What Swimsuits Do Mennonite Women Wear in Beach?

Different beliefs and backgrounds guide most of our actions. And as much as technology has improved all facets of lives today, some traditions still hold dearly to their beliefs. One controversial area in the fashion industry for the Mennonite is swimsuits. Unlike other garments, swimsuits are specifically made for use when planning a trip to the Water Park, pool, or beach.

Swimsuits come in various designs ranging from one-piece to two-piece swimsuits, which would be acceptable to many users. But if you are a conservative or your religion has a specific restriction, then wearing any bathing suit might not be acceptable. Groups such as Mennonite have a tradition they strictly adhere to. And if you belong to this group as a woman, you might be wondering: what swimsuits do Mennonite women wear in beach?

Going to the beach for a Mennonite woman is a different experience from others in terms of swimwear. Their beliefs dictate a swimwear garment that provides maximum coverage for the body from the head to the feet. If you wish to learn more, read on.

Overview of Top 5 Swimsuits Mennonite Women Can Wear

Swimsuit Suitable for Mennonite WomenProduct NamePrice
Burkini1. Ababalaya Fully Covered Burkini Swimwear

2. Seafanny Women Modest Long Sleeve Burkini
Check Price

Check Price
Rash Guard3. Halcurt Women's Boyleg One-Piece Rashguard Swimsuit

4. Women's One-Piece Long Sleeve Rashguard
Check Price

Check Price
Swimdress5. Woman Modest Tznius 3/4 Sleeve SwimdressCheck Price
One-piece swimsuits with long swim pants6. ATTRACO Swimming Pants for WomenCheck Price

Who are the Mennonites?

Named after Menno Simons of Friesland, the Mennonites are a Christian group that worships under the church communities of Anabaptist denominations. Simons was able to formalize the teachings of earlier Swiss founders based on the belief in the mission and ministry of Jesus through his writing. Due to their commitment to pacifism, many regard the Mennonites as one of the historic peace churches.

Similarly, many refer to the Mennonites as a religious group with members coming from various ethnic backgrounds or as an ethnic group. Over the years, members of the Mennonite group can be found in over 87 countries across every continent, with the largest concentration being in Canada.

Popular Beliefs of the Mennonites

The Mennonites are conservative Christians who adhere strictly to the Bible’s teachings. And within this group, there are further sub-groups with a slight variation in their beliefs. That said, Mennonites are pacifists, and they have no unique form of dress, but modesty is mandatory. Also, there are no restrictions on the use of technology (with variations among distinct groups).

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The Mennonite church has no formal celibate religious order and expects single persons to be chaste. In like manners, marriage is to be a monogamous and faithful covenant between a man and a woman. And in conservative groups, divorce is only allowed on the grounds of sexual unfaithfulness or acute abuse.

Mennonites and Swimsuits

The Mennonites follow the biblical virtues of simplicity, modesty, and humility while frowning upon conformity to the world. The Mennonite’s dress code comes from several passages within the Bible. One of such scriptures is from I Corinthians 11, which stipulates that men should uncover their heads for prayer while women should cover theirs. These values stand as the basis for their distinctive styles of head coverings.

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Mennonite women have to wear “plain dress,” including wearing long dresses and head coverings for modesty. Again, most Mennonite groups discourage or prohibit mixed-gender swimming. For this reason, you often find women swimming in more secluded sections of public beaches.

It’s important to state that the rules applicable to adults differ for children and teenagers who have yet to undergo baptism. Young children can wear more modern swimwear since they are not yet official church members. Unlike the Mennonites, the Amish, and Hutterites, other groups from the same Anabaptist church especially preach a separation in bathing and swimming activities for men and women.

Swimsuits Mennonite Women Can Wear

Since the Mennonites preach on conservation and modesty, many women who belong to groups that strictly adhere to doctrine wear full-length dresses, modern and less conservative Mennonite women often wear shorts, T-shirts, or even modest one-piece swimsuits. Regardless, below are some swimsuits that will appeal to you as a Mennonite looking to have a fun day at the beach:

1. Burkini

A Burkini is a style of swimsuit made for women with modesty in mind while also maintaining a lightweight appropriate for swimming. The bathing suit covers the entire body, excluding the face, the hands, and the feet. The Burkini is similar in design to the wetsuit, except for the head covering. This is one swimsuit style that you can wear as a Mennonite woman and is within the rules of your beliefs.

Ababalaya Fully Covered Burkini Swimwear

Ababalaya Fully Covered Swimsuits 3 Pieces Full Covered Burkini Swimwear with Swimming Cap,105Navy Blue,US Size 14-16


This Burkini-styled swimwear is made from high-grade materials; this Burkini-styled swimwear comes as a three-piece with a separate top, bottom, and swim cap. It has no chest pad or chest circle, which is familiar with other designs of swimsuits. The top has several colorful and artistic prints to add some glamor to your appearance. 

Seafanny Women Modest Long Sleeve Burkini

seafanny Women Modest Swimsuit Long Sleeve Burkini Full Cover Muslim Swimwear (Blue, 6-8)


This colorful swimsuit is made from Polyamide and Spandex to create high-quality swimwear you can wear to the beach as a Mennonite woman. It’sIt’s lightweight for ease of swimming and does not absorb excess moisture while also providing UV protection to your skin. It’sIt’s modest for a Mennonite lady and dries quickly.

YONGSEN Modest Burkini Swimwear

YONGSEN Muslim Swimwear Women 3pcs Islamic Burkinis Wear Bathing Suit Modest Patchwork Hijab Sport Long Sleeves Sport Swimsuit (X-Large) Gold


A breathable and modest swimwear that is in line with your Mennonite beliefs is this piece. Besides swimming, you can also use this piece for other active sporting activities at the beach, such as diving, snorkeling, and surfing.

CaptainSwim Women Modest Burkini Swimsuit

CaptainSwim Women Modest Muslim Swimsuit Full Coverage Swimwear Islamic Hijab Ladies Beachwear Swimming Burkini Swim Suit (XL) Lavender


This Burkini swimwear is soft and comfortable on the skin. It comes in three pieces, a cap, top, and pants. It provides maximum coverage for the body leaving only the face, fingers, and feet visible. This conforms to Mennonite practice regardless of your inclination. It also has colorful patterns and dries with ease when out of the water while protecting your skin from the sun.

2. Rash Guard

The rash guard is a type of swimwear designed for athletes. Its material is often spandex and nylon or a composition of both for better strength and durability. Its principal purpose is to protect you against rashes caused by abrasion or sunburn from overexposure to the sun since they also protect you from the sun. A rash guard can be worn by itself when surfing or under a swimsuit in warm weather. It can help retain body heat and also prevent chafing. Another name for the rash guard is a rash vest.

Halcurt Women’s Boyleg One-Piece Rashguard Swimsuit

Halcurt Womens Zip Rashguard UV SPF Swim Shirt Sunblock 1 Piece Bathing Suits XL Black/Paisley


This knee-length boyleg one-piece rash guard swimsuit offers complete coverage for your body during your visit to the beach. It also has a long sleeve to ensure your arms are covered while providing maximum protection from UV rays. With this swimwear, you can be sure of participating in nearly all water activities without worrying about going against your Mennonite beliefs.

Women’s One-Piece Long Sleeve Rashguard

Cokar Women's One-Piece Surf Swim Wet Suit Long Sleeve Rashguard Blue


Offering an exquisite design with great body shaping, this rashguard piece might push towards the limit of your Mennonite beliefs. But, it comes with UPF50+ protection against UVA and UVB radiation. Again, it offers you unrestricted movement, and the material is breathable.

ATTRACO Women’s Rashguard Swimsuit

ATTRACO Women's Rashguard Swimsuit Zip Front Sun Protection Shirt UPF 50+ M


Designed with a front zipper for easy wearing and taking off, this is perfect swimwear for the Mennonite woman. It’s durable and has a crew-neck design, and offers a chafe-free experience. It can comfortably be used in water sports such as wakeboarding, snorkeling, water yoga, and diving.

3. Swimdress 

The Swimdress is another design of swimsuits that you can wear to the beach as a Mennonite woman. This type of swimsuit comes with a gown-like appeal and often covers the feet. Many have bottomed, but you can swap the bottom out for long swim pants if the Swimdress is knee-length. 

Woman Modest Tznius 3/4 Sleeve Swimdress

Woman Modest Tznius 3/4 Sleeve Swimdress, Beach Cover up UPF 50+ Sun Protection


Designed with a pullover style, this Swimdress is excellent for use at the beach or pool. It’sIt’s comfortable on the skin and uses non-clingy materials.

ECUPPER Women’s One-Piece Short Sleeve Swimdress

ECUPPER Womens One Piece Shaping Swim Dress with Boyleg Short Sleeve Swimdress Bathing Suit Black Flower 18W-20W


This Swimdress is made from nylon and elastane to improve flexibility and durability. It has a frontal floral design to help create an appealing look. You can pair this with long swim pants to meet the Mennonite dressing standard of modesty.

4. One-piece swimsuits with long swim pants

Many of the regular, more modest one-piece swimsuits can be combined with suitable swim pants. The swim pants will provide coverage for the lower part of the body, while your modest swimsuit should cover the top. 

ATTRACO Swimming Pants for Women

ATTRACO Womens Swim Pants High Waisted Swim Leggings Swim Tights Swim Capri Navy M


Made from a combination of nylon and spandex, these high waist swim pants have a color contrast splice on the side for a more stylish appeal. The length is appropriate for you as a Mennonite as it covers the body up to the ankle. Asides from being great for swimming, you can wear this to enjoy paddling, floating, diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. You can pair this with modest one-piece swimsuits or two-piece rashguard and tankini tops.

KEEPRONE Women’s Long Swimming Pants

KEEPRONE Women's Swim Pants, UPF 50+ High Waisted Swimsuit Leggings, Long Swimming Pants


The swim pant comes with an in-built opaque liner for protection against chafing and maximum comfort. It utilizes a wide waistband which complements its adjustment to any length desired. And as a Mennonite, this is ample coverage for your legs to the ankle. The swim pants are available in solid colors and different patterns.

Kanu Surf Women’s Long Sleeve Swim Tee

Kanu Surf Women's UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Active Swim Tee & Workout Top, Blue, Medium


This is an excellent example of a swim tee that can be in combination with swim pants. This design has a moderate V-neckline which is still within the rules of the Mennonite group, coupled with long sleeves to protect and cover your arms.

Conclusion – What Swimsuits Do Mennonite Women Wear in Beach?

The Mennonite practice a lifestyle based on the bible teachings of the ministry of Jesus. To this, they are modest when it comes to dressing and often frown against exposure of skin which can create a sexual appeal. That said, swimsuits are a touchy subject, but members can rely on modern moderate swimsuits to enjoy their time at the beach. 


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