Best Small Backyard Above Ground Pool You Need In 2022

Best Small Backyard Above Ground Pool: With the unwavering advancement in this era, life has become easier and exciting than we had envisaged. We’ve grown to a level where there isn’t just a standard method of doing or achieving certain things. Now, substitution has become so rampant which is currently the order of the day.

Humans are more focused on the idea of recreation which unarguably seems to be fascinating in a bid to create happiness.

Sadly, with the eruption of this pernicious virus called Coronavirus that has kept countries in complete lockdown, thousands of people have become maligned with abject fear. The ferociousness of the epidemic has instilled a great level of panic in all humans, such that we’re experiencing a new level of lockdown.

However, staying indoors shouldn’t hinder you from having a little bit of fun especially now that we ain’t fully certain of vacationing at the beach. Well, you can still rock your summer outfits irrespective of being restricted to the confinement of your environment.

At such, we’ve outlined the best small backyard above ground pool to ensure that nothing stops you from having the best time of your life, with regard to swimming and basking in the sun.

Please note, if you’re looking for means to stretch your swimsuit bottoms or how to fix your bathing suits tops, kindly go throughout previous posts on any of these.

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In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks Of The Best Small Backyard Above Ground Pool You Need In 2022

Products NameWhere To Buy
Intex 15ft X 42in Prism Frame Pool SetCheck Price On Amazon
Intex 12ft X 30in Prism Frame Pool SetCheck Price On Amazon
Bestway 56680 Steel Pro, 12ft x 30in, Above Ground Round Frame Pool SetCheck Price On Amazon
Summer Waves 15ft x 36in Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter PumpCheck Price On Amazon

Advantages Of Having A Small Backyard Above Ground Pool

Back in the days, the idea of having a substitution for a pool was never conceived as a result of less technological involvement on earth. Well, with the birth of this 21st century, the future seems more clearer than ever before. We’ve become open to so many technological exploits that have skyrocketed us to a new level.

Just so we know, the sole purpose of having conceived such an idea of having a backyard above ground pool, was so we could have access to swimming and enjoying the summer sun as often as we can.

Without necessarily having to go down to the pool to chill, you can right at the comfort of your home, get a backyard above ground pool whenever you deem fit. So what are some of the advantages of having this backyard pool?

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1. Easily Maintained

Unlike the beach or the pool that involves removing dirt, using chlorinated water and steady maintenance to allow satisfaction of all, the backyard pool isn’t difficult to maintain.

It is one of the simplest pool to maintain. But as we all know, there are going to be little maintenance here and there. A little cleaning of the pool and perhaps changing a few things would be all. So in the real sense, you won’t have issues in maintaining this.

2. Less Expensive

In life, money is the number one factor we put into a lot of consideration before making or embarking on the decision to purchase some things. But without having to spend much money, you can easily afford this backyard pool.

There are usually less expensive which makes it easier to be bought. Although, the backyard pool varies in some aspects. Ranging from the prices, quality, and most especially value for money. However, we’ll be looking at some of the best and nicest backyard pool from the best manufacturers.

3. Easy To Install

Installation can be pretty tedious. Sometimes, it’s easier to purchase some things while on the other hand, it’s difficult installing them. If you’re looking forward to getting a small backyard above ground pool, you necessarily do not have to work yourself over on how to install it.

The process involved in installing a back pool is so easy that it wouldn’t take so much of your time to achieve. These kinds of pools do come with some manual to enable its users to be able to set it up perfectly.

4. Space

One of the advantages of this backyard pool is that it doesn’t take too much space when setting. It isn’t like swimming pools that involve so much in planning, spending, and spacing. With a backyard pool, a little space is all you need.

But just so you know, the size of the pool matters also. For you are looking at getting a really large backyard pool, then I’d suggest you look at your environment first before deciding whether or not you should go ahead and pull it off.

5. Movable

This is the best part of the small backyard above ground pool. It can be moved about. This is truly awesome knowing whenever you want to change your location due to work or some other personal reasons, you can simply go with your pool.

Better still, if you’re having a little party at home or going for a little vacation with few persons, you can take this along with you to whichever place you are going. So with this mobility, comes a lot of benefits which you’re going to be really grateful for at all time.

6. Cost Of Repair Is Relatively Cheap

For standard swimming pool owners, the cost of repair is relatively high. For that of the backyard pool, the cost of repair is relatively cheap.

This is the more reason why you should go for this pool. Rather than spending so much like real pool owners, you can choose to spend less if you end up purchasing this. Here’s another fascinating fact which is DIY.

You can check out different ways online to repair your pool so you can do it yourself. I believe with some of their tools, you could get it done all by yourself instead of getting someone. Remember, only if you can. You can’t? Get help.

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Disadvantages Of Having A Small Backyard Above Ground Pool

With advantages, comes some disadvantages. So what are the few disadvantages of having a backyard pool?

1. Do Not Last For Years

I know so many persons can’t wait to try this out but before you purchase this, it is expedient that you understand something crucial.

Above the ground, pools do not last for lots of years. They tend to go bad or worn out after a long period of time. So if you’re looking forward to purchasing this, be aware of this disadvantage that follows it. Nevertheless, for the period in which it would be in use, you’ll definitely enjoy it till when it’s completed badly to which you would have to purchase another if you so much desire.

2. Limitation

This backyard pool is kinda limited. Ordinarily, the outdoor pool as we all has width and depth. A lot of persons can fit in to swim.

For the backyard pool, it is limited in terms of size, width, and even down to depth. Although, it’s usually the best for kids and some sort of little family or friends gathering.

3. Prone To Damages

Being that the backyard pool is limited, expect some sort of damages after a long time. But before then, you must have used it to your satisfaction which is the good thing about the backyard pool.

Buyers Guide On Backyard Above The Ground Pool

Before purchasing anything, it is important that you go through the buyer’s guide so as to understand what you want to buy and plan towards it. There are so many things to purchase but if you don’t know what you stand to gain from that thing you intend to purchase, then you shouldn’t proceed with it.

The buyer’s guide on the backyard above ground pool is a passage that would entail ensuring that you understand what exactly you want in the pool and in securing the best for yourself. We’ll be talking on the following which includes;

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Value
  4. Sizes and width
  5. Long-lasting

1. Price

Like I would often say, the amount you’re willing to spend on buying an item is of great importance. This is why a buyer’s guide should be looked at by you.

The above ground pool differs in prices. There are some that cost quite much while there are others that are not expensive. It doesn’t matter how much you want to spare. There is a pool of various amounts. So whichever one of the pool that would be listed below to which your money can afford, you go for it then.

2. Quality

No one wants to buy an item that wouldn’t save them for long. As I had stated earlier in the advantages, the above ground pool can be used for a couple of years.

I do believe there are some things that do not last forever. This is one of them. However, despite this, it can still be used for years. And by then, you would certainly use it so well.

For this reason, you should get a pool of good quality. The reviews that would be listed soon, would be of really great quality to span for years.

3. Value

For everything you indeed buying, there has to be value. The fact that you stand to gain something from it is what one should look out for.

The essence of the small backyard above ground pool isn’t far fetched. Its value can’t be overemphasized. We all need it to let loose of the stress and headaches from our daily activities.

At such, for whatever pool you’ll be getting, you will be getting value for it.

4. Sizes

The above-ground pool can be found in various sizes and width. Do you want it to be bigger or smaller?. Well, this is nothing compared to the regular pool we do go to and can’t be compared to such in terms of sizes.

But all the same, they can still be found in some big and small sizes which means you’re getting something wonderful that would be of great benefit for you, family and friends.

5. Long-lasting

I know I stated that it doesn’t last too long for a lot of years, but it sure lasts long. Some of the pool we will be reviewing here would be a pool that you can use for that long period of time.

NOTE: The key thing here is maintenance. When something isn’t properly cared for, there’s bound to be some challenges that involve it getting bad on time.

Best Small Backyard Above Ground Pool

1. Summer Waves 15ft x 36in Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter Pump

Check Price On Amazon

Starting off with this beautiful and magnificent above ground pool, summer waves truly does know how to make summer more fun for us. Known for their topnotch, easy, and convenient pool, summer waves have been constantly providing reliable services to a great level of expectation.


1. Easy To Set Up

Do you know what is frustrating? Having to set up a ground pool that can take hours to get it fully ready for usage. But this isn’t what summer waves stand for.

The company made it pretty easy to set up so one does not get so worked up in the process, such that the bubbling feeling and sensation to swim don’t go down the drain.

2. Durability

Exactly what it is. Durable and long-lasting. Unlike some above ground pool that aren’t as durable as this, summer waves beat them hands down.

They’ve got walls made with 3-ply materials to help keep the pool really strong enough to withstand water for as long as possible. If you’re having a doubt, then give this a shot cause you’ll love it and get to see how durable it is.

3. Quality

Quality should always be the first thing that pushes one to want to buy some stuff or items. That’s why we are bringing quality to your doorsteps with Summer waves. With this pool, you’ll experience the same quantum of happiness you usually feel using the outdoor pool.

4. Value

With quality, comes value. This company promises to offer value for its price. So rather than going for some ground pool services without anything called value, this right should be your best bet.

5. Pool dimension

The pool’s dimension is as follows;

  • Length- The length of the pool is 15 feet high.
  • Width- The width of the pool is 15
  • Height- The height of the pool is 3 feet high

This is to ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying.


  • Designed with an inflatable top ring
  • It is very spacious
  • Easy to assemble
  • The pool is convenient
  • It is well built
  • Perfect for all
  • A bit expensive
  • Value for money


  • It doesn’t come with a ladder

2. Intex 14ft X 42in Prism Frame Pool Set

Check Price On Amazon

Who says big things aren’t attractive? The bigger, the better. Intex is one brand that has been in the market for years now and hasn’t stopped releasing great, durable, and valuable products wrapped in quality.

When we talk about brand and standard, Intex above ground pool can be found on the list. They effortlessly have high-quality pools that would cause you to enjoy every bit of the summer season to satisfaction.


1. Quality

Intex is known for producing pools that are of great quality. They aren’t oblivious of what the world needs and have been constantly giving the world the best with materials that are durably spanning for long.

2. Durable

Intex invests in durability on all pools being sold by them. Durable pools make it easier for them to last long and to stand any hard wear or damages. So you purchase this, you purchase durability.

3. Quality

For whatever product you’re getting from this company, quality is what you stand to gain from them. In other words, quality is their watchword. Such an above ground pool with high quality won’t incur challenges that would lead to its wreckage completely.

4. Long-Lasting

It may not last for years and years but it sure would last for a couple of years. So why not give this a big shot and enjoy this pool with your family and friends? This would be a lifetime of bliss for you all.

5. Easy To Assemble

Very easy to set up without having to go through any rigorous stress in assembling it.

6. Pool Ladder

An added advantage to this pool is the ladder which makes it a lot easier to climb in and out of the pool.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It is sturdy
  • It has quality
  • Value for money
  • It is well balanced
  • It is convenient
  • It is wide enough to contain quite a number of persons


  • It doesn’t come with a cover

3. Bestway 56680 Steel Pro, 12ft x 30in, Above Ground Round Frame Pool Set

Check Price On Amazon

If you don’t know what beauty is, then take a look at this picture again and you’ll see the beauty inherent in this picture above. Bestway ground pool is built to gives shrills and fun just like it is in the outdoor pool.

Now, you can right at the comfort of your home enjoy unending summer fun. Bestway is one brand you shouldn’t miss out on.


1. Perfect For Summer

Year in year out, we go out to outdoor pools to swim and enjoy some cosiness with family and friends. However, you necessarily do not have to wait for every summer to go swim. Swimming and enjoying the feel of the sun on your skin can be done at all times excluding winter. So why not get an above ground pool that would be instilled right in your home so, you can enjoy swimming whenever you want to.

2. Fully Built To Standard

You may have had few issues with or challenges with some above ground pool. Well, Bestway pools are packed with elements that make it stand out. They include a 3-ply Pvc support and rust-free coating to ensure durability in all ramifications, so you get real value and more for your money

3. Affordable

We all know it costs nothing to be happy. But it cost something to get an item you love to get you to be extremely happy. Bestway is giving you so much more for this price. Grab it if you can and don’t let this chance to get your dream above ground pool pass you by.

4. Easy To Maintain

All it takes is little cleaning here and there to keep it clean and free from dirt. Maintenance culture isn’t as high as you envisaged it to be. At least, with once or twice cleaning in a week, you’re good to go.

5. Easy To Assemble

Assembling of some things isn’t that easy. They take time and energy to get them fixed. Bestway would save you the stress of having to get things done. For such a pool, it’s quite easy to assemble. To remove water, you can simply use the flow controlled drain to get water out of the pool.

6. Quality

Quality products save you the stress of having to buy that same product over and over again. Going for something that would serve you for a long time is better than going for something that wouldn’t last for months. At such, Bestway deals more with quality.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It uses tri-tech material that provides strength
  • There’s room for removing excess water from the pool
  • It is of good quality
  • Value for money
  • It has a 3-ply support band
  • Perfect for all
  • It is very spacious


  • No pool ladder
  • No cover

4. Summer Waves10’x30″Metal Frame Pool with Skimmer Plus Filter System

Check Price On Amazon

As earlier stated, their pool has been in the business of providing reliable and top-notch quality pool services, to ensure that their customers get to enjoy unlimited fun within their homes. Summer waves are like answers to questions. They have everything you need to get your summer started


1. Durable

With summer waves, you can be sure of the durability. This brand assures you of a durable pool to be of great usage to your family. So there isn’t any stress of having to get things ready for a cozy time out in outdoor pools. Within your hood, you can enjoy every bit of summer and even more.

2. Convenient

In this way, you necessarily don’t have to wait for a specific season to let loose of your worries and aches. At any point in time, you can hop in and hop out. Wouldn’t that be awesome? With summer waves, you can.

3. Easy To Assemble

The majority of the pools are easily assembled and this right here is one of such pool. You don’t need any tools to get things done for this. It’s one of the simplest assembling methods ever.

4. Easy To Maintain

Maintenance is easy. No rigour, no sweat. It cleans easily and quickly without having to rigorously clean for a long time. Once or twice a week should be enough to get your pool squeaky clean.


  • Top-notch quality
  • It is easy to set up or assemble
  • It is affordable
  • It comes with a filter system to make your pool clean
  • Value for money
  • It is very spacious
  • Perfect for family
  • It is affordable
  • It has a durable 3-ply puncture-resistant material


  • No warranty

5. Intex 32ft X 16ftin X 15in Pool Set

Check Price On Amazon

One of the recognized brands that have taken it upon themselves to ensure everyone has their own share of summer fun within their home is Intex. Known for their outstanding products, this brand provides much more than you can ever imagine. Is it in quality, value, affordability, maintenance, or whatever you can think of?

Intex brand has it all and without having to walk down to any shops or malls, you can get this pool delivered to your doorsteps. With their great services in offering only the best, you’ll gain a lot more than you can in years from outdoor pools.


1. Quality

This above ground pool is of good quality. It won’t breakdown easily until it has certainly worked the price to which it was bought. You purchase this pool, you get 100% quality. This is what awaits you when you get this product. There’s no regret or worries with regards to the money you’ll be using to get this pool. They are specifically made up of materials that would enable this pool to last for a couple of years. Which is, you’ll be spending your money wisely if you’re to make the decision of purchasing this Intex pool. They are stress-free, very easy to assemble, and gives you value for your money.

2. Durability

The tools can be used for a long period of time without having any difficulties with any. However, on your part, do not neglect the aspect of cleaning and proper maintenance of the pool.

3. Rust Resistance

There are products that do not have rust resistance. In the first few months of your purchase, the changes become evident. The outer coating begins to fallout. Nonetheless, Intex is manufactured to resist rust in all areas.

4. Easy To Assemble

Intex pools are so easy to assemble. Not requiring any tools to get it ready for swimming and having fun.

5. Wide

The pool is so wide and spacious, such that so many people can fit in. This is best for gathering and cruising.


  • It is affordable
  • It doesn’t succumb to rust
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is very spacious
  • It is manufactured to serve its customers needs
  • Value for money
  • It is sturdy
  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • It comes with a ladder


  • No cover

6. Intex 12ft X 30in Prism Frame Pool Set

Check Price On Amazon

It’s no longer news that life has become easier for humans than we ever thought it would be. If the world hadn’t given a shot on inventions, we would have been oblivious of what would have become of us in the future.

For this sole purpose, Intex saw the need to bring comfort, fun, relaxation to our doorsteps so we can create our own happy memories with loved ones. So, you’re not just purchasing an above ground pool, but something to bring smiles to your faces.


1. Affordable

You can get this above ground pool on a not so expensive price, to make your days stand out. Buy it today and you’ll be forever grateful for purchasing this pool.

2. Quality

There’s nothing as sad as purchasing a product with your hard-earned money, only to discover that the product wouldn’t last you for even a couple of months. I can tell we all have gone through such situations several in life. But with Intex above ground pool, you won’t ever get disappointed in any way.

3. Easy To Maintain

Caring for the pool isn’t much of a difficult task. In a week, you can get the above pool cleaned properly and the right manner. If this is what you’re finding stressful, then you shouldn’t at all.

4. Durable

Come rain, come sun, you’ll be enjoying this pool no matter what season we found ourselves. Don’t expect to wear down quickly because nothing is going to ever wear it till it gets expired after a really long time.


  • It is affordable
  • It is durable
  • It is easy to maintain
  • Value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • It doesn’t come with a ladder
  • It is spacious


  • No cover

Wrapping Up On The Best Small Backyard Above Ground Pool

In conclusion, we should never forget that we can have fun right within our hood and in the comfort of our homes.

Your dream of a small backyard above ground pool with decks is just a step away from you. So why not save yourself the stress of having to go to an outdoor pool for a vacation, when you can get any of the pool above to enjoy a lifetime of bliss.


You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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