Do You Size Up or Down For Swimsuits?

Sizing is one of the most controversial issues for buying a dress. We all know how much we measure for our dresses, but then we know sometimes that doesn’t work with some new dresses. Normally I am size ’44 but I often go for dresses of “43 and “42 depending on the material.

It happens often that clothes sag over time and if you got your normal size at the point of purchase, then it might go out of shape faster than most dresses. You have to feel the stretch of the cloth to be able to decide if you should a size smaller or two.

Swimsuits are made of elastic materials to stay snug fit to our bodies. Swimsuits are leisure and sportswear that require proper body adhesion for easy paddling in the water. That means, they can’t be too big not to slide off mid-swim, nor too tight to reduce breath-ability and comfort during swimming.

This somewhat precise look is why it is usually frustrating for users to get the right size at once when purchasing a swimsuit. There are different fixes for getting a swimsuit that fits but they usually burn out with just one or two trials, another issue always seems to pop up, and it’s usually beyond the scope. So, what do you do, do you size up or down for swimsuits? 

Sizing for swimsuits can vary in styles and brands. However, your decision should stem from what you want to use your swimsuit for. But you must know, swim fabrics tend to stretch when submerged in water, so you don’t want to size up if you will mostly be using your swimsuit in water.

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Whereas, if you will be staying dry for most of the time, you can consider sizing up or staying true to your size. Stretching is minimal when a suit is dry, so stick to what will make you comfortable.

Reasons For Sizing Up or Down Your Swimsuits

You either size up or down when buying a swimsuit if you are unsure about the size that will fit you. Also, after a few weeks of usage, some suits begin to slack off, leaving an extra gap that would get your suit out of shape. The extra gap is mainly because swimwear is made of elastic materials and they sag after a few usages.

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Also note, that your sizes for normal dresses are different from the sizes for swimsuits. Everyday wear doesn’t always stay glued to our body as swimwear would, so you would need to size down from your normal size for swimsuits. You will hardly need to size up your swimsuit unless you bought the wrong size, then you can size up for another purchase.

How Do You Know Which Swimsuit Size To Buy?

Focus on getting the right fit, if you are visiting a store, then spend time trying all sizes available. You can’t predict every material, sometimes two same sizes may feel different. Products, even the ones made by machines don’t always maintain their precision, so thorough searching may be your best bet for knowing which size to buy.

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Analyze the differences in the swimsuits and select the most accurate one. And if you are buying online, consider talking to an expert first or a customer care agent about your needs. Explain in detail how you want your suit to look, then provide your measurements to get an accurate response.

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Do You Buy The Same Size As Previous Swimsuits?

I’ve seen people buy 3 or 4 of the same type of swimsuits out of fear of never getting the right size if they should try another. Understandably, the glamour of swimsuits lies in looking sexy with every part perfect for your body, but that doesn’t have to get you nervous from trying out a whole lot of options that hit the market.

You don’t need more than one of the same suits, at most two. You might be astonished that even with two or three identical orders, they might all not feel the same.

Also, ordering two different designs in the same size can’t be rushed like that. Just like we’ve been hammering, variation is high with swimsuits. Talking to an expert may be good, so he/she may explain the details of the suit material and guide you in selecting the right one.

Is it Ideal to Buy Two Sizes of Swimsuits at Once?

A lot of people resort to this when they are fed up with returning unfit swimsuits. Swimsuits are one of the most returned items for online purchases due to their size volatility. So, people came up with the idea of buying two sizes at once when ordering. If your size is “44 like me, you can order “43 and “44 at the same time, so if one doesn’t fit, the other will.

Yes, this method may be expensive, I mean, why would you want to buy all your suits in two? What will happen to the other, unfit one? It’s just an idea, and it’s not something to adopt permanently, I only advise you to do this for absolutely important and time-sensitive purchases.

You might need your suit for an important event the following week, and you won’t have the luxury of time buying one, returning, and waiting for the next size to come on time, so this method may only be for such situations.

Things To Know Before Buying a Swimsuit Online

It is way easier to buy online now. Ordering goods from the comfort of your couch is the real deal, but some issues surround online purchases. The easiest things to buy are electronics and gadgets with precise specifications. Wears are not so easy, and the problem is primarily about sizing.

Swimsuits are one of those, it’s tough to find one that directly fits your body. But if you take some good pointers before shopping online, you may have fewer issues, here they are:

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1. Know what you intend to buy

If you go online without a particular item in mind, you might easily get lost in the multitude of choices. There are thousands of items of similar variance, especially on popular online stores, so it wouldn’t help you to go blindly. You know what you want to use your swimsuit for and maybe some qualities you want in it, so type in the exact keywords in the search panel for a more precise result. The results will be lesser than just typing “swimsuits”,  it will make your search easier.

2. Know your size

It might not always help, but it’s better if you know your size before trying to buy online than when you don’t. When you know your size, you can decide on the size range to pick from. And when it still comes unfit, then you probably only have a few alterations to make. But you may be lucky to get your right size at once, so it’s better to know your size.

3. Check how they look

When you are checking for an item, say a swimsuit, you will most likely see pictures of models wearing it. so, what you do is; look at the model’s body shape and compare it to yours to have an idea of how the suit will possibly look on you. The pictures are always full and with nice resolutions, so you can easily look through them to make your comparison.

4. Order in two sizes

We mentioned this earlier. Ordering in two sizes can save you the stress of returning an unfit suit purchase. There are low to no chances of not still getting the right size when you use this method. Order in two close-up sizes, so if one doesn’t fit, the other will. But if you don’t have extra to try this method, then skip it.

5. Talk to an agent

There are agents receiving complaints and concerns about purchases or “potential purchases” talk to them about what you want, they have first-hand information about every item in-store, so they will give you the right direction to buying the right swimsuit size.

6. Choose a reliable online store

The store you are shopping from also helps a lot in choosing the right fit. Online stores are structured differently, some are user-friendlier than others. Specifications, colors, and size charts are some of the few tools reliable stores use to help buyers get the right items.

7. Have a leap of faith

Buying online is a risky business, but with reliable stores like Amazon, you don’t have to worry much. When you buy online, you are kind of taking a risk, since you are buying something you can’t see or touch. Have a little faith that it will come right, there are lots of people who always buy online and they get the right item every single time.

Conclusion – Do You Size Up or Down For Swimsuits?

Sizing down is the usual option for snug-fitting swimsuits. They are highly elastic, water-tolerant wear that fits better and longer when sized an inch or two down to stay ever-fi wearing them. Check for things to look out for before buying the right swimsuit and tips for buying the right size online.



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