What Swimsuits Do Guys Find Attractive?

Like they say, looking good is good business. Knowing what to wear at a certain time and how best to rock it, is a gift not everyone has come to acquire. Normally, we aren’t acquiring these wears for ourselves only. Rocking wear and being admired and complemented takes us to a level of confidence knowing at that moment, all eyes are fixated on us.

The same can be said for our swimming suits. Picking out the best swimsuits that guys find enticing and attractive, boost one’s morale to the extent that you start feeling joyous.

In a bid to find out what swimming suit tickles their fancy more, a question was asked, What Swimsuits Do Guys Find Attractive?

The swimsuits guys find attractive most, are the two-piece swimsuits, the bandeau swimsuits, tankini swimsuits, and the high-waisted swimsuit bottoms. These aforementioned swimsuits are suits that get them crazy. While the one piece swimsuit is such an appealing suit, it doesn’t top the list of the most attractive swimsuits for guys.

The number of people are who interested in the rest suits, is higher than those for the one-piece swimsuit. Let’s find out the reasons why guys find these swimsuits attractive having answered this, what swimsuits do guys find attractive?

What Swimsuits Do Guys Find Most Attractive?

1. Two-Piece Swimsuits

Going by its name, the two-piece swimsuits comprises the top and the bottom of a brand of suit. Over the years, the two-piece swimsuits gained momentum as one of the suits that appeal to guys due to their usefulness in accentuating one’s curves when worn.

Such kind of suit, exposes a large part of the body, especially the tummy regions as it is left bare to show one’s flat tummy and the highlighting of the hips. The two-piece swimsuits reveal to these guys, what they need to see. Not in a sexual way, but in terms of admiring and appreciating you just the way you are. Also, not just any two-piece swimsuit gets their attention.

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If you would want to purchase a two-piece swimsuit, go for the classy, eye catchy and sexy suits in all ramifications. Honestly speaking, this is the best combo, and trust me, you can never go wrong with this. I’m going to be showing you a two-piece swimsuit that fits into this category and it is the;

Blooming Jelly Women’s High Waisted Swimsuit Crop Top Cut Out Two-Piece Suit

Blooming Jelly Women's High Waisted Swimsuit Crop Top Cut Out Two Piece Cheeky High Rise Bathing Suit Bikini (X-Large, Green #1)


This is divine and will get any guy swayed by not just its beauty, but with your physic. Such kind of two-piece swimsuits is what you need to slay in and to get tongues wagging in admiration.

It has some great features ranging from the high cut which will get your legs out in the open, its back design which makes it sexier, its detachable pads that let you take it off or put it in when you feel the need to. These, and so much more, are what you stand to enjoy.

2. The Bandeau Swimsuits

The bandeau swimsuits are suits that are produced to be strapless, such that the collars of the neck or the neck bone can be in full display. To add, the bandeau sometimes comes with a strap that is fastened to the back which adds to the beauty of the suit, getting the guys to love it more and more.

Here is something you should know. The bandeau swimsuits are of two types. We have the one-piece bandeau swimsuits and the two-piece bandeau swimsuits. Our point of focus is on the two-piece bandeau swimsuits.

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The two-piece bandeau swimsuits aren’t like the usual two-piece swimsuits. While one comes with straps to hold the suit from falling out of place, the other doesn’t or does in rare cases. Guys find the two-piece bandeau swimsuits attractive because they underline the curves just like the normal two-piece bathing suit.

The strapless bandeau two-piece put out the bust and the hips in a sexy manner, which spur guys to fall madly in love with it. Knowing which bandeau two pieces to rock would make a lot of difference. And this is why I’m presenting this suit.

ZAFUL Women’s Back Lace-up Bandeau Bikini Set

ZAFUL Women's Bathing Suit Adjustable Back Lace-up Bandeau Bikini Set (M, Scalloped-Peacock Blue)


One of the brands of suits that hasn’t stopped making headlines is the Zaful brand. Such a brand sure knows what is in demand and often goes the extra mile to get what the public lingers for.

For its features, the two-piece bandeau swimsuit is strapless, has a crop top appearance, and a lace-up that births a drop-dead gorgeous look. It is a multipurpose suit that can be worn to as many places as possible, with no restrictions.

3. Tankini Swimsuits

Originally, the tankini swimsuits were produced for swimmers who are part of the water-based activities. Producing such kinds of suits is to allow for the movement of the arms and the legs, with zero restrictions. For activities such as diving, swimming and even surfacing, this is the most used among the swimming suits we’ve got.

But afterward, the tankini swimsuits became wear that was often worn by non-sport players, which guys have grown to love seeing how great it looks on ladies. Just like the bandeau swimsuits, the tankinis can as well be found in one piece. Not the standard one-piece swimsuit though, as there are a bit of differences among them.

Know this, the takini suits doesn’t expose a larger part of the body as the bandeau and two-piece swimsuits do, but with its styles, it pinpoints one’s features and puts them on full display. For those with banging bodies, the tankini suit brings it out in the open. As usual, not all tankini swimsuits do the job effortlessly. This is why you have to go for the right tankini to grace your body perfectly well. You can check this out;

Tempt Me Women Two Piece Swimsuits Tummy-Control Tankini Top

Tempt Me Women Black Two Piece Swimsuits Tummy Control Tankini Top Racerback V Neck Boyshort Bathing Suit XS


Tankini swimsuits are currently making waves all over the world. They are built-in ways that help highlight the features of a person’s body, despite being a swimsuit that covers the majority of the body unlike the rest suits like the bandeau.

There are quite several features to watch for and they are; the V neck design that shows the color bone, the slimming feature that conceals a bulging tummy, and the loosened top that grants you comfort, to move your body about. These are the features you get to enjoy with the tankini swimsuit.

4. High Waisted Swimsuit Bottom

And this is the swimsuit that crowns it all. They always say, save the best for the last, and this is exactly what we have done. The high-waisted bikini or swimsuit bottom is one suit that guys find attractive the most. To start with, the high-waisted suit is that suit that throws emphasis on the hips and the legs.

Let’s start with the hips. What do the high-waisted swimsuit bottoms do? They help to make evident and more pronounced, the hips so they are seen. In exposing the hips, there is a cut which is as a result of making more visible, the hips in its glory and perfection. And there are the legs that aren’t left out. How best can one’s leg look slender if not by rocking the high-waisted swimsuit bottoms?

The high waist suit has surpassed even the expectations of its producers, as it has become not just one of the trendiest swimsuit bottoms, but also the suit that guys truly find more attractive than the former. For this purpose, I will be showing you one sexiest swimsuit bottoms that you can wear.

Please Note: Most times, the high-waisted swimsuit bottoms do not come with tops. The brands producing such suits, pay more attention to the bottoms only while giving you the chance to get an excellent top to match with the high waist bottom.

RELLECIGA Women’s High Cut High Waisted Bikini Bottom

RELLECIGA Women's Black High Cut High Waisted Bikini Bottom Size Small


Relleciga is not on the same level as other brands, using their quality and durability to stands out in all the swimsuits they have produced in eternity. Why not look your best in the Relleciga women’s high cut high waisted suit? You sure won’t regret making a positive decision about this.

It comes with a lining, and a high cut ready to put your legs in their wonderment. I promise you, this isn’t the type of suit you should turn a blind eye to. Just a try, would have you going back for more.

Why You Need To Wear These Swimsuits

Without saying much, all you need to look attractive to guys is confidence. Truth is, while your swimsuit does the bare minimum, your body needs to be in control of your wear and have you flaunt it with so much confidence. Both your wear and confidence, dictate to these guys, how attractive you are. Why? It is because an attractive woman is a confident one.

Do Guys Find One Piece Swimsuits Attractive?

Not really, one swimsuits are not that attractive to guys compared to a two piece swimsuits, tankini, high-waisted and the bandeau swimsuits.

Do Guys Like One Piece Swimsuits?

Over the years, one piece swimsuits have become trendy and are slowly taking over from two piece swimsuits. Many swimsuit brands have started designing different one piece swimsuit types such as; monokini, one shoulder one piece, etc. One piece swimsuits have redefined the swimming fashion and is giving the two piece swimsuits serious competition like never before.

This competition has led to bout of questions like, “Do guys like one piece swimsuits?” There is no straightforward answer to this because of a number of reasons; guys like one piece swimsuits for themselves. In fact, a lot of guys enjoy wearing one piece swimsuits and like the 1900s, it is coming back to become trendy.

Most guys are still shy of wearing the one piece swimsuits in public because of what people might say and the weird way people will be looking at them. However, most guys these days are getting more comfortable with the idea of wearing a one piece swimsuit out in public. This is because they are comfortable, and, give more coverage. However, when getting yourself a one piece swimsuit, make sure that it is one meant for men that you are getting. Wearing one piece meant for women can turn out to be a disaster.

The other answer is that, no, guys do not like one piece swimsuit especially on women. While there are one piece swimsuits that are giving serious competition to the two piece swimsuits, a lot of men still prefer a lady wearing a two piece swimsuit than her wearing a one piece swimsuit. To them, the two piece looks more sexy, amazing and body flattering for the woman’s body than a one piece does. Therefore they prefer when a woman finds her way to the pool or beach in a one piece swimsuit.

Conclusion – What Swimsuits Do Guys Find Attractive?

Having mentioned the swimsuits that guys find attractive in the post, it is left for you to make do with whatever information you have gotten. Included, are swimsuits from various brands to which you may find charming. Kindly use the links to read more on them.

Remember, the best way to wear your swimsuits is with confidence.


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