Can You Wear a Bra Under a Swimsuit?

The feeling of taking a dip in the water can be therapeutic for nearly all. And the saying that water is life is both true figuratively and literally. For this reason, water sports are pretty famous all around the world. Both male and female participants get a trill from whatever water-related activity they decide on. But the experience is not the same even for participants of the same genders.

The difference in body shapes and sizes means individuals have to take extra care in planning their outfits to the beach or pool. As much as you want to enjoy your fun time, you also want to be sure you don’t end up creating an embarrassing moment for yourself (Read how to take a perfect swimsuit selfie). For ladies, the process is more precarious, with numerous considerations to ponder. One of such considerations is often the most asked question; can you wear a bra under a swimsuit?

Yes, special bras come with unique designs to accommodate the effect of water and chemical compounds such as chlorine or salt found in water. You can wear them under your swimsuit within this scope of special bras. The answer is an emphatic no in regular bras, and you should avoid having them on when entering the pool.

Why You Can Wear a Bra Under a Swimsuit

Many ladies wear bras underneath their swimsuits for different reasons. While this is not acceptable to others, having a bra on is not to be encouraged. However, there are some valid reasons why you can decide to have a bra under a swimsuit:

1. Added Support

Many ladies with heavy bosoms understand the need to support their breasts. And if our swimsuit doesn’t have this feature, it’s understandable why you would want to have a bra under your swimwear.

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The bra keeps your boobs in place and prevents them from jiggling when active. This keeps attention away from your heavy chest area while also ensuring you enjoy your time in whatever activity you decide to engage in.

2. Extra Coverage 

Again, if you have an ample bosom, you tend to worry about the coverage swimsuits will provide. The bigger your boobs, the more coverage you will require, and in such instances, having a bra under a swimsuit is tenable. Wearing swimsuits alone can be a recipe for a wardrobe malfunction, which a bra can help prevent.

Can You Wear Bra With Swimsuit?

Although you can wear a special bra under a swimsuit, the designs of swimsuits themselves don’t favor this practice. While it makes sense, in theory, to have a bra under a swimsuit, everyday bras are supportive but not suitable for use under a one-piece or bikini top. As earlier mentioned, never wear a regular bra alongside your swimsuit; chances are you will end up damaging it. If you find it essential to put on a bra under your suit, ensure to wear one specifically designed for such usage. Alternatively, you can go for swimsuits with an impeccable bust support option rather than a bra.

Why You Should Not Wear a Regular Bra under Your Swimsuit

Regular bras give your boobs lift and support when on land. This means the materials used in making them are essentially non-water friendly. Yes, you can wash your bras, but having them soak up water for an extended time, like when at the beach or pool, will lead to disintegration.

Asides from water, chlorine, and salt are two compounds that are not gentle on most fabrics, including those making up your regular bra. Below is some reason to therefore stay away from this practice:

1. Water Absorbent Materials

Unlike swimsuits, regular bras come from materials that don’t dry fast after absorbing ample water. Fabrics like cotton, silk, and those used in padding lack the ability to wick moisture. Essentially, they dry slowly and will remain wet long after your swimsuit is dry. A scenario like this is often referred to as “wet boobs” and can be pretty embarrassing. 

2. Chemical Compounds like Chlorine and Salt

Swimming has several medical advantages, and many swimsuits protect you from the harsh conditions chemicals used in pools can cause. Both your regular bras do not come with these properties. This makes them susceptible to breaking down when in contact with these compounds. In the end, you will only ruin such a bra.

Most importantly, fabrics such as lace, mesh, and satin found in everyday bras are vulnerable to chlorine and sand damage. Aside from the chemical compounds present in water, wearing a regular bra to suntan at the beach or pool is equally a bad idea. They lack protection against the fading effect of contact with direct sunlight and will lose their color. Similarly, oils, sunscreens, and lotions contain other chemicals that will not only stain but also damage the fabric of your bra. These essentially reduce the lifespan and make your bra appear more worn out than it is.

3. Little to No Room under a Swimsuit

Virtually all swimsuits come with a form-fitting design. They fit tightly onto your skin to help create a streamlined body. Adding a bra to the equation will only offset the balance of things, and you might end up creating lumps, bulges, and contours you wouldn’t want.

If you wear a regular bra under your swimsuit, you might just be increasing your discomfort levels. Your swimsuit will compress your bra, and if it has materials that don’t fold or bend easily, you can injure yourself. In simple terms, you should not wear regular bras under a swimsuit.

4. Your Bra Can Come On Display

Nothing is more embarrassing than willingly causing an awkward moment for yourself. Having underwear generally under your swimsuit is considered by many as a fashion blunder. And no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to prevent your bra from coming on display. It can become even more apparent when you eventually come out of the water with the cups staring wildly for attention. Don’t forget that the straps can also become visible with time.

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How Do You Support Your Breast In A Swimsuit?

Your best option at supporting your breast is to get a supportive swimsuit top. This type of suit considers the breast and provides additional support and lift. If you have a flat chest, then just about any swimsuit will work with your small boobs, but if you belong to the heavy D cup or larger breast size, then your best option is the supportive swimsuit.

Tips to Picking Supportive Swimsuits

Here are some tips to help you out when in search of swimsuits that provide optimum support for your boobs: 

1. Padding

Your aim should be to get swimsuits that come with ample padding options. Many bathing suits available in today’s market have this option, and you will likely find some easily. The padding provides excellent support for your breasts in a suit.

Additionally, padding comes from different materials such as silicone, foam, or other fabrics. Also, the removable option means you can decide the amount of support you want by simply adding more or removing excess pads.

2. Underwire

Asides from padding, you can look at swimsuits with underwire designs to help support your breast. Not many like having pads since they create the impression of fuller boobs than usual. If you have a large bust, you might be in this category. Similarly, you can rely on an underwire bathing suit to help lift your breasts if they appear saggy. Additionally to improving on the support provided to your bosom, underwire swimsuits can help you create a more defined shape. The cup makes contours to your breast’s natural shape, creating an enticing appeal.

Miraclesuit Women’s Underwire Bra One Piece Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Women’s Razzle Dazzle Siren Sweetheart Neckline One Piece Swimsuit with Adjustable Straps and Underwire Molded Cup Bra, Black, 10


It uses its underwire cup bra to create unbeatable support that flatters the body and creates stunning curves.

Hilor Women’s Ruched Underwire Push Up Bathing Suits

Hilor Women's One Piece Swimsuits Ruched Twist Front Swimwear Underwire Tummy Control Bathing Suits Monokini Black 14


It uses non-removable, underwire bra cups as extra support to boobs while enhancing your shape.

3. Sturdy bands

Swimsuits that incorporate a sturdy band in their design at the bust region can help with support for the breasts. In most cases, these swimsuits are more in a tankini style. Regardless, you can find excellent suits with solid support for your breast without the fear of losing any sex appeal. Again, if you have a large breast, you should consider this option to help hold your boobs in place.

CUPSHE Women’s Bikini Swimsuit Two Piece Bathing Suit

CUPSHE Women's Bikini Swimsuit Cutout Low Waisted Tank Two Piece Bathing Suit, M Blue


4. Cup Material

Swimsuits with cup infusion also provide excellent support for the boobs effortlessly. This design is popular and has several names, such as foam cups, shaper bra cups, and molded bra cups. The cups are made from soft yet thick fabrics to help shape your boobs while also providing extra support. They also protect your nipples from displaying. Swimsuits with cup materials are more suitable for ladies with a heavy chest area.

BALEAF Conservative Athletic Racerback One Piece Swimsuit

BALEAF Women's Conservative Athletic Racerback One Piece Training Swimsuit Swimwear Bathing Suit Black 34


Is There A Bra To Wear Under Swimsuit?

Any bra made of chlorine-resistant fabrics can be worn under a swimsuit. Before now, the swim bra by Comfort Choice in 2011 was the go-to option. Sadly, the line was discontinued some years back. That said, here are some bra or bra-like designs you can rely on:

1. Swim Bras

Today, Swim bras can describe any bikini-style top with a supportive feature similar to a regular bra. It differs from a standard bra in the kind of material used in making it and is wearable under a swimsuit.

CUPSHE Women’s Bikini Swimsuit

CUPSHE Women's Peach and Purple Floral Front Cross Lace Up Bikinis, Medium


It comes with removable pad cups to help support your boobs effortlessly. Its halter design also means you can rely on additional support. It’s very comfortable while also remaining fashionable.

Panache Anya Voyage Bra-Sized Bandeau Bikini Top

Panache Women's Anya Voyage Bra-Sized Bandeau Bikini Top, Navy, 32 DD


It uses power mesh-lined wings to provide support around the breasts. The detachable straps allow you to alternate between styles and increase support.

2. Swimming Sports Bra

Not all sports bras are suitable for swimming, but ones with a thin, perforated molded cup or light spacer foam are usable. Again, you have to be mindful of the straps and wear suits with a racerback or cross-back design. Opting for straight straps over the shoulder will be uncomfortable for a lap or prolonged swimming. Additionally, sports bras with coating on their hook and eye or those from stainless steel have more excellent resistance to rusting. Alternatively, a metal-free sports bra may be the best option if you want to get into the water.

COCOS Women’s Sport Bra Double Back Strap Swim Tankinis

COCOSHIP Black Solids Women's UPF 50+ Training Sport Bra Bikini Top Double Back Strap Swim Tankinis 36B/C(FBA)


This sports bra/tankini top is available in multiple sizes and provides a perfect amount of support to your boobs.

Undercover Women’s Swim Bra- Athletic Racerback Sports Bra

Women's Tan Swim Bra                                                                                                              


This sports bra can be worn under a swimsuit or as a stand-alone. It’s made from a fast-drying material and can also double as gym wear.

Conclusion – Can You Wear a Bra Under a Swimsuit?

Wearing a bra under a swimsuit can be a thing of choice. If you have an ample bosom, it stands to reason that your action is valid. But the danger comes with the aftereffect of each wear. Regular bras cannot withstand the rigors of beach or pool activities. Even if you decide to sunbathe in them, you are causing more harm and damage. Instead, opting for swim bras in any form or design is a much more acceptable method of providing the needed support for your breasts.


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