Why Do I Feel Insecure in Swimsuits?

The summer period is always a double-edged period for nearly everyone. The heat and warmth can sometimes be unforgiving, and at the same time, you get the opportunity to show off your body. The excessive heat means you take adequate time to participate in water activities to cool off and get some tan for your skin. To do this, you require appropriate bathing suits with an excellent feel and incredible appeal.

While picking a swimsuit to use itself is challenging, a more critical aspect is the self-consciousness you get when adorning one. For many, this self-consciousness is why they so much despise the summertime. This is not far-fetched when you realize that society has succeeded in shaping our view of what the perfect body should be. To this end, you might find yourself asking, why do I feel insecure in swimsuits?

Feeling insecure when wearing swimsuits often comes with the consciousness of having a large proportion of your body uncovered. Asides from this, there are other myriad of reasons you might feel insecure when wearing a swimsuit. These reasons all come down to a psychological state of mind imposed by society on what the perfect body looks like.

Why Do I Feel Insecure in Swimsuits?

You are not alone when it comes to feeling insecure in a swimsuit. This feeling is quite common among beach-goers, and many have found ways around it. Others have evolved on ways to mask their insecurities completely. That said, the idea of having a beach or bikini body is the chief reason your insecurities come to light when wearing your swimsuit.

Television commercials, sports magazines, and other fashion events have consistently maintained a picture of what the body should be in a bathing suit. Below are some well-known reasons you can raise your insecurity levels when wearing a swimsuit:

  • The feeling of putting too much skin on display, either boobs, cleavage, or butt cheeks.
  • There is also the reason for the swimsuit being see-through when wet, which can fuel your insecurity.
  • If you are plus size, you can feel insecure when you become conscious of your fat rolls, and big belly becoming prominent
  • Two-piece swimsuits such as bikinis can have you worry about hair sticking out from places they shouldn’t.
  • Again, you might feel insecure in a swimsuit if extended families you share little relationships with are around.
  • There is also the fear of your top or bottom falling or slipping off. This is prominent with two-piece swimsuits, but one-pieces have also been known to experience wardrobe malfunction.
  • The glare or the feeling of others ogling at your body is another source of insecurity.
  • And most certainly, if you are wearing a swimsuit for the first time, it’s only normal to feel some insecurity. 

How Do I Get Over My Swimsuit Anxiety? 

If you feel insecure in swimsuits, the most straightforward answer to overcoming your anxiety is confidence. Please make no mistake; as simple as this solution sounds, it involves quite a bit of work. Maintaining loads of positivity about your body can help you build up your confidence level when wearing a swimsuit.

Your first step to genuinely achieving confidence in your body comes with discarding your knowledge of the perfect body. This includes an unattainable-thin body with stunning curves found on the pages of Sports Illustrated magazines.

How to Feel Confident in a Swimsuit

Building up your confidence to the level of wearing swimsuits comfortably requires work. Thankfully, there are things you can do to get started. Firstly, you need to identify your source of insecurity while putting on a bathing suit. I’ve listed some reasons above; once this is done, you can begin the process of addressing the issue permanently. Regardless of your source of worry, below are some confidence-building tips to help you:

1. Know Your Body Type

The single most important rule of wearing any garment, swimsuit inclusive, is to know your body type adequately. Your body ultimately determines the fitting your swimsuit will have on your body, and if you wish to build confidence, you will do well to learn about your body. There are about five different body types, and all are perfect for the beach. Each has its positive highlights as well as corresponding dislikes.

Always consider other physical attributes that you may want to accentuate or conceal. Keep in mind that there is no perfect ideal body. In terms of coverage, swimsuit coverage comes in different levels, and there is no such thing as a perfect coverage amount. You should always pick the amount of coverage that works perfectly for you while maintaining comfort and fit.

2. Find the Right Swimsuit

Knowing your body type is one half of the equation; the other half is getting swimsuits that fit your body type. Getting this right can be the big difference in how confident you feel when wearing it at the beach or pool. Sadly, the task is tedious as there are several designs and styles of swimsuits to select from, ranging from bandeau tops, tankinis, high-waist bottoms, one-pieces to the more daring bikinis like thongs.

This means you need to spend an ample amount of time shopping before getting the perfect bathing suit for your body. Your comfort and practicality should be the goal when buying any swimwear. Take your time and try on as many swimsuits as possible to find what fits best for you.

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3. Practice Around Before Heading Out

Heading out on your first try with a swimsuit can be overwhelming, so I recommend practicing in your comfort zone. Whether you decide on a two-piece or one-piece swimsuit, dressing around in your home with your swimsuit on is the moderate place to start. You can have your suit on while doing laundry, watching TV, cooking dinner, or lounging around. This helps you get comfortable with the design and style of the swimsuit without having the full glare of the entire beach. Again, you can try out different poses to know how your suit will react when in the open.

4. Go Along With Friendly Faces

On your first time out with a swimsuit, it’s best to surround yourself with friendly faces like relatives and friends. Never underestimate the power of subtle encouragement given by loved ones. You are most likely comfortable with them, and their presence can help alley your feeling of insecurity. Asides from this, ensure to avoid people who like comparing bodies or pointing out not-to-positive body features. Their negativity will only dampen your self-confidence the more.

5. Always Have a Good Cover-Up and Other Accessories

Since you won’t magically appear at the beach or poolside, you might want to get a suitable cover-up. Also, you never can tell if you will need to take a walk away from the waterside, say getting a snack from across the road. Having a cover-up makes it easy to do any of the above confidently by removing the feeling of vulnerability associated with having a swimsuit. For this reason, invest in some quality swimsuit cover-ups with excellent designs such as a long, maxi dress or sheer wrap.

Besides having a good cover-up, an excellent accessory can divert attention away from your swimwear. Getting suitable accessories to wear is a perfect way to build your Confidence—accessories such as sunglasses, wedges, or a floppy sun hat. Keep in mind to be moderate with your use of supplements.

What to Wear Swimming if Insecure?

If you are insecure, developing Confidence and working on your insecurities will allow you to wear just about any swimsuit design. That said, identifying your source of insecurity is essential to tackling the issue. Personally, masking or concealing features you are not comfortable with displaying is one way to go. Alternatively, you can decide to accentuate features you are proud of having.

Thankfully, there are swimsuits with designs that can help you do both. Owning your body should be your aim regardless of what feature you do not admire. Always go for swimsuits that you are comfortable in and follow the steps above to help you increase your confidence level.

Swimsuits for Insecure Person

It will be next to impossible to recommend swimsuits for an insecure person unless the source of the insecurity is known. Regardless, most insecurities come from body type, size, and features. To this end, below are some recommendations you can consider:

1. Based on Body Shape

If your insecurity is due to your body type or shape, getting swimsuits that flatter your body will most likely alleviate your insecurity. To this end, if you have rectangular, pear, or hourglass shapes, you can rely on these recommendations to get the perfect swimsuit for your body.

2. Based on Bodily Features

Again, insecurities can arise from some bodily features you are not proud of having. Some include the big belly, if you have fupa, muffin top, belly pooch, love handles, belly bulges etc. Other physical conditions such as having a flat chest, alopecia, or scoliosis Regardless of these features, there are swimsuits with unique designs to help mask them effortlessly.

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Conclusion – Why Do I Feel Insecure in Swimsuits?

Swimsuits are fabulous wear for the summer months, no doubt. But the challenge for many is stepping out in one confidently. This could be a result of several reasons which can make you crawl back into your comfort zone. Thankfully, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun just because you feel insecure in swimsuits or are worried about people’s opinions. Build your Confidence, and you will be rocking any swimsuit you so wish.


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