Do You Wear A Bra With A Swim Shirt?

If there’s any recreational activity that doesn’t come with a limitation, that would be swimming. Like I often say, with swimming, everything goes. The major goal of swimming is to allow for healing and repair of the body, while at the same time, creating an atmosphere for fun and exercise.

What one may term absurd, isn’t so because of the freedom we have come to acquire from doing that which gives fulfillment concerning swimming. For the ladies, we are free to put on whatever we deem necessary, be it on the outside, or the inside.

To answer the question asked, Do You Wear A Bra With A Swim Shirt?

The answer is Yes. An individual can wear a bra with a swim shirt. This affirmative statement can’t be said for all. Some ladies feel the need to wear a bra under their swim shirt, and for the second category of ladies, wearing a bra underneath their swim shirt doesn’t sound right or cool. In buttressing the answer to the question, “do you wear a bra with a swim shirt?”, we are going to elucidate on reasons why some ladies choose to wear a bra with a swim shirt.

Why Ladies Wear Bra with a Swim Shirt

1. Support

Without getting the right support needed, a person would never be comfortable in their swim shirt. Most of the time, ladies put on a bra under their swim shirt because the swim shirt in question does not provide enough support for their bust.

And if it so happens that there are not comfortable with the little support provided by the swim shirt, the bra becomes the next substitute. By wearing the bra alongside their swim shirt, the bust is thereby supported which in turn, gives them the support highly desired.

2. To Hide Nipples

In a bid to have their nipples well hidden, the use of a bra under a swim shirt was acknowledged by these set of ladies. There are some swim shirts that kind of expose the nipples especially when the swim shirt is soaked in water.

To avoid having the nipples seen, they made do with the bra as a way of assisting in covering them. And by so doing, they feel comfortable without having to be stressed about the sensitive part of their body been exposed. Also, it puts an end to embarrassment.

Please Note;

Did you know that a better substitution for the nipples would be a nipple cover? To save you the stress of having to wear a bra in a bid to cover the nipples, and also, going through the stress of wearing the bra for long hours, the nipple cover would be the easiest method to have the nipples properly hidden?

Nipple covers are covers that cover the nipples with an adhesive attached to help put the cover in place without the nipple cover falling off. The essence of bringing this to your notice is that the nipple cover is best used for such a scenario. Not that the bra isn’t a good idea, it is. However, it comes with its disadvantage which we are going to dilate on in the course of article. All the same, the nipple cover does a better job.

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What you should also know is that not all nipple in existence promises to do what they claim to. Knowing the right nipple cover to purchase would save your face from an embarrassing situation. This is why I’ll be showing you some nipple covers that I have used over and over again, without being disappointed. They help keep my nipples firm and intact without me fretting if they are going to slip off.

1. FJYQOP Silicone Nipple Covers

FJYQOP Silicone Nipple Covers - 5 Pairs, Women's Reusable Adhesive Invisible Pasties Nippleless Covers Round


The Fjyqop nipple cover gives you assurance in ensuring it lives up to one’s expectations. There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this cover in particular because it has all the right features in the right places. Such nipple cover can be reused, can be washed, and of course, they are placed in ways that make no room for traces.

For those with sensitive skin, the Fjyqop is produced with so much care that it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

2. CHARMKING Nipple Covers 4 Pairs for Women

CHARMKING Nipple Covers 4 Pairs for Women, Reusable Adhesive Invisible Pasties Silicone Cover


I always go for the best when checking out items that focus solely on quality and other amazing features. Charmking is that brand you can always rely on for petals that cover the breast all day long while allowing you to breathe rather than choking you with its uneasiness.

It is comfy with smooth edges, so it lets you feel at ease with yourself. One last thing, the charmking nipple cover comes in 4 pairs, and you can move freely with any of the pairs and used them when convenient.

Disadvantage Of Wearing A Bra With A Swim Shirt

1. Bulge Out

One disadvantage of wearing a bra with a swim shirt is the possibility of the bra bulging out or creating a bulge when worn. Such a scenario draws attention where a person’s gaze is directed to you. No one can fault these onlookers because wearing a bra with a swim shirt isn’t so common.

The bulge could either be minimal or pronounced but whichever way, the bulge will certainly be there as it is worn underneath the swimming shirt. Moreover, having your swim shirt bulging out as a result of the bra you have on, can seem weird.

The weirdness stems from the fact that such unpleasant situations can be adjusted by looking out for alternatives like getting a nipple cover or petals, only if the purpose to which the suit is worn aligns with the need to have the nipples hidden.

If this happens to be the situation on the ground, the nipple cover can be used for this. And if it happens to be other unpleasant situations, it is best to look for a subtle alternative, rather than trying to use a bra that would bulge out, thereby causing one to look off.

2. It Ruins Bra

Without being told, the effect of chlorine on swimwear isn’t something uncanny. If the chlorine that is used to maintain a pool can ruin a swimming suit that isn’t chlorine resistant, how much more a regular bra that is worn underneath a swim shirt? Isn’t that much more disastrous?

Wearing a bra with a swim shirt to swim will have you saying goodbye to your bra if you are putting on one of those regular bras that do not have what it takes to resist chlorine. On no condition should you wear your regular or home bra for this. There are certain kinds of bras that you can wear with your swim shirt, but this isn’t on the list.

The chlorinated pool water will wreck the bra which could result in your bra having discoloration. Note that the regular bra is not ruined so soon. It takes a little while, before the effect of the chlorine on the regular bra surfaces.

The only way to escape this would be to have the bra washed as soon as possible. The minute you are out of the water, take it off and wash it accordingly. Letting the chlorine water settle on it, will lead to more damage.

Nevertheless, wearing a regular bra with your swim shirt shouldn’t be condoned.

What Bra Can I Wear With A Swim Shirt?

The only bra that can be worn with a swim shirt, is the sport bra. You don’t have to second guess the usefulness of a sport bra. While they may not entirely give you the same feeling as the regular bra, the sport bra is best used on such occasions as they are mainly chlorine-resistant bras.

1. Bhriwrpy Padded Strappy Sports Bras for Women

Padded Strappy Sports Bras for Women - Activewear Tops for Yoga Running Fitness Pack of 3 Color Black Gray Blue Size 2XL


Since the regular bra can’t be worn in a swim shirt for swimming, the Bhriwrpy sports bra is the second-best option at hand. Why choose bhriwrpy? Such a brand put into thought the need to produce a sport bra that has everything a sport.bra should ever have, down to even the littlest of things.

One highlight of this sports bra is the non in built padding that can be taken of and inserted at any point in time. With these, the bulge wouldn’t be so apparent.

2. Lemedy Women Padded Sports Bra

Lemedy Women Padded Sports Bra Fitness Workout Running Shirts Yoga Tank Top (S, Black)


A second review reveals a different sporty bra that can be substituted for a regular bra. The Lemedy with tiny straps which when worn under the swim shirt, wouldn’t give others the impression that you have a sport bra under your shirt.

Are you looking out for a sport bra that gives support, that is lightweight, stretchy, and breathable with high elasticity? Then, the lemedy sport bra will be the perfect bra for you. Every fitting is heavenly. This is one sport bra you shouldn’t miss out on, for they are the best fit for the swim shirt.

Conclusion – Do You Wear A Bra With A Swim Shirt?

To wear a bra with a swim shirt, ensure the reason to which you are about embarking on this, is enough to give it a shot, to avoid bulges and your regular suit being ruined completely.

Nonetheless, wearing a bra with a swim shirt doesn’t require a definite reason provided the person in question, is very much comfortable with the bra under the swim shirt.


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