How to Fold a Swimsuit (With Easy Steps)

Swimsuits make for an easy summer experience while letting you get away from the accompanying heat. And if you are a swimsuit enthusiast, racking up a large number of different swimsuits can occur in a short amount of time. Often, the various designs, styles, and fitting mean you are constantly searching for swimwear that is trendy and in vogue.

You inadvertently create a storage and handling headache for your numerous swimsuits. This makes it essential for you to learn the best practices on how to handle your bathing suit, with the folding of swimsuits being the most prominent. To help you out, this piece is on how to fold a swimsuit.

Folding a swimsuit may seem simple, but there are several ways to do it. The method you choose depends on how and where you want to store your swimsuit. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages. And in this piece, I will be showing you the simplest methods of folding your swimsuits.

Why Do I Need To Store My Swimsuits

Ordinarily, it’s natural to think swimsuits won’t take up much storage space in your cabinet or won’t require much work to store; this is farther from reality. Most significantly, if you are an enthusiast of water sports and beach activities, you’ll quickly realize this. 

1. Keep Them from Tangling and Wrinkling

Improper storage led to swimsuit straps tangling together, bathing suits in an unendurably crumpled state, and matching pieces perpetually isolated from each other.

2. Prevent Growth of Mold

Also, since swimsuits generally get wet, they require careful consideration. Leaving moisture and dampness in your swimwear can prompt mildew or mold buildup. This can be off-putting, is often undesirable, and is hard to manage regardless of what season it is. Similarly, the presence of chlorine, saltwater, or other chemicals which penetrates your swimwear material is cause for worry. Getting this into your storage space can also spread to other apparel, leading to further damage and extra expenses of cleaning the entire storage space.

3. Keep Them from Fading

What’s more, in between seasonal changes, effect of chlorine and the time it takes to get a complete cycle back to summer, regardless of anything you attempt, it generally appears to be that your dark color bathing suits blur. Also, your white suits can turn yellow before you can recover them for use once more.

4. Maintain Elasticity and Stay In Perfect Shape for Prolonged Usage 

Swimsuits need to be stored properly to keep them working well, protect them from stretching out and make sure they will last a long time. If you don’t know how to store your swimsuit correctly, it can get ruined or stop fitting perfectly. Keeping a swimsuit correctly can also help it stay in good condition for longer, which means you won’t have to buy new swimsuits as often.

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How to Fold Swimsuit (Different Types)

1. How to Fold One Piece Swimsuit

Folding your one-piece swimsuit is often straightforward. You often need care and patience to get the task done perfectly.

Follow the steps below to help you fold your one-piece swimsuit:

  • Lay your swimsuit on a smooth and flat surface and fold the top of the swimsuit down to the center so that the straps are lying flat.
  • Turn the suit over so that the more minor folded edge is towards you, ensuring no wrinkles.
  • Fold the swimsuit in half, making sure that the straps are lying on top of each other.
  • Then turn the suit over again to look as it did when you began: tidy.
  • Take special care and consideration for swimsuits with padding or  molding cup features. In such instances, carefully stack swimsuits with molded cups on each other.

2. How to Fold My Two-Piece Swimsuit

Folding a two-piece swimsuit follows a similar principle as above with a few exceptions. This time, you have to take care not to mismatch the pieces. Also, for ease of locating, many adopt a folding method of folding the bottoms with the top.

Regardless, check out the steps below to fold your two-piece swimwear:

  • Repeat the steps above for one piece swimsuit.
  • To fold a bikini, start by folding the top and bottom of the swimsuit separately.
  • Next, stack the two pieces together with the crotch of the bottom facing up and fold in half. Then, fold it in half again.

How to Fold My Swim Shorts

Swim shorts are a common type of bathing suit among male swimmers. It provides ample coverage for the groin as well as the thigh. Thankfully, you can fold your swim shorts in the same way you would fold a pair of pants:

  • Lay your swim shorts flat with the legs out.
  • Fold over one leg on top of the other so that the waistband is on top and the hem is at the bottom.
  • Fold over one side to meet up with the other, then flip it over and smooth out any wrinkles with your hands.

Alternatively, you can fold them in half, then in half again:

  • Lay your swim shorts flat with the legs out.
  • Fold both sides until you have a rectangle about 6 inches wide by 10 inches long or whatever size works for you.
  • If there’s extra space or you want to be precise, try folding each end into thirds by pulling down on each tip and creating three equal sections. You’ll end up with a long skinny rectangle.
  • Though this can result in very tidy-looking folded laundry, it will take longer than just folding them once and might not look much different if all you do is put them in a drawer afterward. In the end, it comes down to personal preference.
  • Note that certain types of fabric may not hold their shape or get wrinkled more easily when folded smaller; experiment to find what works best for those materials.

Video Guide on How to Fold a Swimsuits

Here is a video explanation showing 3 ways to fold a swimsuit by Judi the Organizer

Best Storage Practice for Swimsuits

This is an easy way to fold a swimsuit, but that’s just half of the task. It’s equally important to know where and how to store your swimsuits. And here are some of the best practices when it comes to keeping your folded swimsuits:

1. Never Hang Swimsuits

First of all, you will want to avoid hanging them on hangers. Hanging bathing suits can cause the fabric and the straps can sometimes become misshapen. Instead, consider folding them and placing them in a drawer or storage boxes for under-bed storage.

2. Avoid Storage in Damp Areas

Do not store your swimsuits in the bathroom as dampness is not a friend to your wear. They need to be kept out of direct sunlight when they are not in use so that the elastic doesn’t break down over time and lose its shape.

3. Don’t Keep Swimsuits in Laundry Baskets

And do not toss them into a laundry basket either! If there are still wet or sweaty items in your laundry basket, this could cause your swimsuit to have mildew growth on it if it is left there too long. Mildew can be challenging to remove without ruining the suit!

4. Avoid Plastic Bags as a Means of Storage

Do not store your suits in plastic bags. This can trap moisture inside, defeating the purpose of keeping it dry when stored away. It also causes static cling with some fabrics, especially if your swimsuit has a large percentage of spandex. The static can attract lint, hair, dust, and other debris that will stick to your suit while it is stored away until summer rolls around again next year.

5. Adopt A Flat or Rolled Up Style of Storage

Store bathing suits folded flat if possible; otherwise, adopting a rolled-up style will work. That said, make sure your swimsuits are not shoved into a tiny space where wrinkles might get trapped between layers of material. Instead, allow them room enough for air circulation around all sides so that your pieces remain wrinkle-free.

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How Do I Handle Wet Swimsuits?

Since swimsuits are for water activities, they will inadvertently get wet, and knowing how to handle them is essential. Here are a few things to keep in mind after coming out of the water:

1. Rinse With Clean Water

Rinse your swimsuit immediately after use. Don’t let it sit in a wet bundle or balled-up wad, or else the fabric will get stretched and damaged. Rinse it out with fresh water so that it doesn’t get slimy and mildew, especially if you’re in saltwater.

2. Don’t Wring Out or Scrunch Up Your Suit.

Whether you’re just taking off your swimsuit or attempting to get the water out before you air dry, abstain from twisting and crushing the fabric of your suit. Swimwear materials are sensitive and can lose form and elasticity without much of a stretch.

3. Use Plastic Bags to Transport Wet Swimwear Home

Bring an empty plastic bag to carry your damp swimsuit back in. This provides a safe means of temporarily getting your swimsuit back home, where you can perform proper washing procedures

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Conclusion – How to Fold a Swimsuit

You can now successfully fold a swimsuit. Learning how to fold and adequately store your swimsuits will keep them looking brand new and ready for use anytime. If you have one swimsuit, this becomes an easy task, but if you love the water, you probably have more than one swimsuit. This means you need a proper storage technique to maintain color, shape, and elasticity. 


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