Is My Swimsuit too Revealing?

The evolution of swimsuits has been shocking as much as it is daring. Over the years, swimsuits have become more colorful and revealing and now we have microkinis. The creation of these very revealing swimsuits has brought about a divide and different opinions have sprung up about revealing swimsuits.

In the 1800s, women wore more swim dresses and swim trousers on a long shirt. However, as the world entered the 1920s, swimsuits began to reveal more and with the introduction of bikinis, there has been a steady decline in the use of a lot of fabrics for swimsuits until this present moment when we have microkinis. These swimsuits are just a few pieces of fabric sewn together to make one piece. Daring right? These swimsuits have garnered questions and one of them is, Is my swimsuit too revealing?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, so we have a yes, your swimsuit can be too revealing and no, your swimsuit is not too revealing. The reason why the answer could be a yes or no is for the following reasons;

Reasons Why Your Swimsuit Can Be Revealing

1. Your location

Where you stay matters a lot. If you stay in a community, state, or country where this is not so acceptable then yes, your swimsuit might be too revealing. We have countries where even the normal one piece and two piece are regarded as revealing, what do you think would happen if you start wearing a micro bikini or a microkini? This means that if you look at your environment first, you will have the answers you need.

2. Your religion

If your religion does not allow for revealing parts of the body then yes, your swimsuit will be regarded as revealing. This means that when you wear it out to the beach you will be self conscious, well, unless you do not care.

3. Your personality

It could be so revealing to you, it depends. So now you’ve got to ask yourself, is my swimsuit too revealing? Your answer would be what would spur you to wear it or give it away or stash it at the back of your wardrobe. How do you feel when you wear it?

Reasons Why Your Swimsuit is Not Revealing

1. Your Environment

You could be wearing your swimsuit to a nude beach or pool where they can be accepted and no one will really look at you twice because it’s something they are used to. But expect a lot of stares if you are on a beach where there are families or in a space like Disney World ( you will get thrown out). While no one can tell you what to wear, ensure that your environment accepts it. If it is accepted then you are free to do what you want.

2. Your personality

If you do not see anything bad in what you are wearing or why you need to tone it down then no your swimsuit isn’t revealing. After all, most times it boils down to choice and preferences.

Your swimsuit can also be decided by people around you to be revealing or not depending on their opinions. While these don’t affect you, you might need to see if you don’t have to care or you need to really tone it down. Whatever you do, it’s still your choice.

Are swimsuits Getting More Revealing?

Are swimsuits getting more revealing? Yes, swimsuits are getting more revealing. In the 1800s women would wear gowns, these gowns were made to be used in the water. By the 19th century, more people became interested in swimming and used bathing dresses, drawers, and stockings made out of cotton or wool as their swimwear. However, these become heavy once they are wet and we’re not suitable for activities.  

By the 20th century, the swimsuit line underwent serious transformations from the heavy bathing dresses to a replica of the one piece swimsuits that we have today though not as stylish, they were made to be practical, aid effective performance, especially in competitions like the Olympics and comfortable. Then the bikini design was introduced in 1946.

After this period, the 21st century came with diverse designers experimenting with swimsuits thus creating all we have today including the mini bikinis and micro bikinis, and microkinis. From bathing robes to swimsuits that leave nothing to the imagination at all, it is safe to say that swimsuits are getting more revealing.

How Do You Know if a Swimsuit is Too Big?

Wearing a swimsuit that is not fitted has its own consequences. They can cause serious limitations for you and you might not enjoy wearing them. So, how do you know if your swimsuit is too big, here are some signs you will see;

1. The Straps keep falling

Your Swimsuit straps are supposed to be firm and fitted, not falling down your shoulders every minute. This alone can be very distracting and get you frustrated. In the end, you find out that you are not enjoying your time at the pool or at the beach. To know if your swimsuit is big when getting them, try fitting your finger under the straps, if there is more than enough gap then your swimsuit is big.

2. You keep getting wedgies

When your swimsuit is too big, the bottoms will keep giving you wedgies. Instead of staying on your ass, they get loose by the side and you have to drag them up every few minutes or you have to keep trying to find a place to get out the wedgies that you keep having as a result of the bottoms slipping between your butt cheeks.

3. The band doesn’t move around

When getting yourself a swimsuit it is important that you try to check really well. Make sure that the band under the bust is not riding up and it is very snug. If it’s not then as time goes on, it gets looser and you might not enjoy that. The bands must lay flat on your body not riding up or feeling loose.

4. The cups stay in place

If your swimsuit cups keep moving around then it is big for you. It won’t stay in one place and that’s frustrating. You will also realize that there are gaps between the cups and your breasts which is the main reason why the cups keep shifting in the first place.

To get the swimsuit that fits you perfectly, ensure that you know your body shape first. Knowing your body shape will help you pick swimsuits that fit your body the best. You should also know your body size. Knowing your body size is as important as knowing your body shape. Once you know then you can get swimsuits that fit your size perfectly. You can also go with someone and get a second opinion. This way you can know if it’s really fitting or not.

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How Do You Tell if a Swimsuit is See-Through?

See through swimsuits are new designs of swimsuits that are generous in the swimsuit markets these days. However, there are a few questions about see through swimsuits, one of them is, how do you know if a swimsuit is see through? 

One of the things you can do to know if a swimsuit is see-through is to put your hand under the swimsuit and stretch it a bit. If you can see your hand clearly then you would know that it is see through. There are swimsuits that don’t look like it but once they are wet, they become see through.

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Another way to tell is to check the fabric. Most sheer or mesh swimsuit fabrics are solely see through even if they don’t look like it at that point, once they get wet then you can see everything clearly.

Examine the lining of the swimsuit. If the lining used for the lining of the swimsuit is thin then there is a high probability that it will be seen through. Check if the lining is thin or thick then you would know if it is see through or not.

What Do You Do if Your Swimsuit is See-Through?

What do you do if your swimsuit is see-through? There are several things you can do if your swimsuit is see through.

1. Sew lining inside

If your swimsuit is see-through and you are not comfortable with wearing it like that, you can get a lining to sew inside it. When getting the lining make sure that it is thick enough to cover up the swimsuit so that it still won’t get transparent when wet. If you cannot do this on your own, you can get a professional to see it for you.

2. Wear beach cover ups

Wearing beach cover ups can also help you to cover the swimsuit. You can just get yourself a nice beach cover up that you believe will do the trick and still look great on you. Cover ups have been saving ladies for a long time now.

3. Sew in bra cups

You can decide to sew bra cups into it inside. This will prevent issues like being totally exposed while wearing your swimsuit. To sew bra cups you can simply get the cups in your size then sew them into your swimsuit, sew it round and you are good to go.

Prevention they say is better than cure, it is better to thoroughly check that your swimsuit won’t be seen through inside and outside water in the first place, this will make you feel more comfortable when you wear them.

Conclusion- Is my swimsuit too revealing?

The question is my swimsuit too revealing can only be answered based on location, religion, personality, and environment. What is acceptable to someone might not be acceptable to another person. So in the end, it mostly books down to your preference and if it is accepted in your community.


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