and cut tops that will attract attention upward will look good. Spaghetti-strap or Camisole leotards will complement this body shape. They accentuate your movement as you walk in them, exposing your neckline. They are an excellent pair with skirts and tights. 

  • Straight-figure 

As the name implies, the body is built straight up and down, with little breasts. Getting the right leotard for this body shape can be a struggle due to the inclination in most leotard designs. Sleeved leotards can help break up the body’s straight contour. These leotards, especially when long can use their fabric to bring attention to the arms when worn, creating an illusion of long, flowing arms.

2. Breathability 

Leotards are tight-fitted swimsuits and they may seem to choke when wrongly selected. Leotards are supposedly meant to adhere to the shape of your body, but a little breathing space will ensure comfortability, wearing your leotards, especially when using them for sports. 

3. Size 

Wearing garments like leotards and other swimsuits is centered on size. They are tight-fitted, so they can’t be worn to look any other way. Choosing the right size will save you from unnecessary attention, and it’s not in a good way.

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Check for the leotards that are not too baggy or too fitting, to allow breathability. Too fitting leotards can also make you itchy all over, and you won’t be able to move freely or feel comfortable throughout. Choosing leotards of bigger size can make you look like a grandma in a young body, besides your leotard can drop odd mid-swim. 

4. Usage and design

We combined both features because they work together in selecting the right leotard. Leotards as previously mentioned have different occasions and it is included in their design. And you will agree usage is reflected in their design, the design for a beach leotard is different from the one for taking a dip in the pool. So, your usage whether you are a professional swimmer or you are just swimming for fun or leisure will help you select the right design for your leotard. 

5. Coverage 

Leotards like other swimsuits can be selected based on the amount of coverage you want. Even though they are leotards, they don’t mean you have to expose most parts of your body. You can go for leotards with some coverage as some women will prefer. Ideally, men’s leotards should cover half of the thighs, but they can always switch upon it however they want. 

6. Quality 

Of course, all products of real value are founded on quality, and it is quality that determines the extent to which the products will sell. Users don’t joke with quality to get the worth of their money when buying any product, most people would rather spend extra than not to get good quality. Confirm the quality from those who have used your preferred leotard to confirm the quality, or you can check through the product’s description to see what material it was made from. 

7. Price and Budget 

Don’t beat yourself up if the one you have your eyes on is too expensive. Choose the leotard that can match your finances, and if you intend to get a leotard for professional use, it might be worth saving for even if the price is high. Nevertheless, work with your budget, and do a long, thorough search, you can always get a desired one at an affordable price. 

8. Reviews 

There are two forms of reviews; online and physical reviews. Online reviews are in the comment section, check what people are saying about the leotard you are choosing before buying it. Also, you can talk to neighbors or friends that have bought it before about how the product is. Reviews should not be ignored when considering buying a product, it is the best source of information about any product. 

5 Best Leotard Swimsuits

After you have satisfactorily chosen the features you are looking for in a leotard, here are some leotards you should consider. They are best rated and best reviewed 

1. Capezio Women’s Tank Leotard  

Capezio Women's Classic V-Neck Camisole Leotard, Black, MediumCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Capezio is a popular name in the dance industry for making great leotards for ballet dancers and freestylers. They have been dressing Broadway stars, the entertainment and music industries for decades. This leotard has the following features:


  • The leotard is 10% spandex and 90% nylon
  • It can be hand-washed or washed in a machine
  • The fabric has excellent stretching capabilities for casual and professional use
  • It can be cold washed in the machine, do not bleach, and hang to dry
  • The front lining is available in ballet pink, nude, white, light suntan, and light blue
  • It is available in child and adult sizes


  • It is soft, not too thin or thick, and comfortable to wear
  • It fits well
  • It is reasonably priced and of top-notch quality
  • The thick straps are great for broad-shouldered ladies
  • It provides psychological security over the spaghetti straps
  • It is flattering and fit, and it doesn’t emphasize any bad areas
  • It is true to one’s size when properly sized
  • It has a classy look which looks great when paired with boy shorts


  • Sizing is off with some users
  • There is a report of unthreading in the seam along the left shoulder of the collar bone
  • Seams may turn out itchy and the cut can sometimes be shorter. 
  • It can’t be worn in a place with inadequate airflow and air conditioning
  • The fabric reveals sweats and also dries quickly 

2. Capezio Women’s Tb41

Capezio womens Tb41 athletic leotards, Black, X-Small US


This is a turtle neck long-sleeved leotard. It features a turtle neck and zippered back. It is soft and resilient, made of spandex blend and nylon. The long sleeves will shield you from cold in the studio or in the wintertime. It has the following features.


  • It is of 10% spandex and 100% nylon 
  • It is made for machine wash
  • It is breathable, soft, and quick-drying
  • The fabric stretches excellently 
  • It is a turtle neck, long-sleeved leotard
  • It is not lined 
  • It has a ballet leg line


  • It is a great leotard for professional and casual use
  • The zipper is strong and it makes the turtle neck look nice
  • It fits nice and snug from the neck down, and throughout the bodice
  • The material is thick and stretchy
  • It can compress your flab to give you a sleek look


  • The panty part may be too boxy and low
  • It cuts into the hip giving it a bad double bulge
  • It does not have snaps in the crotch
  • It can be inconvenient when worn with layers
  • The stitching may come off easily 

3. Capezio Girls’ Camisole Leotard 

Capezio Big Girls' Team Basic Team Basic Camisole Leotard with Adjustable Straps,Nude,L (12-14)


A dancer’s wardrobe is not complete without this classy camisole leotard that comes with adjustable straps. It is soft and flexible, made of nylon and spandex. The adjustable strap allows for a custom fit and the double stitch seams ensure long-lasting wear. It is available in many colors to match any style. It has the following key features


  • It is 90% nylon and 10% spandex
  • It is an adjustable camisole leotard
  • The adjustable straps have metal sliders, loops, and hooks. 
  • The full front lining goes in light suntan, white, pink, light blue, and white
  • it is washable in cold water using a machine


  • it is super comfy and hides well under a costume. 
  • It fits well for all uses
  • It does not fit too clingy to the skin
  • It is of great quality 
  • It is great for any use or event
  • The strap does not slip


  • The metal part may irritate the shoulders
  • Sizing may be an issue
  • The straps may be bulky and they may flat
  • The fabric isn’t as smooth or comfy as the Botch Leo

4. BAOHULU’s Leotard

Leotards for Girls Gymnastics Toddler Shiny Diamond Metallic Athletic Bodysuit B179_BlackPurple_14A


BAOHULU is a professional in producing kids’ leotards for more than eight years. Their leotards have unique designs and high quality, well-made workmanship. Their leotards are stretchy and comfortable, and they stand out in all fun and sports activities. They are also lightweight, quick-drying, and with a non-snaps suit. They have the following features


  • It is a combination of spandex and polyester
  • They are only washable by hand 
  • The collar has a little low back design with a scoop back with a neck that is easy to put on and off
  • The gymnastic leotard has dots all over with a bling-bling feel
  • It has excellent embroidery craftmanship laced with diamonds around it
  • A liner is sewed on the front, so the back is more flexible


  • It can be hand washed or washed in a machine 
  • It is of great quality
  • It fits well
  • It is made with great material


  • It may not go well for girls with thicker thighs
  • There is a report of the silver bling coming off of the embellishment
  • It can come off a bit loose
  • Sizing may also be a problem

5. Dasbayla Women’s off shoulder Leotards

Dasbayla Black Off Shoulder Bodysuit Tops for Women Rufffle Jumpsuit Romper 2XL


This off-shoulder leotard is just so classy. From the stable of the Dasbayla store, this leotard is new, of high quality, and seasonless. The leotard is stretchy and soft, and it feels nice on the skin. It has the following key features


  • The material is soft, stretchy, and it looks thinner with light color
  • It is made for a wash in a machine with cold water
  • The styles include; boat neck, one-off shoulder, ruffle, bodycon jumpsuits, bodysuits leotards, and short-sleeved


  • It is functional perfect for any occasion, event, date, and casual outings
  • It is super cute and comfortable 
  • It is breathable and does not fall off
  • It hugs the body nicely


  • One might need to wear a bra since it doesn’t have any support
  • It may be a little loose on the crotch and butt

What Do You Wear Under A Leotard Swimsuit?

Normally, you can wear leotards like other swimsuits without any underwear. But some people prefer to wear tights or shorts under them to give them a bit of cover. Some dancers or gymnasts may feel more comfortable when there is a knicker sticking out at the bottom of the leotard. Nevertheless, you are free to wear whatever you want underneath it.

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How To Wear Leotards Swimsuits

Wearing leotards is as simple as putting on your favorite swimsuits. They like, many swimsuits are worn by stepping into the legs first and pulling the sleeves up, over the shoulders. You can’t wear them like normal dresses since their design won’t enable you to. 

Conclusion – Best Leotard Swimsuits 

Leotard swimsuits are the most preferred option for professional use and few casual uses. They were originally not made for water use, but with the nylon incorporation of recent productions, they can now be enjoyed for every water event. We’ve highlighted some guides to help you select the leotard that best suits you, and some excellent Leos you can buy.   


You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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