Can You Wear a Bra as a Swimsuit Top?

Swimsuit tops are two piece tops that are used for swimming. An example of a swimsuit top is a bikini. For the bikini set we have; a bikini top and a bikini bottom. The bikini top has a bra-like feature with less or firm support for the bust. It can be in various designs. Due to the fact that the bikini looks like a bra, a lot of questions have been asked regarding this.

One of such questions is, can you wear a bra as a swimsuit top? Yes, you can. Absolutely. Bikini tops look so much like bras that there really is little to no difference between them. According to various women, they have worn their bras in place of a bikini severally without any consequences. So, yes, you can wear your bra as a swimsuit top.

However, I will advise that you do not make the habit of wearing your bra as a swimsuit top every time. This is because bras do not have resistance to chlorine like bikinis do and they are not made from moisture wicking fabrics that swimsuits tops are made out of. So, it is better you get yourself a bikini instead. But if you still want to go swim in your bra then go right ahead. It’s fine.

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Can I Wear a Bra as a Bikini Top?

Can I wear a bra as a bikini top? Yes, you can. You can wear your bra as a bikini top. A lot of bra designs look like bikini tops and therefore can pass off as such. Bra gives as much support as you can get from a bikini.

Can You Wear a Bra When Swimming?

Swimming is a water related activity and there are clothes made for this occasion. This is because a swimming pool or the beach will have chlorine, saltwater, iron, and other chemicals that can easily break down normal wear. But swimwear is made from fabrics that are chlorine resistant and won’t easily break down. This brings us to the question, can you wear a bra when swimming?

Absolutely not. You shouldn’t wear a bra when you are swimming. This is because;

Reason You Shouldn’t Wear a Bra for Swimming

1. Bras are not made from swimwear fabrics

There are swimwear fabrics that have been made for just swimming. They are moisture wicking, chlorine resistant, and are very comfortable, lightweight and breathable. These fabrics have been made so that they do not break down in chlorine, chemicals and saltwater.

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However, bras are not made from these fabrics and can easily break down because of the chemicals and saltwater.

2. Bra isn’t water resistant

Bras are not made from moisture wicking fabrics therefore they soak in a lot of water and they do not dry easily. So, bras shouldn’t be worn for swimming.

Can I Wear a Sports Bra as a Bathing Suit?

Sports bras are bras that are made for sporting activities. They have everything that is needed in a bra and at the same time still, give enough support for sporting activities. A lot of ladies have asked, can I wear a sports bra as a bathing suit? 

Yes, you can. You can wear a sports bra as a bathing suit. However, for you to wear a sports bra as a bathing suit or to swim, you have to find suitable sporting bras that will not rust easily, have great designs, have great support, and have the appropriate fabric. This is so that your sports bras will not deteriorate when you use them to swim.

For appropriate sports bras, get the following

1. Get thin or light foam sports bra for swimming

When the padded cups in your sports bra are too heavy then it is not best for swimming. This is because they can easily retain moisture and cause you great discomfort after swimming. But you can get yourself a sports bra with thin, perforated, or light foam cups so that they can easily dry up after swimming.

2. Sporting bras with moisture wicking fabrics

Get sporting bras that are made from moisture wicking fabrics, this will make them more breathable, easy to dry, comfortable and lightweight. They make it very easy to swim in your sports bra.

3. Sports Bra with racer or cross back straps

If you would like to swim with your sports bra then get one with racerback or cross-back straps that will make it easier for you to swim properly. The regular shoulder straps will be uncomfortable in the long run.

Do Girls Wear Bras Under Swimsuits?

Do Girls wear bras under swimsuits? No, girls do not wear bras under swimsuits. The reason is that a bra under a swimsuit will be quite heavy and very uncomfortable. If you want to enjoy yourself at the beach then I would advise that you do not wear a bra under your swimsuit. Wearing a bra will only make you feel heavy and very uncomfortable. To worsen the situation, it won’t be able to dry easily and this can irritate your skin. Whatever you do, do not wear bras under a swimsuit.

Another reason is that swimsuits have bras built in already and adding to it will make them lumpy and uncomfortable. What you can do instead of wearing a bra under a swimsuit is to add paddings to your swimsuit or remove the one there if it is old and get yourself new paddings that you can sew into your bathing suit yourself.

One thing you should also know is that bras are not chlorine resistant and saltwater resistant. They tend to break down earlier if you keep using them in the swimming pool or to swim at the beach.

Wearing swimsuits has taken away the need to wear underwear. All you need to do is to get bathing suits with as much support as you want when using them to swim.

Recommended Sports Bra You Can Wear as a Swimsuit Top

For any reason why you have decided to use a sports bra to swim, it’s fine. There are some certain sports bras that you can use and I will be recommending a few sporting suits you can use for swimming but first, these are some of the things to look out for when getting a sports bra for swimming;


The way you will be using your swimsuit top matters. If you will be frequenting the beach or the swimming pool then you need sports bras of good quality so that you will be able to use them for a long time. Getting a cheap sports bra means that they won’t stay long and will break down at a point due to chlorine, saltwater and chemicals.


The brand you are getting is very important. Check the brands that are available and pick thrones that are trustworthy, reliable, durable, and nice to have. Do not go for brands that are not of good quality and will lose their elasticity quickly or get old quickly. It’s better to spend on better brands than bad ones.


Your pocket will determine the type of sports bras you can get with your money. Look at great sports bras within your budget and see which one of them looks fit for you. You can narrow down the list based on what you have.

Now that you know what to consider before getting your sports bra, let’s take a look at a few sports bras that will be perfect for you:

1. AKAMC 3 Pack Women’s Medium Support Cross Back Sport Bra

AKAMC Women's Medium Support Cross Back Wirefree Removable Cups Yoga Sport Bras, Pack of 3, Black/White/Grey,Medium


This sports bra is made out of nylon and elastane. It has a seamless design and removable paddings that give you total freedom of movement. It is made with a lightweight, moisture wicking fabric with a mesh lining that helps to keep you cool and comfortable while doing your sports activities. It has a pull on closure and crisscross back straps that give great coverage.

It is appropriate for activities like yoga, running, jogging, biking, boxing, dancing, workout and daily use in the house. It also features an elastic band under the bust that gives great support and fits firmly. Remove bra pads before washing.

2. Hanes Sport Women’s Compression Racerback Sports Bra

Hanes Sport Women's Compression Racerback Sports Bra,Black,Medium


This product is made out of polyester and spandex. It has a cool comfort fabric that wicks away sweat and excess water in order to keep you comfortable. It has a wire free compression styling that helps to compress the bust. It also has a chafe resistant seamless construction with a Racerback design that provides a full range of motion with medium support for the bust.

3. YIANNA Sports Bra for Women Medium Support Bra

YIANNA Sports Bras for Women Cross Back Padded Sports Bra Medium Support Workout Running Yoga Bra, YA-BRA139-Black-S


This sports bra features a sweat wicking fabric that gives you the coverage and support you need for your activities without restricting your movement. It has a Lycra fabric that can stretch and still retain its shape over time. The criss cross design lets you twist with ease and offers extra back support that is fashionable, and stylish. It also has removable padded cups that are convenient for adjusting.

It is suitable for yoga, exercise, fitness, workout and even everyday use. This design combines fashion and performance together. You can also wear under workout shirts and non workout clothes like your tank tops and light clothes. It is made out of moisture wicking fabrics that will keep you dry, and comfortable.

4. Oalka Women’s Racerback Sports Fitness Workout Running Bras

Oalka Women's Racerback Sports Fitness Support Workout Running Bras Black M


The Oalka sports bra is made out of solid, nylon, spandex and polyester fabric. It is a moisture wicking bra that keeps you dry and comfortable. It has medium support that makes you keep fit and stay focused. The Racerback and pullover design provides full range of motion. The double layer also offers enough support and full coverage with wire free bust design to deliver superior hold and support while doing sports activities.

 It is wide covered elastic under and also supports the bust and the flat seams move smoothly against your skin to reduce irritation that can be caused by chaffing.

Conclusion – Can You Wear a Bra as a Swimsuit Top?

Can you wear a bra as a swimsuit top? While this question might look absurd it is very valid and it is better you know that yes you can wear your bra as a swimsuit top but it is better to go with a normal bikini that has been made from chlorine resistant fabrics and is unlikely to break down easily.

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