Best Waterproof Nipple Covers for Swimming in 2022

Best waterproof nipple covers for swimming are implemented to cover women’s breast nipples while swimming or engaging in water-based activities. Some ladies find it uncomfortable to see their nipples exposed in their swimsuits as a result of their swimsuits becoming see-through. This is the primary reason why many ladies opt for possible ways to avoid this scenario.

Breasts are a delicate part of a women’s body, and it needs an extensive watch to take care of them. You may afford to get hurt on any part of your body when engaging in aquatic activities. But you must not afford to get hurt or injured on your nipple. For instance, some aquatic activities expose you to the direct sun. Giving it a tangible reason why you select swimsuits that can best protect you from UV rays. You are also protecting your body including the nipple from the direct sun if you choose the right swimsuit.

Also, you can jealously care for this part of the body by getting necessary amenities like waterproof nipple covers for swimming. It will prevent the nipple from getting hurt or exposed under your swimsuit. There are several best waterproof nipple covers for swimming that can be used. Skin specialists have bestowed their accolades on high-quality, protecting nipple coverings.

Buyer’s Guide for Selecting The Best Waterproof Nipple Covers

There are certain factors I will suggest you consider before selecting out best waterproof nipple covers. It will help in selecting the best products. There are many products out there. Each product’s manufacturer will want to get the best to entice customers to get their products.

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It is left to the customer not to get attracted by all the packages used to enhance their product but rather be more concerned if it will serve its purpose effectively. Products like waterproof nipple covers are sensitive because they contact the skin directly.

Here are some buyer’s guides for selecting the best waterproof nipple covers:

1. Material

The best material should be reusable, hypoallergenic, and able to form a seal around the nipple. Manufacturers ought to ensure the safety of their customers. Some materials are not suitable for swimming. This is one of the reasons why we are often more concerned about the kind of material you wear for swimming activities.

The majority of the nipple covers are made with silicone material. The silicone materials are used to enhance waterproofing. The cons about silicone materials are that they cannot really protect the skin against UV rays but are ideal for nipple protection (perhaps this makes them considerable).

Ensure the material you are opting for is capable of protecting you against internal and external attacks in the water. I will suggest you go for waterproof nipple materials that are thick. Also, check out the texture.

2. Shape and size

It’s essential to choose a shape that completely covers the total area of your nipple without getting in the way of protecting your breasts. People get nipple covers for different purposes. Some women do not feel comfortable if their nipples show under their swimsuits once they get wet.  Get a nipple cover that can cover all the nipple areas.

Breast nipples are in different sizes. You must know your nipple size before choosing the right cover. The sizes are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

3. Stickiness

The ability for the cover to stay put is crucial for a good fit. This can also depend on how clean your skin is before application. Some nipple covers will not easily stick to your nipple once you get into the pool. Ensure that the one you are getting can attach to your nipple firmly.  You can also get the appropriate tape and your nipple cover to hold it more firmly. You can get a double-sided tape.

4. Comfort

To avoid chafing or irritation, look for materials like organic cotton that will keep you comfortable without absorbing liquids. The best materials tend towards breath-ability and are soft against the skin rather than rough or itchy. The way individual skin responds once they get in contact with stuff differs. This is why it is best to understand and be sensitive to how your skin reacts.

5. Reusable or disposable

Disposable options are usually cheaper, but they may not have as much stickiness after multiple uses. If you’re looking for something that can be used more than once, a reusable option would be preferable, especially if it includes adhesive glue.

If you are capable of getting many nipple covers, then I will suggest you get the disposable type. Getting the disposable type will save you from getting irritations or infections. They are only appropriate for one used. After that, they are rendered useless. On the other hand, reusable nipple covers are the best for use as many times as you want. Silicone is included in the material, making it last longer. Silicones are not in the disposable nipple covers.

6. Price

If the price is an issue, you might want to consider going with smaller disposable options, which are cheaper per piece than larger ones made of silicone material (which has greater longevity).  Just ensure you are cutting your coat according to your size.

7. Color

Waterproof nipples are in various colors. Know your skin color and get the one that matches perfectly. Choosing a color that fits your skin will not make the nipple cover too obvious when using them under your swimsuit specifically for revealing swimsuits.

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Are Pasties the Same as Nipple Covers?

If you search for “pasties” on the internet, you’ll see many results that look like nipple covers. In fact, if you use those two terms interchangeably, it’s probably not going to cause any confusion. However, there is a difference between pasties and nipple covers.

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To begin with, pasties are commonly made from different materials than regular nipple covers. Some are constructed from latex or rubber, while others are made from fabrics like lace or sequins. Pasties also tend to have decorative elements like feathers or tassels to make them more aesthetically pleasing or theatrical and not something that can be worn swimming.

Also, pasties are not the same as nipple covers because pasties are mainly used for entertainment purposes. Many consider nipple covers for some beneficial uses like swimming or breastfeeding.

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Best Waterproof Nipple Covers for Swimming

Waterproof nipple covers provide you with a lot of advantages it offers. It protects your nipple from getting in contact with infections. You will admit that treating other skin infections is easier than treating infections or burns on nipples. It is extremely, very painful. To avoid this, its advisable to get a suitable waterproof nipple cover for swimming.

I have researched the best waterproof nipple covers for swimming. I searched through all the details, and I’m highly convinced they are indeed the best waterproof nipple covers that can be considered for swimming.

1. Nippies Skin Original Nipple Covers

NIPPIES Nipple Covers for Women – Adhesive Silicone Pasties with Travel Box Crème


It’s a soft, flexible, non-irritating silicone material that adheres to the skin while still allowing it to breathe. It’s hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about your nips getting irritated or catching a chill. These are available in multiple colors.

  •         It is soft on the nipple
  •         It held firmly to the breast
  •         It is very secure
  •         You can always reuse them as many times as you want
  •         Perfect for any outfit aside from swimming

2. Nippies Non- adhesive Nipple Covers

NIPPIES Non-Adhesive Nipple Covers for Women – Reusable Silicone Inserts with Travel Box Crème


These covers are made an extra stylish look and provide a protective layer against UV rays with SPF15 protection built right in. They are made of the same super-soft silicone as their original line. Perfect for a day at the beach or pool. Some of its qualities and cons are:

  •         It is soft and tender
  •         It is undetectable
  •         The nipple covers are made of medical-grade silicone
  •         It protects the skin from irritation
  •         Cleaning is simple with lukewarm water and soap, followed by air drying.

 3. PRETTYWELL nipple cover

PRETTYWELL Nipple Covers for Women, Waterproof Adhesive Pasties, Reusable Nipple Cover Silicone Nipple Pasties


PRETTYWELL nipple cover is one of the best nipple covers for swimming because they offer the following features and advantages.

  •  Skin-friendly and Safe Material: Made from skin-friendly silicone material and high-quality fabric, soft and comfortable to wear, without any glue or adhesive, pasties silicone breast lifts are no irritation to your skin.
  •  Super Smooth Premium Silicone: It features smooth silicone identical to our skin, so it’s super soft and breathable, reusable for at least 100 times.
  •  Excellent Waterproof Performance: The sticky ultra-thin bra covers are waterproof, moisture-proof, and sweatproof. Even on rainy or hot days, you can still enjoy yourself.
  •  Reusable and Washable: The nipple-less covers can be reused several times before discarding, peeled off gently from the edges, washed with warm water and soap, and then air dry.

4. NEATS Nipple Covers

NEATS Nipple Covers for Women, Reusable & Hypoallergenic Silicone Pasties Champagne


They are designed for women of all shapes and sizes! Reusable and hypoallergenic silicone nipple covers provide modesty, support, and relief from painful chafing during exercise, outdoor activities, breastfeeding, during sex, or from the effects of aging.

They are made with a soft, stretch material to ensure comfort when worn underneath your clothing for as little as two hours to 24 hours comfortably. The unique design allows you to wear them all day long with no chafing! Protects nipples and delicate breast tissue while keeping the nipple area private. Some of its pros include:

  •  It is comfortable for use
  •  Available in all colors
  • High-quality material

5. FJYQOP Nipple cover

FJYQOP Silicone Nipple Covers - 5 Pairs, Women's Reusable Invisible Adhesive Pasties Nippleless Covers Round Nude


The only nipple pasties you will ever want to wear! These beautiful, reusable, and durable silicone nipple covers are designed to offer full coverage and the most elegant, seamless look on the market. Silicone adhesive ensures a long-lasting hold without damaging your skin, and they are easy to wash and reuse. Some of its characteristics are the following.

  • Glue free design
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for all skin
  • It is comfortable and breathable

6. QUXIANG nipple cover

QUXIANG 8 Pairs Nipple Covers for Women Reusable Adhesive Silicone Pasties Round petal Nippleless Covers with Travel Box Beige


Finding the perfect fit can sometimes be a challenge. What may fit one woman perfectly may end up being too bulky on another. Since QUXIANG nipple covers are made of high-quality silicone, they’re reusable and provide comfort and support. Most women find that they don’t require a lot of sizing or bending to mold correctly to their nipples. All QUXIANG nipple covers come with a convenient, detachable storage box, making them great for travel. Here are some of its features.

  •         Asides from being a perfect match for swimming, it is also useful for the latest trend
  •         Comfortable and convenient
  •         It is light-weighted and hand
  •         Also, it offers optimum protection against irritation

7. Nipple covers silicone

Nipple Covers Silicone Pasties For Women - Adhesive Petals Nip Covers Reusable Nipplecovers Sticky Gel Go Nipless Nude


Our nipple covers are made of medical grade silicone, hypo-allergenic, and reusable with a water-resistant adhesive. Our Nipple covers go on easily with a gentle push and stay in place during swimming. You do not need sticky gel. Just peel off the backing and stick them to your nipples! Nipple covers are perfect for when you want your nipples hidden. They are also great for bra-less tank tops, swimsuits, weddings, bachelorette parties, public breastfeeding, kink events, exotic dancing, etc. Fun for full-time wear or just for occasions.

8. Pure style girlfriend waterproof nipple cover

Pure Style Girlfriends Smooth'em Waterproof Adhesive Nipple Covers, Nude, One Size


Girlfriends Smooth’em nipple covers are the softest and most comfortable top you’ve ever worn. No sticky residue or oily feel, so we recommend them for daily wear and even sports!!! Our waterproof adhesive is gentle on your skin and removes easily when wet or warm, unlike some other covers on the market. They offer a smooth, secure fit for all-day use. Its features include:

  •         Comfortable for swimming
  •         Made with quality silicone material
  •         It is sweatproof and waterproof

How Long Do You Wear a Nipple Cover?

How long do you wear a nipple cover? You can wear a waterproof nipple cover for three to six hours. If you are not involved in water-based activities, you can wear them until you are satisfied. But once you are wearing it for aquatic purposes, I will advise you to only have them on between three to six hours. This will prevent bacteria or germs in water from staying longer on your nipple skin.

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Safety Tips for Using Waterproof Nipple Cover for Swimming

Waterproof nipple covers are nice and good because it offers more pros than cons. Still, you can not overlook some exceptions. These exceptions are also guiding towards safety. Once you’ve noticed some of these effects, then avoiding nipple cover will be a better option at that moment. Some of them include:

1. Do not use once you have sunburn on your nipple skin

It is advisable not to use it if you have sunburn on your nipple skin. It will rather add more to the pain than cure it. Pay attention to the spot, get it healed and add further protection by using a waterproof nipple cover.

2. Do not rub any other substances on your skin before using

Do not use any sense on your nipple skin before using nipple cover. Doing this may irritate and make you uncomfortable throughout your swimming activities. Also, always wipe your nipple skin side before application. This will help in eradicating dirt that can cause germs around the nipple.

3. Remove nipple residue with baby oil

If you notice any residue when your waterproof nipple cover, get rid of them by dipping a ball of wool inside a baby oil. It can make your skin sticky if you don’t remove them properly. In addition, if you’re having trouble eliminating it, take a hot bath since this is one of the most effective ways to do it. Even better, relax in a warm bath before taking it out.

4. Try them on before swimming

Be patient to try them on before swimming. This will help you study how it feels on your skin before trying them out. Once you get an unlikely reaction, kindly know it is time to put them off. Ensure you dispose of them and get the ones that are not sensitive to your skin.

You can also detect if it is useful for your skin by putting it in your arm with no hair. (smooth skin). Discard the nipple cover if there is any reaction.

Conclusion – Best Waterproof Nipple Covers for Swimming

Now that you know everything there is to know about waterproof nipple covers and how they can help you participate in more aquatic activities, it’s time to make a purchase. Take a look at the list we compiled of the best waterproof nipple covers for swimming, and read through the reviews carefully.

Keep in mind where you wish to use these products such as swimming pool, lake, ocean, and think about how long-lasting you’d like them to be. Make sure that any product you’re considering is 100% waterproof nipple covers are often marketed as “waterproof,” but this simply means they’ll work under some water or for short periods; ask yourself if that’s good enough for your needs.

Consider what size will work best for your cup size, and be aware of any specific products that are better or worse for larger or smaller breasts. Finally, think about what adhesive will work best for your needs. With so many different types on the market, it can be challenging to decide which one’s right for you, but we’ve got confidence that our guide has made it more accessible and easier.


You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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