Best Bikini for Big Hips in 2022

Bikini swimsuits are exceptional at creating a hot sensual appeal for any lady regardless of size and features. And if you’re a woman with big hips and a sculpted thigh gap, you know the struggle: no bikinis are designed to fit your uniquely-shaped body. They gape here and there and provide inadequate support in all of the wrong places.

Dressing for a beach trip is one of life’s simple pleasures; it makes you feel like the glowy goddess who gave us the gift of bikinis. With all that in mind, finding the right bikini can be tricky when you have big hips. Having large hips does make shopping for a bikini about as fun as trying to run around with an anvil tied to your neck.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem; a handful of specific bikini brands provide enough coverage for more prominent hips. You’ll be able to feel comfortable, sexy, and secure down by the water’s edge without worrying about how you appear in your bikini swimwear. This piece will showcase the best bikini for big hips.

Are There Bikinis for Big Hips?

It may seem obvious, but the first step is to acknowledge that you have big hips. Self-awareness is the key to creating your best summer look, even with your big hips. Once you know what size bikini bottom works best for your figure, several options are available.

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The bikini’s popularity is likely due to its versatility and the fact that it can be easily customized to fit your unique shape. For example, you can choose from different tops such as bandeaus, halters, or triangle tops. Then mix and match your top with bottoms ranging from high cut styles to low rise bottoms. Or find separates made entirely of fabric or combinations of straps, rings, and ties; select bikinis in colorful prints or solid colors.

Because every woman’s body is different, it’s essential to consider your measurements and get the right bikini for your body type. You can determine which style of bikini will work best for you based on the shape of your hips.

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Firstly, are your hips “boyish” or “curvy”? If yes, opt for a high-waist bottom that resembles underwear or hot pants if you have boyish hips. A halter neck top will also help to accentuate the bust and give an hourglass shape.

If you have curvy hips, choose a bikini that shows off your curves by selecting a design with low-set bottoms. The bottoms should be cut so that they accentuate the angle of your hip line. Strapless tops with ruffles and details around the bust area will also help to draw attention upwards and enhance those curves.

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Best Bikinis for Big Hips

Without further ado, here is a list on the best bikinis for big hips available in the market:

1. Viottiset Women’s High Waist Bikini Tummy Control Swimsuit

Viottiset Women's High Waist Cut Bikini Tummy Control Swimsuit Thong Bathing Suit Coffee Medium


The Viottiset Women’s High Waist Bikini Tummy Control Swimsuit Cheeky Bathing Suit is made from 85% Polyester and 15% spandex. This beautiful high-quality swimsuit naturally enhances your curves in all the right places. Made with comfortable polyester material, its stomach control feature will keep you comfy while still looking fabulously sexy.

The high leg cut cheeky bikini bottom, and triangle cross v neck crop top feature ensures that it hides unwanted bulges on your tummy and thighs to feel confident about your body at the beach or pool. Also, it effortlessly accentuates your big hips to make them even more appealing.

2. Lilosy Sexy Cute Underwire Cutout Halter Bikini Swimsuit

Lilosy Sexy Cute Underwire Cutout Halter Criss Cross Brazilian Bikini Tie Knot Swimsuit Set Women High Cut Thong Bathing Suit 2 Two Piece Black Medium


This Lilosy Sexy Cute Underwire Cutout Halter Bikini Swimsuit shows off your perfect curves. This swimsuit is made from the highest quality nylon with spandex, making it durable and elastic. The swimsuit features an underwire cutout design combined with a high stretch thong bottom, enabling you to show off your physique naturally.

Its bottom half is also perfect for sitting on your big hips, which you need for a sexy appeal. Whether taking a dip or sunbathing on the beach, this bikini ensures you look good at every angle and can easily match your wardrobe. 

3. ZAFUL Women’s Crisscross Bikini Set Floral Print Two Pieces Swimsuit

ZAFUL Women's Braided Strap Flower Cross Bikini Two Piece Lace Up Contrast Swimwear High Cut Padded Bathing Suit Light Pink S


This trendy two-piece crisscross lace-up floral bikini set is super sexy while remaining completely functional. The print is gorgeous, and the crisscross shoulder straps provide just enough support. This suit can be paired with many coordinating accessories for a complete set or worn all by itself to show off your tan.

The bikini top features adjustable tie straps and padded push-up cups. At the same time, its flattering low-rise bottom is an excellent choice for showing off your big hips in a manner that sets desire in the eyes of onlookers. Enjoy a trip to the beach in style this summer with this floral print crisscross bikini from ZAFUL.

4. NAFLEAP Women’s One Shoulder Sport Bikini Set High Waist Cutout Swimsuit 

NAFLEAP Women's One Shoulder Sport Bikini Set High Waisted Cutout Swimsuit Crop Top Bathing Suit, Red, S


If you’re looking for a bathing suit that will make a statement with your big hips, this is for you. This bikini set is made from 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex fabric; it’s smooth and elastic enough to fit your body well. Its high leg triangle bottom design gives you a beautiful shape, especially when you wear it with high heels while screaming attention to your big hips.

The crop top in this bikini set fits perfectly with the high leg triangle bottom, which is new and hot this season. This suit is suitable for a beach party, pool party, summer vacation, or something else.

5. HAPCOPE Women’s 2 Piece Halter String Swimsuit

Women's 2 Piece Swimsuit Sexy Swimwear Halter String Triangle Bikini Sets Black L


These two-piece swimsuits with tie strings are great to show your womanly curves and support and enhance your shape and big hips. This high-quality 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex fabric is perfect for any summer events or beach day vacation. The suite features a fitted top with underwire, padded cups, and scalloped trimming at the bust.

Its triangle-shaped top is cut to accentuate your bust while giving you a stunning look that makes you feel sexy. Whether lounging on the beach or splashing around in the pool, our swimsuit will keep you looking sexy all summer long. Add this unique two-piece swimsuit to your swimwear collection.

6. FAFOFA Women’s Crop Tank High Cut 2PCS Bikini Swimsuit

FAFOFA Women Summer Bikini Beachwear Hollowout Crop Top High Waist Sporty Workout Outfit Bikini Sets Black M


If you love the ocean or love to sunbathe on your favorite beach, then you will love this FAFOFA Women’s 2PCS Bikini Swimsuit made with 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex fabric. The swimwear features a scoop neck crop tank style and high cut thong bottom that will offer great support and enhance your shape and big hips.

Its bikini top offers excellent support for your bust area and creates the appearance of a fuller bosom. The High Cut Thong bottom helps enhance your natural curves at the waist and hips effortlessly to give you a hot banking physique. In general, the materials blend well together, providing stretch, comfort, and durability in all weather.

You would look great in this two-piece swimsuit when you go on vacation or spend time at the beachside or poolside; please be sure to buy it. 

7. RELLECIGA Women’s Tie Side Thong Bikini Bottom

RELLECIGA Women's Black Tie-Side Thong Bikini Bottom Size Large


Are you ready to rock the beach this season? RELLECIGA Women’s Tie Side Thong Bikini Bottom is here for you. With brown color, premium 80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex fabric quality with adjustable ties at both side waists. Its minimal coverage and low-rise design enhance your shape and big hips; it will catch everyone’s eyes.

This suit is made with a comfortable fabric that feels soft against your skin and has an excellent stretchy fit allowing maximum flexibility while still holding everything in place. Create your custom fit and get the best of both worlds with your mix and matching.

8. ZAFUL Women’s Strapless Solid Color 2 Pieces Bathing Suit

ZAFUL Women's High Cut Bandeau Bikini Set Strapless Solid Color 2 Pieces Bathing Suit Swimsuit Black S


Ace your next pool party in the ZAFUL Women’s Strapless Solid Color 2 Pieces Bathing Suit Swimsuit. This strapless bikini is designed to show off your curves and make you look sexy. The high-cut bandeau top, made from Spandex and Nylon, covers your bust without sacrificing comfort. Its halter necktie adds a touch of class to this unique bikini.

The high-cut thong bottom shows your big hips perfectly and will keep you confident at all times. Made from a Spandex and Nylon combination, these two pieces of the bathing suit include a pull-on closure. This bandeau bikini top is the perfect choice for sunbathing and tanning, ensuring comfortable and worry-free.

Bikini Styles and Designs for Your Big Hips

When your hips look like they’re about to burst out of your favorite pair of jeans, sometimes you want to put on a bikini. The thought of wearing a bathing suit may make you feel self-conscious, but some styles can help flatter your shape without totally sacrificing your beach body. If you want to show off the junk in the trunk, try these options:

1. Padded or Underwire Tops

If your cup size is more significant than a DD (and mainly if they are bigger than a DDD), you should probably go shopping online. Most stores don’t carry cups that big. While this doesn’t always translate to having big hips, it is usually a good pointer. And a bikini with padding or underwire top is excellent at rhyming your big hips.

2. High Waist Bottoms

This allows more coverage and will also usually have more support because of this higher waistline, unlike lower cut bottoms. What’s more, the high waist bottom design also incorporates several other techniques that can help accentuate your big hips.

3. Bikini Bottoms with a High Cut Leg Style

Consider bikinis with a high-cut leg style such as thongs. This option both elongates and accentuates those sexy legs. When choosing a high-cut leg style, opt for something skirted so that it doesn’t leave too much skin exposed while sitting around in beach chairs all day.

4. Dark Solid Bottoms

This helps create nice curves, especially since the dark color helps highlight those curves when compared with lighter shades which tend to wash everyone out. The dark solid bottom helps create the illusion of a well-carved hip while disguising the original shape effortlessly.

5. Patterned Top

Patterned tops are great because they work well with different bottom styles and mix and match other pieces or accessories together.

6. Bikini Bottoms with Side Ties

Most bikinis these days have a waistband that is two pieces; the top piece has an elastic band on each end, which is where you would thread the ties. However, if you’re looking for something sturdy and adjustable, consider purchasing bottoms with side ties instead. These side ties will provide extra support for larger hip sizes and allow for tightening throughout the day.

7. Bikini Bottoms with Ruching

If horizontal stripes aren’t doing it for you, vertical lines will be more appealing. Ruching designs fall horizontally across any article of clothing, and in this case, it’s swimwear. Look for bikini bottoms that include this feature and offer additional support around the waistline.

8. Low Waist Bikini Bottom

If you’re worried about looking weird from behind, consider going for a two-piece swimsuit with a low-waist bottom. That will help create a long look and hide excess fat on your lower body. A low-waist base with a high-waist top will help slim your hips while still allowing you to show off the rest of your body.

Buying Guide for Best Bikinis for Big Hips

Finding the best bikinis for big hips isn’t difficult if you know what to look out for. Finding the best bikini bottom or top is figuring out your personal preference and which style flatters your body type. But finding a bikini that looks good on big hips is trickier. Luckily, there are vital things to look for in an excellent swimsuit bottom that will help ensure it will flatter your figure and make you feel confident in your bathing suit:

1. Style: Strap over Elastic

First, when shopping for a new bathing suit bottom, try to avoid any that have an elastic waistband; they tend to be unflattering because they cut into the hips and add bulk. Instead, opt for bottoms with ties at the sides or more extensive straps that can be tied around them. These will help provide support without drawing attention to your hips by highlighting how smaller they are than everything else around them.

2. Design

Also, consider how high cut the suit is on each side; high cuts can sometimes draw attention to this part of the body, so make sure any bottoms you buy don’t do this as well.

Along with this, it’s important to remember that silhouettes are still essential when considering swimsuits for big hips. A-lines may not provide enough coverage and could fall short of flattering any size hip.

3. Fabric

When looking at bikinis, you should consider the fabric; Lycra can give tightness while Polyester may be too loose-fitting. This is more of a personal preference than anything else, but it’s something to consider if you’re looking for a swimsuit bottom that works well with larger hips.

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How Can I Measure My Hip Size?

Before anything else, you need to know your hip size. That’s the exact measurement of your hips that a tailor uses to determine if your swimsuit fits. It’s also crucial for the overall fit of a bikini bottom, and it can be just as hard to find this measurement as well. To get your hip measurement, follow the steps below:

  • Using a measuring tape, measure around the fullest part of your hips, usually at their widest point.
  • Then go back and measure your waist.
  • Put on some clothes that fit snugly and see if you’re at least one inch above or below where you should be.
  • Try getting a different pair of jeans/shorts or putting on another layer when you measure again, so there’s not one spot you’re stuck.
  • Finally, you can ask someone who knows about sizing for help if necessary.

Conclusion – Best Bikini for Big Hips

Finding the best bikini for your body type can be challenging, especially if you have a significant hip, wide hip, large bust, or any combination thereof. Instead of trying on every top swimsuit to find the one that gives enough flattering effect without drooping over your hips, take a quick look at each style offered for maximum coverage without sacrificing style and performance.

Please keep it simple by narrowing down your options based on color and pattern preference before stepping foot inside the dressing room with more than two tops or bottoms. Dealing with body image issues has its pros and cons; however, the upside is that increased self-confidence can help lead to success in almost all areas of life.

But the downside is that this newfound confidence might cause you to forget how significant others see you. Regardless, keep in mind that everyone has the unique beauty they bring to this world, and so are your big hips.


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