Can I Wear a Bikini With a Tummy

Society has placed some standards for everyone to follow as it regards what to wear and what not to wear. These laid down rules have made some persons with a unique body type look like outcasts. They feel they are not supposed to put on what others are wearing because society says it’s not fashionable to do so. In this case, females with tummy or bigger parts of the body are not deemed fit to put on a bikini.

Looking at the conception of body type, you ask the question: can i wear a bikini with a tummy?

Yes, you can wear a bikini with a tummy and still look good as every other person. Now, you have to know the kind of bikini that will fit your body type so you can make the right choice. In this article, you will get to know all that regards bikini and your body type.

Why Bikini?

A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit worn by women that features two triangles of fabric on top that cover the breasts, and two triangles of fabric on the bottom, the front covering the pelvis but exposing the navel. It is swimwear that women wear because they allow for easy movements when swimming but for more motion. Other swimwear can be restricting and can make swimming a little uncomfortable. 

Do You Have to Have a Flat Stomach to Wear a Bikini?

The concept of the bikini body has already been laid out. In order to wear a bikini and have it deemed socially acceptable, you should have a specific figure or shape which includes; a thin waist, round butt, flat belly full but not too large breasts, and long legs.

This kind of figure fits into the skinny description but when you have big breasts, a noticeable tummy, and a small butt, you are crucified for putting on a bikini. You don’t have to be skinny before you can wear a bikini, you just have to get it right with which bikini to put on and you’re good to go.

With the warm weather finally making its way to this side of the globe that means bikini season is soon to follow. Whether you frequently go to the beach, or pool or just like to walk around town showing a little body, bikini season nearly forces you to get in some type of sun.

The wave of summer or heat coming up has been an occasion for some women to feel their bodies are inadequate, thanks to old rules that bodies had to meet certain criteria to sport a two-piece bathing suit. Fortunately, there has been a huge backlash against the rule, those rules about who can wear a bikini are gone and forgotten.

How Should a Fat Person Wear a Bikini

There’s a shame in society that if you are fat, plus size or big; you shouldn’t expose your body in any way. You are not even supposed to be seen wearing a mini dress or shorts not to talk of a bikini, society says that fat people should cover-up.

So should a fat woman wear a bikini? Yes, for sure she should. This is because being fat is sometimes beyond your control and you can’t fix it. You should wear a bikini if you want to and not be afraid of doing so.

Buy bigger, don’t buy something smaller than your actual size. Accentuate the positive, put color and pattern where you want attention, dark solids where you don’t want to get attention. Know your body, each figure type imposes its own limits.

Some helpful innovations on bikini tops with fixed cups like a T-shirt bra for the beach to support larger breasts, one-piece with cutaway backs that cover the stomach but look like sexy two pieces from behind.

How To Look Good in a Bikini When You Have a Big Belly

You can actually look good in a bikini even when you’re fat, so don’t panic because brands are beginning to realize that your size exists and are making efforts to provide bikinis that will make you feel confident in your body.

There inside us is the need to dress not just for ourselves but also for other people. It’s a fact we want to deny or even alter but is obvious beyond the pretense. Having knowledge of a few tips here can help you achieve a look that is close to having a smaller tummy, shapely legs and arms, and camouflaged fats. 

The rectangle, pear, inverted triangle, round, hourglass, and diamond body types for those categorized to be fat or have plus size. Knowing which of these body types you fall into and picking out the problem area (where you are not proud of showing around) will help you pick the right bikini. 

Each body type has its problem areas, these are the parts of your body that are least flattering. If you wish to follow the laid-down beauty figure criteria, you have to camouflage them so that you can achieve a more flattering body proportion by downplaying the bigger parts. You can then draw attention to the parts of your body that you are most proud of. 

You should learn to pay attention to your tummy because every plus-size lady, whatever body shape she has will always have a bulging tummy or belly pooch issue. Therefore in times when you aren’t sure of what to buy remember this one rule which states that you should look for cuts that mimic a slim waist. something that hugs the waist and flares at the bottom will create a contrast that slims down the waist.

If you have a larger bust, consider going with a top that has a bit more coverage. Avoid wearing a mismatched bikini pair, as it could throw off your body’s proportion. If you go with two pieces, make sure it’s the same color and pattern. With an hourglass figure, you have multiple options when choosing bikini bottoms and tops. They will give just enough support to the tummy area and give an illusion of a slim waist which is exactly what you want. Also, go for darker colored bottoms to help you better.

What Swimsuits Are Good for a Big Tummy?

As a fat person, you should be looking for swimsuits to hide a bulging tummy or belly pooch. Many two-piece suits have ribbing which helps to hide a belly pooch by elongating the midsection, of course, you can wear a bikini if you are fat. Wear bikinis that have a tummy control effect with a matching and rhyming color.

Best High Waist Bikini to Make Your Tummy Flat

High-waisted swimsuits are great for concealing a tummy and they are also more secure. If you have young kids, it is much harder for them to pull down or off a high-waisted swimsuit bottom. When looking out for a high-waisted bikini bottom, you should check out the designs.

This is because some designs are perfect for concealing tummy bulges while others might make it more pronounced. One thing to always look out for when trying to hide tummy bulge is ruching. Ruching is amazing for all body types but is especially good for hiding a belly fat.

It also helps to make the waist appear slimmer, especially if the ruching is diagonal. Ruching is a style of gathered folded fabric that is great for hiding belly fat. The gathered fabric helps to disguise the belly and helps to create a more streamlined figure.

Prints are great at camouflaging a belly pooch. The tighter the print, the more it helps to make your tummy less noticeable. Pairing a printed bottom with a ruffle helps to draw attention to another part of the body. Although prints help to conceal a tummy bulge, not all prints have the same slimming effect, look for styles with empty space between the print. 

Also, note that lower contrast colors also help to give a slimming effect. When possible try to choose a swimsuit that has a lower contrast to help hide the belly pooch. Look for eye-catching prints, ring details, keyhole cutouts, and wrap designs. All of these minor styles, designs, and details help take attention away from your stomach area.  

List Of Some Bikinis You Can Opt For

1. Retro halter bikini

CUPSHE Women Halter Bikini Set V Neck Sexy Backless Top Mid Rise Bottom Thin Straps Two Piece Swimsuit, XL Black


Cupshe Women Halter Bikini Set: made of 80% chinlon and 20% spandex, it’s 100% polyester. Comes with a sexy backless bikini design, and has a halter triangle bralette and thin straps. Its middle-cut bottom gives you classic regular support. There’s the availability of removable padded cups for the bikini.

2. Scallop bikini

MakeMeChic Women's Scallop Trim Halter Top 2 Piece Swimwear Bikini Set Black M


Makemechic Women’s Scallop Trim Halter Top: made of 82% polyester and 18% spandex. Its fabric is very stretchy, bottoms fit larger than normal sizes, but are not too noticeable.

It is comfortably high-waisted, a little higher in the back than in the front. The material is super durable and the scallops don’t flap around like some cuts but just stay in place pretty well.

3. Shirred cut bikini

Eytino Women Printed Strapless Shirred Smocked High Cut Bandeau Two Pieces Bikini Set Swimsuit,Medium Sky BlueCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Eytino Women Printed Strapless Shirred Smocked bikini: made with a floral print that is cute and charming, the smocked bikini top is elastic making it fit so well onto any body type and has ruffled hemlines. Comes with removable shoulder straps which can also be adjusted when you want them on. The bottom has full coverage and helps with tummy control.

4. Bandeau bikini

OMKAGI Women's 2 Pieces Bandeau Bikini Swimsuits Off Shoulder High Waist Bathing Suit High Cut(Medium,Black)


Omkagi Women’s 2 Piece Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit: it’s a strapless bikini off-shoulder top that comes with a high-waisted bikini bottom with a high cut. The pads here are removable, have tummy control and pads can also be easily inserted.

5. High waisted pushup bikini

SEASELFIE Women's Push Up Underwire Bikini Swimsuits V Wired Two Piece Bathing Suits with High Cut Bottom, Snakeskin XS


Seaselfie Women’s Push Up underwire Bikini: made of 82% polyester and 18% spandex. A wired bikini top that has a classic triangle shape added with v-wired design offering you great support. Has adjustable straps and removable padding giving you a comfortable wearing feeling. 

Conclusion – Can You Wear a Bikini With Tummy?

Your self-esteem should reflect on how you see your body. Sometimes you don’t have control over how your body chooses to turn out. This should make you have confidence in whatever body type you have and dress to fit your body. The way you see yourself will determine how others see you. Rock your choicest bikini with confidence and pride, and let others admire you. No matter your body type, a bikini is still made for you.


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