Best See Through Bikini Bottoms in 2022

Summer vacations are known for getting sun on your skin and relaxing by the waters. And in such instances, the swimsuit ranks as the number one go-to outfit for such activities. Thankfully, swimsuits come in different styles, designs, and sizes, making it possible for you to choose from a vast pool. However, the swimsuit has evolved from the old full-body water-suitable garment to a more daring, revealing outfit.

Today, manufacturers continue to push the frontiers of fashion, and swimsuits, specifically bikinis, come in near-nude styles. The bikini allows you to maximize sun exposure, minimize tan lines, and show off your stunning curves and figures. And if you are confident enough to try them out, in this article, we will discuss the best see-through bikini bottoms.

What are See Through Bikini?

See through bikini bottoms have a naughty edge to them, but they are still designed for swimming. This means that the material used is quick drying and not transparent in the back. The see through element is either from the front or from one side. You will find these swimwear made of nylon or other synthetic materials designed to dry quickly and stay comfortable in the water.

Why You Should Wear See Through Bikini Bottoms

See through bikini bottoms have many benefits, First, they’re gorgeous. If you’re looking to make a splash at the beach or pool, they’ll turn heads. They also come in all kinds of colors and styles. You can find one that fits your personality perfectly.

Another benefit is they are cost-effective.

Finally, see through bikini bottoms will be an instant conversation starter. People will want to compliment you on how good you look in it, or ask for advice on where to get one for themselves.

Buyers’ Guide to Best See Through Bikini Bottoms

With this information in mind, you can easily choose the best see-through bikini bottoms depending on what you are looking for. Whether you want to showcase your assets or show off vital areas of the body, you can quickly achieve it with the help of this guide.

See through bikini bottoms are one of the essential items in your lingerie wardrobe. There is something so sexy and seductive about this type of underwear, yet it also has a demure side as well. If you are looking for see through bikini bottoms, here are some things to consider before you buy one.

1. Durability

Bikini bottoms often see the most wear and tear. It is essential to maintain the quality of your see-through bikini bottom to make it last.

2. Material

This list features bikini bottoms with premium materials that are chlorine and saltwater-resistant. These bikini bottoms will last you through many days at the beach, pool, or water park.

3. Coverage

See-through bikini bottoms are different from nude bikini bottoms. This list showcases bikini bottoms that still give you a sense of coverage rather than being completely naked.

Other things to Consider are:

  • Check out the store’s return policy. If they don’t have one that meets your needs, move on.
  • Make sure that you buy from a reputable seller to avoid scams or fake products. Read reviews from other customers first before buying anything online.
  • Consider how much money you want to spend based on how often these garments will be worn.

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Best See Through Bikini Bottoms

Many swimsuits can become see-through when they get wet, especially those with white color. Asides from these, newer swimsuit designs now feature mesh or net characteristics to help create a see-through appeal. Depending on your location, bikini bottoms that are see-through can be a mix of sexual attraction and social disdain. That said, runway models, exotic dancers, glamor photograph models, and fashion dare enthusiasts can look to the list below for the best see-through bikini bottoms available:

1. SHERRYLO Micro Bikini Extreme G String Bathing Suit

SHERRYLO Mesh Micro Bikini for Women Mini Triangle Top G String Thong Bottom See Through Fishnet Bikinis


If you wish to attract attention to your gorgeous feminine body and turn heads as you pull off to the beach or water park, this micro bikini bathing suit can help you do just that. Made from highly stretchy, soft, and premium quality Spandex, it remains comfortable on your skin throughout use. It comes in a wide range of sizes and colors to ensure you get a piece that sits well with your overall appearance. The bottom provides minimal coverage for your body, creating a hot, sexy, and slutty style. This piece comes paired with an adjustable slim triangle top which is equally see-through.

2. Oneheekini Women Sexy See Through Bottom Set

Oneheekini Women Sexy See Through Mini Micro Bra Sheer Bikini G String Bottom Set White


When searching for quality see-through bikini bottoms, look no further than this. The bikini bottom comes with a sexy T-back and tiny fabric coverage on the front, which leave nothing to the imagination of onlookers. And if that is your aim, you are sure of getting attention for your sexy, adorable, and charming body. It uses a soft, stretchy, and comfortable material. At the same time, it’s possible to wear this bottom alone or in combination with other bikini tops. It comes with its own top as well. The top equally features an adjustable sexy see-through material that provides minimal cover for your chest area. This combination makes it a perfect piece for getting some tanning on your skin.

3. TTAO Women’s See Through Mesh Bikinis Swimsuits

TTAO Women's See Through Mesh Bikinis See Through Micro Bra Top with G-String Swimsuits Beachwear Rose&Black One Size


This bikini bottom uses a mixture of high-quality polyester and spandex to create exciting yet elastic beachwear. With its see-through design, you should expect minimal coverage from both the front and back. It remains comfortable and soft, and the see-through mesh sheer design makes it a breathable bottom, allowing you to have it on for as long as you wish. The complete set has a spaghetti strap and self-tie design top, which is adjustable to fit your size. Both make for a snug-fitting, romantic and seductive appeal that brings out the hotness in your body. It is suitable for use at the beach, at exotic dancing, pool parties, nights club, and stripper. 

4. LinvMe Women’s Sexy Bikinis Set Swimwear

LinvMe Women's Extreme Sexy Hot Silk Micro Bikinis Set Mini Thong Swimwear White


This LinvMe line of bikini bottoms comes as a complete set that can be worn separately from other bikinis to create diverse styles. It has a skimpy and more lingerie-ish design making it wearable within the home. This bikini bottom uses a quality blend of Ice Silk materials to ensure outstanding durability while soft and sexy on your body. It doesn’t dig into the skin but leaves nothing to the imagination. If you are comfortable putting much on display, you should have no worries about this. Suitable for tanning and lounging around the pool area.  

5. SHERRYLO Sheer Bikini See Through swimsuit

SHERRYLO Micro Bikini Extreme See Through Lingerie White Fishnet String Thong Bottom Sheer Mesh Sexy Slutty Mini Bikinis


This see-through side tie thong bottom provides minimal coverage for your body and leaves everything to bear with its fishnet design. It uses a mixture of high-grade nylon materials to create a durable, soft, stretchy, and comfortable piece. With its front and back panel sliding on a string, you are sure of it fitting perfectly into your body. Its accompanying top half is also a see-through using the same material but with a high neck crop top and adjustable shoulder string.

6. BeReady G-String See Through Thongs for Women

10 Pack G-String Thongs for Women Sexy Lace Low Rise Underwear for Ladies No Show T-back Tanga Panties - L


This bikini bottom utilizes a gorgeous floral lace thong T-back with a sexy minimal back coverage. It uses an elastic strap G-string thongs with a low rise waistband on a soft, breathable cotton gusset. It stays flat on the body for a smooth look and does not dig into the skin. This see-through bikini bottom allows you to keep your privates private yet tantalizingly exposed at the same time. The hot bikini bottom comes in dozens of different color options, allowing you to find the combination that best suits your style or personality.

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How to Choose a Bikini Bottom That Is Comfortable in the Water

When looking for a bikini bottom that is comfortable in the water, there are a few key things you should keep in mind. First, when trying on bikini bottoms, choose a size that fits your body. If you try to wear something too small or too big, it will be uncomfortable and may move around as you swim or play in the water.

Next, pick a style of bikini bottom that flatters your body.  Every type of bikini bottom is different, so consider which one best accentuates your attributes. Tops can also help to make swimsuit bottoms more flattering. For example if you have broad shoulders but narrow hips and waist, an off the shoulder top with high waisted bottoms will balance your figure and make you look even more beautiful by the pool or at the beach.

Finally, choose a style that is comfortable and made from high quality materials so that it lasts for many summers to come!

How to Wear it With Confidence

You’ve lusted after a see-through bikini for a long time now. You love the look, the feel, and how it makes you feel. That said, you’re also not quite sure about how to wear your new sheer swimwear with confidence.Take a breath. The good news is that wearing sheer swimwear with confidence is easy once you know how! Let’s dive right in.

Confidence starts from within. You need to feel good about yourself before others will begin to notice. Even if they do take note of your hot new style, don’t worry; they’ll be too busy looking at their phones or other people to stare at you for long.

If someone does take notice of what you are wearing (and they will), just remember that this is your body and no one else’s–you should never be afraid to show off your body in whatever way makes you happy.

Don’t forget: having fun should always come first when rocking any style of sheer swimwear. When you are having fun, all other concerns tend to melt away. So rock those bottoms with confidence and have an amazing summer.

Why is Black See Through Bikini Bottoms Dominant?

Black see through bikini bottoms are dominant for these reasons

  • Black is always in style.
  • Black is the most flattering color for your body shape.
  • Black is a classic color that will never go out of style.
  • Black is a neutral color that goes with everything.
  • Black is a slimming color that makes you look thinner than you already are.

Is Clear See Through Bikini Bottoms Good?

Yes, clear see through bikini bottoms are really nice too.

If you haven’t tried clear bikini bottoms, we highly recommend giving them a go. The nuude-colored bottoms are completely see through, making them a bold choice for those who like to show off. If you’re interested in wearing the bottoms but want to keep your lady parts under wraps at the beach or pool, pair it with a flowy cover-up dress.

The bottoms are also great if you want an even tan. Since they’re nuude colored, the clear material won’t reflect any light and disrupt your tanning process. Plus, if you do get sunburnt on your bottom half, no one will know.

Clear bikini bottoms are made from the same material as regular swimsuit fabric, usually nylon or spandex, so it’s easy to clean and dry these styles without fear of warping them out of shape.

Conclusion – Best See Through Bikini Bottoms

These see-through bikini bottoms were created for two purposes. First, they allow the wearer to showcase aspects of the body that should be under coverage. Whether you have a private tattoo or want to surprise your partner, these bottoms are great for letting your most intimate aspects peek through. Second, there is little coverage for the groin area with see-through bikini bottoms. This allows for easy access to both recreational and athletic activities.


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