How to Crochet Bathing Suits Cover Up

Cover Ups are the cutest, most beautiful things that have happened in the history of swimming and going to the beach. Those things can give you so much confidence to strip and show your gorgeous swimsuit to the whole world, oops, I mean beach.

They are very comfortable, lightweight and easy to carry around as you go about your business on the beach. Bathing suit cover ups can be tied around your waist, worn over your body, or draped over your shoulders to shield your body from the sun. They have varieties of designs and colors and can keep you cool on the beach and still maintain your hotness (if you know what I mean). One of these gorgeous things is the crochet bathing suit cover up.

Crochet Bathing Suit Cover Up

Crochet bathing suit cover ups are cover ups made out of light weighted yarn and cotton. They are crocheted and made into wraps, dresses, tunics, maxi skirts and even shawls. The patterns are designed to give you more class as you step out to the beach this season.

There are a few things to consider when getting yourself a crochet bathing suit cover up;

1. Type

You have quite the variety to choose from. You have the option of a tunic, maxi dress, maxi skirts, wraps, shawl etc. The patterns for each of these are as much as possible so you have a lot of options to go for. And if you don’t know which one to choose, go for as many as possible.

2. Length

While some people prefer the longer length cover ups, others prefer it to be shorter. You can also decide if it will be covering just a length of the body like just the upper or lower part of the body or it will be fuller. While this is fun, it will be easier to go with a pattern that will fit your surroundings. The longer crochet cover up also provides coverage for your legs which in turn get them protected from the sun.

3. Design

The patterns offer different designs from short to long designs, those with smaller spaces and others with bigger holes including how they will be worn. There are many options to consider.

4. Size

Ensure you get your crochet cover up in sizes that will fit your body. If it’s too long or too short, it might not be as classy and great on you as it should. Find the one that fits just right.

5. Style

You should get a crochet cover up that will complement your swimsuits and create a fashionable look for you. Your cover up should be able to draw attention to you and make a statement.

6. Protection from Sun

UV radiation is real, so it is important to stay safe from the sun. Though crochet cover ups do not offer any protection from the sun, using sunscreen and going for a longer pattern will play a large role in protecting you from the sun.

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How to Crochet Your Bathing Suit Cover Up

This is a guide on how to crochet your bathing suit cover up. The beautiful part is that you can make as many patterns as you want all by yourself. So this DIY on how to crochet your own bathing suit cover will teach you what you need to know about crocheting a bathing suit.

What You need;

  • Category 3 yarn
  • 5 millimeter hook

Step 1: Grab your category 3 yarn and start off by making a slipknot.

Step 2: Then you pick up your hook and make a knot of 4. This will ensure that your knots are not so tight.

Step 3: The chain of four is then inserted into the slipknot that was made at first. After this, you chain up to three, to prepare for the double crochet, you will go ahead and put four more double crochet into the middle of the loop. 

Once this is done you start working on the corner to get your granny square. After you are done, you can start knitting your desired pattern.

After your desired pattern has taken shape, make sure to weave all sides of your bathing suit beach cover up to avoid loose ends.

Then you are good to go.

Types of Crochet Bathing Suit Cover Ups Patterns

There are different patterns of crochet bathing suit cover ups that can catch your fancy. Some of them are;

1. Long Summer Crochet Duster

This pattern is worked as a very long piece and is then seamed on the sides. This is very easy for beginners learning how to crochet.

2. Summer Beach Cover Up Dress

This crochet cover up is super airy and is just the perfect thing to wear on your dress.

3. Easy Peachy Cover Up

This cover up consists of two matching rectangles that seam for the neckline and armholes. You can make the armholes as wide as you want and the neckline as deep as you would like.

4. Tide Knot Crochet Bathing Suit Cover Up

This is a sweater style with airy and loose stitches. You can wear this with your bikini to the beach.

5. Sarong Crochet Cover Up

This sarong can be tied in so many ways. It is multifunctional; it can be tied around your hips or used as a shawl or worn as a dress, whatever your preference is.

6. Easy Breezy Crochet Cover Up

This is created for the back to be longer than the front piece. This pattern is designed to be oversized and can be tightened by a cord to give you the best look.

Recommended Crochet Bathing Suits Cover Ups

1. Wander Agio Beach Cover Ups

Wander Agio Beach Swimsuit for Women Sleeve Coverups Bikini Cover Up Net Slit White


This product is in Bohemian style. It is made out of cotton and polyester. It is very comfortable, lightweight, and breathable.

2. CUPSHE Women’s Cover Up White Crochet

CUPSHE Women's Cover Up White Crochet Hollow Out Tassel Swimsuit Three Quarter Sleeve, S


This crochet cover up is made out of cotton and polyester. It is a hollow out crochet cover up with a tassel and a three quarter sleeve. It can be washed regularly with cold water but with no bleach. It is suitable for vacation, pool, beach, honeymoon and cruise.

Types of Bathing Suits Cover Ups

There are different types of bathing suits cover ups that you can rock with your swimsuits this season, some of them are;

1. Sarong

The sarong is one of the most popular beach cover ups that we have. It conceals and covers up areas that you want without taking away the beauty. It can be multi-functional and used in so many ways. It can be used as a wrap style dress, shawl, scarf, a skirt or pretty much anything you want. You can get it in multiple colors that you want.

2. Sun Dress

This is one very popular bathing suit cover up that has been in existence.  If you like to play dress up at the beach then the sun dress is for you. It is cool, fresh and easy to cool. It also gives you protection from the sun and can be long, short, strapless or in any design that you will like.

3. Robes

Robes can keep you warm after your swim in the ocean. It is made from the same fabric as towels and dries very quickly. You can get one in a kimono design or a hooded design depending on your preference. It also gives coverage and makes a good cover up.

4. Tunics

The tunics are ideal cover ups for every shape and size, it is a long, flowing top that reaches mid thigh and is made from lightweight, breathable and comfortable fabrics. It gives a lot of coverage and covers up everywhere you want to be covered.

5. Kimono

Kimono bathing suit cover ups are knee length patterns with sleeves that reach just below the elbows. They have an oversized design that can easily add class to your beach look.

6. Maxi Dress

The maxi dress is a stylish bathing suits cover up that is form fitting at the Rio and loose fitting at the bottom. It is ideal for every body type and creates a flattering silhouette that draws attention to your waist.

Bathing suits cover ups are not only stylish, trendy and cute, they also give confidence to the person wearing them.

Conclusion- How to Crochet Bathing Suits Cover Up

The crochet bathing suit cover up is designed to give you a more classy, beautiful and cute look when worn over your swimsuits. They are made from cotton or weighted yarn into different beautiful patterns that can be worn in different ways according to your preference. With proper practice, you can make for yourself a beautiful, simple pattern as a beginner.

There are also different other types of bathing suits that can be worn apart from the crochet bathing suit cover ups. They are not only stylish, they are also known to boost a woman’s confidence at the pool or at the beach. The beautiful part is that you can make as many as you would like for yourself.

You can also get for yourself crochet bathing suit cover ups like the ones I recommended in the post, you will be sure to enjoy them. All the best with your crochet cover ups.


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