Can You Wear Spandex in the Pool?

There’s no better feeling than finding the right and perfect swimsuit to take to the pool. The right pattern, design, or color, nothing beats that. When it’s right, it also holds up for hours and months, maybe years of swimming.

Picking the right suit is no easy feat, there are lots of options, and they are all not for you. It is your duty to look for the ones that match you best. The material a swimsuit is made from makes all the difference, you might have to check through them all to arrive at the one or two that will be most suitable for you.

Swimsuit materials vary, from blends of polyesters to nylons, then to spandex. Spandex and polyester are the commonest materials, and each has its edge over the other. Nylons do well in many cases too, they hold up in many suits for enough usage time.

When you finally choose the right one, it will make up for comfort, durability as well as your budget.

Some of these materials don’t fare well with some usages or places. When you learn more about them, you will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each. Spandex, for example, might not be compatible for some situations, that’s why some people would even ask: Can you wear spandex in the pool?

Yes, you can wear spandex in a pool. Spandex is a swimsuit material, so of course, it is water-compatible. But the question is not about the pool but the chlorine in it.

Spandex does not react whatsoever with pool water, so it can be enjoyed for all kinds of indoor and outdoor pool outings. You can wear them directly or pair them with other materials in undergarments.

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Why is Spandex Ideal for the Pool?

Spandex is a synthetic fabric most popular for its astounding elasticity. It is made from a polymer called polyether-polyurea copolymer, made through different production stages. Spandex is a very stretchy material that can go five to eight times its original size.

It is elastic, comfortable, and resilient, which is why it doesn’t get damaged by enormous water entry. These qualities make it ideal for swimming and surfing in all kinds of water including the pool.

NOTE: Spandex’s compatibility with pools is only for ordinary water. Pools with chlorine in them may damage the spandex fabric.

Why Will The Chlorine In Some Pools Affect Spandex?

Spandex is very good and comfortable, even preferred by competitive swimmers but their weakness is they are not chlorine-friendly. Not just chlorine even, they are not compatible with harsh chemicals. Chlorines, even though they are used to cleanse waters like the pool water, are still harsh chemicals.

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Their constituents make them a heavy chemicals mostly for industrial use. So, if you use your spandex material in a chlorinated pool, you risk it from being damaged or discolored.

Also, the chlorine singles out the spandex fibers and breaks them down, causing them to lose their elasticity and become shapeless and baggy.

Properties That Make Spandex Ideal For Swimwear

1. It is quick-drying

Spandex thins out moisture absorbed inside water quicker than any other material. This is why spandex is never heavy no matter how long you stay underwater, and so it lets you swim freely without any pull.

2. It is extremely elastic

This is its top quality which makes it the most sought-after swimsuit material. Spandex is the strongest of swimwear materials, it can stretch ten times better than even rubber without reaching an elastic limit.

This is what helps swimmers to dive freely without any constriction in their movements. And the most fascinating part is; that it stretches the same underwater, which is where other similar fabrics fail.

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3. It has amazing recovery

Better than rubber, even underwater, spandex can retain its original length after being stretched. This is the most ideal swimsuit fabric. Without this amazing recovery, it would have affected the movements of divers and endangered their lives.

4. It is durable

Durability is its strongest feat; it can withstand heavy tension and pressure. It retains its shape the same in and out of water. Moreover, when it is used with other materials to make swimwear, it immediately enhances the quality of the wear as a whole and lets its user move freely without compromising its shape.

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5. It has great quality

Spandex is not the best for swimsuit material quality, but it does a great job of enhancing other materials joined with. Through this quality elevation, it improves the general texture and saves countless lives wearing it.

6. It is affordable

Since it is not one of the highest qualities, it is not the most expensive. This makes it very affordable to buy and use. Its package is ideal for any swimmer to afford, and it does excellently underwater.

7. It has resistance

Spandex is resistant to saltwater, body oil, sweat, and chlorine. All these substances are harmful to the internal organs, so spandex prevents its entry into the body, therefore keeping you safer.

8. It is elegant

Despite its many amazing features, it doesn’t affect its general aesthetics. Spandex gives body-hugging adhesion which allows you to comfortably flaunt your curves and give you an amazing look. It is also soft, which allows you to move in style, flaunting your behind.

How To Care For Your Spandex Swimsuits

Spandex is a joy to own for a swimsuit. Therefore, proper care should be ensured to avoid damaging them out of water. Let’s start with how to properly wash a spandex swimsuit. We’ll section it into two; hand washing and washing with a machine. Use the following tips to care for them.

Hand washing spandex

  • Hand washing is most ideal for washing a spandex swimsuit to protect it from excessive stretching
  • Do not use detergents or bleaches that contain chlorine or fabric conditioner
  • Preferably use lukewarm water for washing and rinsing
  • Gently agitate and rub it as you wash
  • Rinse in lukewarm water until all the foam has been washed off
  • Squeeze the water out gently, do not wring it.

Washing spandex in a washing machine

  • Insert the swimsuit into the washing machine
  • Add a mild detergent that does not contain chlorine
  • Wash in a cool and gentle delicate cycle and ensure you set it to a slow spin to draw the water off.

How to Remove a casual stain from a spandex swimsuit

Expelling the stain on the spot as it gets on should be your first move. Soak the spot in cold water, then add a mild liquid soap to unfasten the stain from the fabric. Gently scrub it off when it’s softened enough.

How to Remove a strong odor from a spandex swimsuit

Spandex swimwear easily gets and retains odor attracted from their usage. Pool water and streams usually have a residual odor on swimsuits and you need to get it off so as not to permanently reek it. Pour lukewarm water into a large bowl, then add a cup of bicarbonate soda. Leave your suit to soak in it overnight, then rinse with cool water in the morning before air drying.

How to properly dry spandex swimsuit

  • Gently squeeze out the excess water in your swimsuit
  • Air-dry it on a line without direct sunlight and heat
  • Do not dry in a tumble dryer

Can You Iron a Spandex Swimsuit?

Can you iron a spandex swimsuit? No, you cannot iron your spandex swimsuit. Most spandex-made suits do not wrinkle after washing them. All you need is to dry them properly for them to smoothen out. Do not opt for ironing your spandex, and if you must, set the iron to the lowest heat and apply even pressure.

Other Swimsuits Materials You Can Use In A Chlorinated Pool

Even though spandex is the commonest with swimsuit materials, it is stretchy, which makes it easy for them to be pulled on and off. There are even a few swimsuits that are spandex-free. However, due to its intolerance of chlorine, there are other options to consider.

Swimsuits made of 100% polyester like the speedo’s swimsuits are fairly resistant to chlorine damage. The Urafast swimsuit maker also makes suits that are chlorine-resistant.

They are also a blend of texturized polyester, which offers a fair amount of stretch but unlike spandex with the full stretch swing. Plain polyester is not stretchy, which is why it is used with other materials in swimsuits.

Nylon and Lycra are also non-absorbent materials that are excellent for swimming in the pool without minding the chlorine content. Absorbent materials like cotton can also be broken down by the chlorine content of pools, and cause it to clog in the pool filters.

Any colored material like spandex will bleed into the pool water which will affect the general state of it, and make it unsafe to swim in. These reactions also account for the turbidity in pools.

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Conclusion – Can you wear spandex in the pool?

Can spandex be worn in the pool? Spandex can be worn to the pool, but if only it doesn’t contain chlorine. Chlorine and spandex are natural enemies. Look through the article to see why they don’t match and what materials can be worn instead. Also, spandex is an excellent source of swimsuit materials, check for its good properties that make it so. Lastly, listed are different ways to care for your spandex swimsuit, you can easily follow these guides to ensure long usage of your favorite swimwear.



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