Is It Ok to Wear Used Swimsuits? (Find Out The Effects)

A swimsuit is one of the most common clothes worn for aquatic activities. Aquatic activities involve activities like swimming, diving, and surfing. The uniqueness of this particular wear is that all ranges of humankind can use it. There is a swimsuit applicable for everyone. Either for men, women, or children. Swimsuits are commonly described with these terms; bathing suit, swimming togs, cossie (costumes), bathers, swimwear, and so on.

Also, swimsuits are used as underwear or undergarment. This is to make the activities easier and fun-filled. Swimsuits can also be worn to show off a person’s physical traits, as in beauty pageants or bodybuilding competitions, as well as glamour photography and magazines like Sports which features models and sports celebrities.

There are brands that are prominent in the creation of swimsuits; not all fashion lines can make swimsuits. Because of their uniqueness, they are not always easy to afford. That’s why the majority always wondered since they are not buoyant to get a new swimsuit to wear due to its cost, is it OK to wear used swimsuits?

Yes, it is OK to wear used swimsuits. Although, the majority are scared of wearing a used swimsuit because of the myths that have concluded on it. This myth is ungrounded because research shows that using a used swimsuit has little implication on the wearer. If you wear a used swimsuit, you are exposing yourself to infections like STDs.

Is it Ok to Buy a Used Swimsuit?

It is absolutely OK to buy a used swimsuit. Since a swimsuit can be washed, there is no risk of purchasing a used swimsuit. You just have to ensure that they are in good health before buying them. Though, there are a lot of negative comments against you using a used swimsuit. Personally, I can assure you of the safety of buying a used swimsuit. Ensure that once you buy them, you wash them before being used. Ignore the negatives. It is OK to buy a used swimsuit. If you are afraid of wearing a used swimsuit, you can do the following to cool your fear.

1. Sterilize the used swimsuits

There is no special paparazzi in sterilizing your used swimsuit. All you need to do is, get a bowl and soak the wears in it with one cup of vinegar. Vinegar is a natural softener suitable for eliminating the said germs, infections, and odors.

2. Don’t wash in harsh detergent

When you want to wash your used swimsuit, ensure that you don’t wash them with harsh detergent.

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Choose a detergent that says ‘delicate’ or ‘gentle’ on the package. They’re created without bleach, enzymes, or phosphates, which cannot damage some fabrics.

3. Rinse the used swimsuit

Rinse them in fresh cold water: With the exception of cotton swimsuits, which may be machine washed, every other swimsuit performs better when hand washed. Washing them in the washing machine can damage them based on their material. Also, while with your hands, avoid stretching, scraping, or tugging. Run them under cold water to keep the cloth from expanding out when exposed to heat.

4. Dry the cloth

Immediately you are done with the washing, and you have to rinse them. Spread them outside to be dry. Do not dry with a washing machine. It can affect the texture.

Can You Get STD From a Used Bathing Suit?

No, you cannot get STD from a used bathing suit. It is highly improbable that somebody would get a sickness or illness like herpes or gonorrhea from wearing a used swimsuit because viruses and bacteria can only survive for a brief period outside the body. However, you may end up with extremely irritating infections (like germs) if you wear an infected swimsuit without wearing underwear that sufficiently conceals your privates.

Is It Ok to Share a Bathing Suit?

It is not OK to share a bathing suit. Sharing a bathing suit is like transferring germs and bacteria from one entity to another. Bacterial illnesses aren’t the only thing to be concerned about when you wear other people’s bathing suit bottoms. You face the danger of coming into touch with feces and contracting one of the many illnesses that may be spread this way. Try all possible means not to share bathing suits with anybody. If you have to share, ensure you have applied necessary preventive measures like washing and sterilizing it before wearing it. It’s better to get a personal bathing suit than expose yourself to a health predicament.

How Do You Sanitize a Bathing Suit?

Immediately you get your used bathing suit. The truth is, whether you buy a new or used swimsuit, you have no assurance that others have not tried it on in the fitting room. The first thing you should do is to sanitize them. You can sanitize your bathing suit by doing these.

  • There is no unique way to sanitize your bathing suit. Just get a cup of vinegar and soak the suits in it. For the soak, you need cold water.
  • After the soak for some minutes, you wash with a friendly detergent. Not all detergents are suitable for clothing. Take your time to read through the description of the detergent to know if they will not bleach your bathing suit.
  • After washing, you rinse in cold water and dry it out.

How Do You Clean a Thrifted Swimsuit?

Thrifted swimsuits are the same as a used swimsuits. To get a thrifted swimsuit, you go to the thrift store. You can check out varieties of different swimsuit wears. You don’t have to break your bank before you can access a swimsuit. All you need to do is to find a thrift store (they major in selling second clothes), search for the swimming wear unit, and get one you find purpose with. After getting them, you don’t have to put them on immediately. For safety measures, there are certain things you need to do. They include:

1. Don’t put them together with your laundry clothes

Separate the thrift swimsuit from other clothes. This is to ensure you don’t infect your other clothes with germs that may be attached to them. You don’t know how many hands have checked it out before you eventually pick it up.

2. Sanitize your thrift swimsuit

Add one cup of vinegar to  a bowl of water and soak the thrifted clothes there.

3. Soak in lukewarm water and wash

Soak the used clothing in lukewarm water with a small quantity of washing powder and a powder clothes disinfectant. Allow for a couple of hours of soak time.

4. Use mild detergents

To avoid causing further stress to the textiles, use gentle detergents.

What Do You Do With Used Bathing Suits?

There are several things you can do with used bathing suits. Instead of disposing them, why not use them to serve other purposes like:

1. Tote bags

A one-piece swimming suit may be turned into a tote bag. You can bring them out to realization by closing the legs and using the straps as tote-style over your shoulder. Going to the grocery shop is a more environmentally responsible option than a single-use plastic bag. Eliminate the use of plastic bags by making a tote bag that you may carry from place to place.

2. Donate it out

You can donate used bathing suits to creative fashion experts (sewing clubs) or schools that are not buoyant enough to get necessary arts projects. The used bathing suits can be used to craft out lovely art ideas. Art money is generally the first to go when it comes to education budget cuts. Still, leftover bathing suit fabric might help cash-strapped schools introduce arts instruction into the classroom and inspire students to be creative. You can also donate it out to NGOs organizations that require it. Some organizations call out a donation for bathing suits. They use it to make mats using it to create awareness.

3. New cloth ideas

You can redesign your used bathing suit into a whole new outfit or a different design. This depends on your creative intelligence. Also, you can turn them into hair accessories. You may also build a lovely memory blanket for yourself or a loved one by combining different outfits from your childhood.

4. Make pillow cases

You only need the bathing suit and some fabrics to make a pillowcase. If you have a lot of leftover swimsuit ties, you may use them as filling. You can also get some foams to fill in the pillow made. Start with little throw pillows in your automobile before moving on to larger ones.

5. Make dresses for baby dolls

If you have children, love playing with dolls. You can sew your own dresses for your children’s dolls by using the bathing suit. For example, you can come up with a mermaid tail or a small bathing suit.

6. Cut into wraps for decorative purposes

You can use your used bathing suit as decoration equipment for your living room or bedroom. Cut your old swimsuits into tiny pieces that may be tied into practically any shape. You may use your bathing suit covers to add a splash of color to your mason jars. You may also use them to bring your garden pots to life.

Conclusion – Is it OK to wear used swimsuits?

In as much it serves the purpose you need it for, it is OK to wear used swimsuits. You need to apply necessary preventive measures before using them. Once you get the used swimsuits, sterilize the used swimsuit with one cup of vinegar. After sterilizing, wash it with friendly detergent, rinse with cold water, and spread it outside to dry. Once you have done all the procedures mentioned, your used swimsuit is 100% safe to wear. Enjoy your swimming or diving!


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