Best Swimsuits Without Padding in 2022

During summer there are a lot of different swimsuits out there at the pool, at the beach, and everywhere that you might fail to notice that some do not have padding. Or you might and you don’t really care, oh well. A lot of questions have come up about wearing swimsuits without padding, are they comfortable, are they revealing, if the people wearing them are comfortable with wearing their swimsuits like that.

Overview of the Best Swimsuits Without Padding

Product NamePrice
1.Vivisence Underwired Non Padded Bikini TopCheck Price
2. Dorina Curves Women's Full Cup Non-Padded Bikini TopCheck Price
3. TheLees Flutter Wireless No Padding One Piece SwimsuitCheck Price
4. Lyhouse Women Sexy Non Padded BikiniCheck Price

I have met women who are comfortable with wearing swimsuits without padding. In fact, they feel the most comfortable when their swimsuits have little or no padding. Here are some of their reasons;

Why You Should Consider Swimsuit Without Padding

1. Swimsuits without padding are very comfortable

These women believe that padding is quite unnecessary and uncomfortable therefore they do their best not to be caught wearing one. Most padding becomes lumpy or comes out when you wash them so they might not even look as good as when you bought them. This is why a lot of swimsuit brands warn that padding should be removed before washing.

2. Swimsuits without padding look better

It has been observed that swimsuits that do not have padding look better than swimsuits that have padding. Getting swimsuits without padding gives more confidence because they look great on the women wearing them.

3. Swimsuits with padding can affect performance

For women in sports, swimming with padded swimsuits has more limitations than swimming in those without padding. Therefore, they prefer to leave out padded swimsuits when getting swimsuits to wear for swimming.

4. Swimsuits with padding can affect your health

There are also other people who believe that padding in swimsuits is not healthy and therefore refuse to wear them. There have been reports that padding in swimsuits can increase the chance of breast cancer, can also cause damage to the breast tissue, and can increase the sagging of the breast. Therefore it might be best to leave padding out when you are wearing your swimsuits.

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To get the best swimsuits without padding, you need to consider the following;

Factors to Consider When Getting a Swimsuit Without Padding

When getting your swimsuit without padding, you should let this guide your buying so that you can get the best there is.

1. Brand

Getting a nice brand is very important. Before you get that swimsuit review and research which brand is very good at the type of non padded swimsuits that you want. You can even take a moment to check what people’s reviews about these brands are. Make sure that the brand you choose has quality swimsuit products that you like.

2. Durability

You will need durable swimsuits if you swim frequently. Ensure that the fabrics used for the swimsuit are very durable and quality and will not easily break down in saltwater or chlorine. Also,  ensure that they have UV protection for your body.

3. Price

Check to see that the price of the swimsuits isn’t so far from what you have in mind. If you have a budget for your non padded swimsuits, check that the ones that you want are budget friendly. Ensure that they are within the budget that you have made. Once you have made this decision, you will find a very nice swimsuit that your budget can afford.

4. Fabrics

In case you are allergic to certain fabrics for swimsuits or you just want swimsuits made from particular fabrics then you should put this into consideration before getting any swimsuit. For those with allergic reactions, there are hypoallergenic swimsuits available for your use. And there are several options of fabrics to choose from if you need varieties. 

Recommended Swimsuits without Padding

For your premium enjoyment, I will be recommending a few swimsuits that I believe you will love to wear.

1. Vivisence Underwired Non Padded Bikini Top

Vivisence 3202 Underwired Non Padded Bikini Top (Matching Bottoms, Black,36D


Vivisence non padded bikini features non padded cups with side seam boning. It has a comfortable back clasp closure that is wide, adjustable and removable back straps. It also has a bow placed between the cups that add extra charm to the bikini. It is made from tip quality, plain, fade resistant knotted fabric. It is the best bikini top for ladies with bigger breasts. This bikini is made out of Polyamide and elastane.


  • It is non padded
  • It is comfortable and adjustable
  • It is made out of fade resistant fabric.

2. Dorina Curves Women’s Full Cup Non-Padded Bikini Top

DORINA Curves Fiji Women's Full Cup Non-Padded Underwire Bikini Top D17026A - Plus Sizes C to F Cups - Black - 36DD


Dorina non padded bikini top is made of polyamide and elastane. It features silver rings on the straps and silver tipped ties between the cups. It has underwires support and flattering styling.  It offers great fit, style and comfort.


  • It is great for those who prefer non padded bikinis
  • It has adjustable straps for comfort
  • It is stylish


  • It runs small. Buyers need to get one size bigger than their usual size.

3. TheLees Flutter Wireless No Padding One Piece Swimsuit

TheLees (NKLB16584 Black Splicing Spaghetti Strap Tankini Set with Triangle Swimsuit Black US XS(Tag Size S)


TheLees non-padded one piece is made of spandex and nylon fabrics. It is a plus size black splicing spaghetti strap tankini set with triangle bottoms. It is stretchy, has high quality, good fabric drape with full coverage. It is modest and flattering and can be worn as beach dress, swimwear or festive attire.


  • It is modest and flattering
  • It has no padding in the cups
  • It has good quality materials.


  • It is not true to size.

4. Lyhouse Women Sexy Non Padded Bikini

Lyhouse Women Sexy Bikini Set Push-Up Non-Padded Swimwear Swimsuit Bathing Beachwear Two Piece One Size Stretch (Batch5_Red Black)


Lyhouse non padded bikini is made of spandex and nylon fabric. It has an adjustable top and a bottom with ties that allows you to wear it as you like. It is appropriate for beach sports and outdoor swimming. It has high flexibility, it is durable, quick-drying and comfortable. It is sexy and flattering on the body. It is not made for plus sized ladies .


  • It has adjustable straps and ties
  • It is sexy and flattering on the body.


  • It runs small.
  • It is not made for plus sized ladies.

Can You Wear a Swimsuit without Padding?

A lot of ladies ask, can you wear a swimsuit without padding? There is no straightforward answer to this question. It is a yes and a no. When asked, some ladies said they can never wear swimsuits without padding. Some of the reason that was given was that first, they expose the outline of their nipple. This is where some ladies cross the line. For this reason, they will not wear a swimsuit without padding. 

The second reason is that they have small busts and need the pads to give more support to their bust. Without this, they’ll feel less confident than usual if they are to wear non padded swimsuits. 

Another set of ladies answered in the affirmative. They do not see anything wrong with a little bit more exposure since swimsuits are practically revealing. Therefore they believe that there is no need to wear padded swimsuits when they can feel comfortable in swimsuits without padding.

What to Do with Swimsuits without Padding

There are different things that you can do to swimsuits without padding. If you have a swimsuit and it has no padding, this is what you can do;

1. Insert Padding

These days, ladies have started sewing padding into their swimsuits. So, if you have a swimsuit that has no padding, all you need to do is simply get yourself pads that will fit your bust and your swimsuit. Trim into your size then sew it in between the lining and the main fabric, after then you can sew round in a way that the needlework won’t show. Then you are good to go.

2. Get a Nipple Cover

Alternatively, you can get a nipple cover to cover your nipples and leave it at that. This way you get comfortable and can still go ahead and wear your non padded bra. Win-win for you. Check our previous post on how you can cover nipples when swimming.

Do All Swimsuits Have Padding?

Someone asked, do all swimsuits have padding? No, not all swimsuits have padding. We have non padded swimsuits which some people prefer compared to padded swimsuits. Though both on online stores and physical stores, there are more padded swimsuits than swimsuits without padding. So, no, not all swimsuits have padding.

Can you Sew Padding into a Swimsuit?

Can you Sew padding into a swimsuit? Yes, you can. You can sew padding into a swimsuit if you want to. For this to work, you can take the following steps;

First, check if your swimsuit has an opening for padding, if it does then the pad can be skipped into it. To insert your pads, fold the pad in half, ease it into the gap and make sure it’s in place. Once you are done, sew it round and you are done.

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Second, if your swimsuit does not have an opening, you can simply cut a small slit in the lining and gently slip in your pads while making sure it’s folded. Once you are done, sew it round and you are good to go. 

For silicone pads, make sure that your swimsuit has a built-in bra shelf because they need to fit securely in your swimsuit to avoid popping out.

Conclusion- Best Swimsuits without Padding

Not all swimsuits have padding and according to opinion polls and research, wearing a swimsuit without padding is way better, more comfortable, and healthier than wearing a swimsuit with padding. However, if you want padding in your swimsuit then you can simply just sew in padding into your swimsuit.


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