Can I Wear a Swimsuit to Dunk Tank?

Swimsuits are almost perfect for virtually all water-related activities. From diving, swimming, and sunbathing, you can rely on the awesomeness of swimsuits to allow you to maximize your fun time. But swimsuits are not limited alone to the uses as mentioned above; in today’s world, they’ve been found useful in glamor photography, beauty pageants, as well as for exercise. Thankfully, swimsuits come in various designs, from the more popular bikinis to the more conservative one-pieces. To this end, it’s essential to be sure of what activities you intend to perform and hence wear the appropriate swimwear.

One activity that is quickly gaining popularity is the act of dunking in a duck tank. While not requiring much physical exertion on your part, it’s still necessary to prepare adequately. And the top of your preparation plan has to be the suitable garment. Picking the appropriate wear can be pretty challenging, which throws up the question; can I wear a swimsuit to dunk tank?

Yes, you can wear swimsuits to a dunk tank. Although not many will agree on its morality, the truth is swimsuits make for an excellent piece of a garment when planning on using a dunk tank. Regardless of the garment you choose to wear, it should provide adequate coverage, stay on even when soaked with water, and mustn’t be see-through when wet.

What Is A Dunk Tank?

In simple terms, a dunk tank comprises a massive tank of water placed below a collapsible seat on which a volunteer sits, and a trigger mechanism called a target. Whenever a ball strikes the target, the seat automatically collapses, resulting in a “dunking” action where the volunteer falls into the water below. A dunk tank or dunking booth remains a popular activity found at water parks, fundraisers, funfairs, and gatherings. When participating in dunk tanks, volunteers can go for water-related garments or choose to get dunked completely dressed in regular clothes for an added humorous tone.

Dunk tanks can be fun, especially if you hit the target while watching the volunteer get wet. That said, owing a dunk tank can be a pricey endeavor as it requires considerable finance. Aside from the money, you have to consider the cost of maintenance. And where to place your tank and filling/emptying of water into the tank. Purchasing a new dunk tank will cost you a few thousand dollars, while you can still get for less if you decide to buy on a special sale or a used one. You will also get all you need to set up and utilize your tank for brand new dunk tanks, a 500-gallon tank, the targets, a cage, seat, and balls.

What Do You Wear To A Dunk Tank?

On the question of, can I wear a swimsuit to dunk tank, in most cases, there are no strict rules on the type of garment that can be worn when planning to get dunked in a dunk tank. Many volunteers wear their regular clothing, often to create humor and the appeal of being selected spontaneously. Owners of dunk booths will push for this, but if you are not comfortable using the clothes you have on, you can rely on a swimsuit. Alternatively, gym or jean shorts can be worn with a well-fitting shirt or top. As earlier stated, whatever cloth you decide to wear must be safe, comfortable, and stick to your body when it waters with excellent skin coverage for conservative individuals.

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Types of Swimsuits to Wear

Swimsuits should be your choice of wear when planning to go into a dunking booth. Its simplicity means no bulkiness or attachments can cause harm or endanger you when falling through the water. Again, you can easily change from your wet swimsuits to a dry cloth when you finish with the activity. But are all swimsuits suitable for dunk tanks?

Depending on your personal preference and the rules attached to the dunking booth, all swimsuits are suitable for use in a dunk tank. Both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits is usable so long as it’s comfortable on your skin. With a two-piece swimsuit, though, you have to be careful. Specific types of two-piece swimsuits might not be advisable as they may ride up your skin or come loose. Tiny bikinis, thongs, high cut bottoms, or string bikinis with little fabrics are swimsuits you should avoid.

Below are swimsuits you should consider for your dunk tank activity:

1. One-Piece swimsuits 

Swimsuits with this design are excellent at staying in place on the body when in water. Coming in various styles, you can rely on this swimwear if you plan on dunking in a tank.

COCOS Retro One-piece Swimsuit

COCOSHIP Black & White Striped Fashion One Piece V-Neck Swimsuit Bather High Waisted Criss Cross Swimwear Monokini L(US8)


Easy on the eyes, affordable, and made of impressive quality materials, this swimsuit is arguably one of the most popular in today’s market. Asides from its impressive fitting to the body, you can also use it to mask several other features you don’t want on display. Its cross halter style supports the bust and creates curves to make you appear more attractive.

Hilor One-piece Front Crossover Swimsuits

Hilor Women's One Piece Swimwear Front Crossover Swimsuits Hollow Bathing Suits Monokinis Black M/US8-10


Excellent for dunking, this Hiler swimsuit has elastic shoulder straps with a cross-over design at the neck. Its bottom also offers impressive full coverage, and you need not worry about it riding up your body when you finally fall through the water. Elegantly styled with a stretched strip band at the waist, create a stunning appearance that is powerful enough to distract your dunker.

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2. Two-Piece Swimsuits

Swimsuits with this design can be tricky when dunking in a dunk tank. This is why it’s essential to get suits that won’t dislodge easily from your body.

ZAFUL Women’s V-Wired Striped Two-piece Strappy Swimsuit

ZAFUL Women's V-Wired Striped Reversible Two Piece Bikini Set Strappy Swimsuit (Yellow, S)


This ZAFUL two-piece features a dipped V wired bralette at the front if you are comfortable with showing some cleavage. Its bottom half also uses a low-rise cut, which is excellent for covering your butt—designed with a strip line print to give you that appealing curve without the fear of coming lost in the water.

SouqFone Ruffled Flounce Top with High-Waist Bottom

SouqFone Women Swimsuit High Waisted Printed Sexy Bikini Push Up Ruffled Flounce Bathing Suit - XL, Flower-01                            


If you are concerned about hiding your big belly or tummy bulge, then this Tankini is excellent for you. The SouqFone Ruffled Flounce top comes with a high-waist bottom that won’t dig into your skin.

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Is Clothes Okay For Dunk Tank?

Yes, many dunking booths allow regular clothing when you decide to use them. They don’t pose any immediate danger to you or the tank itself. But with everyday clothing comes the risks of associated accessories such as belts, hooks, laces, chains, etc., which increases your likelihood of injury. In this light, it is advisable to use a swimsuit, but in the absence of one, you should completely rid yourself of any accessory that can harm you.

Are Dunk Tanks Safe?

Generally, dunk tanks are considered safe for adults and should be used by individuals with good swimming skills. If you plan on using a dunking booth, it’s vital to ensure that it meets the best safety standards before getting on one. Below are a few tips to help you determine that a dunk tank is safe for use:

  • Look out for electrical outlets around the tank, which can lead to potential electrocution. If you see any close by, don’t use that tank.
  • Before getting on the dunk tank seat, ensure to wear a good water shoe to protect you from slipping when your feet touch the base of the pool.
  • Your instructor should give clear instructions on the best way to drop into the water when the seat collapses. Your hands and feet should be in front of you to prevent snagging and take up a relaxed sitting posture.
  • Never volunteer to use a dunk tank if you have underlying medical conditions, are pregnant, or have any injuries that a sudden impact can aggravate.
  • Ensure you are using a dunk tank that has a ladder for emergency entry and exit in case of damage.
  • Also, avoid the weather and never get into a dunk tank during stormy conditions.

Can I Make Money With Dunk Tanks?

Yes, dunk tanks aren’t just for fun alone, and if you own one, you can make money from it, while if you participate as a volunteer, you can earn rewards. With dunk tanks, you can choose to lease it out for gatherings and events, or you can set it up yourself at fairs, fundraisers, celebrations, and several other occasions. Using dunk tanks to make earnings is similar to what you have in the party rental business. What you earn through this means is dependent on the cost you attach to your rentals, and within a short while, you can have your investment capital back.

The other option requires running your setup at carnivals and others physically. With this, you have to be charismatic to attract volunteers and players to participate for a set fee. You can further entice participants by offering a reward. Whichever method you choose, you are bound to make money with your dunk tank.

Conclusion – Can I Wear a Swimsuit to Dunk Tank

You can summarily answer the question; can I wear a swimsuit to dunk tank with a resounding YES. Using a dunk tank or dunking your friends and family can be an exciting way to relax and unwind. It’s also essential to note that you can wear regular clothes, but they increase your chances of harming or endangering yourself. To this end, swimsuits that sit comfortably on your body, have fitting, and don’t use a see-through material are your best options.       


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